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After reading Runeblogger's three wonderful posts in Spanish about this year's Kraken (1, 2 & 3), I checked its web and found a section about a card game(?):


The brief says:



Host: Topi Pitkänen

Get introduced to GloranTarot! We believe that this card deck reveals the workings of the world of Glorantha. The GloranTarot deck is designed to be totally compatible with HeroQuest. It is designed:

    to replace the D20
    to represent and juice up Hero Points
    to be used as a game system of its own (especially for Heroquests)

It is truly fast and simple, yet superbly dynamic and play-tested beyond reasonable doubt.

It was also announced four years ago, with the same text.

The picture features four cards:



Number, Rune, Finnish text, (my own translation into) English

6     Spirit     Haluttu     Wanted
6     Communication     Naamioitu     In disguise
7     Magic     Sota & Kuolema     War & Death
7     Death     Monistuminen     Multiplication

This sample raises some questions:
- Is it supposed to work by playing a card instead of rolling a d20? In that case I guess that numbers range from 1 and 20. But then, how are masteries handled?
- What's the use of Runes? Are there only these four runes, as a poker deck, or are there as many suits as runes?
- And what is the text for? "War and death" looks to be an augment, "In disguise" looks like a plot resource for the PC, "Wanted" looks to be a flaw or a plot resource for the GM, but I can't guess how to use "Multiplication".

So, in short, what do you know about GloranTarot?

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