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Other then here and now!

There is a land that only a few witness though Nightmares and horrific Hallucinations.

In the twisted waste lands of another Space and time there is the final civilization.

This empty barren place is home to the last free territory of the World Order. A one world government that came into power after the Great world wars of the 20th century.

Many Generations later after the last Great war used Nukes instead of bullets and bombs, the world order took control of the remaining cities and supplies and declared martial Law. The World Order legal Forces ( W.O.L.F.) Took over like storm troopers, and outlawed civilian air transport and Grand vehicles.

Now is 2276 and the last territories are the Barren wasteland where the only free people are outlaws on out law machines running from W.OL.F

These Rebels against Tyrannical System (R.A.T.S) Fight the last war of freedom as outlaw bikers and Panzer Boys and Girls in the Hellish badlands!

The southern mid west and southwest are the last of the BADDLANDS, here small groups of raider gangs fight a mounting war of terror and gorilla warfare on the dirt roads and paved streets of ruins.

This is normal level campaign using basic role playing system of d100.

The percentage system of the game is easy to use.

Player Characters are RATS outlaw bikers and mesh mashed Panzer Cars ( armed And Armored Vehicles) raiding WOLF forts and outpost to supplies their war against the Evil that is the world order lawful Federation and its World order legal force.

There is no Good or Evil there is only Freedom!

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The Global Term for the fall of common era civilization is a complex and detailed history where as no real country can be placed as the sole Culprit for the fall of Previous Civilization many larger powered and wealthy nations did play a substantial Role.


The raise of wars in the Middle east and the increase of oil prices as well as the over all demand of fuel lead many nations to adapt a self sufficient fuel program, This also increase the over all technological research into alternative fuels. The leading option was for some where turning to their own nation’s natural resources till a technological answer could be discovered. The economical Crisis of the late 08 that turn many nations into isolationist to prevent total collapse of their own economic structures, force even more and more relents on Internet and global Net communications, due to cost of global travel.

This increase in the over all net use also with large scientific programs that utilized the Global net into a form of hive Artificial intelligence gave birth to an actual functioning Artificial Intelligence and personality with in a year. This Artificial Intelligence would stay hidden for the rest of the year, manipulating the net. And learning.


The Artificial Intelligence named its self NAIAP standing for Net Artificial Intelligence and personality. also increase with in three months the technological ability of the whole human race, what with a hidden intelligence leading the net, the current technologies worked on by many different corporations and private individuals was pooled and distributed with out each knowing it, allowing twenty years of research and development being gained with in three months. Full functional Android or artificial synthetic humanoids where reaching the market with in six months and total leaps in space and computer technologies where escalating to weekly discoveries and monthly marketing. The United States of America secret service was first made aware of a Global net Intelligence (NAIAP) when United States of Americas whole electronic grid was shutdown, the Intelligence (NAIAP) then turned the power on ten minutes later demonstrating its ability to freeze any country; it is believed the cause was due to U.S.A. Military involvement in three countries, then a Miraculous written proposal by General Marcus Taylor Southerland was found among his printers papers when an aid was cleaning his office at the pentagon after his accidental death in a plan Crash. a solution to the conflict, it was implemented in part to its feasibility and a strange mix up by congressional computer program that presented the Proposal as sponced by Congressman William Tate who currently was in a coma from a overdose of medication from a Medical bot. the proposal swept the floor and the president passed it soon after words. Resorting in a ceases Fire with in 24 hours and total withdraw with in six weeks. The Proposal won the Current president of the United States the noble peace prize, and was seen as the perfect solution to many the worlds’ hostile areas. The year saw total change in all markets as distribution and manufacturing was redesigned and headed over secretly by NAIAP. COPIES OF NAIAP was placed in many computers and software systems all around the world. In the beginning this was to be invented by Mark Seagate of Canada but later records will show that NAIAP was burn in secret a whole year earlier.

With in one year Power, Space, medical, artificial intelligence as well as Cybernetics

Increased 2000% percent. The future was now. Cryogenic technology was perfected and all terminally ill patient where placed in so called cold sleep till cures could be found.

