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Let's hear your myths


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Okay, so I thought this would be fun and also a great resource for gamemasters.  Let's stick to a simple format:  Name of Myth.  What you can gain from the myth.  The myth itself.  I'll start off.

Lanbril steals from Yinkin

What is to be gained:  The spell Catseye or to create a criminal enterprise.

The Myth:  In the Storm Age, during the Lesser Darkness, Lanbril arranged a meeting with King Rat.  "We should form a business arrangement." Lanbril said, "We would make good partners in crime."  King Rat was not interested.  "I have no concern for your crime.  I seek only my next meal."  Lanbril nodded wisely, "If you don't end up becoming a meal yourself." the Dark One replied, "You can go places through ways that even I may not enter.  Your eyes and ears see and hear things where I cannot.  But there is one who can follow you even into your dark, secret places." 

"The Cat."  King Rat hissed.

"Yes," Lanbril nodded.  "Yinkin can see you and follow where ever you go."

King Rat shivered.  "The damnable creature toys with my people.  He is cruel and heartless."

Lanbril nodded again.  "I can rid you of this menace.  All I ask is that in the future you share with me what you see and hear in the places you go that I cannot reach."

King Rat was only a minor God, but he was cunning.  He eyed Lanbril, sizing him up.  "You are always the clever one.  The Cat is as much a bane to you as he is to me.  It seems you would be doing yourself a favor by ridding us of him.  Why should I reward you for doing what you have a mind to do anyways even if I don't?"

So Lanbril made King Rat a deal.  He'd give food to the Rat in exchange for knowledge should the Rat find something of interest to the Thief.  Both acknowledged that the Cat must be dealt with first.

So it was that King Rat returned to find Lanbril with news of Yinkin's whereabouts.  "He was toying with one of my kind."  King Rat shuddered.  Lanbril set off immediately to find him.

Lanbril found Yinkin exactly where King Rat said he would be.  The feline was slurping up a tail just as the thief arrived.  "I can see you skulking there in the shadows."  Yinkin purred, licking his lips. 

"And I see you've already had dinner." Lanbril observed.

Yinkin eyed Lanbril suspiciously for the thiefs penchant for trouble was already well known.  "I might still have room for dessert."  Yinkin extended a single claw and casually drew it across the ground.

"Well I certainly could not escape you for you have the second best eyes in all of Glorantha."  Lanbril replied.

Yinkin was startled by this."  Second best?   My eyes can see where none others can.  Even Hawk cannot see what hides in the dark places.  Who is this god that can see more keenly than I?"  Now all of Yinkins claws came out and he rose to his feet.

Lanbril merely stood there, a smug look on his face.  "Why my eyes can see better than yours."  he answered, "I can see into a anothers soul."

Yinkin turned up his nose at this.  "What good is it to see into one's soul?"

"It lets me know what you are going to do before you do it.  When you look at me do you see why I am here?  Why would I come to you and possibly end up as your next meal, for  I am not immortal as you well know.  There is more going on here than your eyes can see."

"Catnip!" growled Yinkin, preparing to pounce "It will matter little after I've made you my tasty snack!  Besides, I do not believe you.  Your are well known for your many lies."

"Ahhh, but I can prove it to you.  I will give you my eyes so that you can see through them yourself.  If you could look into your brothers souls what would you learn?"

Yinkin considered the offer.  Perhaps to get a glimpse of Orlanth it might be worth it.  But still the Cat knew not to trust the thief.  "What's in it for you?" the cat growled.

"All I ask is that while you borrow my eyes you let me look through yours.  Perhaps then I might see a place where I can hide from you."

Now it was Yinkins turn to smile smugly.  "There is no place, you may look but you will find nothing."  And so Yinkin traded eyes with Lanbril.

Yinkin roared in rage.  "I cannot see into your soul with these eyes, I cannot see you at all!"  And it was true for Lanbril was now hiding in the shadows.   Then Yinkin knew he'd been deceived and let loose a horrible yowl.  "You came here to deceive me and take my eyes!"

A voice whispered softly out of the shadows. "Only now, with my eyes, do you see."

Later, King Rat tried to betray Lanbril, as the Thief knew he would, but when the god arrived with his pack of rats he saw the same terrible glowing eyes staring out of the darkness that haunted his dreams and he begged for mercy.  Lanbril then changed the terms of their deal.  Now, should the rats fail to find him something of interest, they would be his next meal.  King Rat had no choice but to agree to these terms.

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