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  1. Gloranthan themed birthday party.

    Check out the Khan of Khans adcopy in the new Chaosium newsletter. Awesome!
  2. Gloranthan themed birthday party.

    I ran the session they played in. It was the first session I ran at the con. It was a great time, everyone was awesome!
  3. Our Last RQ Session

    Yikes. Awesome.
  4. Mythras, why should i use it

    We have a spirit wrangler. Honestly would probably just continue using the RQ6 version if they're all that different, they work fine. We never use minis, so I honestly forgot that section was even in the book. Thanks
  5. Mythras, why should i use it

    Before I ask the question, I promise I tried to find the answer multiple times before I asked. I have a game that is coming back after hiatus with more players. We have two copies of Runequest 6 at the table, but are going to buy at least one more copy to pass around. There is a copy of RQ6 at the local Half Price, but I'd like to hear from anyone who has Mythras chime in on how different the two books are. I've read a few statements by Loz stating basic differences, but I would rather get some more detailed analysis before I make a decision. Honestly, I'm leaning toward just buying Mythras given my recent experience with the RQ brand, but I know that it would end up being the GM Copy TM to allay confusion. So, besides the obvious effect of putting money in a friendly pocket vs supporting a reseller, what are the new shinys I would get with Mythras as opposed to another copy of RQ6? Also, is there a document that outlines the changes? I swear I have looked and not found one.
  6. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    I'm on my phone... Tedopon said everything below here:
  7. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    I'll state one more time here that it's my opinion that this will be a great game and I hope it's successful. Had this come around ten years ago, I would have foamed at the mouth. I (like probably most of the people on here) am not getting any younger. I moved to RQ6/Mythras a few years ago after playing some iteration of RQ/BRP for many years, and it works for me and I'm getting fatigued with changing systems every few years. DnD is the worst offender, seriously if I had a nickel for every time I rolled my eyes at someone waxing philosophically about the new shiny, I would have a few dollars at least. The truth is, IMO with any game system, that for probably 4 out of 5 groups the system is going to not make that big an impact on the experience (no matter how crunchy or fluffy a game is, the at table experience for most groups is somewhere in the middle of those two extremes anyway). If you have something that works, use it. I'd rather play games than argue their relative merits. "Edition War" is especially silly with d100 games since there is like 95% shared DNA between even the most radically different versions. Keep up the good work, and I am over the Red Moon that there will be a new Trollpak coming out at some point.
  8. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    I agree, but the rune affinity and passions were already in some form or another in RQ6 and Heroquest, and we've used them in pretty much the form they took in the new rules for a few years now. The family history minigame is the only thing for which I don't see a preexisting direct analog in RQ. It reminds me of Traveler or FASA Star Trek. I really like it and will be designing my own, adds a neat little bit of backstory that isn't too detailed to make PCs feel restricted but still give some flavor. I'm not dissing the game, just feel content to keep using RQ6 and backport the bits I liked.
  9. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    It's my opinion, as one of the people who has a GenCon copy of the new rules, that the new rules are basically a 34 year old rule set houseruled to this iteration. It's honestly pretty close to the OQ/BRP/RQ3 hack I ran prior to RQ6 dropping...and a lot of the things I did back then are common things a few dozen people mention in threads on this site. There are some cool things bolted on, and one of the magic systems got an overhaul from RQ3, but it's really just RQ2 & 3 blended with a new paintjob. I mentioned earlier (maybe in this thread?) that I had hoped to see something more along Mythras or CoC7's improvements on the legacy system, but that is not what is presented in the preview set. We were told that the preview system is pretty much what's going to print but in need of further editing.
  10. Ken Hite's 2008 review of BRP-BGB

    I see you're just exploring options.
  11. Ken Hite's 2008 review of BRP-BGB

    Replace with Cooper or keep Hobo, nothing else.
  12. Ken Hite's 2008 review of BRP-BGB

    That's the real key.
  13. Mythic Iceland 2nd Edition is progressing!

    Sounds good. I didn't get a lot of mileage out of the original since it just seemed to be a toolbox of information that was freely available to a fan of history/mythology/general research. An attempt at a full on game sounds more up my alley. To be clear, the first one was awesome, but more of a "throw it in the blender" work like a lot of the Alephtar books that came out around the same time (which I also love). This one sounds more like a Gamebook TM. Thanks, Pedro.
  14. Ken Hite's 2008 review of BRP-BGB

    As much as the "Homebrew for Life" gene flows through my veins, I want to believe that anecdotal statement from WOTC. My own anecdotal survey of playing D&D with people outside my close friends seems to indicate the opposite, that the VAST majority of D&D games take place in an established campaign setting. Using someone else's world and jettisoning what doesn't work for you is different than Homebrew. I'm not making that statement as a One True Way-ist, just stating my opinion. Stealing whole cloth from everything you see and hear and throwing it in a blender is the very definition of Homebrew, IMO, so I have very weak standards regarding intellectual property...different strokes, I guess.
  15. New RQ Design Note #18 - New Logo

    I honestly thought this logo was just a mock up and they hadn't settled on anything concrete. I admit I haven't read the whole thread, maybe this is done or close to done. I think it looks like the Mongoose Crapfest's (MRQ1: btw I really like MRQ2 and RQ6, they are not the same as the first Mongoose game...not that I need to state that to the Kool Aid drinkers in this thread...and have to admit that MRQ1 was cool for the SRD) logo redesigned by a big fan of the Lord of the Rings films about ten or fifteen years ago. Looks a lot like (someone already mentioned) the 3rd party d20 stuff from the 3.0/3.5 era of Dungeons and Dragons. It's not an abomination, but it's not much of anything more than the word "Runequest" in LOTR font with a couple Photoshop canned filters thrown over it.