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Question about Fighting Retreat in the new rules


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So how does Retreat work under new rules, cause I'm not sure I understand correctly. What does it mean exactly to fight one more round successfully? Does it mean a successful Close Combat roll is enough to Retreat? How far? Can I Sprint then? Can I use Dodge instead of Close combat to move away? Or is it instead of Deception? I feel like the intention was for it to be very simple and yet it is not 100% clear to me. Thanks in advance!

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Let the nerfing begin!

Here's the way I interpret the ruling: it all depends on the situation. 

If they are disengaged/unopposed--say on a battlefield full of combat, but without any present attackers, I'd rule: for your action, roll athletics or sprint or deception and don't screw it up.  I might add a difficulty boost or penalty based on the proximity of cover, enemy vigilance, physical condition, AND their plan.

If they are engaged/opposed with an enemy intent on capturing, defeating or killing them, and the PC wants to "...fight their way out..." I'd say: for your action, roll dodge successfully (no fighting back only parries) and ...don't screw it up. Next round, dodge a second time (no fighting back only parries) and you've disengaged. Then run."

If they are engaged/opposed but want to sneak off the battlefield, that's a bit more problematic. 

PC: "But my Dodge roll sucks; can I use deception--combat's scary."

GM: "Hmmm, okay, let's hear it; just how do you intend to sneak off the battlefield?"

PC: "Well, are there any dead horses about?"

GM: (chuckles) "Oh, this better be good, 'cause this guy has I.D.ed you as a PC and wants your sh!t...if it is, I'll let you roll your deception and we'll see what happens."

Regardless of his or her story, they're going to have to deal with difficulty modifiers on their rolls.

I refuse to get caught up in the gritty details. Granularity is--for me, for ME--like grit in the role-playing eye: painful and no fun.

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