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  1. Algesan

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    Oops, wait, I missed that album, I've just heard some of the earlier songs from the 70s. Quick check says Moorcock wrote (or assisted) with the lyrics for one of the songs on Chronicle. No idea if they knew about the RPG, but by then they might have been avid players in 1985.
  2. Algesan

    36 Fantasy Characters

    No problem, I'm rolling up some more, but not as fast. I actually have another set almost done, but I did them on a long trip on paper, so I have to transcribe them. They are going to be replacement NPCs for something I'm converting as well as random NPCs for campaign use. It started out as a test of the way the thing worked for making up PCs (which is why the PC friendly stat rolls) and my group thought it was cool and in many ways better than the point spending version from the regular rules. They would just prefer to be able to pick their race, class and profession....they rolled some of the wilder combos....
  3. Algesan

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    IIRC, the BOC and Hawkwind's songs were both prior to the release of the RPG, I would think you are right. Ahhh, at the risk of sticking my foot in my mouth since I think I brought up the songs originally, they helped create the popular climate for the RPG to gain its popularity along with ease of setup and play, etc. I do remember conversations about how it was just impossible to simulate the Elric saga using OD&D...heh, although one GM at the time could have probably done it, but he already tossed elves out as a player race because (as he put it),: How stupid would a virtually immortal race be to let their children run around with non-magical gear at 1st level....
  4. Algesan

    State of BRP

    Only if you force fully random hit locations, which doesn't fit outside of a D&D style of combat simulation where it is assumed many attacks are attempted during the round and X number of them get a chance to hit. Games where you are actually shooting or swinging a weapon (like BRP) also need to allow for limited hit locations or specific hit locations. Look at any martial art or shooting training where the student is taught to go for a specific place on the body, be it center mass for shooting, upper torso/head for striking melee forms or limbs/neck for grappling based forms. Especially in melee, the actual restrictions on the human form tend to force the chest/head area to be the prime targets. In either case, a couple of generic hits for a few points don't do much to a character, but the same two hits on the same location then cause death, crippling or severe injuries requiring excessive recovery time.
  5. Algesan

    State of BRP

    I don't think these are actually BRP specific damage options, most RPGs include all of them as optionals. For example, hit locations generally just make the game more lethal for everyone involved, which isn't always bad, but are often exploitable by characters. After all, if you can hit them in the head then you can aim for the head, right? Oops, I just splattered that demon with my uber sniper rifle, sorry Mr. GM. The flip side, character instakills because the NPC happened to roll head (or other vital location, I haven't used hit location in BRP yet, easier to just roll damage, subtract armor and go with it). Given that I'm running a Weird War 2 campaign based on Dust 1947 and the players are currently in the ruins of Zverograd (where pretty much every darn shot is Difficult because of all the cover unless one side or the other can pull off an ambush), what is the big deal then about going for a Difficult head shot? Oh, it is "double Difficult" (1/4 chance)? No problem, take extra aiming time, shoot a burst, etc. It is all good. Using generic damage means one shot kills are possible, but usually it takes several hits to put down a soldier.(average shot = 9 pts, average armor = 6.5), which works out about right, including having several characters have to sit out a couple of sessions to heal up because they got shot up.
  6. Algesan

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    Sorry, didn't mean to go that way, but when one gets into some of why Moorcock wrote what he wrote........ Politics aside, it still made for a lot of entertaining reading and you don't really need to know this stuff to enjoy reading it...and quite frankly it doesn't hurt once you do know this kind of stuff anyway, at least for his stuff up to 1980 or so. ACK, did I just create a literary black hole?
  7. Algesan

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    Which fits right in with the politics and/or philosophical leanings on display. Anti-establishment, counterculture, postmodernism, existentialism, etc. all think in purely simplistic terms which make up for false worldviews. They tend to be socialistic in nature and consider fascism to be the adversary, especially the Nazi brand. What keeps getting obscured in the "common sense" claims of National Socialism being "right wing" and International Socialism (a.k.a. Communism) being "left wing" are that they are both socialist. About the only difference between Red Fascism and Black Fascism is that Red Fascism definitely appears to be the more efficient in slaughtering its citizens and "undesirables".
  8. Algesan

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    Let me suggest Martin van Creveld's book Hitler in Hell to you. It can make for some slow reading at times and appears to be a bit of an apologetic, but it is more of a commentary on modern politics in a round about way. It is actually quite fascinating. I'll let it go at that since this is way OT.
  9. Algesan

