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  1. Aldryami vs uz

    <3<3<3 Trolls <3<3<3
  2. What was your favourite version of RuneQuest to date

    I have played several dozen different rpg systems over the years and honestly cannot think of a single one where we didn't have at least a couple houserules. I think that may just be the attitude of the players, though. I tend to play with like minded people for the most part. Most players I really connect with are people who don't take rules too seriously or can't be bothered to know how all nuts and bolts of a system interact. Making something up on the fly and sticking to it is just how I've always played. If it works fine, who cares if it's balanced or "by the book".
  3. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    I meant no offense by using the term vaporware. I fully expect the product to be delivered at some point. I am just fatigued by the kickstarter phenomenon of continually stretching timelines. I would honestly prefer to back products in the future that had a realistic date where I could possibly be surprised when it arrives early. I am lucky and haven't been burned yet. I have received everything I've backed. Always late, and each project is delivered further out from the projection. I would just prefer project designers would step back from their enthusiasm and make some realistic proposals. The trend over the last few years does not bode well for the production model's future IMO. For the record, I did not back 13th Age Glorantha, but it looks rad.
  4. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    ...and there is literally no way it will ship by July 2018. I think it's even overly optimistic to say it will be at printers by then.
  5. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    Yes, it is technically still in production. Three years behind schedule.
  6. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    Most of it. The setting is like Forgotten Realms in how thoroughly overdeveloped it is. Also, a good half of all Glorantha related publications are dry, self important nonsense that do the setting and its fans no service. I use the general themes and pick and choose from the mountain of garbage all the stuff I like. I had hoped that the new version of Runequest would come hand in hand with a new way of looking at Glorantha. I would have liked to have seen the noose loosened and we could have seen something like the 13th Age Vaporware project's core ideas applied across the board. I would have liked to have seen different interpretations of the setting, varied takes, ACTUAL FUN, etc...but instead we got yet another pseudoanthropological folklore nerd fanwank aimed at old diehard fans that does not appeal to anyone outside this echo chamber. Related: I have pretty much given up on Runequest. I still like Mythras, and will continue to use it now and again. I run "Glorantha" games using DCC now.
  7. One more plea for help then I'm good. [Hopefully]

    I'm doing a similar thing right now, but I'm not sure how to implement it as we're still playing something else for a few more sessions. My initial thought was to do it just based on a few skill values like old RQ or WFRP did...but I've moved conceptually to using the skill upgrade economy already cooked into Mythras as a tool. What I mean by this is each "Advanced Option" is rated on a scale from 1 to 3. Some have requisite tracks, for instance, there is a career track that can manipulate dreams. Before you get to the cool stuff of manipulation and influence of dreams, you have to take the initial Dreamer option that really only allows you to lucid dream and enter into the dream state as a conscious participant. The only benefits at tier one are that you retain all memory of interactions in the dream state and get two resistance rolls vs. any negative effects in the dream world. At tier two, you can actively shift events in your own stream of experience. At tier three, you gain the ability to alter others' experiences. Each advanced option has a list of skills, but I figured in most cases people are only going to load up on one or two of them at most. So the idea that they could spend skill improvement points to gain tiers without having some static "Skill X, Y, Z @ >50%" goal post seemed to be the best option. The thing I hated the most about old Runequest and Warhammer were spending time developing skills you had no interest in just to meet the requirements of a career/cult in which you were actually interested. The advanced tiers each cost their rating +3 in skill improvement rolls. using the yet to be named Dreamer career, tier one costs 4 skill improvement rolls, tier two requires you already bought one and an additional 5, tier three requires tier two + 6 etc. So, it's expensive! To get to tier three in the dreamer class, it costs a baseline 15 skill improvement roll expenditure. On one hand, it seems like trading one thing for another, but I think that 15 skill rolls is a lot cheaper in the long run than XYZ@>50. It is an attempt to still make it a journey to attain the cool stuff, but the timescale will be a lot shorter. This is all hypothetical at this point. We have outlined it and agreed that it seems OK, but haven't played it yet.
  8. Gloranthan themed birthday party.

    Check out the Khan of Khans adcopy in the new Chaosium newsletter. Awesome!
  9. Gloranthan themed birthday party.

    I ran the session they played in. It was the first session I ran at the con. It was a great time, everyone was awesome!
  10. Our Last RQ Session

    Yikes. Awesome.
  11. Mythras, why should i use it

    We have a spirit wrangler. Honestly would probably just continue using the RQ6 version if they're all that different, they work fine. We never use minis, so I honestly forgot that section was even in the book. Thanks
  12. Mythras, why should i use it

    Before I ask the question, I promise I tried to find the answer multiple times before I asked. I have a game that is coming back after hiatus with more players. We have two copies of Runequest 6 at the table, but are going to buy at least one more copy to pass around. There is a copy of RQ6 at the local Half Price, but I'd like to hear from anyone who has Mythras chime in on how different the two books are. I've read a few statements by Loz stating basic differences, but I would rather get some more detailed analysis before I make a decision. Honestly, I'm leaning toward just buying Mythras given my recent experience with the RQ brand, but I know that it would end up being the GM Copy TM to allay confusion. So, besides the obvious effect of putting money in a friendly pocket vs supporting a reseller, what are the new shinys I would get with Mythras as opposed to another copy of RQ6? Also, is there a document that outlines the changes? I swear I have looked and not found one.
  13. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    I'm on my phone... Tedopon said everything below here:
  14. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    I'll state one more time here that it's my opinion that this will be a great game and I hope it's successful. Had this come around ten years ago, I would have foamed at the mouth. I (like probably most of the people on here) am not getting any younger. I moved to RQ6/Mythras a few years ago after playing some iteration of RQ/BRP for many years, and it works for me and I'm getting fatigued with changing systems every few years. DnD is the worst offender, seriously if I had a nickel for every time I rolled my eyes at someone waxing philosophically about the new shiny, I would have a few dollars at least. The truth is, IMO with any game system, that for probably 4 out of 5 groups the system is going to not make that big an impact on the experience (no matter how crunchy or fluffy a game is, the at table experience for most groups is somewhere in the middle of those two extremes anyway). If you have something that works, use it. I'd rather play games than argue their relative merits. "Edition War" is especially silly with d100 games since there is like 95% shared DNA between even the most radically different versions. Keep up the good work, and I am over the Red Moon that there will be a new Trollpak coming out at some point.
  15. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    I agree, but the rune affinity and passions were already in some form or another in RQ6 and Heroquest, and we've used them in pretty much the form they took in the new rules for a few years now. The family history minigame is the only thing for which I don't see a preexisting direct analog in RQ. It reminds me of Traveler or FASA Star Trek. I really like it and will be designing my own, adds a neat little bit of backstory that isn't too detailed to make PCs feel restricted but still give some flavor. I'm not dissing the game, just feel content to keep using RQ6 and backport the bits I liked.