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  2. And my son picked...Edward Pierce, Private Investigator. I guess he Really Loved the computer game.
  3. Well, I think it's cool and I allow it due to maximum game fun, but at the same time, I worry about the scare factor. How scared are you going to be when you're playing The Sundance Kid?
  4. My son and daughter both really wanted to play Call of Cthulhu so I said we'd play MoN, since I have the new slipcase edition. Yesterday I informed the rest of our group to start figuring out who they'd like to play. "Who" seems to be the operative word they've honed in on, not "what kind of character." Right off the bat this took an unexpected turn as my best friend I've rpg'd with for 35 years said he wants to play Travis Jackson, who was a rookie shortstop for the New York Giants in 1922 when they famously upset Babe Ruth's Yankees and went on to play in the next four World Series, beating the Yankees twice. Okayyy. Real life historical figure. The next player then points out that DNA evidence proved that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid weren't actually the two bank robbers buried in Bolivia and that no one can actually prove the two died in 1908. He wants to play the Sundance Kid, who would be 53 in 1921. He points out Bolivia is right on the border of the adventure and it makes sense he'd be hired on as he would be fluent in Spanish and English. Not to mention a damned good guy to have around if they ran into any bandits. Okayyy. Another real life historical figure. My daughter wants to play a union activist named Lottie Adams, an Irish jew who lived on Delancey Street and was a member of the WTUL (Women's Trade Union League). She went to Broward college to take WTUL courses for union organizers and played on the womens baseball team. She may or may not have had intimate relations with Eleanor Roosevelt from 1922 to 1924. Okayyy. That one's fictional, but still.... My other player took the standard professor from Miskatonic University. Whew! Thanks bro! My son? I'm still waiting on that one, but I will lay good money on him saying, "well, if Butch Cassidy is still alive, you can't break up the set." Or worse, the Babe... I am NOT playing pulp Cthulhu. This is gonna be interesting.
  5. Well, it's golden anyways, and Eurmal put it there. Whether it's mead, however.....
  6. I take it these are very quiet swords then.
  7. Biter Also known as the Mace of the Vampire Lucifer. This light mace bears an Undead rune on it as well as several other enchantments. Cults · Associated: Vivamort · Enemy: Humakt, Eurmal, Grandfather Mortal · Friendly: Malia · Hostile: All others Knowledge · Automatic: The light mace is a sword biter and can be used to break enemy swords, per Cults of Terror. · Cult Secret: The mace can also parry incoming Turn Undead spells. · One of a Kind: Only one is known to exist and it belongs to the Vampire Lucifer. History The mace was gained by the Vampire Lucifer on a heroquest which only she knows. The Quest came to her in a dream sent by Vivamort. Powers Any vampire wielding Biter can parry Turn Undead spells. It holds a spirit with POW 14, INT 18 CHA 14 that knows the sorcery spell Dampen Damage which it uses to protect itself. The spirit has access to the Repair matrix enchanted on the mace. The spirit can also teleport the mace once per day to its owners coffin. The mace has 12 hp. Value The item is worthless to those who cannot wield it, though Humakt would pay 2000L to anyone who brought it to them to be destroyed. To vampires its value is inestimable, but they would likely kill to have it. Lucifer would not part with it over her undead body.
  8. By which time the harmony spells protecting the city walls have groaned under the weight of the city wide panic that immediately ensues, allowing Jaldon's host outside to break in and liberate the city. But YGMV.
  9. Any Vadeli could tell you that becoming one with the all and finding Solace is just a scam by Krarsht and the worshippers of the Invisible God are merely fools rushing into the Maw of Krarsht to be devoured. But hey, nobody ever listens to us.
  10. "Dear people of Pavis, tonight is the last night for tomorrow YELM WILL NOT RISE!"
  11. First I've heard of something called the Starter Set. What's that?
  12. Wait till someone hits him with a Hula Hoop of Death
  13. The Eleven Lights just brought down Skyfire upon you and being Fazzur Wideread, your standard must be saved at all costs so you expend your wyters Power to erect a sufficiently large enough shield spell to protect you and your bodyguards and your banner.
  14. Elder Secrets has Cacodemon as well IIRC.
  15. Well, if you've only got one shot, don't tell them you've only got one shot and then shoot the first player who is not listening. After that, the other players will be listening very intently how to play the game, I assure you
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