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Lever action rifle?


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Depending on how much detail you are looking for, you might be interested in some of the downloads available:

  • Under “downloads:Game Aids” there is a document entitled “A Kick in Your Arsenal” that includes information on the damage from various modern firearms, and
  • I have contributed my own firearm rules at “downloads:Alternate Rules:Modern_Firearms.doc”. Both of these would help you stat out various lever action rifles.

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I see in the new BRP book, there is a description of a lever action rifle but there are no stats listed in the weapons tables. Should I just use the stats for the sporting rifle instead? I LOVE the new book by the way! Thank you in advance. :D

The size of the round is the basis for damage, the length of the barrel and velocity is the basis for range. Hit Points at this scale, average of 12 or so for a PC, don't allow for damage to vary that much, so even though a .30 06 may do a little more damage than a 8mm Mauser, at this scale it just doesn't matter. Just choose the gun closest and use it's damage. Lever actions are usually .44 long but I've seen .30 06 as well, so I'd just go with the latter. The only real difference is that you can cycle a lever action a little faster, but you have to move it further from your shoulder to do it, taking you a hair more time to re-aim, so again at this scale it's about the same as a bolt-action.

I hope this helps,


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