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  1. Needing some help with a career build

    For modern occupations (and any aspects of a modern game using the Mythras system, I guess), I would consult Luther Arkwright.
  2. Makeshift Weapons

    I'm on the same page, quibbling aside. Perhaps the biggest consideration is the Special Effect(s) that the impromptu weapon affords: Stun, Bleed, Impale, Entangle, or what have you.
  3. Grappling multiple opponents

    That seems reasonable. Good job! I'm glad it worked for your purpose.
  4. Grappling multiple opponents

    This is an interesting problem. For simplicity, I might just reduce this to a single equivalent entity with Augmented skills, as Raleel suggests. My concern with that, though, is the Action Point economy. Those several (small) grapplers still have far more APs than their lone victim, and soon will outspend him into submission. If you don't have AP, you don't get to resist the grapple. I think if we were talking about 2 adults grappling 1 adult victim, we would not fudge this aspect. We also would not fudge it if this were plain attacking rather than grappling (though that strays from the OP, I admit). With the AP tally in mind, then, I think I would actually keep separate rolls and handle it in full detail. However, remember that line in the rulebook under "Contests of Strength" that goes something like, "Some enemies may be so powerful that no amount of skill can overcome them." In this case, that concern applies to the demon children. Even if s/he has unnatural strength, a kid's Damage Mod is sure to be at best -1d2, and probably worse. Combine this with a low Brawn score (unless the demon somehow improves it), and any individual kid will almost always fail to grapple the Brawnier, bigger+stronger adult. This is where the mob effect comes in: Some of those levels of advantage that the adult enjoys are erased by the levels of advantage that cooperating kids enjoy. This, to me, is they key aspect of the problem that you as GM need to sort out, and which RAW does not cover explicitly. If these kids are trying to grapple Conan, it may take even more than 10 of them to neutralize his advantage, but if they are jumping on Mr. Magoo, it may take only 2 or 3. There is also the ultimate intent to consider. If the mob is trying to immobilize or even knock down the adult, then I think that can be accomplished handily. If they are trying to inflict damage using puny natural weapons, though, I think the demons are out of luck: Using tiny fists, etc. at reduced 1d2 or even 1d1 (!) damage due to small SIZ (I don't have the chart in front of me), with a damage mod of -1d2 or -1d4, they are unlikely to inflict any actual harm. If the dude has armor, they are probably totally ineffective. There are Special Effects, though, like Bleed (if they bite; we usually don't talk about that for humans, but I would allow it here), and there is choking. Think about it. One more thing: Not all of a mob may be able to attack effectively. Some part of the mob is blocked by the other part; this is the principle behind Outmaneuver. How many kids can actually get close enough to attack effectively? In the first round, it may only be 4 (2 per leg) or 6 (add abdomen), and subsequently any others trying for upper locations have to test Athletics as well as Brawn in one roll, to jump up. Whatever you decide in the end, this should be a memorable combat! I agree about grappling being handled poorly by many systems; when I first read Mythras, I was pleased to see that its approach is seamless and natural, not clumsily bolted on as an afterthought to swordplay. In our game, many characters with advanced Combat Styles (not just "Frontier Commoner" or whatever) actually have Unarmed as one of their "trained weapons", so that they can use it with facility for punching or grappling during standard melee--and they do. For example, if you're up against a heavy hitter with a 2-handed weapon, grappling either arm is an excellent way to neutralize that threat.
  5. Space Suit Extravaganza

    Yes, one does have to consider what the point of the game actually is, and how best to achieve it (or not to destroy it, at least).
  6. Dare I say, at the risk of a shameless plug , you might want to check out this scenario, as a baseline to implementing your idea. I wrote it not with a video game in mind, but I think it might fit your needs. Plus, Mythos horror vibe... Check the taster. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/193355/Broch-Groddath http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/193408/Broch-Groddath--FREE-TASTER
  7. 16th century Europe campaign

    There is also the career of Hunter, which certainly entails both ranged and hand weapons. In our game, each CS has 4 weapons, one of which is either solely ranged or can be used at range. It may be dagger, hatchet, or short spear, but those have the Thrown trait, so, fine. Commoners often have Thrown Rock.
  8. Gen Con 2017

    Thanks for asking, heathd666, but Old Bones won't be there, either. I, too, cannot justify the costs. Besides, I have so many projects to write for you... :-D
  9. Terraforming Mars in 100 years

    Ah. You said "solar", so I was not thinking about cosmic rays. Yes, the more, the better, as far as that goes, and any/every molecule counts, as a massive deflecting body. I would not call UV radiation "quotidian" (you do wear sunscreen, right?), but it is certainly less energetic. If you're going down that road, there is also the magnetosphere to consider. I don't know about that, for Mars.
  10. Terraforming Mars in 100 years

    Adding CO$_2$ will not block the problematic UV rays. You need oxygen for that, which has its ozone allotrope. You could use a UV absorber other than oxygen, I guess, but whatever else you might choose, I'll bet you shouldn't breathe it.
  11. Oversized Weapons

    Yes. One of the triumphs of Mythras is that its modeling of combat makes spears and shields powerful, instead of "inferior weapon and +1 to AC".
  12. Oversized Weapons

    1. I had in mind side by side walkers with Medium-reach weapons, like clubs or broadswords. If you were to try to swing a big weapon in that space, you would have to be all by yourself, without anyone standing next to you. In real life, swinging a greatsword or great axe normally in that space would be impossible, I think. You would hit the walls. That's what the penalty is meant to reflect. 2. I would say that any weapon with the Impale SE could be a thrusting weapon, but in this case you would have to declare in advance that you were using it that way. Interestingly, in Mythras (but not all other d100 rules) a greatsword is an impale weapon...! As long as you specify up front that you're poking, and don't try to choose Bleed later, I would allow it. If you have a weapon like a spear or trident that only has the Impale option, then I would dispense with the formality and not make the player declare up front--common sense. There is nothing sacrosanct about the distance of 2.5 m; that was the size of the passage in that adventure, so it was on my mind when I wrote down the penalty. It seems about right, but you might impose the same penalty for a 3-m-wide hall, and you might make it worse for a 1.5-m hall (anything above Short Reach, instead of Medium).
  13. Mythras Monthly Scenario July - Tomb of the Mad Wizard

    It sounds good--especially the additional sandbox aspect. Is it for Ranks 1--2, or 2--3? The blurb and cover don't match.
  14. Oversized Weapons

    From the Old Bones adventure Secrets of Blood Rock: This natural shaft is irregular, but generally about 2.5 meters in diameter. Characters may walk two abreast in most places. Large swung weapons are at a disadvantage: Except for thrusting weapons like spears, each step of Reach above Medium penalizes Combat Style by one grade. This elegant mechanic was suggested by Loz himself, during editing.
  15. Christmas in July at Old Bones

    We are participating in DriveThruRPG's annual sale, so stock up now and save 25%. Hey, only two products are behind a paywall anyhow, but now's your chance. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/10499/Old-Bones-Publishing I regret that the timing was not better for the release of Savage Swords Against the Necromancer. We are still on track for the end of the month, though. It won't be too much, I promise.