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  1. Thank you. That's far more than I was able to glean from my own searching.
  2. Are Cakebread and Walton still in business? I was interested in seeing what was happening with Renaissance, but the official website seems to be kaput and the most recent Twitter post is from 2017.
  3. You might find Magic World worth considering for fantasy, or at least looking at for some options. Despite the uninspiring name it's a solid and nicely streamlined version of the Chaosium system, (generally) quicker in play than the full standard BRP and with a number of useful tweaks to character generation. In many ways it's a simplification of RuneQuest for fantasy in the way that Call of Cthulhu is for horror. There are a number of issues with it, to be sure. The final product includes a number of errors indicative of being published at a rather turbulent time for the company. As you can see from the Magic World forum these have been addressed, but working through the text to fit your particular requirements might be more hassle than is worthwhile. Even so, it's an admirable compromise between depth and complexity and a fine example of what the underlying system can do.
  4. A new edition of any game, as opposed to a new printing with minor corrections or updates, ought to be done with a strong specific goal in mind. That can be different for the publisher than for the consumer, of course. At the moment I'm not sure that there would be an obvious benefit and direction for an eighth edition to take. The 7th seems to be doing well enough and I've certainly heard no rumours about its imminent demise. Gygantar, are you asking so that you can avoid getting caught out buying something about to be updated, or do you have particular thoughts for something you'd like which doesn't seem to be part of the core books at the moment?
  5. Thanks for the reply. That's a real shame, it looked very promising.
  6. Does anyone have any information as to the status of MetaArcade? They seem to have virtually disappeared without a word: the website is down, Twitter account gone and I'm told that their Tunnels & Trolls Adventures app has been removed from the Apple store, although when I checked yesterday it was still on Google Play, albeit seemingly abandoned without updates or new content for over a year.
  7. It's certainly very playable via video (some games are less suited to it than others, generally those requiring lots of cards, tokens or a Jenga tower) and my group went through a very enjoyable run using Google Hangouts a while ago. You really don't need any fancy extras, just a few people to game with; that can be the rub, of course.
  8. Sounds like a useful product, not just for beginners either. There are certainly times when a short, easy to run adventure is just what I need. No definitive word on the tone of the adventures, but the lack of any mention of comedy or a light-hearted approach suggests they're actually in the serious, traditional style, which is certainly more generally useful and probably better for newcomers to the game. In which case it looks like you're off the mark on this one.
  9. Oh, really? That's a pity: I've only seen the cover so far, but frankly it's one of the best game covers I've seen in years, from any company, the sort of piece that truly sells the book. Shame if the internals fall below that standard.
  10. I'm not concerned exactly, since I don't know if this is going to have a less serious tone or not. The cover makes me think it's more of a Blood Brothers sort of thing than a horror adventure, which I'm absolutely fine with. On the other hand, if it is actually a book of more usual CoC adventures then yes, I'd agree that the cover miss-sells it entirely. That's why I'm after more info on the contents.
  11. Is there any further info on the contents? From the cover I'm guessing it's comedic horror, but that seems to be out of step with recent releases.
  12. That's helpful, thank you. 1920s is my period of choice.
  13. Are the scenarios all 1920s? The description covers each adventure but doesn't seem to mention the setting at all.
  14. “That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with PDFs even the dead may rise.”
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