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  1. Don't let that drive you away from this game. It's an excellent game and that part happened only at the end as the studio demanded they rush out the product too soon. It's the only flaw in what was otherwise a work of art. Play it. You'll love the story.
  2. They use exotic matter to power an Alcubierre Drive. The ship never actually "moves", it alters the space around it. A good example is from the MIT scientist - I forget his name - who said he'd studied and helped reverse engineer alien ftl drives in Area 51: NASA started, stopped and has now resumed research on the Alcubierre Drive. As the above article goes on to say, warp drive will require negative energy densities. What some here call Unobtanium, I call something else in Junkyard Blues and the Netflix series Another Life calls simply 'exotic matter'. What I call this exotic matter is based on the (fictional) breakthrough that allowed immense negative energy densities to exist based on the Casimir Effect. If you want to know more - and why it is a critical component in the campaign - you'll just have to buy Junkyard Blues when it comes out, hopefully sometime next year. As for Junkyard Blues itself, the PCs starship crashes on a small planetoid composed entirely of wrecked starships. The Junkyard. They will need to learn how to survive on a twisted metal hellhole because it will take some time to make repairs and what they need to get off the Junkyard isn't readily available. And they're not alone.
  3. Just watch Another Life on Netflix. Their drive is reactionless. It's what NASA is trying to make. And it's FTL. It's also the same kind of drive I used in Junkyard Blues, which will hopefully be released as an M-Space campaign in 2020.
  4. "later this month" has come and gone. It's October now. Any word when this is going to be a thing?
  5. yeah, see the crap I gotta deal with!
  6. Even things already statted up for RQ can be considered merely guidelines. Almost everything ever written is statted up to be somewhat balanced vs starting characters. Knowing the strengths of a party, every statted up NPC is easily adjusted to your needs. Therefore, I think it has no meaning the words "convert HQ to RQ". You see they have a Lunar garrison. You want them to be average? 4 pts armor or 7? Skill levels on the fly. standard lunar magic. Etc., Etc. Etc.
  7. I wing it or else I just use the Bestiary average or better. Unless there's lots of spells involved, then I might build those, at least as far as the spell list and tactics, or for a special NPC I want an epic battle out of. Most times, especially vs the epic foe, I just make it up as I go along. He got hit for a lot? He has a shield....counts...just high enough that all you did was wound him. He's still up. He really needs his spell to incapacitate or immobilize several of the PCs to make this interesting? His power is just high enough that with the roll I made I took out half of them. It's a goldilocks approach, but it works mostly. Sometimes he's too big or too little, but usually he's just right. Just takes a little practice.
  8. There are two griffons out there somewhere, each with red eyes and a red beak.
  9. Let's use a nice round number. Ten. Ten skills checked every time the adventurers have a session. If we stick to the RQG concept of an adventure every season, then 50 skills checked a year. You successfully go up in what? 40% of the skills you check? 60%? Let's say half, so 25 skill increases a year of PC adventuring. Average experience gain is 3.5 and if you multiply that by 25 you get 87.5% additional skills. Let's be generous and for simplicity's sake as well, then, and call it an even 100%. How many years have your PCs been gaming? Give the new PC 100% additional skills for every year. Then let the players deck him out in magic items to get him up to speed and give them something to do with all that extra stuff they've found.
  10. A question: What about stuff I wrote for Hearts In Glorantha? Strange Broos were initially part of a larger campaign I'd like to put up on JC and the campaign wouldn't be the same without them.
  11. I was about to type the same thing. In all the uncountable Runequest campaigns I've run, not one person rolled up a Storm Bull. But quite a few LM sages. And they've always been fun. There comes a point where they become capable of casting long term, decent spells upon the entire party and the whole party "levels up". Then they reach another stage later one where they begin to have even greater powers. It all depends on how you build their enchantments and what spells they learn. One thing I've learned DMing is that if a player comes from a D&D background and tells you he likes sorcerors, then don't give him a RQ sorceror. He won't like it. What he really is looking for is a RQ shaman. RQ sorcerors are a bit boring to play. Can't cast things well at first. Then, when they get useful, they tend to cast things during the adventures off time, not during play. A magic user who seldom casts spells during play and does all his spell casting between adventures is generally kinda boring. It's those times when he's desperately trying to get off his 3 rds to cast mega spell while the party holds off the boss that are entertaining.
  12. I understand where Davecake and Jeff are both coming from and I wonder if either realize that sorcery as it is right now is still so broken when you reach a certain level and sorcerors have several levels of power. I think a Western supplement can go a long way in presenting the sorcerors approach to providing magic to his community. He too can summon spirits and enchant things and cast blessings...or curses. I think sorcery for Loskalmi can make for great adventurers if the culture and how it applies its magic is presented correctly. It just will be a lot different than shamanism and theism. Plus, they will collect magic items with spirit magic spells enchanted on them. I've long thought about doing a Loskalmi campaign.
  13. SPIRIT DEN Description. A Spirit Den is generally an enchanted place or object where an animal spirit is voluntarily bound but with the freedom to roam within its POW in meters from the binding enchantment Cults Associated. Daka Fal, Waha, all shamanic cults. Knowledge Automatic. Procedure. A shaman can bargain with an animal spirit to voluntarily be bound to a place or object if in return it is allowed to range freely within its Power in meters. These spirits can be more easily persuaded if the area of the enchantment is desirable to its species. ie fish spirits in water. Beavers near dams. Powers. The Spirit Den serves as a local source of power for those who are allowed to draw upon the animal spirits magic points and for spirit magic known by the animal spirit. These are essential spirits a shaman maintains for his community. Value. Priceless to the shamans community.
  14. Its far overdue that Loskalm be made a campaign setting IMO. Any ballpark figure on when that might happen?
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