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  1. Hey! I'll have you know one of those players has a noble tradition of dying with great glory. Why in Snow Kings Bride his warrior fought off that size two bird quite valiantly. The bird had to peck out both his eyes thus blinding him and only then did he stumble off the rock bridge to his doom. Size 2 seems really big for a snowbird btw.
  2. Okay, took some new adventurers into the Temple of the Golden Gorp. Newt wasn't kidding. Even pumped up RQG adventurers weren't tough enough for this baby. They fled after the second encounter and only two escaped. We had a blast playing however. They definitely want to give that place a second go round once they're readier.
  3. Pentallion

    Conan came to Glorantha and rode a bison.

    Yup. I've increased 30% more mass with no height gain in the 36 years II've played RQ. 1.3 x 13 = 17. So I've jumped 4 size points. Muscle weighs more than, um, that other stuff so conan could easily be Size 20 while barely 6'+.
  4. Pentallion

    Conan came to Glorantha and rode a bison.

    Those size eequivalents are only guidelines. Not every size 17 person is 6'4". Not every size 20 person is 6'9". They could be shorter and more massive. Such as Conan. So Size 20, Str 21 is definitely within the parameters of Conan.
  5. Pentallion

    Odayla in the Underworld

    I must have missed the part about it being some dead king. I thought he was talking about a dead Odaylan.
  6. Pentallion

    Odayla in the Underworld

    First, the hunter who died needs to make his Cult Lore (Odayla) roll to even know of this quest. It shouldn't be too big a secret because presumably Odaylan hunters have come back from the dead and said, "Dead? Nah, I was just sleeping" a few times in the past. I'd say this HeroQuest has 7 stations: One for each day it takes the soul to reach Daka Fal's court. First station is obviously the River Styx. You pass into the land of the dead. I like Nightwood. That should be next. Of course, you've got your one unexpected station. And the court itself. That leaves three stations of the GM's imagining and of course Nightwood, for the PC to come up with what he needs to succeed in proving he is really just sleeping. The key is what did Odayla do? That can vary by locale, but is something the questor would know if he knows the myth. Remember, you can't take it with you, so if the answer is as simple as release an air elemental to claim you still breath (perhaps a disorder rune to augment your deceit roll here) then the questor needs to find the air elemental along the way. Which probably makes that "proof" you're not dead a rather difficult one to obtain in the underworld. On the other hand, if you're in Nightwood and you meet Trickster, you might persuade him to steal an air elemental from a certain storm god who stumbles into the Nightwood on his LBQ. But you get my point, the journey to the Hall of Judgement becomes the heroquest to get out of Hell, seeking what is needed along the way. You can role play each day that passes after the hunters death as a station while the rest of the players continue on. "So today we do travel to blah, blah, blah, by the way, your hunter passes over the River Styx." I would go this route with proving you're not dead: The Odaylan changes into a bear and points out that "Death is eternal and the dead cannot change, therefore I am not dead." this fits with his runes and his powers. It also means that if the questor does not have the rune points to change himself, he will need to find access to them on the quest itself. That would be something that reinforces the myth of Odayla the Bear. So your myth should allow the questor to gain one time use of Transofrm self or the other bear shapeshifting spells. Better yet: In the Nightwood Odayla meets a bear, hunts to find it food, helps it defend its lair and when the bear goes into hibernation the spirit of the bear tells the Odaylan he can call on him. Then, at the Halls of the Dead, the Odaylan "awakens the bear" transforming into a bear and awakening the spirit of the bear.
  7. I wasn't aware that RQ3 had people without the horse's db. Where is that in the rules?
  8. What I'm saying is that everyone has stirrups and the right saddle because in Runequest, everyone gets teh horse's db.
  9. Okay, this whole thread is based upon the premise that stirrups don't exist in Glorantha. the artwork does not support that claim. GtG pg 442 clearly shows the Praxians have stirrups. It doesn't matter when stirrups were invented on earth. All that matters is the secret was discovered by the cults of Glorantha.
  10. Pentallion

    Conan came to Glorantha and rode a bison.

    So can a troll, but a Human before now could never have "Conan strength" in Runequest before.
  11. Pentallion

    Can't find any info on these new shaman pilgrimages

    Ahhh, to vs too. got it. Thanks.
  12. Pentallion

    Can't find any info on these new shaman pilgrimages

    Thanks that helps. Havent seen anything in rqg on specialist. Is that HQ?
  13. Pentallion

    Shaman limit to bound spirits clarification

    Delecti was a God Learner before he joined the EWF. I've always been of the suspicion he was a double agent who went rogue. Don't remember where I read that, but I remember it from several years ago in an officialish publication.
  14. Pentallion

    Can't find any info on these new shaman pilgrimages

    Thanks. Sounds like the taboos in RQG were written for Praxian shamans. Should I change them to something else for an Orlanthi shaman?