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Another Creature---Dunkleosteus


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Hi gang,

Here's another creature for you.

Saw the armored skull of one of these things in the local museum, and thought *damn*!. Definately the thing to liven up a party crossing a lake :)



A voracious carnivore, this huge species of predatory fish ranges in length from 6-12m, with a body up to 3.5m wide, Dunkleosteus have a split, shark-like tail, and may reach weights in excess of 4,000 kg.

Dunkleosteus’ 3.5m long skull is protected by thick, armored plates. Its massive jaws lack teeth, but instead have a prominent ridge of bony, serrated, teeth-like armor plating, which, slicing together in a scissor-like action when the creatures opens or closes its mouth, are kept razor sharp. A hinged neck-joint allows the fish to roll its head back and increase the gape of its jaws.


Characteristics Average

STR 4D6+38 52 Move 8

CON 3D6+24 34-35 Hit Points 44

SIZ 4D6+38 52 Fatigue 87

INT 3 3

POW 2D6+6 13

DEX 2D6+3 10

Notes: The creature’s large size gives foes +16% to their chances to hit.


Hit Location (D20) AP/ HP

Tail 01-03 12/ 15

Hindbody 04-08 12/ 18

Forebody 09-13 18/ 18

R Fin 14 12/ 11

L Fin 15 12/ 11

Head 16-20 18/ 15


Weapon SR Attack% Damage

Bite 6 75+3 6D6

Fin Slash 6 50 3D3

Notes: Dunkleosteus can swallow anything up to 1/2 its SIZ in a single gulp.

This armored fish can either attempt to bite or perform a fin slash in a melee. Fin slash damage equals a number of D3s equal to half of the fish’s damage modifier, or 2D3, whichever is higher.

Skills: The fish body shape removes any negative agility modifier for SIZ. Aquatic Dodge 35+10, Jump 45+10, Scan 50+5, Search 50+5, Smell Blood 80+5, Listen 60+5

Armor: 18-point thick armor plating on head and forebody, 12-point rough skin elsewhere.

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Ah, I really would like to have something like this in my science fiction water

world setting, but unfortunately the colonists would never introduce such a

monster to their world ... :eek:

But, wait - I now have an idea what they might encounter the next time they

visit another planet to look for something harmless and useful for their world's

biosphere ... >:->

"Mind like parachute, function only when open."

(Charlie Chan)

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