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    Well, I don't consider the 1st Edition Stormbringe!r to be so bad and actually about the same as a starting (A)D&D game. The percentages to hit line up well with AD&D numbers, with Warriors having a 50+% chance to hit with their primary weapon (same chance as a 1st level Fighter to hit AC10 in AD&D) and the "lesser" combat classes all have 30% or better chance to hit with at least one weapon. Yes, you have to deal with armor subtracting damage rather than hit chance, but IMO that is just a wash. Yes, the Beggar class was a bit lame, but either we simply ignored any "Beggar" rolls or nobody rolled them....as many games as we did of Stormbringer!, I'm betting it was probably the former. The downside to the system was that there was no way to start an advanced game easily because there is no level system to automatically upgrade everything. This was good and bad (or if you prefer, a strength and weakness) of the BRP version of a d100 game. It was just different if you want to put it that way. In some ways it beat the crap out of the Fighter in gleaming magic armor & shield laughingly slaughtering hordes of low level stuff because they cannot touch him, but it other ways it was annoying because a random crit could take down an experience character quickly.
  10. Algesan

    Encumbrance and MOV

    So far, given the way my game has been running (as well as experience from how most RPGs run, including MMOs), fatigue doesn't really matter for the most part. The party simply "takes five (minutes)" and *boom* most of the penalties/effects are gone. The only one I've seen approach it fairly well that I can remember is HERO, which uses a Long Term Endurance mechanic, which measures your level of effort for your load in terms of your REC stat and slowly burns your END stat during sustained efforts. Even then, applicability is spotty (mainly when the party is trying to drag out a dragon's hoard ). In my current game, the party (squad) is about to seriously have to sneak around a contested city carrying extra expendable supplies and some extra weapons, which will start eating up fatigue in some manner. Conrad's chart above looks like a good place to start on that and will require some extra accounting, but worthwhile IMO.
  11. Algesan

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    I've dragged out my old copies of the old Stormbringer and Hawkmoon after an earlier discussion and looked them over. Yes, there appear to be a lot more "holes" in the system than I'd remembered, but since nobody actually rolled up some of the sillier combinations (the beggar from....oh crap, let me look....Nadsokor) and we were a lot more into RP'ing stuff rather than worrying about DPS and such, it was fun. Pretty much as long as everyone did what they could, it was all good. One thing I remember liking about Stormbringer! was the idea of "the party is going to X to do a quest....okay, got your stuff and you are leaving...okay, you are there" instead of the more common D&D random encounters where you step out to go to the end of the block to pick up something from the convenience store and have to fight an encounter on the way, an encounter there and two on the way back type thing.... I mean, it seems like some sessions were spent getting our horses and getting to the city gate, then a session riding a few miles to the dungeon..then finally getting into the dungeon. Yes, it filled out the play schedule but man the time it took to do anything besides hack'n'slash dungeon crawling...although, actually, that is a lot of what we did back then. It might not have helped that I had automated most of the encounter tables and passed copies around so it was trivial to have pages and pages of pre-generated encounters... Okay, I'm sliding off topic a bit here... Anyway, I actually preferred Hawkmoon (even the books, Elric is cool, but for some reason the Hawkmoon series appealed to me more) and I would have truly loved to have tried out Corum, but that was released much later. Interestingly enough, that might actually be why I like that fantasy character generator thing someone made up. It works more like Stormbringer! and less like HERO than the standard BRP rules.
  12. Algesan

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    Okay, some truth there, but maybe you don't realize the level of interest in Moorcock's Eternal Champion series and especially Elric among those that played RPGs at the time. Heh, Chaosium published Stormbringer! in 1981, when Blue Oyster Cult, at pretty much the top of their popularity in 1980 put out Black Blade at one of their songs, followed in 1981 by Veteran of the Psychic Wars, as well as Warrior on the Edge of Time by Hawkwind back in 1975. It may have only been one demographic, but it was darn sure a big enough one (at least in the Elric portion) to make sure of plenty of sales when you have that much exposure in popular culture for a niche market series. Lots and lots of people who have little to know clue about who the Eternal Champion is are familiar with Elric of Melnibone. Yes, there is a solid, fun and useful game and system behind it, which helps with the popularity continuing, but being able to play Elric (which you could NOT do in anything resembling even a passing familiarity to the rules D&D or AD&D game) was a huge draw for us at the time.
  13. Algesan

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    It's Elric. It's Hawkmoon. It's the Eternal Champion. Done. We can talk about simplicity, flexibility, complexity, etc. endlessly and it will all boil down to that.
  14. Algesan

    Chart of multiple fantasy NPCs

    Version 1.0.0


  15. Algesan

    36 Fantasy Characters

    I'm about to upload the PDF of them in Fantasy/Other. Got some wild and wooly NPCs in there. Here are the first page notes: Here is the link to the original file I used to roll these characters up: https://basicroleplaying.org/files/file/190-call-of-cthulhu-fantasy-style/