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Which are the right missile ranges to use?

Missile Ranges (Weapons, p257): Medium Range (2xNormal) = 1/2 chance; Long Range (4xNormal) = 1/4 chance. Point-blank (DEX ft or less) = x2.


Extended Range (Spot Rule, p.223): Double range x1/2; Triple range x1/4; Quadruple range x1/8. Over double range = half damage, no chance for small thrown weapons.


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Hmm... looks like you have the Stormbringer 5 "Extended Range" spot rule side by side with (at a rough guess - don't have the book handy) the RQ3 missile weapons rule (?).

For its granularity, I'd probably go with the spot rule, but it could be either.

One for the Errata, methinks. :thumb:



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