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    Classic Greg Stafford

    I always assumed everyone does something like this in their games. Players (me included 1001%) can get deep into analysis paralysis or just plain stupid behavior at the drop of a hat. You have to throw them a line sometimes.
  2. tedopon

    Runequest video game

    Hopefully it's open world and you can be a troll or duck.
  3. This approach is why the default assumption in this edition isn't my favorite. Everyone in my home group has been playing Glorantha in some form or another for years. Every time we return to it, several new things that I pull from existing lore are discovered as if they are out of the blue, "WTF?" moments. These are even things that many of us would consider foundational features of the setting...and these are all people who have been playing in the setting for years. Hell, one of my players even has the Guide and I have discussed several things out of it I thought were completely esoteric with him and am sure he has read the section to which I refer, but he still has a "WHOA, backup?" moment at least once every few sessions. I honestly prefer this mystery and journey of discovery. It's how I felt all those years playing under a D&D GM who ran Forgotten Realms. I have no interest in the setting, but many of his players were hardcore heads. He still focused in like a laser on the few of us who were ignorant to everything and ignored the canon swinging of the people familiar with the lore. Seriously, the best D&D game I ever played in because the guy was so focused on keeping that fire of new experiences alive for everyone at the table. ...and that's the way I approach this setting. Turning everything up to 11 from before the first note and playing an entire concert that way is really lame. It's fun, but you need breaks and recovery time. Sometimes "I wonder what's on the other side of this river," or "What makes dwarves so unlikable?" are all you need to fill several sessions with good times. The way I do it is I pick a point on the map and think "what are the main things I need to be true to here?," and the rest I just make up or add to taste based on the players' interests or activities. The "West Marches" approach works really well just about anywhere on the map if you've GMed in any other setting using the same approach.
  4. tedopon

    Tips for new Glorantha GMs

    YGWV Your Glorantha Will Vary is the meaning of that acronym. In a nutshell, for someone starting fresh, I think that phrase is the best advice you can give yourself. Start from a place of comfort for your group, and dial in the Runequest/Glorantha-isms slowly to taste. I've been running some form of "Glorantha" for about thirty years, and it's never come that close to what the "implied setting" or whatever the general consensus is around here. The main thing, like any rpg system/setting/experience/etc, is most of the people at the table should be having a good time most of the time. If this means "kill monsters and take their stuff," great. If it means "a complex ethnographic case study regarding the interaction between several insurgent, disconnected pastoral cultures and a large, logistically superior monoculture," great also. If it's something in the middle, even better...probably. At no point in the play or prep time should you be worried about "doing it right" further than entertaining everyone at the table (including yourself/GM).
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    RuneQuest Dice from Q-Workshop

    Has anyone besides daskindt requested and/or received replacements? I got an email from them in August that said they would be shipping the replacements "soon." I have emailed them twice in the last six months and gotten no response.
  6. tedopon

    Before I buy 7th edition

    People noticed that there were only two sides to the same coin, and wanted the granularity of three results that Rock, Paper, Scissors afforded.
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    Summoning RuneQuest Gamemasters

    "It's Your Time at the Bat!" Greg Sharpied those words across the cover of a book for me. We had been talking about gaming in Glorantha, and I thanked him for all the great times I've had with friends over the years...and he thanked me for sharing that sentiment with a gleam in his eye. YGMV is a rule that has been passed down as a shorthand to emphasize that this is an endeavor fueled by creativity and wonder, but at the end of the day it is about FUN. We are all gathered together to share in an experience whose only requirement is we all enjoy ourselves. Don't worry too hard about rules, canon, comparative ethics etc. We are all sitting at this table to have fun.
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    Nochet - pronunciation

    I ate at one of the weirdest restaurants in Natchez. Cock of the Walk
  10. tedopon

    Nochet - pronunciation

    "Not Yet," but like an American/Canadian would say it in speech.
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    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    Had some great Glorantha hijinks with friends at our semi-annual gaming get together this weekend. A baboon PC spiked the wedding reception punch with psychedelics at a solstice wedding on the border between Lunar and Air territory. Then a giant showed up. There was supposed to be a peace or war meet but that didn't really happen...basically devolved into grown men giggling for hours. Only heard the news this morning... Like I told him earlier this year at GenCon, I've shared three decades of good times with friends that he had a big hand in. No matter all the shoegaze stuff, it really comes down to the love we've all shared around the creation he started and guided all these years. Thanks, Greg.
  12. tedopon

    So many errors and contradictions

    I'll play Wakboth's Advocate here: D&D5 had an open playtest for a couple years before print, and D&D has several orders of magnitude larger player base who actively try and exploit any clarity issues with the system. It's Apples vs Oranges. I think that the vast majority of "negative" posts here are constructive. There are definitely a few that are not. This is an issue that can't be properly resolved for some. The truth is something along the lines of this is a product aimed squarely at a decades old user base. They have expectations that are not in line with new converts. The game (system, fluff, formatting etc) was targeted at the old fans. The old fans will default back to whatever they did in the 1980s and be happy. The new users want more clarity of purpose. This isn't something you can wave at and discredit, but maybe it is if you're happy with the $ just the old crowd plus the impulse buys bring to the table. This is not a sustainable model. I want Glorantha (and to a lesser extent, RQ) to thrive. I am not talking shit to entertain myself.
  13. tedopon

    So many errors and contradictions

    That's the case with RQG, the Guide, the Sourcebook and most likely the monster book which I haven't bothered to read since I've been playing 13G. I'm not complaining, but most of the new run is recycled material compiled. Again, not complaining, was aware this would be the case for years leading up to these releases and still paid for them. ...but that's why I've been playing 13G.
  14. tedopon

    What online tabletop places support RQG?

