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  1. Shaman Cults Has anyone used them? I am not a fan of what RQ1 did. Do you use spirit cults? I have four cults in my game that allow shamans, but I want to get inspiration to what others have done with shaman cults. I have the new version, but I much prefer and use the Shaman is OQ2 Deluxe... Also, is this a possibility for OQ3 Newt?
  2. He is still working on it, I am sure he will let us know.....
  3. Euphrenas The Knowledge Area of Influence: Knowledge Symbol: An Open Book Description: Euphrenas is an outcast of sorts among the family of the Pantheon. He seeks knowledge at any expense. To his followers, the acquisition of knowledge justifies methods used to obtain it. Many followers of Euphrenas are sorcerers as well. To Euphrenas, magic is simply another form of knowledge to be explored and catalogued. The knowledge they have acquired is valuable, but many Pantheon faithful look upon them with suspicion and doubt their loyalty because they always seem to hold some information in reserve. The Cult often work together with the Cult of Lan, since they want knowledge – perhaps of a different sort. Duties of Worshipers Knowledge is power. Pay anything to gather knowledge, but pay no more than you must. Magic is the metaphysical manifestation of knowledge, and the study and control of it is paramount to success. Be careful and succinct with your words, for they give knowledge to others. Specialize in a specific subject to bring us greater knowledge as a whole. (This last portion has led to an abundance of obsessive individuals within the Euphrenas church.) Garb: Cultists of Euphrenas dress as noblemen, sages, or wizards. They care little for others most of the time, instead concerned with their unquenchable thirst for new knowledge Holy Places Libraries and most wizard towers are considered sacred to Euphrenas. Holy Days TThe 4th of March is known as the Day of Remembrance, where Cultists of Euphrenas spend the day in contemplation of the last year. The Day of Puzzles & Intrigue follows, where each Cultist must find one puzzle or mystery to solve for the following year. Many high priests give out their charges on this day. Finally, the first week in June is known as the Week of Knowledge (apprenticing). During this week, new members of the church are given tests on their skills and efforts since the previous year and it is during this time that they most often rise in rank. Euphrenas Codex: This monstrous volume is an exacting account of all things that have happened on Earth. Beyond comprehension and design, few can understand even a day’s chapter, let alone the entire book (which no living being has fully read). No magic detected (though it is highly magical). It also records every sorcery spell known to the world, as well as those that are known to be powerful for most Sorcerers. Runes: Magic, Mastery. Initiate Membership Standard. Must have a sorcery skill in three spells at least 30% Cult Skills: Athletics, Craft (any), Lore (Magic), Lore (Alchemy) Lore (Euphrenas Theology), Enchantments, Persistence, Resilience, Sing, Weapon (any Small), Summoning Cult Spells: Co–ordination, Countermagic, Dispel Magic, Glamour, Strength, Versatility, Vigour. Acolyte Membership Requirements: Standard. Must have a sorcery skill in three or more spells at 50% Runepriest Membership Requirements: Standard. A candidate must have 90% or more in Athletics, plus 75% or more in four other cult skills and three sorcery spells. Special Benefits Initiates of Euphrenas get a +10% bonus to any once skill of choice, when in direct pursuit of knowledge. Acolytes gain a +10% to any Sorcery spell each day. Runepriests automatically gain one sorcery spell of choice, with a casting skill starting at 50%. Common Divine Magic: All Special Divine Magic: Elder Knowledge, Flawless Scribe, Gaseous Messenger, Impossible Act, Magic Sight, See the Unseen. Associated Cults: Josea, Tristar, Lan NEW SPELLS (Runequest Spell Book) Elder Knowledge Duration Instant, Magnitude 0, Touch This spell allows the caster to grant a single target a powerful bonus to any single Lore skill they wish to make – even if they do not already have the Lore skill in question. The spell funnels a good portion of information gathered over the millennia into the target, giving them a bonus to their next Lore test equal to the Magnitude of the spell x4. Neither the caster nor the target need have any points in the Lore being augmented. Flawless Scribe Duration 15, Magnitude 1, Touch This spell allows the caster to flawlessly copy or render any document irrespective of its size or language. The caster must provide the writing implements and vellum/papyrus of a size equal to the original but by the end of the spell the quill, moving at phenomenal speed, will have completely and accurately copied the contents of the subject. Gaseous Messenger Duration Instant, Magnitude 0, Ranged This Divine Voice is used by the caster to send a short message across the air to anyone he has met before. As long as the target is not protected from magical contact or in an airtight situation (underwater, for instance), the caster’s next 15 words reach the target in 2D6 minutes. The target will see the wisp of smoke or cloud and hear the caster’s voice as it dissipates.
  4. Eurmal was not detailed in the 2nd Age Books by Mongoose I Runequest. He could have been listed as one of the back story gods (the gods that were mentioned, but not written up) such as the Grain Goddesses, River Gods etc.... I will double Check....
  6. Thanks for catching that TYPO
  7. There are many aspects to Glorantha, that is for sure. And the setting can be and often is overwhelming, to say the least. Start small. Pick an area, and read about that area. Also, you have to choose which age you want to play in. In all honesty though, it is a fascinating setting, with many cultures, gods, and everything you could possibly want.
  8. Great Ideas Thanks. Culture? I leave that up to the players choice, but I generally have them play the same culture, unless they really understand the culture clashes at times. I MAKE them read the WHO AM I write ups, that tends to help. Setting, I am really leaning towards Dorastor.... Using the old Avalon Hill module for that one. It gets them into the nitty gritty from the start.... However, I have still not ruled out Dragon Pass.
  9. FILE UPDATED TO CORRECT SOME ERROR and more easy to understand Dragonknewt cults and humans... Elven spirit cults updated... PANTHEONS RQ.pdf
  10. I love the 2nd Age, but I do not want it near the end of the age. Some time before during the Middle Sea Empire Expansion, and the EWF response. Both exist at this time, but I am not really sure what would be a good year to start. Perhaps, the God Learners have just started Myth quests? But way before the Goddess Switch, and the Clanking City came to be.. Any suggestions? Note, I chose the 2nd Age in MONGOOSE RUNEQUEST 1 Simply because of the detail for the setting, which I feel is the best ever done..
  11. These are meant to be PLAYER HANDOUTS to make CULT choices easier. They contain NO GAME STATS. Some of Dragonknewt cults allow humans.... other Non-Dragonknewt non-human races are very rare in those cults. A few of these cults I have allowed humans based on my house rules.. PAMALTELA CULTS are not listed...
  12. I have not gotten around to the new version of RQ, but eventually, I will... Here is a list of gods by Culture... Strictly for the 2nd Age, from all the Mongoose Books for it. I play Runequest I Mongoose, simply because I like it... UPDATED WITH CORRECTIONS CORRECTED SPELLING OF DRAGONEWT... PANTHEONS RQ.pdf
  13. Conversions are turning into orginal creations. Will post when more a done. CLASSIC FANTASY is not my thing, if I want to play D&D, I play it, if I want to play OPENQUEST, I play that. I never mix the two..
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