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Grappling with Weapons


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Grappling has always been an essential part of armed fighting. From the techniques used with polearms to the half-sword grip, one thing is very clear: a melee weapon can act as a lever device to facilitate specific grappling techniques. 

Unarmed grappling can still be initiated while holding a weapon; it just has to be dropped as part of the maneuver. The weapon simply lands on a point between the grappler and defender. Resolve as stated in the rules. When attempting to initiate a grapple with a weapon, you simply roll your grapple skill as written. There are a few changes. If the target is unarmed, he may attempt to parry using the grapple skill. It will be resolved normally.

While grappling with a weapon, the grappler only has access to: Change Hold, Immobilize Limb, Knockdown Target, Disarm Target and Injure Target. When resolving the maneuvers, you can add your weapon’s SIZ rating (rounded up) to your resistance check.

The rules state that: Once held, a defender can attack your character if he or she has any free limbs, using Brawl (punches or head butts only) or any small weapon (knives or handguns). If two hands are free, the target can attempt to Grapple back. 

The line “If two hands are free, the target can attempt to Grapple back” would be amended to “If both hands are not under the ‘Immobilize Limb’ effect, the target can attempt to Grapple back.” This amendment is done to accommodate grappling with weapons.

What are your guys’ thoughts?

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The amendment sounds logical to me. I've got one player in love with kusarigama and wants to entangle for control, then close and grapple. What you've got here would make sense concerning Immobilized limbs.


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