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Black Friday - Cyber Monday


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I'm awaiting a reply from customer services about the coupon codes, since at the moment it looks like you can buy The Coming Storm and free PDF with the discount, but if you preordered it then you can have either the discount or the free PDF. 

On Monday I suspect I'll be raiding the vault ?

Edited to add: The response from Chaosium (via Twitter; this is the second time I've tried their customer service email and had no reply) is that you can only use one code at a time. In effect, if you buy the PDF in advance and want the physical book later then you can't take advantage of future offers like the "black Friday" deal. Along with the high postage costs that is unfortunately going to stop me from buying Chaosium stuff until it's in stock somewhere like Leisure Games, where the postage charge is much less and you still get the PDF.

Sorry for sounding a bit negative there - not really my aim - but it does feel like anyone who bought the PDF of The Coming Storm in advance has ended up worse off than if they'd waited. 

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