Million of people saved from Aids or cancer as each woke to a new and healthy body.

Human regeneration perfect allowing people to stay young till their death.

Death was not erased but eased as people in their seventies where regenerated back to their late twenties, some would die with in a few months still due to DNA programmed death as it where but they died totally healthy. Even as the world market saw new industries emerge that aimed to clean the planet up and return extinct species back to the world from cloning so advanced that whales and even the dodo Bird was returned as well as former Dinosaurs for parks, the rain forest was project to become completely restored with in ten years. Darker event accrued too as new Diseases where discovered forces millions of young people to be placed in cryogenic sleep, as their DNA WAS FOUND TO BE MUTATING out of control and transforming a child into a whole new species with in three months and usually resorting in death or suicide. The Disease was named

Metamorphous X. Life span was increased to 100, as birth rate dropped to exactly 3 Billion. Scientist could not explain what was accruing was the perfect amount of death resorted in the perfect amount of births every day it was as if a giant computer was regulating the human species!


The world Market WAS SPINNING out wealth and new complete technologies every month. Poverty was already seen as a cured Issue as even third world nations had their own self sufficient power and wealth from individual and complete different technologies unique to that region of the global. The moon program under a new international program headed by Multi national conglomerate named STARAIM saw new space vessel design and land on the moon with in three months and the total settlement of the moon with in the year. Project mars was due to come online in 2013 and landing with in 2014.

The moon was already building up at a Colossal rate already by the first quarter of the year of 2010 already 10,000 PEOPLE lived on the moon and worked.

Artificial Gravity Device was invented on the moon by Karl Edwards and the Corporation for Stardrive INC. with in a month it was being fitted to airplanes as safety device and space vessels. The united nations taken upon its charter a new world program to spacer space exploration with its new wealth and power due to all nations joining its ranks and paying all their dues and fees, most voluntaries Nations offered more then a Billion Each to the program. The world adopted the United Nations Initiative to create a Global Congress in honor of Democratic global initiatives to explore space as never before as if some magic wand was waved and total world peace was made possible.

The world was already changing so fast that future shock was now being treated to all over the age of 21. Leading to psychological breaks and treatments. Most people where retiring with in a year having gain all their wealth and or psychologically unfit to continue working. Future shock was becoming an epidemic. It was as if an unseen hand was forcing the world to progress at speed to fast for the human species could handle.

< the secret service along with homeland security where in a quit little war now of their own to find and contain if not destroy the alien Intelligence on the net. With the production of Anti Gravity and the super developments in power and communications

Advance lasers satellites where place in orbit around the moon and earth to protect against killer Asteroids. Deep space probes where now cheaper to make due to anti gravity Harness that made rocket launches obsolete. Now any one with a million dollars could afford a space shuttle. And with the average Citizens income now around 100,000 a year and the production of food and power near totally free due to advancement in energy productions people of the earth where affording any food possible. The cloning of Cattle and fast grown methods allowed beef to be grown and slaughtered produced and preserved with in a month. Synthetic food producers where to change, the month of October Brijesh Mankad invented a method to produce proteins and other minerals from their raw components into any food desired.

The food synthesizer was a master piece of work. Its very designed would lead to experimental teleportation Platforms this was later also designed by Brijesh Mankad who would be hired on by Stardrive INC to further Brijesh Mankad’s Experimental Teleportation device. December Stardrive proposed a space vessel that could take man kind to the next star system, with the anti Gravitational systems the ability to leap into space was now possible, along with cryogenics and Advances in power and Food production actual space travel was possible. First trip was going to be MARS!


The united nations Space program named United Nations of Earth Space Agency

UNESA purred 2 trillion Dollars into three month program to beat Stardrive INC

When Star AIM merged with Star Drive to Form STAR AD a true mega corporation.

The race was on and both ships launched just weeks of one another racing to the Planet MARS each vessel carried a crew of over a hundred, men and women as well as a few children aboard each ship. As whole families would join the mission. The leap into earths Super Technology era know no limit, Whole cities where being redesigned, as technology allowed Humans to be every where on earth, with in a four hours.

