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  1. I'm going to do Pirates of the East Isles for Jonstown Compendiun and need someone who feels up to the task of drawing Pirate Town on Pregezora. Obviously, there will be ample opportunity for more work. PM me if interested.
  2. Or the Yelmalion Light Orchestra? Hey there Mr. Blue (sky)
  3. Pentallion

    Hard Earth

    It also refers to a Maran Gor saying. "Good Earth is hard to find, but...."
  4. Alright, signups! Signups for the Canon Cult! Get your Canon Cult signups right here? Please fill out in triplicate. This copy is for you. This copy is for the Quartermaster and this copy we keep in the Dwarf Administration Offices.
  5. Spirit combat is going to take a LOT longer that way.
  6. Is that the correct way of doing it? I though in an opposed roll, if both got the same level of success, the high roll won it?
  7. All I can say is when your Trickster wants to seduce Orgonvale don't say something flippant like "Yeah, right, if you 01 your charm......"
  8. Tying an opposed roll five times in a row...that's 1 in 100 each time, ten zeroes....10 billion to one!
  9. It could be that giant walktapi guy mentioned in the East Isles.....ka...ka...*Cthulhu*..excuse me. Had to sneeze.
  10. We are currently playing CotD. Most of the same group played 11 Lights. If I could only have one, I'd take 11 Lights. But CotD is really good. 11 Lights, paradoxically as it is a narrative system, goes into way more detail than CotD does in it's adventures, its NPC's, their factions and motivations. It creates a more dynamic world.
  11. Pol means sex in Nadsat, but I don't think Joni means anything. Not sure, however, don't have the book handy. Now that I think about it, "to pony" means to understand. So perhaps Pol Joni was an easter egg meaning "to understand sex"? What can I say? It's a book about Vadeli, of course it's one of my favorites!
  12. No doubt the death of Orlanth provided wind to the waertagi sails, allowing them to escape hell.
  13. When you get right down to it, Dullblade is like a shimmer (they are minus to hit you) and a protection (they inflict that much less damage) combined. the only drawback is it only is useful vs certain weapons.
  14. Dullblade works great for the guy with heavy armor. And do you really want dullblade cast on your sword by the troll you're fighting when getting damage through is literally the only way you're going to defeat that guy? The troll laughs at your puny iron weapon.
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