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Scenario Competition 2019 13G?

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I last played RQ (technically Mythras) late 2017. I have been playing 13G regularly for the last six months or so. Are you guys accepting 13G submissions, or only RQ? I only have pdfs of the RQG books (waiting on the slipcase) and I hate reading from a screen...would much rather submit 13G stuff. I understand if this is not of interest to you guys at this time.


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This year, we are specifically aiming for RQG for the contest. Prizes are allocated in an effort to get a ton of submissions and the judging will be by me and Jason Durall, the line editor for RQG.

Outside of that, please do directly send me a pitch if you have a 13G convention scenario. My email is on each of the newsletter set to the Cult of Chaos. 😉

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