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  1. Archeologists and linguistic experts are having a lively debate over the tablets. The controversy stems over disparate interpretations of the meaning of a glyph decoded to mean "Heroquest Rules" or more correctly "rules for Heroquesting". (Not to be confused with clay tablets previously discovered in the Zazu tar pits.) One group believes this glyph refers to a heretofore undiscovered set of tablets promising fabulous mystical insights. Others believe it is in fact referring to a mythical entity called The False Prophecy, pointing to similar references in older tablets proclaiming the comin
  2. So.....how DOES one attain the Mastery Rune? Game mechanics and narratively speaking? Same for the Infinity Rune.
  3. bought it last night right after it hit the shelves. Up late reading it. Awesome work. One thing I'd like to see in an update, however, is chapter links. It's a huge tome and that's a lot of scrolling to find what you're looking for.
  4. In our campaign, the PCs had to go down to the Boat Planet and release the anchor. It was trapped between life and death and those at the harbor were singing the song of life, while forces from the deep were trying to pull it down.
  5. I wasn't posting a puzzle, I would appreciate the answer. A friend wants to roll up his first character and he wanted an artist who could cast that spell. I am at a loss for what god that would be.
  6. I love this spell and am wondering about ways it could become more like the magic Lalo the Limner performs in the book series Thieve's World. But danged if I can guess what god gives this spell out. It's not Issaries, though whoever casts it would most likely be a crafter who would worship the god of trade, it's an illusion spell. It's not Donandar, though it's art, it is crafter's art, not entertainer's art. so what god is this and where is he/she found?
  7. per Hermes Trimagistus, all that is real is in motion, even the rock. All that is not in motion is an illusion. Hence, Stasis is an Illusion. From this it is evident that the concept that Stasis was the first rune can be shown to be false. For it contradicts the basic rule that all that is stasis is illusion and all that is movement is real. Therefore, the Movement rune was the first rune. change.
  8. You want to lower lethality for newbies, give them two characters. Their primary, who they roleplay and want to play and their secondary, who wears a red shirt and has a name like N Sin.
  9. If, by "experienced monsters" you mean Humakti.
  10. yeah, I'll make sure that the walktapus, the giant and Cwim all have dismiss magic, just because the developers fumbled their game design roll with a 00 (Blow it badly, roll twice more) then they created Sword Trance and combined it with the over 100% rule.
  11. Yes, if you read further up, it's right there. Malia. But my contention was she was a perfect candidate for a Thed avatar and so that's what she was in my Glorantha. That's all. Not arguing about canon or anything. Think about it. She's a female.human who leads broos. That's unusual. And she'd been treated unjustly by the villagers, just as Thed was by Orlanth.
  12. Except Thed IS a female, like it or not, and Muriah thus is perfect as her avatar. She was the perfect embodiment of Thed in my glorantha. :Muriah was vengeful and tragic, like Thed.
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