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Individuals: Denizens of Tozer


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Individuals: Denizens of Tozer

This game aid presents ten characters who could be used in the Old Bones scenario Savage Swords Against the Necromancer, as alternates to those provided, or for additional personae if there were more than three players. Of course they could be used in any other scenario as well, keeping in mind that they have been created specifically for a Sword and Sorcery setting. In accord with the genre, none of these individuals knows magic, and some of them are rather villainous. There are notable exceptions, too, in case one prefers to stretch or challenge the classic tropes.
These characters present a diversity of attitudes and skills. Some are good fighters, while others practice nonviolence. Some can actually read and write, while others barely speak the local language. Some were born in the city, but others have arrived from far away, thanks to the vicissitudes of fate. Some are sophisticated and full of guile, whereas others are simple and sincere. Some are ignorant, while others are wise in legend, lore, and craft. Each is driven by personal Passions ranging from greed, vengeance, and physical craving to loyalty and human kindness.
These Denizens of Tozer have been created for the MYTHRAS gaming system, and should be fairly portable to other d100 systems. Characters are not merely their statistics, of course, and with that in mind their personalities, histories, and other defining qualities could be translated to any game system.
You are free to use this material in your own game world, for fun. If you are interested in doing more than that, such as incorporating it into a scenario or campaign setting for publication, please contact us.
Individuals: Denizens of Tozer is offered as Pay What You Want. If you like it, please consider leaving a tip, but in any case it's yours for the taking. Happy gaming!
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