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Kolati - an initial index

Animal Nomad

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This is my current understanding of all the known, and perhaps unknown, entities we mere mortals call “Kolati”. Perhaps we can together fill in the gaps? Subject to change as knowledge expands, and presented in no particular order. I am unclear if offspring of a Kolati are such themselves. Any thoughts?


Format Key is  - Name/Sphere of Influence - Children/Offspring

Amolt/North Wind - parent of Altsom, Rathor, Lokali

Garrl/unknown - none noted

Aoea/East Isles Whirlwind - none noted

Elsom/East Wind - none noted

Ael/unknown - parent of Aerlit

Frisom/South Wind - none noted

Iinam/unknown - none noted

Altsom/unknown - parent of Aerlo, Reela

Aerlit/unknown - parent of Yelia, Malkion

Malkion/Prophet - parent of Zzabur, Waertag, Dromal, Holar, Kala, Talar, Jorann

Reela/unknown - parent of Garrl, Iinam

Yelia/unknown - none noted

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