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A Time to Harvest NPCs

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Hello everybody!

As I prepare to run the first episode of 'A Time to Harvest', I can see there are a lot of NPCs. From my experience it may be hard for players to remember more than a few of them so I decided to make and print cards with NPC name, declared occupation and short description (only things which are obvious, easy to spot at first sight or very well known to Investigators) to help players not get lost in this happy crowd. I will hand over NPC's card to players as soon as their investigators meet him/her in person (or even earlier - when they hear enough to get interested). I will advise them to note anything they feel may be important regarding that NPC on the other side (which I will leave blank). And now, for a final touch, I thought that providing a nice picture on each card would help even more.

The question is, have you ever tried to find appropriate pictures that would match NPCs (other than Blaine) in "A Time to Harvest"?

I will happily post those cards here when they are finished of course.

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