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  1. Friends, Romans, countrymen....

    David Drake, Vettius and His Friends Great series about a Roman officer going around being a troubleshooter for the weird and mysterious. Amazon. David Drake's Page Also, he has another book called Killer, but instead of the supernatural, this one is an alien escaped from its keepers. Both are out of print, but you might find them for free on the Baen Books page. A game based on them would be more episodic, think weird mystery of the week with a recurring cast. For Rome (and then Hundred Years War English) meet Cthulhu as he is rising....the Ranks of Bronze series, which you can get electronically, but that is the aliens buy some legionnaires being sold as slaves after one of the big defeats and using them for low tech warrior slaves. I just got, but haven't read the Dark Osprey book about the Cthulhu Campaigns in Ancient Rome but the USA book is pretty cute. EDIT: Okay, I glanced over the Dark Osprey book quickly. It is definitely big picture, but you could probably use the stuff in there to get the core background for several campaigns.
  2. Ark_of_the_Apocalypse.pdf

    Never mind, fixed it, my security software was picking up a cross scripting attempt by the file(s). I just did a temp turn off and it worked fine. This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. Keep getting an error when trying to download this. It is a flaky error, it seems to be hitting everything before August 2015, although I did get the Folio of Fiends & Big Darn Book of Monsters, everything before that fails to load for the same reason, so I'm guessing some sort of setting on the file.