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  1. Does it have the magic system from RQ or just the ones from the other BRP games? I haven't bought it because I have a lot of BRP books and am reluctant to keep purchasing the same material over and over. Although, I feel kind of dumb for saying that as I also have several versions of RQ so not sure why that's a deal breaker. It kind of is, though.
  2. Chill is a lot more forgiving in play than BRP, even with how modern BRP has adapted to make PCs a little hardier. Having some sort of Luck pool in BRP would kind of level the playing field as Chill was designed with the intent that you can win over the Bad Guys. CoC, even in the latest version, is more of an attrition simulator where there is a one way street and you can walk really slowly but you're still almost guaranteed to be walking through a train tunnel the wrong direction and it's only a matter of time before you see the headlights and hear the horn and there isn't anywhere to go. It's OK to just play Chill, even though BRP is supposed to be a generic engine for anything (and I have used it for everything over the years), the truth is that it takes some work to make it fit any idea...IMO most people would probably be better off just using a game that fits with their concept from the get-go. Probably a heretical statement on this board, but it is a lot of work and not everyone finds that work engaging.
  3. Does the new version have RQ3 magic system included? I had the monograph years ago but it went away at some point.
  4. I think I have only seen the 6 map version in person. How big is the 24 map one all laid out?
  5. I think it's the same scale as the book.
  6. I love sourcebooks you can use for any system.
  7. 2025 will be a great year for Glorantha gaming.
  8. I don't see the difficulty here... Most of the time, you can come up with something based on the players' interests. Some of the time, you have to come up with something yourself. Almost all of the time, people will engage and have fun. We are all there to have a good time with our friends. My last session of HQG was a trainwreck. I actually haven't had a faceplant that bad in over a decade, and I have GMed several times a month for the last fifteen years (I took a break from ~1998-2002, and I mostly played when I returned until around 2005). Big deal. It's a good thing to fail now and again. Obviously, you don't want to fail too often, but you learn things every time you fail. It's not some esoteric art or science, it's having a good time with your friends. Give the group a couple things they may be interested in and they will fill in the blanks. The fail I just had was because I allowed a group to create characters that are all obstructionist and don't go together...in most situations even that set of restrictions is superficial, but I focused too much on the ones who were talking and ignored the others causing the plot to bottleneck to a point where no one understood what was happening...and it was clearly stated several times that there was an immediate danger in the line of thinking/behavior they were undertaking. When the ball dropped, it was my fault for not reeling them in and just resetting the stakes. I'm laughing right now thinking about how they told me they weren't interested in playing Easy mode. They asked me to be punitive, which is never something you want to do as a GM, especially in a situation where based on the way they are playing is easy to exploit. The only "rule" to scenario/campaign design is to never actually punish them, unless they go out of their way to beg for it. Faking punishment to cause tension is fine, it's a great tool in your box, but no matter how much they say they want to have the rails taken off, they are lying (I say this as a player and a GM). It's fun to fail up to a point, and even to end a campaign with a loss if you feel like the group did their best, but it's another thing entirely to just take a dump on them at every opportunity...even if that's what they ask for. Just listen to them (unless they tell you to screw them over relentlessly) and act accordingly. Honestly, the only hard rule in rpgs is to keep everyone engaged as much as you can, when one or two people check out you are in for a disaster. Even in a setup where all you are doing is killing monsters and taking their stuff, you have to keep people talking and interested...the rest (the fun) happens naturally.
  9. Have the players do something they find interesting. In other words, do what you do in every other rpg.
  10. HA! This thread was entertaining. I come down fully on the side of Nuke Orlanth from Orbit and paint the whole northern continent red...but the setting is more interesting with both contradictory societies existing in opposition to one another. Both cultures have enviable traits and both cultures are nightmarishly backward in some respects.
  11. I still buy the stuff...just this month I spent ~150USD on new era Chaosium stuff...so either I'm a jerk for saying something you don't like or throwing the money I work for at the thing you do like... If you're referring to the comment about feces in that last section of your comment, I can explain that in a PM and it's definitely not what you think it is...I was making a joke that was misinterpreted (my fault 100%...I just posted the punchline with no setup, but the joke was pretty good and not in any way offensive or combative). I don't post on here a lot because there's only so much discussion of CoC a person can engage in. My brother in law lives in Providence and I've been to the Brown collection twice, I have a couple framed rubbings I made myself of Lovecraft's tombstone, I get Lovecraft themed gifts literally once a year minimum. Glorantha is my favorite fictional thing ever...I have a metric ton of Glorantha crap taking up shelf space in my house and mind. I love playing games in Glorantha, but the discussions here about it are by and large not gaming discussions, they're pseudoanthropology. I got an undergraduate degree in actual anthropology, I don't want to talk about pretendland in the same way. I actually mentioned that to Greg the last time I spoke with him and he just laughed and said something like "if you're having fun, that's all that matters, and all I want to hear about." It's A-OK for people to have different opinions and different ways of expressing them (if they're civil). All I was saying in my original post was that the original MM had a clever "Lovecraftian" joke baked into it that was trying to pass off all the Monster Manual entries as being actual real world things, which was pretty clever. It's one of my favorite gaming books ever because of the way it winked at you on every page. I like all this stuff and this community, I genuinely wasn't trying to offend anyone.
  12. The best thing about the original MM is that it doesn't feel like another monster manual. This one does. Just an opinion, and I like the art, but the design sensibility of the original was 1000* more interesting. I feel the same way about pretty much every Chaosium book that has come out since the Great Restoration. Content-wise they are mostly great (which is a massive improvement over the preceding decade or two which was all over the place...and 90% of all of that stuff had terrible layout aesthetics), but the layout and design of this and the RQ/CoC lines since the "GR" in general seem to be aiming directly at ~2005 d20 era products as a design target. Again, not a troll post, please don't temp ban me, fill my inbox with hate mail or spend three pages in a public display of outrage. the last thing IMO that an rpg book really needs is engaging layout. It just needs to be clearly written/edited and have good content. Just underwhelmed by the nouveau-retro Design Concrete style that the recent books have used.
  13. I have always hated Orlanthi culture with a passion. I have never understood why people fancy a culture that is ignorant, xenophobic, belligerent and chained down by dogma handed down by a succession of reaver simps. Sure, they value freedom...but if you go below the surface regarding any of their cultural mores, it's all based in some regressive "ism" that reinforces some negative aspect of their society. Orlanthi are trash. Expand the glowline over the whole damned continent.
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