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New Creature---The Elk


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Hi gang,

I'd done some rreeading about deer at some point (as I knew almost nothing about them aside from them tasting yummy, and after generating several different breeds for my Alternate Earth RQ cqmpaign, thoughtI'd try to knock out Elk.

Reading the information below, both the Moose and Megalocros are mentioned. I have yet to knock out versions of *these* just yet, however.





The third largest species of deer in the World, after the Megaloceros and the Moose, the elk is a large, animal, with a strong, solid body carried on long, slender legs, with a long head carried on a thick neck. Elk have small and clearly defined rump patches with short tails. Elk have different coloration based on season, with gray or lighter coloration prevalent in the winter, and more reddish, yellow-brown to orange-brown in warmer months. Elk have contrasting dark brown hair on the head, with lighter brown on the chin and around around the eyes. The neck and throat have long, shaggy, sometimes nearly black hair known as the mane.

Only male elk have antlers, which begin growing in spring, and are shed annually. These antlers grow to a length of 1.2m, may weigh as mauch as 18kg, and typically have 6 or more tines each.

Elk stags are about 1/4 larger than the female, stand 1.5m at the shoulder, are 2.4m in length, and can reach weights in excess of 600kg, while hinds stand 1.3m at the shoulder, are 2m in length, and can reach weights in excess of 400kg.

Elk are quite agile, and can clear obstacles of at least 2m height.

Elk are split into herds based on sex. Herds tend to employ one or more scouts while the remaining members eat and rest. During mating seaon males compete for the possession of small harens of females; bellowing, and sometimes fighting using their antlers from late summer to early winter. Usually the strongest, most dominant males obtain harems, and so, get to mate.

The female has a 6 month gestation period, after which a single calf is born, although two animals can sometimes occur. The calf is born spotted, weaned at 2 months., and stays with its mother for almost a year---until the following mating season.

Females live with their young in small herds of some 50 animals, while males in their prime tend to be loners; the older and younger males living in bachelor herds.

Elk can be active throughout either the day or night.

Elk are found in semi-desert, forest, and along forest edges across North America and Eurasia nea the Arctic Circle.

Statistics below are for male elk. Females have SIZ 2D6+18.


Characteristics Average

STR 3D6+16 26-27 Move 8

CON 2D6+6 13 Hit Points 21

SIZ 3D6+18 28-29 Fatigue 40

INT 4 4

POW 3D6 10-11

DEX 2D6+6 13

Notes: The creature’s large size gives foes +4% to their chances to hit.

Elk can sprint short distances at Move 2D3+16.


Hit Location Melee (D20) Missile (D20) Points

RH Leg 01-02 01-02 1/ 5

LH Leg 03-04 03-04 1/ 5

Hind Q 05-07 05-09 1/ 8

Fore Q 08-10 10-14 1/ 8

RF Leg 11-13 15-16 1/ 5

LF Leg 14-16 17-18 1/ 5

Head 17-20 19-20 1/ 7


Weapon SR Attack% Damage

Butt 6 40+6 1D10+2D6

Kick 6 40+6 2D6+2D6

Notes: An elk will butt or kick, not both. If, following the butt, half the elk’s STR is greater than victim’s SIZ, it will toss the victim a number of meters equal to the difference between ½ the elk’s STR and victim’s SIZ. The victim will take damage as if from a fall of the length of the toss.

Skills: Dodge 25-7, Jump 90-7, Swim 60-7, Scent 50-3, Listen 75-3, Scan 75-3, Search 10-3, Hide 26-17, Sneak-17.

Armor: 1-point hide.

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