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  1. Matt_E

    Runequest, Legend, Mythras, etc.

    1. I can think of one gamer who has no desire to produce such a variant. 2. It makes no sense to start from the ground up with print runs, in the ultraniche market you imagine. Start with digital only. 3. That would be an incredibly segmented market. Unless item 1 above is true, I disagree that there are economically meaningful gaps--and I have already found item 1 to be false. 4. That impression of Sabre is precisely the opposite of the one it made on me. I found Sabre to be a combination of the worst aspects of d20 and Mythras, and basically a slap in the face to TDM, in terms of exploiting their hard-earned IP in the most barely legal manner...
  2. Maybe Mythic Constantinople has something--just a guess. I can only assume you have checked Ships and Shieldwalls. I don't own either of those supplements. In RQ3 there were prices for ships, so I suppose there are in the BRP core book.
  3. Matt_E

    M-Space Character Sheet (.txt based)

    @clarence I think it's like anything else: Put a blunt instrument in the wrong hands, and... Remember that Campbell's ideas are synthetic and based on empirical observation--actual mythic stories from around the world. He didn't invent this stuff out of pure imagination; it's grounded in phenomenology. Thus probably one could find "Campbell's influence" in Hollywood writing even if none of those writers had ever actually read him, because they were (unconsciously) drawing from the same pool of ideas. Maybe they learned to write by reading the same tales that Campbell did, and internalizing the same lessons about storytelling. I don't know. As for George Lucas, I believe he was personally influenced by Campbell: IIRC, they used to hang out and chat, both being in California in the same era. I suppose that Lucas discovered Campbell's writings in college (he is the right age for Campbell's work to have been the hot new-ish thing in intro Anthropology and Sociology classes in the UC system, I reckon) and then looked him up--maybe after that Star Wars cred started accreting. 😉 I find Lucas an interesting case: He can plot out a tale (especially the action beats), and he can create interesting characters (though not consistently...), but filling in details is not his strong suit, to me, and his dialogue is too often horrendous. Thus Star Wars and especially some parts of The Empire Strikes Back were so great, yet the prequels were not. I can't remember where I heard of Vogler, but you ring some kind of bell in my mind. I will get around to checking him out, eventually.
  4. Matt_E

    M-Space Character Sheet (.txt based)

    Plus the stuff he ripped off from, er, included in homage to, Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress... There's a movie I haven't seen in years. I remember that I liked it, though. 🙂
  5. Matt_E

    M-Space: Every World in One System

    That's a beautiful illustration.
  6. Matt_E

    Starting spells

    Well, I intend not to argue any more, though we don't see eye to eye here. The higher score in the skill indicates the amount of time the magician has put into studying; why shouldn't that correlate with learning more spells? How can you say it is much harder to learn a spell than to buy equipment when you haven't named a price? Yes, gear can be lost, agreed. If you want to house-rule this, go for it, as we always say. I have not checked, but I wonder if the Gods of Game Balance have already been invoked in giving magicians fewer choices for skills, or something like that.
  7. Matt_E

    Starting spells

    Well, I think you could make that same argument for other things, too... You pick a culture and a career, you get access to some Professional skills, but not others. If that career is magical, so be it; you get access to magic spells/abilities because they are the only "tools" that make the profession and its Professional Skills worth getting. To me it seems like complaining that a warrior would get good armor and a shield for free at chargen, whereas someone else would have to pay real money for it later. I am mixing XP and SP here, and skills and spells and equipment, but I think you see what I mean. Viewed through the prism of "natural consequences of choosing a career", I think these ideas are quite comparable. My other thought is, who said everything must be balanced down to the last penny? You should also complain, then, about Social Status giving some people much better resources. That is a random roll, I grant you, not a design choice...except in games like mine, where you let the players make the characters they want to play (within reason). I'm not trying to say that you're wrong to want fairness, but thinking over my many experiences as both player and GM, I have never had anyone complain about so-and-so's character having an unfair advantage, just for being a [fill it in]. I'm not sure it is an actual problem, in the eyes of the people with the highest stakes in the proposition. That said, I don't know your group, and in any case you are certainly allowed to take a principled stance, even in the absence of a practical concern. 🙂 I just personally don't see a need to introduce a bunch of extra rules to cover it. I suppose the designers of the game (who are thoughtful guys) take that same stance.
  8. Matt_E

    Starting spells

    The answer is simple: Rather than bothering with the extra arithmetic, the designers decided to allow GM's fiat to give out spells at character creation. Considering the great variability in magic from setting to setting, this seems quite sensible. There is a rule about how many Folk Magic spells a generic character gets (based on POW score), but beyond that, it's freeform. Your method is fine, but calls for further bookkeeping; you assign a cost to something that's nominally free, but then give extra points. Do you mean those points could be used for anything at all, not just magic skills? Is your concern that higher-form magic users get some advantage at chargen?
  9. Matt_E

    Individuals: Denizens of Tozer

    A tidbit for you... http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/243775/Individuals--Denizens-of-Tozer
  10. This post is essentially copied from the corresponding original on the forum for The Design Mechanism, https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/designmechanism/my-own-take-on-a-character-creation-spreadsheet-fo-t2393-s10.html. Version 2 of this tool is now available for download here. The biggest change is the addition of a Fancy Character Sheet. Not only is this sheet fancy, but it does a lot of additional annoying calculations for you automatically, including: * movement rates and distances for all common situations, even taking into account your armor * adjusted Initiative score, taking into account your armor * equipment roster with Encumbrance tracking, for those who can be bothered To support the additional features, some small changes in field structuring have also been enacted. Most are apparent on the Basics sheet. As fussy as it may sound, I have taken pains to check that the fonts I use in the workbook are completely free for use in all contexts, including embedding in documents. That means if you choose to use the output from one of these sheets in some publication, or even just distribute it on the Web for free, you don't have to worry about breaking licensing laws (and if you haven't thought about this before, you should...). Enjoy! Mythras_char_helper_v2.ods
  11. Matt_E

    Damage Modifier maths question

    On the TDM forum we had a thread or two about the oddities in the Mythras die progression in various tables, including the one for damage mods. I came down in favor of using the d12 whenever possible. 🙂 I had a specific concern when calculating the damage mod of a titanic critter in Savage Swords Against the Necromancer... Let's just say I doubt you'll have to take the table out as far as I did. 😱
  12. It's a good review, FYI.
  13. Matt_E

    Social Combat Styles

  14. Matt_E

    The sword on the Fenix Papers cover

    I'm not sure that it's worth much, game-mechanically, but you could make it so. I would treat it basically like a broadsword or scimitar, or maybe a falchion. To me it's clearly Medium/Medium, like those other blades, and should have the Bleed and Impale Traits. Other than that, we can quibble over exact damage and AP/HP ratings. Others know more than I do about weapons IRL, and surely will be glad to expound about whether it should be 1d8 or 1d8+2 or whatever. 😉 EDIT: I may be confusing this weapon with the Greek kopis.
  15. Matt_E

    Mythras Review

    PM sent