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    I began playing D&D and RQ many years ago, GM'ed Ars Magica for more years, until I met HeroQuest 1, which became my default RPG system for a time and introduced me into an epic and anthropological way to play in Glorantha.
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  1. Nel

    Gloranthan mythemes

    Rather than a trans-human, I'd say that Harrek would be tantamount to a cyborg: Not bio-mechanically, but bio-spiritually enhanced by the White Bear. This is exactly what I was asking for. It looks like that the typical kin conflict in Glorantha is not among brothers (representing each one different archetypes or foundational paradigms), but among uncles and nephews (which suggests a generational relay).
  2. Nel

    Gloranthan mythemes

    An obvious Gloranthan mytheme is Danger of science, which the GodLearners personified. It explains why Glorantha hasn't become a transhumanist setting: Acording to the Gloranthan mindset, the use of natural resources (i.e., daemons, spirits, lesser gods, etc) would be an abuse. That Hubris of knowledge explains also why Illuminated characters are hazardous for commoners.
  3. One of the subjects that most appeal to me from Ancient mythologies is how they manage mythemes showing different moral values from our current ones. So, I'm particularly interested in knowing how Stafford and his successors managed sensitive issues such as: (I provide examples from Greek and Christian mythologies) - Brother A kills brother B: Cain and Abel Romulus and Remus - Brothers A and B kill each other: The Aloadae Eteocles and Polynices - False accusation of seduction: Potiphar's wife to Joseph Astymadeia to Peleus Phaed
  4. I have no problem with Eagle's Nest. Actually, I didn't understand why that name is so sentitive for you until I recalled a certain nazi building and googled for it. In that case this shows how we come from different cultural backgrounds. To me, Eagle's Nest just reminds a mountain hut in Catalonia: Niu de l'Àliga It's odd how we carry our real world prejudices to a suposedly neutral and fictional setting.
  5. A brief example game of Dreams in 3D First of all, I choose the Dynamic mode, thus my only two zooms are going to be Raise and Widen. 1d6: 1-3 = Raise, 4-6 = Widen A Raise zoom means that its subject becomes more relevant, feelings are stronger, the risk is higher. A Widen zoom means that its subject is put into context, gets related to another elements. Now I create a character and a situation. After randomly taking a look at the Guide I choose a small place, the Troll Woods. I read some snippets and open the Glorantha wikia to have some canon to begin with. I am Cork
  6. One of my preferred readings from Antiquity is the Description of Greece, where the 2nd century Greek traveler Pausanias describes many cities, buildings, statues and sceneries along with historical or mythical events related to them. I already designed Journey, a game for writing a travelogue. And I played a business trip from Walim to Nochet. Now I want to test my new game, Dreams in 3D, in Glorantha. But this time my aim is to go sightseeing larger than Real World places. I mean larger in a loose sense: An amazing landscape as the Arrowmound in the Skyreach Mountains, a ma
  7. Should we guess John Wick's Super Simple Game is something alike Michael O'Brien's Maximum Game Fun?
  8. I'm amazed that no one has yet pointed out Two steps from Hell and their orchestral soundtracks, which fulfill what I might tag as "mainstream epic". Otherwise, if you prefer an anthropological approach, I'd suggest to look for music from RL cultures performed with suitable instruments. For example, would Hsunchen play these increasingly disturbing drums? They are from Extremadura, Spain, and they appear in a rural drama film, Los santos inocentes.
  9. Players and GM agree agree about which Positive and Negative Aspects apply as modiphiers of the 2d6 the player is about to roll. Only one Positive Aspect and only one Negative Aspect per roll, at the most. The modiphier of those Aspects is their level, which is known since they were created: No, and: Negative aspect at -3 No, but: Positive aspect at +1 Yes, but: Negative aspect at -1 Yes, and: Positive aspect at +3 Positive Aspects have no cost, and they stay in game until the PC fails the roll in which they were used. Negative Aspects don't grant any Hero
  10. I don't want to derail this thread, so I started a new topic:
  11. So far, HeroQuest is the rule system that fits better our narrative style, but the opposing rolls tend to result in ties too often, and we don't like Marginal Victories or Defeats. They are fine in Extended Contests, when players want to tell how the conflict evolves step by step. But we don't use to have more than one Extended Contest by game, being the rest of contests Simple, which end in draw. That's rather frustrating! So we tried FATE, but it was too gamist. Thus, after merging HeroQuest, FATE and FU's resolution system, we ended up with our own hack, Fets i prets: https:/
  12. Before moving to my own FATE-ish HQ hack, we used the latest HQ:G, and previously HQ2, and even sooner HQ1. I don't miss at all the AP bids from HQ1, since they certainly disrupted the flow of narration by introducing a maths-game we all felt out of place.
  13. Nel


    In the wikia, instead of by sourcebook, shouldn't the heroquests be listed by pantheon and god?
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