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CRIKEY! Really Big Croc


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Hi gang,

Thought you might find this of interest.





Deinosuchus is a species of cyclopean crocodilian; its 2m-long, blunt head has a broad-snout and massive, powerful jaws packed with sharp teeth. Its wide, streamlined, 9-15m long body ends in a thick and powerful tail , which, used for propulsion and defense, accounts for half the animal’s length.

Each of its four tree trunk-sized legs ends in a four-toed, blunt-clawed foot.

The creature is protected by thick, knobby, armored hide; its back and tail also covered with embedded plates of thick, bony armor called scutes, which run in lines down the creature’s back, from the neck to the point of the tail.


Characteristics Average

STR 4D8+46 64 Move 4/ 6 swimming

CON 3D6+30 40-41 Hit Points 53

SIZ 4D8+46 64 Fatigue 105

INT 3 3

POW 2D6+8 15

DEX 2D6 7

Notes: The creature’s large size gives foes +22% to their chances to hit.


Hit Location (D20) Points

Tail 01-03 15/ 18

RH Leg 04 15/ 13

LH Leg 05 15/ 13

Hind Q 06-09 15/ 21

Fore Q 10-14 15/ 21

RF Leg 15 15/ 13

LF Leg 16 15/ 13

Head 17-20 15/ 18


Weapon SR Attack% Damage

Bite 7 70-2 2D6+7D6

Tail Lash 7 50-2 7D6+knockdown

Notes: Each melee, deinosuchus may use either tail lash or bite in combat, but not both .

A successful tail lash counts as a knockdown attack.

Tail damage is equal to the crocodile’s damage bonus.

If deinosuchus bites a target in the water, it will hang on and spin around, twisting off a hunk of the prey to eat. This does damage equal to deinosuchus’ damage bonus to the area struck each melee. Armor will not protect against this damage. The attack is not efficacious on land.

Skills: Scan 75+6, Smell 60+6, Hide 60-34,

Glide Stealthily Through Water 75-34

Armor: 15-point knobby hide and bone armor.

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