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  1. I like what you were doing. I was approaching it as Sorcery is knowing ways to force reality to bend to your will while Animism is knowing ways to interact with spirits. The first has a bunch of tricks that are represented as spells--I think of it as literally spelling the desired effect out with runes (for example) where each run does its part to change reality and the sorcerer puts them together in such a way as to achieve a certain effect. The animist, on the other hand, has been initiated into traditions that allows them to interact with spirits--sometimes friendly, sometimes not.
  2. Thanks prinz.slasar. That was close to what I was thinking--but I was going to add that he had to use Enchantment if he wanted to bind the spirit. That way the sorcerer would also need a stream of power spirits that he would "Tap" (I can't recall if that's a Mythras spell) for the energy to bind other spirits into potions. I think you've just motivated me to try and learn German!
  3. I need to check my notifications--sorry to ignore your response Bilharzia. I'm coming at this from a Magic World/BRP background and I'm interested in how the various magic systems interact. That's why I made his specifically a sorcerer. How would a sorcerer deal with spirits? In Magic World I would think of summoning extra-dimensional nastiest and then binding them. I didn't see anything like that in Mythras, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something obvious.
  4. I have been using this tool regularly over the last week as I start a new Mythras game and I love it! Thanks.
  5. Hello Mythras experts. Although I have no problem just inventing new spells to meet my needs, I would like to resolve this as close to the rules as written as I can. I'm running straight Mythras in a sort of "Dark Ages/England 500 AD/but there's more magic" kind of world. And in this world, there's this reclusive old man (NPC) who maintains this ancient and forgotten holy site that is also a royal property. Turns out, the old man is actually an elf who has left the other fair folk and for generations has been maintaining this overlooked backwater holy site while working on his sorcer
  6. Thanks Clarence, I was hoping you'd see my question.
  7. So I'm starting an M-Space game next week (on-line of course) and I was wondering if we have any idea about what will be in the up coming M-Space Companion? I know robots and cybernetics are in there--do we know anything else? Thanks.
  8. 226 downloads

    This PDF has two maps from the Magic World monograph "Horsechester". Both maps are intended to be seen by players and the Chronicler, and I have added a little color to the black and whites in the book. (Interestingly, the scanner did not pick up some of the color -- so you may want get a copy and color your own )
  9. 404 downloads

    Here are seven pregenerated Magic World characters that I made for a demo I am putting together for my FLGSs. It is an old version of the character sheet.
  10. It is a good week for Engadget and R&R... I saw this today: boeing-and-bae-partner-to-put-a-laser-on-a-machine-gun-make-the.
  11. In this morning stroll through Engadget I came across two stories that related to the science of Rubble and Ruin. When I wrote R&R I was trying to take modern science as seen from my perspective as a professional scientist and project to a near future where everything was cranked up to 11. For AI brains being used to “man” automated weapons systems I give you http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/13/darpas-msee-to-develop-new-mathematical-language-race-of-senti/. Of more interest to me, R&R has a “fantasy” element of nano-psionics. This was intended to represent some new discoveries co
  12. Remember the good old days™ when you would get together with your buddies and game for eight to twelve hours a couple of times a week? Back then the BRP experience system worked great; you would get a bunch of checks and some of them would improve each adventure. Over the course of a few real months characters would be getting better at the skills they used often, and not so much for the rarely used ones. But now days, for a lot of us, family, work, and Real Life™ get in the way, we might be lucky to get three to four hours of game time a week. But, we would still like a character to improve
  13. Daybreak Tomorrow is based on an EMP attack against the US -- well that idea is in the news today: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/06/17/electronic-armageddon-emp_n_615638.html.
  14. rleduc

    Move versus Speed

    The link to the thread for this image is here
  15. 491 downloads

    This is a big list of random things prospectors can find in the ruin. I have found it to be a useful GMs aid – I hope others will get something out of it.
  16. 323 downloads

    I thought I had a color version of this map, but I can’t find it... Anyway, here is a stand alone copy of the black and white.
  17. 237 downloads

    A black and white version of this map was included in the monograph. Here is my color version – not great job, but it certainly has an “old school” feel to it.
  18. 342 downloads

    Rod Leary made these character sheets, and I would like to again thank him. I think they are great. (I should clarify, AUTHOR in this context is the person to blame for the file being here and any image conversion errors and not the one who actually did the work.)
  19. 439 downloads

    Rod Leary made these character sheets, and I would like to again thank him. I think they are great.
  20. rleduc

    Rubble and Ruin update

    I should note that it did not get back from my editor until after Christmas!
  21. rleduc

    Rubble and Ruin update

    As of April 2, 2010 the monograph is at the printers!
  22. Last night I finished the draft layout of the monograph—there are a few small details that might move the page count, but it looks like it will be 126 pages (plus or minus 1). Chapter 2 of 5 is back from the editor, and I only have one small (250 word) text box to finish writing. Several blind play testers (and semi-blind—meaning people who have played in my games before) are looking at copies of earlier drafts. All the artwork is in. I hope to have it to Dustin in two weeks!
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