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  1. Yes, please go to someone other than Tapatalk Loz.
  2. I finally just bit the bullet on Tapatalk.
  3. The Flintstones had obviously developed this technology.
  4. For a game set in a classical greek era during the Hero Wars ie classical greek Iliad, it sure goes out of its way to have stay at home heroes. Not very sail off for years of adventuring type rules.
  5. For the Eleven Lights campaign, I took all the information that Mynaryth Purple gives out, broke it down into each fact that he needed to discover along the way, started with the first clue, made an adventure for the LM to go on to discover this and then made a mini-campaign out of the entire thing. Some of it was in libraries scattered about Dragon Pass and Pavis. So travelling was generally the primary source of adventure. Then, of course, all of this "adventuring" ie, truth finding missions, culminated in the HeroQuest the PCs took to become the Eleven Lights. There was also some missions to uncover how to repair the broken sky dome. That's the optional adventure in the GM pack I incorporated into our Eleven Lights campaign. So a LM pure philosopher can make a very good PC for adventuring.
  6. What hit? 5% chance to hit. Humakt use greatswords. Cwim cant hit them. Gorp are slow. Str spell, truesword and bladesharp mean Harrys legs are gone. One of Dicks too. Rd. 1. Cwim falls down. Especially with geases that increase dmg.
  7. So Subere is chaotic then? I don't think so. She bade Malia to guard the secret of death because nobody liked going near Malia and her disease spirits. This was long before Chaos entered the world. Diseases weren't chaotic. Malia wasn't chaotic. Thed originally wasn't chaotic. Even the Mad God Ragnaglar wasn't chaotic. Only when the three of them brought the Devil into the world did they get associated with Chaos. What possible difference would that make to the disease spirits that existed since the time of Subere?
  8. Okay Geek, you can have Cwim then. I'll take 3 Humakt. Not starter level Humakt, I'm talking PC level Humakt. And one Orlanthi to Teleport them in. You will be forced to come to one of two conclusions: Cwim should no longer exist or the over 100% rule is broken and with Sword Trance is really, really out of whack.
  9. The rules on spirit trapping crystals are pretty clear: you can ONLY use the spirit to draw upon its magic points. You can't use a spirit trapped in a crystal to cast spells. pg 122 (GM Pack): Nor does it say anywhere that binding the spirit in the crystal gives you allied spirit capabilities so you can't cast its spells either. Also, it binds the spirit. shamans and others with control spells cannot simply cast control over it while it is trapped in its binding. The conditions of a spirit trapping crystal supercede that. The part on page 250 you're missing is this: That' bolded part is the kicker. per the rules on spirit trapping crystals only the binder can use the item.
  10. I disagree. It explicity comes with a condition, that condition that only you can use the spirits mps and it also has the condition that the spirit can only be commanded to give its magic points, not cast spells. These conditions prevent a shaman from doing anything but seeing the spirit.
  11. One uses a Chaos rune, one uses Disorder. They are both correct. How it works depends on which rune you use. Chaos doesn't obey the rules.
  12. You're right, it doesn't say you attune the crystal, my bad. However, it DOES say: So no one else can use the spirit you trapped in the crystal but you. For spending mps that regenerate.
  13. This is something I would roleplay. For example, if an animal spirit were put into a crystal, about all you're going to get out of it are its magic points. But if an ancestor spirit were put into the crystal, then it really depends on how that ancestor reacts to its owner. So while Gringle probably had a friendly spirit he could trust in that crystal and he knew it would willingly defend his home, if, say, the PCs were to nab that crystal it probably wouldn't be so inclined. And while it must obey its commands, well, I'm an old school Stormbringer player and demons of desire are the most dangerous of all demons, just ask my players, so that spirit may "obey" it's commands, but it's never going to be doing so loyally and faithfully. "I know the house burnt down, but the salamander I summoned to destroy the intruders wasn't itself an intruder master."
  14. @Jeorg: I didn't know you had it in you Spirit combat munchkinnery at its finest! I think you could outmunchkin my munchkins!
  15. No, the crystals are now attuned. Only the attuned person could snatch the spirit out of the crystal. However, if the attuned owner of the crystal was foolish enough to command the spirit out, then, yes, someone else could wrest command away from him. However, the initial thought is valid: put powerful spirits in your crystals so they regenerate magic points.
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