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I have always liked Howard's setting.  And RQ or OQ are a great system to run it in.

I have all the races with any special abilities and skill done.

I am almost done with gods. 

I see no reason why all magic cannot be used in the setting, but BATTLE MAGIC is a little harder.  What I am proposing is NO GENERAL MAGIC.  Not everyone can use magic, but you must be an Initiate of a cult or higher, or a Sorcerer to gain Battle Magic Spells.  Shamans will only have access to certain spells that are required for their practice, not all of them.  My problem is, how do or should I incorporate this into game mechanics.   What rule shall I set down for Battle Magic, since I want to limit this in the game.   I am referring to Sorcery here:  will it be a type of Hedgemagic, gained when the sorcery skill gets so high? 

I know this may be confusing, cause it is hard to put it into words.  What requirement would be needed to cast Battle Magic as an apprentice sorcerer? 

Also, I have incorporated the rules from The savage North for Blood Magic and Corruption.   Also added a bit to it.  In this game, only those choosing to use blood magic will be affected by corruption (Divine and Sorcery).













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You can use a lot of the BM spells as feats instead of spells. Just devide the spells between physicle feats and magic.

I think Conan had minor mystics and shamans, you can have them use the lesser magic.

Battle magic is extremely flexible.


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