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  1. Pentallion

    The Interior Art Needs to Change

    Exactly. Another thread that smacks of concern trolling.
  2. Pentallion

    Mini Scenario

    Thanks. Maybe we can make this thread the place to post fan scenarios?
  3. Pentallion

    Countermagic complications

    No, Detect Bob example is not at all how CM works. CM does NOTHING to prevent a person who has detect YOU from detecting you. The misunderstanding here is thinking of the detection spell as an "incoming spell". It is not. Yes. What the rules description is saying and it really shouldn't have to be rewritten it seems perfectly clear, is that if you have CM up you can't cast Detect, protection or even healing on yourself.
  4. Pentallion

    Orlanth the Abuser

    Look up the difference between a fact and a factoid. The latter was coined ladt century.
  5. Pentallion

    Orlanth the Abuser

    You know what this premise of this thread looks like to me? Concern trolling.
  6. Pentallion

    Orlanth the Abuser

    Soooo we are all killer hobos? Youre spouting factoids now.
  7. Pentallion

    Crowdsourced Old Characters and 1610s Family History

    I didnt "assume" anything.RQG starts family history at 1582. Go back 12 years from 1625 to 1613 then the starting history becomes 1570. Dealing with anything more complex than that is too minutia for 99.99% of all players.
  8. Pentallion

    Orlanth the Abuser

    No, telling misogynistic stories teaches us about misogyny.
  9. Pentallion

    Crowdsourced Old Characters and 1610s Family History

    I just was doing the math. If the PC is 21 in 1613, then the campaign starts 12 years earlier. That means the first event that can affect the grandparents after giving birth to the parents is in 1570. None of the stuff that happened before that matters, unless you're rolling up Great Grandparents. The date is also perfect for the Borderlands campaign. Can you guys do the Praxian events and events that would affect Lunars who came with Duke Raus?
  10. Pentallion

    Countermagic complications

    I'm not discounting it, you're misreading it. CM will block YOU from having a detection spell cast on YOU. YOUR CM won't block ME from casting a detection spell on ME. Nor will YOUR CM prevent ME from detecting your intent. Because MY detection spell never targets YOU and CM doesn't affect it. That's all the text is saying under CM. It will prevent spells from being CAST on YOU such as Healing, Detect, etc. Even if you cast them on yourself. It says NOTHING about someone else with CM blocking your ability to detect enemies because CM doesn't do that anymore than it blocks your Bladesharp 3.
  11. Pentallion

    Jump Height

    Or assume the rules are correct and gravity is less on Glorantha. Well, not gravity, but some magical property of Glorantha allows people to jump vertically higher than on Earth.
  12. Pentallion

    Countermagic complications

    Regardless, CM only stops spells being cast on YOU. Detection cast on the caster isn't blocked by CM. So the caster can detect you are an enemy and there is nothing CM can do about it.
  13. Pentallion

    Countermagic complications

    My thoughts are my solution is correct. Example: I cast bladesharp on my sword. CM obviously doesnt stop it. I cast detect enemies on myself. Again CM doesnt stop it. I hit you, my bladesharp passing through your "CM zone" is not dispelled. I sense youre an enemy. My senses passing through your "CM zone" is not dispelled. CM is useless vs detect spells. Anywhere in CM it says different is an error and should be corrected. All problems solved. EDIT: Just read the offending text. You guys are misunderstanding it. CM will stop anyone casting Detection spells ON YOU. ie, if you have CM up and someone wants you to be able to detect something and cast a detection spell on you so you can, for example, detect enemies, then the CM will block it. That is not the same thing as CM blocking your ability to detect enemies if you have the detection spell already cast on you. Also, Detection spells are all Ranged, Focused, Instant. Focused should have been explained fully. You HAVE to have the Focus to cast a Focused spell, unlike other spells that can be cast by spending two melee rounds if you don't have the focus. The reason being that the detection spell requires the Focus to point for you, like a divining rod. That's why only detection spells are described as Focused. Without the focus, the spell simply won't work.
  14. Pentallion

    Countermagic complications

    Well, then the conundrum still can be solved by the reality that the detect spell only targets the detector, not the enemies. What we're faced with is that in any situation where a group of obvious hostiles are approaching, spells up, the standard operating procedure is to hit them with a detect enemies, not because you need to know, but because it will drop all their CM's. That makes CM useless. And here is where we get out of the problem: The spell isn't countered by CM because it doesn't target the people CM is defending against. It targets the detector so only HIS CM can block it. People coming at you with CM up are detected as enemies and the CM doesn't go down. Since Detect Enemies is not targeting the enemies, it is not affected by CM not is CM affected by it. Rare case. Problem solved. This also leaves Detection Blank workable because then you don't detect enemies at all.
  15. So I won a free pdf on a Twitch broadcast. Do I still get the discount?