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  1. tedopon

    How Much RuneQuest Do I Need to Know to Play RQG?

    That about sums it up for me. I love Glorantha and have for nearly 30 years...I have hard copies of most of the zines going back to the early 80s, and read much of what comes out in both the RQ and HQ (and now 13G) lines. Ignore anything you have a problem with and add anything you think would make your game better. The shoegaze crew are enjoying themselves...good on them. I'd rather play a game and laugh with my friends than get another Anthropology degree (the real one from an accredited university was plenty, I don't need a pretendland one).
  2. tedopon

    Future Publications

    The initial book focuses on Dragon Pass and there are references throughout that there will be more coming down the pipeline. Are these future publications predicated on the sales performance of the first book, or have Pelgrane already entered into some sort of contract for x books? I realize it's still early to ask this kind of question, but I run Glorantha using DCC, and this system is very similar to my homebrew material and I'd like to see more of it.
  3. tedopon

    RQG Fanzine When?

    My experience over the last five or ten years is that artists don't do work for free...and I would not want them to, either. I also don't know any folks who would spend time doing layout for free. I will happily donate time and resources to writing and editing. I already explained in the above post why I thought the agreement was harsh. It was set at 1000 within the last year. I had conversations with a handful of people on this forum about it both through this forum and at conventions. I don't live in some fantasy world where I think gaming zines turn into piles of gold, but I don't want to work on something where artists and graphic designers aren't getting paid.
  4. tedopon

    RQG Fanzine When?

    Yeah, for free stuff it's great, but I'm not doing layout for free and I'd be surprised to find anyone else who would. It would also be nice to be able to pay artists something. I don't care about making any money for written content, but I feel that layout and art folks should get something for their work.
  5. tedopon

    RQG Fanzine When?

    The conditions have changed slightly since I last read it. IIRC, the yearly cap was 1000 just a few months ago. 2000 is more reasonable. There is no indication of what exceeding the cap would entail. I would be willing to contribute as a collective toward a commercial license.
  6. tedopon

    RQG Fanzine When?

    Chaosium's policy on fan material is harsh.
  7. There's a joke here somewhere, but it would probably deeply offend someone.
  8. tedopon

    RQG image captions

    Page 373 is definitely a Raiders of the Lost Ark quote.
  9. tedopon

    RuneQuest PoD

    They're printing books that will be available some time this summer. Buying the pdf gives you that money as credit toward the physical book or IIRC the slipcase set of three books later down the road. If you bought the pdf, are impatient, and are only printing a copy for your own private use, PoD is as soon as you submit it to a printer.
  10. tedopon

    RQG: Reviews Thread

    Micro review as I just bought it an hour ago. The art is EPIC. I love the 80s and 90s art. Some of my favorite Glorantha art of all time is the Reaching Moon fan art because while it may not all be technically great, it captures the feeling. The overall graphic design of this book, while moderately safe in the sense that it is very similar to other major rpg works, is excellent. Not many of us buy rpg books for the art. I only bought this today for that reason...I knew I was going to pick up a copy or two at GenCon and didn't have a problem waiting as I just finished my round as GM and am ready to turn the brain off and be a player for a while. I am not speaking in hyperbole when I say that I got emotional looking through this thing. I don't have any idea about the game other than I had last year's preview copy from GenCon (which I assume is 90% the same). The art in this book is the first time I've felt like the art went further than the throwaway statement "captures the feeling of the setting". The Guide was really good, but this is next level comparatively. The art in this work IS the setting in my mind, or at least as close as a stranger could represent it with no input from me whatsoever. Thanks everyone involved.
  11. tedopon

    RQG goes on sale on June 1st

    What is the credit? I'm going to get the print book at Gencon, so I was wondering whether I should wait until then.
  12. tedopon

    RQG goes on sale on June 1st

    Yeah, I agree, but I've been trying to limit my shelf space. I've been a lot more stingy on new purchases over the last couple years and have even sold a ton of stuff.
  13. tedopon

    RQG goes on sale on June 1st

    Does the physical book go on sale? I'm considering ordering it from the local store even though I'll be at GenCon this year. Not even sure I'm sold on the game...I still love Mythras, but the art is amazing, I want to let my money talk.
  14. tedopon

    Dark Glorantha

    I'm an American. I like both. The main reason I like Glorantha over any other canned setting is it owns absurdity and while it vacillates between serious contextualization and giggly handwaving it creates a third avenue that isn't on the 'gritty' or 'hopeful' axis. Glorantha is the ultimate Kitchen Sink of campaign settings for me. I don't tend to run gritty or high fantasy as a theme. I am more interested in laughing when I game. Epic Struggle doesn't interest me nearly as much as what the duck will do when he sees the Legate's private bath, or why the giant is _really_ interested in trollball. The genius of the setting is it can accommodate so many styles and still work.
  15. tedopon

    RQ:G character sheets - too much art?

    I use graph paper...in a pinch unlined printer paper or standard lined paper works just as well. It's a blank canvas on which to put whatever your heart desires. As a GM I will only provide premade sheets that are four to a page size. It says to the players "I need to get a bigger piece of paper or print my own if I want to keep playing." In all seriousness, I think no matter the game you should be able to fit everything for a character on one side of a sheet of standard paper. Anything more than one side of one page is an abomination. We play these games for fun, not to emulate our jobs in the real world. EDIT: In before "what about x?" comments. If whatever you need to write on there is going to take up a lot of space, I have found writing the page number in the book as a referential shorthand to be a great space and time saving practice. In most games, special abilities that are not used often or have a number of special conditions are the only things most people need to look for in a book during a session.