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Best sheets to use for gm screen?


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Oh, so I have a "worlds greatest screen" from beamdog, and am looking to fill it. I figure the outside can just be various pictures and such, but for the inside I'm at a loss. I have seen the GM's pack that's a free download from the design mechanism site, but my screen is only 4 panels, and there is more than 4 pages of info that could be used.


As such, I was wondering what sheets you recommend? Are there certain pages from the GMs pack that are best? Would you recommend a fan-made sheet of some kind? What info is best to have in this case?

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That is a question of memory, eyesight (how small print you can read quickly) and taste. What I have done is make a small folder of my charts (https://notesfrompavis.wordpress.com/2014/02/04/rq6-charts-and-tables/) that I keep hand. Here is an example: https://notesfrompavis.wordpress.com/2015/12/23/rq6-chart-setup-example/ and then on the actual GM Screen on players side I have Martin Helsdon's relative monster sizes picture, a picture of Fonritan masarin and soldier from GtG, Martin Helsdon's relative large animal sizes picture, Fonritian Basaar picture from GtG


On GM side I have "adversary reactions to death", a picture of the current map in use (a gm version), my parry chart, my difficulty grade chart

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