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One-Shots suitable for showing off 13th Age in Glorantha

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I'd really like to go to a local D&D meetup and run a couple of 13th Age in Glorantha games.  (By my argument, if Starfinder  is "D&D" then so is 13G.)  I'm not wild about the Chaos Rises campaign setting, I'd rather run some games set in the early 1620s period when Sartar is still occupied.  I just think it's a more interesting period for gaming.  As such, I'd love to brainstorm possible scenario hooks for either a) all-Orlanthi[1] or b) all-Troll parties.

Here's what I have so far:

Apple Lane

I've never read or played the original but I have the "return to Apple Lane" scenario from the HeroQuest Sartar Companion.  It's statless but I should fairly easily be able to stat up the antagonists and it's pretty much the de rigeur  introduction-to-Glorantha scenario.  The only concern I have is that if the PCs choose to attack the Dragonewts then I wouldn't quite know how to handle their stats, but that sounds like a solvable problem.

 Uz Eat Puny Scorpions.  Need salt!

What it says on the tin.  An all-troll party ventures forth from the Troll Woods in pursuit of a Chaos incursion stemming from the Haunted Lands.  To go beyond a simple combat meat-grinder throw in some or all of the following:  Orlanthi illuminates from Old Wind temple, Sun-Dome mercenaries, Lunar peacekeeping troops, Heortling farmers, each of whom have their own attitudes both to Chaos and to Trolls.

But I want something that's deeper and better than these ideas.  Any thoughts?

1) with maaaaaybe one Humakti Duck tucked in there

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I like your Uz idea a lot. Maybe a Argan Argar 'face' and a value trollkin slinger ?

I'd suggest having the Lunar Occupying force have paperwork for the trolls - which ideally should be a foriegn-language form the players can't understand :)

I'm not sure Id throw Orlanthi *illuminates* at Our Heroes - just normal Orlanthi should be enough.

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