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  1. the man who brought me my favorite game system of all time, gone. It's a sad day. However, it's safe to say Steve rolled 01 and critted his life. My condolences to his family.
  2. A really poor joke.
  3. Don't forget the forked staff. She's particularly fond of that one.
  4. I'm reading around here too and I found a couple of interesting tidbits. "Livia Tarinda, Bloodheart High Priestess,...from Lunar Empire...has become the high priestess for Bloodheart, the name given to the goddess from her homeland....taught to Andins...Livia Tarinda also teaches otheres how to set up an altar and make the sacrifices to keep the Andins away. " That isn't Ignorance, that's Lunar. And the other thing? "Dech Oru sends Modu and Solumdar...sail around the East Isles...setting up altar's to Bloodheart where ever they go." But get this: In Revealed Mythologies it says the same thing almost verbatim with one tiny difference: "Dech Oru sends Modu and Solumdar...setting up altar's to the Red Sun everywhere they go. The Red Sun is definitively the Red Moon, the Red Goddess.
  5. Ahh, so Mokato sacrificed for all the East Isles. Thanks.
  6. Ok. I was leaning towards the latter anyways. But now I have two more questions: where does it say the Mokatoans took the curse to avoid the closing? And how can a curse that permanently land locks you "avoid" the closing? That's like cutting off my arm to avoid having my arm cut off. Haha, can't cut off my arm, I beat you to it. Think I am missing something important here.
  7. I'm just double checking cuz I want to write something for the JC. It has major ramifications so it needs to be correct. If the former, then Mokatoans would annually leave their island to avoid the curse. If the latter, then all Mokatoans are land bound. This probably means the curse is what ended the Eastern Sea Empire. The choice has significant ramifications.
  8. The GtG says "no one who has spent an entire year on Mokato can ever leave the island or (else)". Does that mean one solid span of a years length (example Earth 10, 1620 to Earth 9, 1621) or does that mean cumatively one year so if I spent half a year in 1620 followed by half a year in 1625, I'm now cursed?
  9. I'm going to do Pirates of the East Isles for Jonstown Compendiun and need someone who feels up to the task of drawing Pirate Town on Pregezora. Obviously, there will be ample opportunity for more work. PM me if interested.
  10. Or the Yelmalion Light Orchestra? Hey there Mr. Blue (sky)
  11. Pentallion

    Hard Earth

    It also refers to a Maran Gor saying. "Good Earth is hard to find, but...."
  12. Alright, signups! Signups for the Canon Cult! Get your Canon Cult signups right here? Please fill out in triplicate. This copy is for you. This copy is for the Quartermaster and this copy we keep in the Dwarf Administration Offices.
  13. Spirit combat is going to take a LOT longer that way.
  14. Is that the correct way of doing it? I though in an opposed roll, if both got the same level of success, the high roll won it?
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