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  1. per Hermes Trimagistus, all that is real is in motion, even the rock. All that is not in motion is an illusion. Hence, Stasis is an Illusion. From this it is evident that the concept that Stasis was the first rune can be shown to be false. For it contradicts the basic rule that all that is stasis is illusion and all that is movement is real. Therefore, the Movement rune was the first rune. change.
  2. You want to lower lethality for newbies, give them two characters. Their primary, who they roleplay and want to play and their secondary, who wears a red shirt and has a name like N Sin.
  3. If, by "experienced monsters" you mean Humakti.
  4. yeah, I'll make sure that the walktapus, the giant and Cwim all have dismiss magic, just because the developers fumbled their game design roll with a 00 (Blow it badly, roll twice more) then they created Sword Trance and combined it with the over 100% rule.
  5. Yes, if you read further up, it's right there. Malia. But my contention was she was a perfect candidate for a Thed avatar and so that's what she was in my Glorantha. That's all. Not arguing about canon or anything. Think about it. She's a female.human who leads broos. That's unusual. And she'd been treated unjustly by the villagers, just as Thed was by Orlanth.
  6. Except Thed IS a female, like it or not, and Muriah thus is perfect as her avatar. She was the perfect embodiment of Thed in my glorantha. :Muriah was vengeful and tragic, like Thed.
  7. Yes, they floated barges downriver. I can't remember where I read this, but it was integral not only in the building of Corflu, but the fleet as well.
  8. But she makes more sense if she's a Thed priestess. Given her backstory, she makes a great avatar of Thed.
  9. Pretty sure the red sword is in the west. I remember finding it in a temple in the Guide. Think it was Fronela, but not home to look it up.
  10. This is kinda morbid to talk about, but having seen a lot of death, it's not quick. Not even quick deaths are actually that quick. I - like everyone else on this thread apparently - give the PCs till the end of the next round to prevent someone from dying. They should fix that rule because no one uses it as written.
  11. Yup. There's a good reference that came out recently called A History of Violence about how the police in the U.S. were created to beat down the working class from protesting and uniting. A GM might want to consider that the same tactics might be employed upon uprisings in the Lunar Empire as well. All part of the Evil Emperor stuff.
  12. See what I'm saying? Brithini hatred. That poor Constantine fellow probably didn't even HAVE leprosi. As false as Brithini lies about the Followers of Vadel.
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