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Aura attacks spot rule


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Hi, I've been playing Runequest since the mid 80's and I've been looking for various sources of ideas etc. I'm currently DM with a group who are used to playing D&D 5e, so they are really appreciating the more realistic play of Runequest. I'm still using the old version, so reading some of the downloadable material I've noticed aura attacks. I can see that it is POW vs INT, but how exactly does it work and how is aura determined? Is it the amount of power that the individual possesses? Thanks

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May be this can help :


Aura Attack (p214): (maybe special "Feat Power") Average SIZ, POW, and APP to get AURA. Requires 1 full CR. Targets must resist AURA with INT. Failure means target is "mesmerized" for that CR - may defend but not attack. Fumble means target is "demoralized" and may surrender or flee - all actions are Difficult for that CR

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