    Yeah, like I said my memory was pretty hazy.
  15. tedopon

    What online tabletop places support RQG?

    Yeah, probably better to mention what addon you need or suggestions may include a bunch of similar issues. Fantasy Grounds had a number of older BRP and Runequest sets, so I would guess they have a RQG one (at least fan made). I have not used FG in at least five years so who knows...but their site is still active, so I'm sure somewhere in the forums is an answer. Come to think of it, they may only have an official CoC or BGB one that I personally modded to make a RQ3 sheet. There may not have been one other than that.
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    Grandfather Baboon (Daka Fal) and Baboon Shaman

    ... You could just make up your whole monkey cosmology. That's what we're doing in our current game. Right now we only have Grandfather, Ugly Teeth (death) and Jampy (illusion/disorder). Make it up as you go, who cares what the books say (I do, but I like making stuff up as well).
  17. tedopon

    Orlanth the Abuser

    I focused on Archaeometry, specifically diet reconstruction (giant rabbit hole of causality)...but got burnt out in graduate school and became a librarian. FWIW I'm kind of talking out of both sides of my mouth as I have collected and read a massive percentage of everything ever published for the setting...just no one else I game with is even close to the level of interest I have. So most of my Glorantha gaming boils down to basically D&D in the setting (which is great, no complaints).
  18. tedopon

    Orlanth the Abuser

    I have an anthropology degree. A real one, from an actual university. Not dissing the study of people and all the systems they create. Just pointing out that many fans of the setting are a little on the self serious side. I definitely fall completely on the other "valid approach" end of the spectrum. Glorantha is my favorite world in which to drink beer and laugh with my friends.
  19. tedopon

    Orlanth the Abuser

    You may want to tell that to the userbase on this subforum. I tend to avoid the Glorantha section because of the pseudoanthropologists.
  20. tedopon

    Orlanth the Abuser

    This times 1000.
  21. tedopon

    UZ Hero Wars plans

    I run a troll campaign in Pavis/Rubble. My trolls have trained their trollkin like gangs of monkeys to sweep through neighborhoods and steal whatever isn't nailed down. When they arrived in Rubble, they made their "plans" known to the trolls living there. Any trolls who didn't want to tow the party line were given the option to go south. Those who didn't choose to go south (there is an allied family north of the city) either were killed or made slaves. The mastermind of the whole plan was a dwarf drifter who saved their matriarch by murdering a squad of Lunars (when the guy said he wanted to play a dwarf after his troll died, I was confused for a session or two). He resells items in the city and pays the trolls in exotic foods. They have a traveling trollball team "Mama's Boys" named after their family "Mama's Family." They have no interest whatsoever in heroquests/herowars/etc. They like to eat caiman and camel and beat the hell out of trolls who aren't in their family. On the bright side, no broo have been seen in Rubble for a couple years now. TLDR version: In my home game, the Pavis trolls would not care as long as their bellies stayed full.
  22. tedopon

    RuneQuest Dice from Q-Workshop

    This statement reminds me of something I noticed recently. I go to GenCon each year because my job pays for the trip, and I also try to attend at least one smaller con per year. This year's trip to GenCon, both me and a friend who attended noted that there were a LOT of people using the fancy metal dice this year. I would ballpark it at 1/10 of everyone I sat with this year had metal dice. They must have come down significantly in price over the last couple years, because this year there was a large jump in the frequency we were seeing them.
  23. tedopon

    RQ vs D&D

    The falling example (while silly both because it's true that is a thing and that a player would conceivably "do the math" and jump) is accurate. The poison one is trickier. It is an accurate statement that a level 8 Klongdorker will have a better chance to survive drinking Witches' Brew than a 0L Farmer. The tricky part is that this is tied to Saving Throws. IMO there isn't a good analogous example for Saves from RQ, because they're another abstraction. Also, poison in post 3.0 almost all does attribute damage, only damages hit points indirectly. In pre 3.x, most poisons were "save or die," "save or confused," "save or unconscious," etc. So while it's true, it's more down to the higher level character having more luck than being healthier like the cliff jumper.
  24. tedopon

    RQ vs D&D

    Hits in D&D and derived games are not specific individuated wounds. Hit points and armor are an abstraction layer that are not directly representative of specific wounds like they are in Runequest.
  25. tedopon

    RQ vs D&D

    HA, it's all good! ...but not for the idiots who designed that Tarrasque Transport Unit. Burn them all at the stake, then feed them to the beast.