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36 Fantasy Characters


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I'm about to upload the PDF of them in Fantasy/Other.  Got some wild and wooly NPCs in there.  Here are the first page notes:


I found a file on this (BRP forum) website called Cthulhu Fantasy Roleplay by Allen Rathbone.

Not sure where in the download section it came from and I've forgotten the post I got it from, but here are a set of fantasy NPCs I rolled up for fun. I don't know if it is because it looks more like a throwback to Chaosium's earlier d100 Moorcock systems or what, but I like this approach a lot better than “you get X professional and Y personal points to spend, go for it” version or Classic Fantasy's (although I like the book) attempt to turn d100 into d20. Sorry, d20 is great, simple and familiar, so when we want something light, we go with it from time to time, but it is sooooo darned restrictive. IMHO, this does a far better job in a shorter format of capturing the flavor of old school while taking advantage of the flexibility available with BRP.


  1. I didn't worry about a stat limit for this, so there are several in the mid 20s. Except for SIZ, stats were rolled as (X+1)d6, reroll 1s and drop the lowest, which upped the stat average. X=number on chart. SIZ was rolled straight.

  2. I gave all of them four bonuses instead of rolling a d4 for the number of bonuses. It is unclear, but for the Category bonuses, I used a d6 just like for a stat instead of the 2d10+5 for a skill.

  3. While I randomly rolled race/class/culture/etc., I did not roll for sex, that's on you.

  4. I made sure everyone has First Aid, Dodge and at least some weapon.

  5. Cultural & Bonus skills that don't get a Professional or Personal slot all have the usual Base + Category Bonus + Culture/Bonus skill percentage as a skill. If you want, back out the Base to lower these or even both of them if you want to just consider it a bare minimum skill the NPC has.

  6. In the “Coin” row, I just gave the numbers, adjust to the appropriate currency for your game.

  7. I used some house rules on the weaponry (Bucklers are 5% (really only a parry skill), but use Brawling to hit with and add +2 or +3 damage, polearms are polearms if it is a Naginata or Halberd, etc.). Unarmed Combat gives the skill for both Brawling and Grappling. I can see why BRP does them separate, but I don't agree, at least for initial character creation. After that, yes, I agree. Also, Attack and Parry skills are the same (initial characters).

  8. Literacy is one skill, applicable to all spoken languages, at least for initial creation. Adjust accordingly for your game.

  9. I left Research named as in BRP, the file lists it as “Library Use”. Similarly I did the same for Medicine instead of “Chiurgery”.

  10. I left the various “Lores” named as is, good enough placeholders if you need some other kinds of knowledge available. “Kingdom” and “O. Kingdoms” should be self explanatory (O = Other). “Nat World” = Natural World

  11. “Conceal” = Conceal Item, a new manipulation skill for hiding small objects. “Streetwise” is a new mental skill. “Accounting” is a new mental skill for a math poor society.

  12. I use “Perform” not only for actual acting, but as a base for someone doing their job. So, Perform: Fence would mean someone who acts as a fence for stolen goods. Not a requirement for a job, but a catch all and bonus for anything to do with a job.

  13. “Free” known languages are at the bottom of the “Other Skills” block, with “Common” being on everyone's list. Race/Culture combos I deem get more than one spoken language gets the first at standard higher of INT or EDU x5 base and reduce the multiplier by one for each additional language.

  14. Skills are arranged inside one of the three blocks (Professional, Personal, Other) in category order (Commo, Manipulation, Mental, Perception, Physical, Combat) as best I could. Formatting issues may make me swap some skills to keep this six NPC on two pages. The third set of stats was actually the first set rolled and I hadn't made the second sheet yet, so the skills aren't easily divided back out into Professional, Personal, Other, so I just list them straight from a character sheet.

Here is the link to the original file I used to roll these characters up: https://basicroleplaying.org/files/file/190-call-of-cthulhu-fantasy-style/


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No problem, I'm rolling up some more, but not as fast.  I actually have another set almost done, but I did them on a long trip on paper, so I have to transcribe them.  They are going to be replacement NPCs for something I'm converting as well as random NPCs for campaign use.  It started out as a test of the way the thing worked for making up PCs (which is why the PC friendly stat rolls) and my group thought it was cool and in many ways better than the point spending version from the regular rules.  They would just prefer to be able to pick their race, class and profession....they rolled some of the wilder combos....

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