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  1. I think I have only seen the 6 map version in person. How big is the 24 map one all laid out?
  2. I think it's the same scale as the book.
  3. I love sourcebooks you can use for any system.
  4. 2025 will be a great year for Glorantha gaming.
  5. I don't see the difficulty here... Most of the time, you can come up with something based on the players' interests. Some of the time, you have to come up with something yourself. Almost all of the time, people will engage and have fun. We are all there to have a good time with our friends. My last session of HQG was a trainwreck. I actually haven't had a faceplant that bad in over a decade, and I have GMed several times a month for the last fifteen years (I took a break from ~1998-2002, and I mostly played when I returned until around 2005). Big deal. It's a good thing to
  6. Have the players do something they find interesting. In other words, do what you do in every other rpg.
  7. HA! This thread was entertaining. I come down fully on the side of Nuke Orlanth from Orbit and paint the whole northern continent red...but the setting is more interesting with both contradictory societies existing in opposition to one another. Both cultures have enviable traits and both cultures are nightmarishly backward in some respects.
  8. I still buy the stuff...just this month I spent ~150USD on new era Chaosium stuff...so either I'm a jerk for saying something you don't like or throwing the money I work for at the thing you do like... If you're referring to the comment about feces in that last section of your comment, I can explain that in a PM and it's definitely not what you think it is...I was making a joke that was misinterpreted (my fault 100%...I just posted the punchline with no setup, but the joke was pretty good and not in any way offensive or combative). I don't post on here a lot because there's only so m
  9. The best thing about the original MM is that it doesn't feel like another monster manual. This one does. Just an opinion, and I like the art, but the design sensibility of the original was 1000* more interesting. I feel the same way about pretty much every Chaosium book that has come out since the Great Restoration. Content-wise they are mostly great (which is a massive improvement over the preceding decade or two which was all over the place...and 90% of all of that stuff had terrible layout aesthetics), but the layout and design of this and the RQ/CoC lines since the "GR" in general seem to
  10. I have always hated Orlanthi culture with a passion. I have never understood why people fancy a culture that is ignorant, xenophobic, belligerent and chained down by dogma handed down by a succession of reaver simps. Sure, they value freedom...but if you go below the surface regarding any of their cultural mores, it's all based in some regressive "ism" that reinforces some negative aspect of their society. Orlanthi are trash. Expand the glowline over the whole damned continent.
  11. Supernatural has been on TV for like 15 seasons. X-Files had 8 or 9 as well.
  12. I was the person who got a temp ban. It had nothing to do with the thing that is mentioned in this thread. I countered something Jeff said in the BRP general area and was given a temp ban for trolling. There were no death threats, just an analogy using feces (related to https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-7459963/Scientists-try-fail-make-KNIFE-frozen-faeces.html). I was not given the opportunity to explain my post, just given a temp ban. I do not condone threats in any form. We are a community of people talking about pretend things. I am only posting here becau
  13. It's a different thing for everyone. I love fairy tales and mythology and dreams and sharing laughs. My games reflect that. Others who are diehard fans skew more toward a rational humanist approach where they deconstruct the more mundane concrete elements of the cultural interplay within the setting. Neither approach is "correct" because it's a subjective thing. The way my mind and games work means I would absolutely love books coming out the woodwork that were contradictory and filled with dream logic. I don't care about what kind of food Heortlings eat in the dark months.
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