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Coordinating Convention Runs

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Just curious, is there any "official" attempt to organize presence for the Cult of Chaos at various conventions?  I'm planning on going to Con of the North in Minneapolis in February, and I was hoping to run a Call of Cthulhu game, but I don't want to end up running a game opposite someone else running the same game, or something ridiculous like that. 

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You could contact the organized play director: Todd@Chaosium.com . However, chances are the other CoC referees haven't contacted him, so your best best bet is to contact the convention organizers.

Usually conventions publish their schedule ahead of time though (allowing you a chance to revise... not that there are really issues with overlap anyway). But... if you contact the convention organizers and ask for a list of the other CoC referees, you could act as a coordinator yourself, possibly allowing you to request convention support (prizes and swag) from Todd.

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Hi all! Related - for Cons, does anybody have any ideas for perhaps having some simple bulk swag we can give to players?  Maybe providing the Call of Cthulhu bookmarks or something else cheaper (but definitely has to be "Mythos Cool" ;) - or Cult of Chaos cool for *Quest folks) that would give them something to think about Chaosium after the game?  Another thing I've been doing (albeit, not too cheap for me at one-off prices ;) ), I give away "For the Love Of...", Jon Hook's Miskatonic University Podcast scenario he ran at Gencon 2014 to the voted best roleplayer. (With his blessing of course :P ) Just thinking - maybe something like that - give away "demo" level printed scenario would not only make a "collectability" for the demo, but also encourage returning to Cult of Chaos games to get the scenario and put the itch in for more book sales.  Thinking it might be a nice thing to print yearly or something for Keepers to give away at the Cons.

Chaosium folks?  Any thoughts?


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2 hours ago, caddy1071 said:

does anybody have any ideas for perhaps having some simple bulk swag we can give to players? 

I previously received the following from Chaosium for convention support:

  • Bookmarks
  • Stickers (both bookmark size and coin size)
  • badge lanyards
  • Books (both novels and CoC supplements)

Some things that I've provided myself:

  • Custom printed Ribbon with "Call of Cthulhu Keeper" printed on it (for badges)
  • Fedoras (encircled with above mentioned ribbon)
  • Passport style character sheets for players
  • Passport style stamps (for Keepers to use on above mentioned sheets)
  • scenario handouts (of course)

Some ideas for other (inexpensive) things one could obtain for themselves to hand out:

  • Elder sign amulets (very cheap from aliexpress.com)
  • Occult-ish tchotchkies (aliexpress)
  • 1920's coins (including 'gold' ones) (aliexpress)
  • Arrowheads (for Harvest episode 1) (found cheaply in bulk on ebay)
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