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  1. I would charge 3 XP, as if learning a new Professional skill.
  2. In line with what Butters has said, if a viewer is using it to get a grip on the rules, in the video's description you might want to give a "table of contents" with times for the various pieces of the video. That way, if I want to see a brief combat, I can jump to 7:15 or whatever, but if I'm more interested in the roleplaying aspects, I can watch just those segments. I was going to suggest editing the video to feature just the relevant parts--here rules illustrations--, but then realized the TOC approach (a) would be MUCH easier, and (b) would allow different users to enjoy the same product, for their own reasons; there's no telling a priori what a given viewer might actually prefer. For example, I personally wouldn't watch a video that just illustrates rules, but I would like to see roleplaying and story development.
  3. Wow, it's already that time of year again... Stock up on Old Bones titles! https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/10499/Old-Bones-Publishing
  4. Yes, to me the wargaming roots are clear and well-documented. I was more wondering about the subconscious stuff that might have been part of the zeitgeist back then.
  5. Yes, I agree: Alienation (from a mainstream society that is nonetheless degenerate and awful) and dehumanization are the key tropes of cyberpunk, I would say, aside from advanced technology. As has been hinted, though, the only thing worse than this alienation would be assimilation... Attempts to break the system may or may not be totally hopeless; that depends on the particular writer, I think. That's an interesting point about S&S and the other genres being similar here. I hadn't thought of that. Maybe this explains the mindset that, back in the First Wave of OSR FRPGs, led to the "murder hobo" nature of so many characters: The players were expressing something they had subconsciously internalized from the S&S lit. Hmm.
  7. I think a common vibe here is body modification--whether it's icepick kitchen piercings and safety pins, or bionic limbs.
  8. Found it: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/designmechanism/administrative-review-of-elemental-classic-fantasy-t1865.html
  9. IIRC, on the Design Mechanism forum, someone (I'm pretty sure it was Jefferiot) posted some play experience about this very conversion--at least Hommlet. Maybe I misremember, but have a look.
  10. Matt_E

    Seeds of Chaos

    Maybe it's just an awkward time of year. It sounds like an interesting game, to me. I can't join in, though; I'm maxed out these days. 😞
  11. That' a pretty cool supplement, Clarence. I'm having a little trouble grokking the interplay of being an Oddity and Strangeness and CHA, though. After reading the introductory text, I find it a bit odd (there's that word again...) that one of these Oddity folks could have a high CHA score. Could you please explicate that? Oh, and I was a bit confused about the difference between "Eidetic Memory" and "Photographic Memory". I mean, I see that game-mechanically they are different, fine, but I think many of us might use those terms pretty much interchangeably. Whatever.
  12. EDU would map to some Education skill, which for many countries would be a Standard skill. I think we discussed a related topic a bit on the TDM forum. Yes, my general impression is that in most cases a *starting* Mythras character is going to have mostly higher tallies in most skills than a *starting* BRP character. However, I have often thought that our old RQ3 (~ BRP) characters *advanced* much faster in their most-used skills, because of the "checked boxes" versus "Improvement Points" philosophies of the two systems.
  13. What's a front? 🙂 Although Lovecraft was no scientist, I thought that his giving the Elder Things radial symmetry was a brilliant stroke. It's just so...weird.
  14. Clarence, I read this last week and thought of you: https://aeon.co/ideas/proof-of-life-how-would-we-recognise-an-alien-if-we-saw-one
  15. He was a giant among us, indeed. We all owe him a debt of thanks.
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