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  1. See what I'm saying? Brithini hatred. That poor Constantine fellow probably didn't even HAVE leprosi. As false as Brithini lies about the Followers of Vadel.
  2. We Vadeli are a misunderstood people. Everything you've read about us (above) are vile Brithini propaganda. Vadel was a great explorer and his discoveries of different cultures challenged and threatened the strict conservative traditionalists. Zzaburr skinned Vadel and bound his soul into a book. The murderer of Malkion is the truly vile, opportunistic sociopath, not the Vadeli. We simply acknowledge that all creation requires destruction and accept that chaos is the Creator's tool to create. Brithini grudgingly accept our logic is unassailable but their prejudices and fear of change (their immortality depends upon stasis) prevents them from accepting that reality.
  3. If you play Drinax they give you your starship. It spells out the repair costs, upgrade costs, etc. You don't owe anything. It's not a merchant ship. It's a pirate ship.
  4. If you're playing Drinax the ship descriptions give maintenace costs in Traveller economy. So much of the campaign is in Traveller economy that you'd be better off not converting the money system.
  5. Ahem, Sheng Seleris would like a word with you.
  6. You can buy it at DTRPG https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/311970/MSPACE-Companion?affiliate_id=272323
  7. I always like the idea that unlike Keets, the Ducks of Dragon Pass were Orlanthi who became ducks to avoid the Dragonkill. Delecti had something to do with it no doubt.
  8. I'm pretty sure it's canon that ducks who fly without some heroquest secret get nuked by Yelm.
  9. Character of the week Pt 5 This should be the final character. The M-Space Companion is due out June 10th. So for my final character I've decided to make one myself. We haven't had anyone from the Penal Colony homeworld, so I was thinking a bounty hunter from the prison planet Theebus V. As a kid I had a pet named Sparky and we haven't had a robot yet so.... Sparky the Robot Bounty Hunter Str 17, Con15, Siz 6, Dex 18, Int 15, Pow 11, Cha 15 Standard Skills: Athletics 40%, Brawn 27%, Conceal 44%, Deceit 35%, Endurance 75%, Evade 76%, Insight 36%, Perception 36%, Stealth 63%, Unarmed 85%, Willpower 52% Professional Skills: Track 60%, Survival Space 41%, Gambling 31%, Streetwise 41%, Commerce 55% Passions: Loves Poker 56%, Hates Criminals 46%, Loyalty to Warden Wick 36% Modules: Sense Smell, Sense Sight (Infrared), Sense Taste, Sense Hearing, Weapon* *Sparky's body can deliver an electric current. With a successful Unarmed roll, Sparky can stun his opponent unless they make a Hard Endurance roll. A (Robotic) Dog's Life: Sparky was created by the Prison warden to assist in hunting down escaped prisoners. This took him to strange, exotic places where he learned how to survive in space and his way around the streets of the underworld. One escapee led Sparky to the hideout of a famous criminal, Urlan Keynes. Sparky brought both in and was awarded the bounty for Keyne's - the criminal's personal starship. Sparky then established an intelligence network. Having no personal use for money, he nonetheless understood its value in bringing in leads. One of those leads led him into an ambush, however. Keyne's had escaped and vowed vengeance on the robot that had brought him in. Sparky, despite all his robotic senses, fell into the trap. A young hacker and his girlfriend not only disabled Sparky, they stole his starship. He has yet to recover it. He was treated terribly before he managed to escape with the help of another and bring Keyne's back in to justice. Sparky had learned something new. He'd learned hate. He also learned the value of friendship. His new found friend that he had escaped with offered him a place in the backyard to bury all the money he'd been bringing in from bounty hunting. Sparky dug a hole under the porch, knowing it would be safe. Urlan Keynes was a powerful man, however, and his reach extended beyond his prison cell. He sent assassins to hunt down and kill Sparky. Cornered, Sparky had to fight his way out. The next time Sparky fell into an ambush he was ready. He didn't capture his assailant, but he maimed him, earning Sparky yet one more enemy. He's currently following up on a lead as to the thief who stole his starship. He followed the suspect to a Nicky Nova concert....
  10. Primal. Those were Balazaring crocodiles.
  11. I love these rules. One of the things I'm working on is a major campaign about the colonization of a new planet. In the opening chapters, their colony fleet is attacked on the way to their new world. As they have escort ships with them, it turns into a major battle that the PCs have the ability to affect. I could use those rules to run the scene.
  12. Character of the Week Pt. 4 This weeks character doesn't tie directly into the Nicky Nova group, but one could with a little tweaking. I left it deliberately vague as to who she was at war with. This character was a young woman growing up on a war torn world who became a journalist covering the war. So Occupation: Journalist, Origin: War Zone Meet Lauren Klondyke STR 15 CON 17 SIZ 11 DEX16 INT 13 POW 17 CHA 16 Standard Skills: Deceit 39%, Endurance 59%, Evade 62%, First Aid 34%, Influence 47%, Insight 45%, Locale 36%, Perception 60%, Stealth 39%, Unarmed 36%, Willpower 74% Professional Skills: Strategy and Tactics 31%, Survival (War Zone) 39%, Medicine 35%, Research 70%, Oratory 48%, Streetwise 63% Passions: Loyalty to Editor 73%, Loyalty to Unit 60%, Hate Enemy 50% Background: Lauren has only known war her entire life. She began journaling her experience at an early age. Her war journals came to the attention of a news editor who took her on with his agency, The Terrabyte, having her imbedded with a military unit. This squad became her family and she made a lifelong friend there. A major offensive saw her entrapped in the siege of Barzan. Food ran out and things got sketchy, but she toughed it out. When the city fell, she and a few soldiers made a desperate escape. Seeing the atrocities committed during this time gave her a deep rooted hatred of the enemy. She later published a compelling piece on the Fall of Barzan and the cruelty of the invaders. For a time she worked behind the lines, far from the front. It was during this time, thanks to her street smarts, that she broke a story about the conscription of child warriors and became close friends with a human rights activist. She was at the final battle when the invaders were finally repelled and the war ended. She managed to pick up some advanced armor off the battlefield. A suit of biomesh with stealth capabilities (+20% to Stealth). Hers is perhaps not the most amazing story, but it's a good representation of the diversity of characters and backgrounds you can create. Hope you enjoyed.
  13. Da's Boot. All dwarves aboard a dwarven stone submarine sets sail with Tora's Hammer to sail down Magasta's pool and destroy it in Mostal's Forge at the center of the world machine.
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