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  1. Opposed Skills Over 100%

    I know this: all my players have unanimously said they hate the rule to reduce the skills. If it also reduces the chance to crit and special that's a deal breaker.
  2. Opposed Skills Over 100%

    I don't see how you're reading into it that the rule has anything to do with opposed rolls. Say I'm 140% to hit and you're 90% to parry. Per this rule, I become 100% to hit and you become 50% to parry. Opposed rolls have nothing to do with this. It simply lowers your chance to parry. I am pretty sure that Jeff specifically said that your chances to crit and special are not affected by this rule and if that part is not clear in what you're reading, then they may have to clarify.
  3. Roll20 Anyone?

    Of course you have my permission! Its all about people having fun. They can have the maps I made too. I was quite pleased with how those came out. And as far as waiting for the professionals, when it comes to character sheets you ARE the professional and Chaosium would be wise to employ your services.
  4. Roll20 Anyone?

    Hey, I hope I didn't piss you off somehow. I got really flustered when I realized I had screwed up. I've played on other public games where you simply announce the time and date and if it's open to the public then people just join. I thought that's how Roll20 worked too. Anyways, I and my players really appreciate what you did for us and couldn't be happier with the RQ3 sheet.
  5. Roll20 Anyone?

    Yeah, I had a game all ready for AetherCon, but I misunderstood how open games work on Roll20, having only run private games. I didn't realize what was needed to invite people onto the server and thought they could just join if it was a public server. So the game dropped at the last minute. Next time I'll be ready. Unfortunately, I can't contact the fellow who created the RQG character sheet. He does excellent work - his RQ3 character sheet is the best Character sheet of any game on roll20 - but he hasn't replied to me since that incident. Bad enough I screwed up AetherCon, but I hope the experience didn't put him off too.
  6. Lunar Diaries.

    No sooner posted than Nymphia's player Thomas posts the final diary.
  7. Lunar Diaries.

    For those who were curious what the great secret that some of the players knew I give you the finale of our campaign. This would have worked wonderfully if they'd kept making diaries, but sadly, they never took much to the diaries. Anyways, in the end, they fought the Dart Wars on the moon and finally located the Red Emperor. He had divined that Nymphia was to be his doom and so he made sure to kill her her as soon as possible. While Azibo and his spider kept the Full Moon Corps bodyguards at bay, the rest rushed the emperor. Jon Rain and Cedi, however, had agreed with their murderous god to kill Nymphia, however, when she fell, they turned on the Emperor instead. For reasons that will become clear below, having dealt with Nymphia, the Emperor then turned on the others, whom he greatly outclassed. They soon realized they were doomed unless Nymphia stood back up again because she had the spear that would ignore all magical defenses and if she hit with it, it would be 15 minutes before that person could cast spells again. And all the players except the one who played Nymphia and Razza knew the secret: there was no Razza. She was a split personality inside Nymphia's head the entire campaign and her player didn't know it. Nymphia believed in Razza so much that she could literally resurrect herself, believing her "sister" had done it. This is why the trolls all thought the Jakaleel witch was holy. So the Red Emperor didn't realize he'd just turned his back on her to his great peril.
  8. Roll20 Anyone?

    Irfanview is the free tool I use.
  9. Which makes him clever, not stupid. Orlanth would approve.
  10. Roll20 Anyone?

    It's easier than you'd think Psullie. You'll be making awesome sets in no time.
  11. Status update?

    So...two weeks, not more than two weeks. (joke that's probably going over everyone's heads)
  12. Roll20 Anyone?

    That's how we do it. We use Roll20 and have Discord for sound. Here's what it looks like. And some of the cool stuff you can do.
  13. Wind Child PC

    Never had one played in Glorantha or Vikings, but a Myrrhyn was played in Stormbringer. Always liked her name. She was an assassin called Desolation Angel.
  14. Androgeous

    So does Chaosium have any plans for Androgeus in the upcoming Hero Wars? Will Androgeus have participated in any significant events in the intervening years leading up to 1627?
  15. Lunar Taboos

    Joerg's just being the Lhankor Mhy to my Eurmal