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  1. Pentallion

    The Many and the One, or has there always been a Yelm?

    The latter is my meaning.
  2. Pentallion

    The Many and the One, or has there always been a Yelm?

    Another construct like Yelm. The dara happans had time before that. Yet the god time is chronillogical. Many myths, one real chronological order. Just like many sun god myths, one sun in the sky. How to reconcile this? Your chronologocal order is true or mine is? Hard or soft polytheism of Time? It's no coincidence that Arachne SOLara and Yelm are so intricately tied together mythologically and both have this Many and One duality. There is a deeper secret here. The God Plane is a construct.
  3. Pentallion

    The Many and the One, or has there always been a Yelm?

    Hahaha. Otherwise known as seeing through all the bullshit. There is only one Real sun. There is only one Real timeline. Dont be shocked if it turns out Zzabur was "Orlanth" (the murderer) and Vadel was "Yelm" (the Namer aka the Discoverer). And none of it Really happened the way any myths say it did.
  4. Pentallion

    The Many and the One, or has there always been a Yelm?

    This all confirms that the myths are not true and in my opinion, the God Learners retconned it all. Yes, Yelm is a syncretic diety. Isn't Yelms rise supposed to herald the coming of Time? And yet, the Dara Happans already had Time. Their calendar goes back over 100,000 "years". And don't the Brithini count time back to Danmalastan? Is Time a hard or a soft polytheism? I prefer to think the reason the God "Time" doesn't have any cause and effect or is chrono"ill"ogical is because it's a construct. Started before the God Learners, but exploited and completed by them. The western sorcerers have it right: the "gods" are just powerful sorcerers. I believe Argrath and Harrek began to suspect as much after the visit to Teleos and something they learned there or else just from comparing notes. That's why they went to Jrustela and raised a sunken temple and wrenched answers out of the ghosts of God Learners. They learned that the secret the Gift Givers were wiping out was the truth that Glorantha's God Plane is in essence the Matrix and that all the worlds worshippers are nothing more than Duracell batteries. Yelm being a syncretic diety seems to confirm this as a very real possibility.
  5. Pentallion

    Vampires and Spell Drain

    Vampires lost the ability to drain rune magic in RQ2. They never had it in RQ3 and they don't in RQG either. So it's all moot.
  6. Pentallion

    Which cult(s) for a city thief?

    In my glorantha Lanbril has heroquests to steal magic from other cults. I posted one up here a few months back. Lanbril steals Yinkins eyes. A HQ to gain Catseye a very useful spell for a thief.
  7. Pentallion

    Not sure how I feel...

    I hadn't caught that dodge was now an opposed roll. Not too keen on that one. Hold on! Dodge is the same as in RQ3. Kind of an opposed roll but simpler and more reliable. The rest just takes a little getting used to but try it you'll like it. (I'd make a joke about Mikey but that might be showing my age).
  8. Pentallion

    Spirit rune

    Oh no, my Orlanthi has only 70% of his air rune tattooed on his body. It was 80% of the tatoo complete, but he had to have part of it taken off. That was a real walk of shame day.
  9. Pentallion

    Spirit rune

    ? Isn't when he is discorporate when he will be augmenting his skills with the spirit rune? Oh, nvm, I follow you, he can't use his spirit rune to augment his negotiate with spirits when he isn't discorporate.
  10. Pentallion

    Spirit rune

    I would argue a shaman could use his spirit rune to augment a great many skills. From spirit dancing to negotiating.
  11. Pentallion

    The Blind King's Palace

    You overlooked the fact that the site was originally Labrygons temple but that part is buried and the Blind Kings Palace built over it.
  12. Pentallion

    New to RuneQuest-Glorantha

    Yep. We tried out skill reduction with RQ6 and didnt like it. No one likes it any better in RQG. It's the one rule we instantly tossed out and went with RQ3.
  13. Pentallion

    New to RuneQuest-Glorantha

    Not sure what you mean by "this attack vs parry thing". You attack, I parry and vice versa. You get the hang of crits vs specials, etc. quite quickly, if that's what you mean? Yes, a shield does crushing damage. You could also think of it as Bashing damage. Maces, fists, shields all bash you in the face. Crushing damage isn't very good for most humans though it's crazy good for trolls (and Conan, but that's another thread).
  14. Pentallion

    Spirit World and Afterlife

    That's a good question I've always pondered. Why is there a spirit world where spirits can be found if the dead are supposed to go to the underworld? I've wondered if perhaps the spirit world is simply a shamanistic means of interpreting where spirits go and the underworld is the divinistic way of interpreting it, but then I can't account for trolls. Perhaps someone within Chaosium would care to enlighten?
  15. Pentallion

    New to RuneQuest-Glorantha

    RQ3 handled aging better IMO. Skills were based directly upon age. Older NPCs were definitely better skilled than younger ones and it made sense. Farmers farmed better, older hunters hunted better. But adventurers increased in skills much faster than NPCs. And that was good. Being older in RQG doesn't feel like the NPCs improved enough in their skills.