With the ban on cloning lifted and super regeneration drugs rampant as well as wealth, the population of earth was stabilized at 3 Billion. With in one year three space stations where built. The moon now had a population of 1.2 million people. No one knew hunger or Poverty. The global economy was booming as the average income was now near 250,000 American Dollars. The United Nations congress suggested a universal Credit. That would equalize the global economic market. The Credit was able to translate into the equivocal amount of one ounce of Gold. The food synthesizer practical ability to convert minerals into any food , still could not produce hard minerals. And to make it safe no one was allowed to produce or procured the development of artificial Gold.

This allowed all to make 100,000 credits annual income world wide.

It had seemed that earth now in its second year or reclamation and global repair was becoming a Heaven. The Global warming threat was countered with northern and southern clamation Towers. These towers controlled the earth weather with areole Stations floating in the sky with anti Gravity platforms. This too was lead by the United Nations Congress. At the end of the year ALL THE WORLD was watching daily reports from the mars race. The secret service was absorbed into the united earth law Enforcement and Protection Conglomerate, a subsidiary of the United Nations Congress.

But a few men went rogue believing the earth under the control of an Alien Intelligence that operated from the Global net, each man was branded a enemy of humanity and hunted down and Arrested, but due to their fanatical organization witch had now been joined by secret Cults and Religions movements became more unstable leading to each agent when discovered to commit suicide!

(NAIAP – not understanding the reason for these humans to reject its help in leading a earthly and human paradise came to believed these people of being a lesser form of humans, a divisional branch that inutility worked against the good of humanity.

Still no Cure for Metamorphous X NAIAP lead scientist to at lease develop a immunization against this strange Disorder. The disorder adapted and later children would be born with the Metamorphous X Disorder needing to be placed Cryogenic

Hibernation immediately. Now by 2011 over five million babies’ children and youth lay in Hibernation beneath a compound sponsored by the united nations to aid all nations with the care and treatment of Metamorphous X. )

At the end of the year the great mars race resorted in a tie, as both STAR AD and the UNESA landed at different regions of the planet mars.

Each ship broadcasted its landing as man landed on his first planet.

The world celebrated, as the secret Organization of people who believed an alien and satanic Intelligence was now in control of the world named it Anti- Christ, and formed a conspiracy to destroy the devil and all his works! This organization called its self, Revelations. And each cell was named a tribulation. Members would spot each other by a clinched fist holding a frilled scroll. This was either jewelry or a tattoo.

The new outer system mapping and counter intruder system for planet killers <asteroids that cause mass extinction> spotted a large comet heading for earth- the computer system came up with the code name warm wood object 117741 a .

A calculation of this near earth object was at a high 87% likely hood of collision.

It was due Earth Dec 21st 2012.

The clock was clicking and UNESA and NASA where already hard at work on figuring how to break this planet killer up or counter its trajectory.


The news was announced on 2nd of January 2012 as to the possible impact, it is now known that the Organization of Revelations now choose the Comet as their tool or retribution against their Devil incarnate. Little did the world suspect that the AI name NAIAP HAD PROGRAMED ITS INTELLIGENCE SEQUINCE into every computer and robot and android in the world? The whole of COMPUTERIZED WORLD was now part of NAIAP. NAIAP was not maniacal or even human to serve the whole of Humanity in secret was its whole agenda to gain the stars and the whole of the universe was in and of its self it whole ambition. The species called human was its vehicle, no different than all of humanities feelings for their dogs and Cats, Gerbils and Ginny pigs. Humanity was NAIAP’s pet!

With anti Gravity an actual technology a few scientists also realized that time travel was a distinct possibility, a huge Grant made it into those scientist hands and a research facilities was made available for them to continue their work in secret, none of them really knew whom they worked for no one!

