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  1. Dare I say, at the risk of a shameless plug , you might want to check out this scenario, as a baseline to implementing your idea. I wrote it not with a video game in mind, but I think it might fit your needs. Plus, Mythos horror vibe... Check the taster.
  2. There is also the career of Hunter, which certainly entails both ranged and hand weapons. In our game, each CS has 4 weapons, one of which is either solely ranged or can be used at range. It may be dagger, hatchet, or short spear, but those have the Thrown trait, so, fine. Commoners often have Thrown Rock.
  3. Thanks for asking, heathd666, but Old Bones won't be there, either. I, too, cannot justify the costs. Besides, I have so many projects to write for you... :-D
  4. Ah. You said "solar", so I was not thinking about cosmic rays. Yes, the more, the better, as far as that goes, and any/every molecule counts, as a massive deflecting body. I would not call UV radiation "quotidian" (you do wear sunscreen, right?), but it is certainly less energetic. If you're going down that road, there is also the magnetosphere to consider. I don't know about that, for Mars.
  5. Adding CO$_2$ will not block the problematic UV rays. You need oxygen for that, which has its ozone allotrope. You could use a UV absorber other than oxygen, I guess, but whatever else you might choose, I'll bet you shouldn't breathe it.
  6. Yes. One of the triumphs of Mythras is that its modeling of combat makes spears and shields powerful, instead of "inferior weapon and +1 to AC".
  7. 1. I had in mind side by side walkers with Medium-reach weapons, like clubs or broadswords. If you were to try to swing a big weapon in that space, you would have to be all by yourself, without anyone standing next to you. In real life, swinging a greatsword or great axe normally in that space would be impossible, I think. You would hit the walls. That's what the penalty is meant to reflect. 2. I would say that any weapon with the Impale SE could be a thrusting weapon, but in this case you would have to declare in advance that you were using it that way. Interestingly, in Mythras (but not all other d100 rules) a greatsword is an impale weapon...! As long as you specify up front that you're poking, and don't try to choose Bleed later, I would allow it. If you have a weapon like a spear or trident that only has the Impale option, then I would dispense with the formality and not make the player declare up front--common sense. There is nothing sacrosanct about the distance of 2.5 m; that was the size of the passage in that adventure, so it was on my mind when I wrote down the penalty. It seems about right, but you might impose the same penalty for a 3-m-wide hall, and you might make it worse for a 1.5-m hall (anything above Short Reach, instead of Medium).
  8. It sounds good--especially the additional sandbox aspect. Is it for Ranks 1--2, or 2--3? The blurb and cover don't match.
  9. From the Old Bones adventure Secrets of Blood Rock: This natural shaft is irregular, but generally about 2.5 meters in diameter. Characters may walk two abreast in most places. Large swung weapons are at a disadvantage: Except for thrusting weapons like spears, each step of Reach above Medium penalizes Combat Style by one grade. This elegant mechanic was suggested by Loz himself, during editing.
  10. We are participating in DriveThruRPG's annual sale, so stock up now and save 25%. Hey, only two products are behind a paywall anyhow, but now's your chance. I regret that the timing was not better for the release of Savage Swords Against the Necromancer. We are still on track for the end of the month, though. It won't be too much, I promise.
  11. Agreed. Survey the tables in RAW, think about what you want to accomplish, and proceed by trends. Its ENC may be the hardest to figure, and is a bit loosey goosey anyhow, but, yes, in general the bigger the size (damage, Force, Reach) of the weapon, the bigger its ENC--quite naturally. I would not fret much over getting the ENC value "exactly right", though: Any player who really, really wants her character to wield the biggest [whatever] in the land is not going to give a shit about ENC 6 versus ENC 4, for example.
  12. I think some explicit advice along these lines in RAW would be welcomed by many, especially new GMs. Just to be clear, I do basically agree with Loz here. I, too, allow the substitution of skills when reasonable, as I do find it models real life appropriately, and I, too, would call an absolute rule against it "draconian" (especially if I were a player). After 30 years (minus some hiatuses) as a RQ GM, I have finally begun to really internalize the lesson that, when possible, it's better to say "Yes, but" than "No". Identifying the "when possible" moments is the key, I think.
  13. Aha, thanks TheGrayFox71--sanity checked. I stopped looking when I couldn't find it in the Skills chapter, ahem. Yes, Loz's suggestion, I see now. As many know, here and on the TDM forum, I tend to be a rules stickler. Loz, meanwhile, seems to have a much keener sense of when to bend a rule, and how, for Maximum Gaming Fun.
  14. There is some debate about how to handle this. I am sure that the previous version of the TDM rules (RQ6) specifically stated that a character could not use a Professional skill that was not known, period. However, Loz himself has softened this rule, in the forum discussion that TheGrayFox71 mentions above. Furthermore, I agree with you, Ghostwriter: I am shocked to be unable to find an explicit statement in the current edition of the MYTHRAS rules! I would have sworn it was still in there. I think it must have been removed mindfully, but quietly. I prefer to stick to the idea that you can't use a Professional skill that you haven't "bought". However, for a skill that would be ideal in a given test, there is often another (which might be a Standard skill instead) that could be substituted--usually at a penalty grade. When I write a scenario, I try to include a few alternatives, to help out the GM and players and keep things from seeming hopeless. TheGrayFox71, I would dispute your "always a 5% chance" idea on technical grounds: That rule is true, and a 01 is always a crit...but only when you are allowed to roll. If the GM says you can't roll, that's it, end of story--and that's the case under debate here. That said, I don't find it an outlandish idea, and Your Mythras May Vary, as we always say. I would not let a player try to push me around on this particular point (why do we even have these character sheets?), but I would listen to a cogent argument for an exception. I think that I might make the character attempt the unknown skill at base score, and have it cost a Luck Point.
  15. Yeah, a plain old arc. Some shielding fails, and a big ol' electrical arc connects metal bits that aren't meant to be connected, and any systems you like go down. Nice, simple, no radiation. "It's a know problem with reactors of this type. There was a recall, but also a shortage of replacement units out in this sector..."