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The Riddle Maze of Elder Wisdom. Draconic Illumination vs Nysalori Illumination

Darius West

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So the question is this... what is the difference between Draconic illumination and Nysalori Illumination ?  Clearly the Dragonewts were present at the Broken Council and were cursed by Nysalor just like the trolls (though a true dragon rose and devoured the curse).  It is also true that Nysalor was birthed from a "cosmic egg" or "Omphalos" just like a dragon deity.  It is also pretty clear that in Kralorela, the two paths seem to merge apparently pretty seamlessly.  On the other hand, there can be no doubt that they are NOT the same.

Clearly Nysalor didn't teach his followers how to transform into wyrms (that was a second age fad) or sprout claws and scales, in fact he was probably more tentacle oriented because:

"It matters nothing that we fight here today on the side of order, and that Ralzakark and his hordes fight for chaos, for if we all willed it in reverse, so then we would fight in each others' place." - Krishna. Bhagavad Gita.

We can also see that in the destruction of the Red Moon by the True Dragons that this is a Draconic HeroQuest of transformation via a playing out of the Sacred Utuma Ritual.  Such a thing would not be necessary if the Red Goddess' illumination were perfect.

So should we see Nysalor as being essentially a false illumination?  Is that why Arkat, the shadow of Nysalor, came to pull down the Bright Empire.  Is that why Argrath, the shadow of Rufelza, comes to pull down the Moon?  It is quite possible to see in Arkat the perfect counter argument to Nysalor's philosophy and it's moral and cultural relativism.  So too one can see in Argrathsaga, that Argrath is the same philosophical counter argument to the Lunar way.

"Fight not against monsters lest ye become a monster, and know when you stare into the abyss that the abyss stares also into you."

- Eliot Ness. The Untouchables.

The path of the True Dragon is not to surrender to Orxili (chaos?) but to defeat, reform, educate, and reconcile Orxili back into the cosmic unity (I assume).  And yet Orxili never seems to be destroyed any more than the True Dragon is destroyed?  In fact, Crested Dragonewts are called Orxili.  Is the entire process some sort of elaborate draconic mating ritual conducted every 600 years to replenish the eggs?  There is no evidence to support it, but perhaps the ritual is not complete and the new eggs are going to be laid soon?

"Every six hundred years you have come..." - Michel de Nostradame. The Quatrains.

Now throw into the mix the various forms of mysticism and renunciate paths in Glorantha, and even the Orange Schools of the Vadeli and we have some very blurred lines.  It seems that the Dragonewt path is one of mystical renunciation, and that is why they go backwards when they prematurely manifest their draconic powers.  This is why the path of Immanent Mastery is a heresy; if your aim is to become a true dragon illuminate, then Immanent Mastery is the exact and deliberate opposite of that.  Effectively the transformations are not building draconic power but dissipating it frivolously.

Is the renunciate path of the Invisible God the same path?  Is this what the monomyth is pointing towards?

White chocolate is neither white not chocolate.  Discuss.


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