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  1. Pentallion

    What Cults do we want to see the most?

    The Agimori verson of Lodril. Lanbril. Hrestolism. Each of the Seven Mothers. Craftsmen gods. Zola Fel as opposed to Heler and Engizzi.
  2. Pentallion

    Great Runequest Campaign

    I've run that campaign twice, with adventures on a weekly, not a seasonal basis, though there were stretches of time that passed without adventures. Especially when limbs got lopped off and had to slowly regrow and the group spent that time on training. Starting in 1613 with the River of Cradles campaign. It's the Argrath Saga, but I call it the Ouroboros Trilogy. Part one, The Fangs of Ouroboros, ended with the Cradle adventure. Part two, the Claws of Ouroboros, saw the group split into two, with half on Argraths circumnavigation of the world and the other in Sartar during the Orlanth is Dead era. Part two ended with Argrath acclaimed King of Dragon Pass. Part three The Flames of Ouroboros, then lasted until it all ends with the death of the gods and beginning of the new world. While they were gone on the LBQ, a great deal of time passed in Glorantha so part three was the same gaming time as the other two parts. Now that I have so much cool info on what's going to happen in the upcoming Hero Wars, my players, once they get done with Eleven Lights, will get to experience what they missed in the other campaign.
  3. Pentallion

    Heal v Heal Wound

    I look at it from the other angle: Heal 6 heals all 6 pts instantly. Since when are Rune Spells out done in any single way by a spirit magic spell? In every instance, the Rune magic is better or equal to the spirit magic. So if Heal 6 heals instantly then it goes without saying that Heal Wound does too.
  4. Pentallion

    Whatever Happened to the Cradle Baby?

    But didn't the Closing 'push' the Waertagi down Magasta's Pool? Not the same thing at all IMO.
  5. Pentallion

    Whatever Happened to the Cradle Baby?

    Oh, and from now on, the Cradle Baby has to be named Jane
  6. Pentallion

    Whatever Happened to the Cradle Baby?

    It wasn't really Harrek's circumnavigation, it was Argrath who was circling the ocean like an air rune, starting off with the Cradle. So the Cradle is definitely a big part of the Opening. Plus, it doesn't say ANYWHERE in the Cradle adventure that Dormal's opening ritual is used. That fact right there says the the Opening began with the Cradle.
  7. Pentallion

    The Silence Spell

    You have to make the Move Quietly roll. How else are you supposed to fumble it?
  8. Pentallion

    Three New Stars, Three New Gods?

    I think it's worth working into anyone's campaign to link the resurrection of Baroshi with the quest for Flamal by the elves and the eventual Reforestation.
  9. I played it all the way through over Halloween. It was the perfect Halloween game to play. This game rocks. I have some criticism but overall I give it an A. Great story, incredibly immersive. Fun to play. If you loved Amnesia, you will be ecstatic with Call of Cthulu. I'm not a big gamer, I'm a rpger, but I could not sit this game down. Set your light waaaayy down. When the game asks you to set it so the symbol on the left is barely visible, DO IT. I've seen Youtube vids (for when I gave up on some sections of the game and needed help) and having too much light really detracts from this game. This game is meant to be DARK. It's creepy, it's scary, it is a dark tale and it has a dark atmosphere. Turn of the lights in your room when you play. I mean DARK. The graphics are really good. There are some glitches, and anyone who has played the game knows what specifically I'm talking about, but I still give this game a B+ on graphics. The art gallery is especially beautiful to behold Speaking of the art gallery, the cut scenes are really well done and the art gallery cut scene is - IMHO - a classic video game moment. Like the shower scene from Psycho or Jack Nicholson's "Here's Johnny!" moment in The Shining. That should go down as one of the great cut scenes in gaming history. If you want a friend to buy this game, show them that cut scene. But don't, because you won't want to spoil it for them. There are, however, some nits I'd like to pick with it: It's supposedly using Chaosiums game system. This can't possibly be true. I never failed a roll. I can only assume that the skill %'s constituted level of success because there was never once a failure to succeed to some degree. Only Spot Hidden seemed to have a fail option and that must have been much less than the actual chance to fail because I sank no experience into Spot Hidden and still found most things. That did not detract from the game one bit whatsoever and I would bet money that if they DID base the system on Chaosiums rpg, with only your personal PC, you couldn't complete the story, which would have detracted from the game. So I'm glad they lied, but they shouldn't falsely advertise to begin with. My other nit to pick was a bit more substantial. The game had many strategies you needed to employ at different times throughout the adventure and sometimes knowing when to abandon the usual strategy for another was critical to finishing a task. But there were a couple of times where there was no strategy and you simply had to memorize a set pattern of moves to get through that section. Both of those times, you felt like you were playing "Dragons Lair" that old video game that sucked up quarters from the early 80's. I would suggest the game designers avoid that like the plague next time as those were definitely contributed to game fatigue. Also, either I didn't find the command or they didn't have one, but sitting through a cut scene every time you happen to restart right after one is a bit annoying - except for the art gallery cut scene which just never gets old. They should have allowed you to skip cut scenes in those cases. And my final nit is that there weren't more story paths. There are basically two. I wish the choices I made in the game had lead to more variable outcomes down the road. EDIT: Having played it all the way through twice now in less than a week, I discovered that there is a third ending possible. That leaves the door open to possibly even more endings that I have yet to unlock. So my final nit just got unpicked. But the Number One reason you need to buy this game is you get to hear them say: "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn".
  10. Pentallion

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    I was reading some of Gregs work and thinking there are Seven Lightbringers and 7 hit locations. The heart is obviously the passionate Orlanth, leading by following his heart. the abdomen obviously Flesh Man. The two travelling gods being Issaries and Lhankor Mhy are the runes Movement and Truth upon the right and left legs respectively. Discord in the right hand and Harmony in the left are Eurmal and Chalana Arroy. That leaves Ginna Jar, aka Gaia the head of the Celestial Court as the head. Then I wondered, if you had those runes in those locations what avatar would you be? Moments later I stumbled across this and had my answer: https://lostcoastoutpost.com/2018/oct/29/obituary-francis-gregory-stafford-1948-2018/
  11. Pentallion

    RQG Pavis Campaign

    Not to mention he allies with the dragons and the whole Red Moon destruction/White Moon birth is one giant Ouroboros moment. I don't think his long term goal is the destruction of the Red Moon. I think it was always bigger than that. I think he was always going to destroy ALL the gods and rebuild the world into a new age.
  12. Pentallion

    Masks of the goddess

    Dendara is innocent sheep girl turned goddess of rape? That makes Lokarnos the mad god Ragnaglar and Annilla become Malia. Pretty extreme changes. Are you sure of those connections?
  13. Pentallion

    Third Hand Illumination Town

    So it's not the right hand nor the left hand. Well, at least it's not third leg illumination.
  14. Pentallion

    Strike Ranks: initiative order or action allowance?

    Somethings can be both a waveform and discrete photon simultaneously. Perhaps if you think of strike ranks the same way instead of trying to shoehorn it into one or the other you will see the light.