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September 2018 Update


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Instead of making several posts I will make one big one. I hope to cover as much ground as possible. Much of this is contingent on me finishing something I am very late on. 


I hope to have the playtest document done soon. So far so good. When I am done I will also re-write Salt Mine Blues and incorporate those changes. As a system, Q21 is better than it was 18 months ago. More compact and just more clear. It does more of what I want it to do rather than what I thought it should do. If that makes sense. I will release the playtest packs with sample characters and scenarios.

Skae' Playtest

One of those obviously will be Skae'. Again, Salt Mine Blues will still be an available quickstart. But a few basic scenarios will be available with the playtest material.

Skae' Changes

I know I have talked about the changes some, but there has been more thinking along those lines. Specifically I think I may have been missing the boat with how important the cities could be and tying them to simple single cultures. If Skae' is a story about how coming to a new land changes the land and changes you, both the good and bad aspects, then I need to make that more apparent in the lore. And despite my nod to traditional named gods,  I think I might turn them into more abstract figures.  More mysterious.

This will change play. Urban adventures will be important and I need to emphasize that.  The parts of the world where adventure happens will need to make sense within that paradigm. It feels as if I have bitten off more than I can chew on my first big game. But shit, why fuck around and aim small? I have smaller projects.

Runed Worlds

Not much has changed here, still on track for the things mentioned in my little FAQs. What I plan though is to start some world building here too. When the Q21 playtest comes out I will make some scenarios for Runed Worlds as well, with basic stuff.

Q2100 Adventures

Still working on the first one, title will change a bit. Well the whole adventure has changed a bit. A version of this might be out soon.



Its 2300hrs, do you know where your super dreadnoughts are?


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