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River of Heaven Softcover £5/$7 in Winter Sale


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As I've just posted elsewhere I'm having a Winter Hack and Slash sale over at my web store.

Most things are 50% off, except the River of Heaven softcovers which are a whopping great 75% off at £5/£7 a copy.

Reason why; When I ordered a bunch of copies for UK Games Expo the first time I went three years ago the printer sent me an extra box in error. So what I'm selling off cheap now is the last 2/3 of that box. Buy a copy and not only are you helping me reclaim space for new products (such as the upcoming River of Heaven Companion which is in final editorial now, with the aim of being out Feb/March) but also putting a bit of money in the art fund for upcoming OQ/RoH projects. Plus you are bagging yourself a bargain! Also, I've got a couple of copies of the hardcover version at 50% (but those are limited - so get in quick).

Oh and did I mention you'll get a free complimentary pdf, and the whole book is full colour throughout - with illustrations by Peter Frain like this Kenturan Hegemony Noble all the way through. 


RoH Noble jpeg.jpg

Head Honcho of D101 Games
Publisher of Crypts and Things/Monkey/OpenQuest/River of Heaven
The Sorcerer Under the Mountain

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