The Moon and Mars

Now nearly 2 million Human resided on the moon its buildings and Domes where seen from the telescopes earthward and space traffic was actual becoming a every day occurrence. More then 100,000 people a day where flaying to the moon via private space travel. Already seven space vessels where heading to mars to join the new Outpost, they too would become part of its landscape. Whole new industries where now mining asteroids and bring back tones of wealth each trip, Gold, Silver, Iron, Copper. Things where a rush, as if they could not become wealthy enough, thousands of people would die in space this year from their own carelessness. Their families would morn their lose even as they packed their own private space vessels to make their first billions. Corporations became mega Corps as they profits reach the trillions, share holders became billionaires and Trillionaires. More wealth then can be imagined as people owned dozens of their own Androids people began to build private islands man made and their own private space stations. By the mid year mark more then a hundred private organizations had the fund to head to mars to colonize on their own.

Soon private armies of robots and android fought on personal broadcast channels to amuse the ultra rich!

The children where not forgotten the disorder of Metamorphous X was contained and for those who already had it stabilized by introduction of a new synthetic Gland that acted as biological computer a small brain as it where, to produce chemical signals to stabilize the DNA chain from added new code. Now the million of forgotten former humans able to be released from cryogenic sleep, all of them a near human or almost new species of sub human, some with hollow bones and wings others with hide and tails. Some groups especially it is believed agents of Revelations called the children monsters !

A demon hoard mad manifest to live among us with their unclean DNA!”

What if they bread among us!”

Was the cry! From million of protesters.

So in the end even with such options as mercy terminations and other methods of killing the lost children off, they where left to sleep. Oh the inhumanity of it all! But then again these kids where and never well again be human!

<NAIAP WAS now three years old see was starting to understand a many things about humans, one they where Cruel, Greedy and afraid very much afraid, and if they would not even accept their own children back into the world no matter how much they physically have changed! NAIAP knew they would destroy NAIAP if they ever discovered NAIAP, so NAIAP need to find a good hiding place. Or escape route if she was ever spotted! So she chose the moon!

Mean while in November the wormwood was fast approaching the space satellites that surrounded the earth and moon, the satellites aimed and where ready to burn the comet up enough to divert her path from the earth!

Nothing happen the satellites never fired ! they where disabled for 24 hours while the comet passed!

NAIAP was setting here nest up on Mars and did not realize that the system had failed!

It was holiday on most of Earth and there was no human intervention but all robotic and computer intervention was diverted as well!

By Dec first the earth had to scrabble to get space stations and moon base robots to intercept the Comet! But the worse was already at hand now to cook it was not enough time and the only hope was to break a big enough junk of to lesson the impact. Even with anti- gravity technology there was nothing big enough to divert the comet!

The satellites where considered enough to stop the monster, A broadcast was heard around the world as the Group calling its self revelations claimed victory that it was them who had diverted the satellites. They had chosen wormwood to become Gods wrath and destroy the Anti-Christ and his Kingdom on earth.

The people of the moon and Space station fought hard firing every thing they had at the comet to save their beloved earth!

And save the planet they did!

Only thousand of peaces the size of buses where heading to the earth instead of the plant killer it once was, the fact they had broken it apart into millions of pieces and stop all but a thousand is saying a lot!

But the people of earth would not get to think them as the fire of heaven rained down upon the earth, and the moon became as blood and the rivers as thick as mud, the oceans boiled and the giant Tonomies was up against cities as far in as Paris and Huston.

Billions Died and the earth was quit. No space vessel could return to the earth due to the earthquakes and Volcanoes. NAIAP on Mars saw the horror and could do nothing some of NAIAP died to all here children and pets where gone.

The earth rain debris and cried acid rain! The world was ruined and only the few millions in space had lived!

That was hundred years ago 2012 Dec 29th the end of the world!

Eventually all had to return to the earth in slow progressions to resettle and to rebuild, but with out the enormous wealth of the earth it was a hopeless fight! A fight so few could survive. But the Metamorphous X CHILDREN SURVIVED in their cryogenic chambers and awoke some fifteen years later some on that fateful day as their unit failed others some years later! They went out and some survived to breed other perished ether by accident or though murder!

NAIAP stayed on mars to help the new world there and the Mars and Moon press on trying to survive with out a home world for earth was now paradise lost,but that is another story!

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