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So they stole the safe

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My group managed to do a combined strength roll to carry off the safe holding the pasquallium, the night before the raid. They took it to one of the students' friend's frat house, and she offered to "spend the night" with anyone who could open the safe, First guy opened it with an 05. He claimed to be the son of a PI. The student behind this scheme took out the pasquallium and convinced the frat boys to carry the safe to the room of a frat brother who keeps getting them in trouble. The investigators shortly called the police. The Pasquallium is in two different safety deposit boxes. How would you alter the scenario given this turn of events?


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Well, presumably this would put the body-switched on high alert as the Professor would probably raise a stink about his safe being stolen. Perhaps a wayward Security Guard saw them leaving and reported it up the food chain or have one of the body-swapped actually see the crime taking place? Some way of directing suspicion towards the players really, to get the tension going.

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My players also stole the safe. They hid it in the nearby museum by disguising it as a museum exhibit. They were not able to open it. I think their plan is to just keep it hidden. That way they will have denied it to the enemy.

What they don't know is; Jarvis saw them doing it. And he plans to use his abilities to keep the authorities from finding it. That way he may be able to insinuate himself into their group, and when it comes time to make off with the pasquallium, it will be easier to get from an already stolen safe. I think the ruse the villains will use on Prof. Learmonth will be something along the lines of 'oh hey we found your stolen safe. Come with us and we will show it to you'.



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