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  1. Classic Fantasy Excel Worksheet

    Rod, Raleel, and all, I have just uploaded a related spreadsheet file (for base Mythras characters, not CF) over on the Design Mechanism forum. Thanks for the inspiration, Rod! :-)
  2. Using M-Space conflict rules including all PCs at once

    Yes, I agree: In this method, the villain needs to deal "damage" to each of the pursuers, else it is radically unfair. About Clarence's final sentence above: In a sense, the definition of "best rider" is the only actual question, in choosing a mechanism for this scene. If you believe "best rider" means "the character with the highest Ride score", then that never changes throughout the scene, and you just have that one static character compete against the villain, in every contested roll of the extended challenge. However, if you believe "best rider" means "the character who rolled best this time around", that title is dynamic, and could be different for every contested roll of the extended challenge, so you have all 4 heroes roll every time. :-) The more I think about it, the more I like having all 4 heroes roll in the extended challenge (no matter how exactly you structure the rolling). Not only does it seem more realistic, but it engages every player at the table, which is an inherent good, to me.
  3. Using M-Space conflict rules including all PCs at once

    To me, the second sentence above is quite separate from the first. If each player wants to try to be the winner, fine; then in my setup you have 4 heroes + 1 villain all competing in the Task. That's more dice rolling, but otherwise is the same game mechanic as for just 2 teams. It also improves the chance that (at least one of) the heroes will prevail. The first sentence, though, suggests to me that nobody really cares who stops the villain--the opposite of the second sentence, to me--, which is why I outlined what I did. As we can see, the good news is that there are numerous satisfactory approaches to modeling this situation. :-) Your Mythras is Your Mythras!
  4. Using M-Space conflict rules including all PCs at once

    You already know my suggestion... :-) I would set up a Task, and in this case I would have each of the two teams attempt to complete it, with the higher point total winning the day--or you could have the first team to a target Task score be the winner, which would emphasize the racing aspect. Having 2 teams, not 4 against 1, seems rather natural, and avoids the problem you mentioned. Call for 2 rolls of Ride, 1 roll of the mount's Athletics, and 1 of its Endurance; the team of 4 may use either the best Rider's score, and whatever scores apply for that character's mount, or may be led by the most Athletic or Enduring mount, and whatever score applies for its rider. I think your way works well, though, and may be simpler (but maybe not).
  5. Interludes: Homecoming

    I hope it fits your needs. We live but to serve.
  6. Interludes: Homecoming

    For your delectation... http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/235 ... Homecoming Some notes: * As mentioned, this is nearly a scenario, depending on how much work you have already done in establishing backstories and world building. * Beyond base Mythras, for gameplay this is nearly totally compatible with Classic Fantasy, I think. The only things missing are the Class aspects of the NPCs, but they should be fairly obvious.
  7. Classic Fantasy Excel Worksheet

    Yeah, it does an exact match of the text in the list-box selection to pull the related data from the Charts tab, using the LOOKUP function. If the text in the list box doesn't match that in Charts, because of e.g. a typo, then the right data probably won't be pulled.
  8. Classic Fantasy Excel Worksheet

    hahah When I open it in Calc, I can edit whatever I want, after I turn off Protect Sheet (and it doesn't ask me for a pwd).
  9. Classic Fantasy Excel Worksheet

    Last night I was playing around, using this as an import into LibreOffice Calc on the Mac, and everything seemed OK. I did not remember to test Raleel's observation above, though. Thanks, Rod. I like this a lot, and I am going to adopt some of its approaches to my house sheet for generating plain Mythras characters, as you have found good ways to handle some things that give me pains. What I miss from this sheet is not the bits about multiclassing and little mods, but a section on the Skills tab that would tell me what Rank my character is, and maybe what I need to attain next Rank. :-D
  10. M-SPACE Giveaway!

  11. LIteracy

    Yeah, I basically agree. Like Customs, you might want to give everyone Literacy in the mother tongue, at some base level--could be same base as the spoken language, but possibly lower. IIRC, the rules give guidelines like you have mentioned for spoken language, but not written. I think the percentages are rather different, though. In my home game, and the scenarios I write, literacy is not a given. Sometimes I throw in a clue that will give the characters an advantage, if anyone can read it. ;-)
  12. LIteracy

    As a simplest first pass, treat every language--written or spoken--as a separate skill, with a separate score. If you feel like being kind, allow some language skills to Augment others.
  13. Classic Fantasy Anti-Paladins

    Sweet...er...well done.
  14. Classic Fantasy Anti-Paladins

    Um... It sounds like you're asking whether a certain type of play is permissible--or, put another way, what is the correct way to play a game? I think the proper response to that question may be, "Mu," as in, it's not a properly constructed question, at base. In the interest of collegiality, though, I'll take a stab at it. "Should"? Well, it depends on the outcome you want, which is rather conditional. If your players enjoy that sort of thing, then, yes, you should; why not? If they don't appreciate what you term "cliche", then you should not. On the other hand, there is a sort of opportunity cost to running any particular game: By choosing an exercise in cliche, am I sucking up valuable time/air/juice that could be (much) better spent on something more original? In my lifetime, how many hours do I have to spend on this? How precious is the time with my group? Is "good enough" actually good enough, or should I try for "better"? Given the crucial condition of what your players (and you) like, I also don't see what significant difference the rules set could make. If melodrama is a bummer for you, yet for some reason you play melodrama, then CF is just as bad as Mythras, just as bad as D&D, just as bad as Fate,... The rules set is not the style (although I do admit that some sets are crafted to support some styles). Finally, when you say "antipaladin" to me, I don't think of Snidely Whiplash twirling a mustache. I think of death knights. I think of the goddamned Witch-King of Angmar. If you can't see that sort of antipaladin fitting into Mythras, I'm stumped. :-)
  15. Mythras Imperative Now Available

    They have different filenames.