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Recruiting for ongoing PbP HQG campaign


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I'm recruiting new players (up to 5) for my long-running play-by-post HQG campaign on RPGGeek.  In the upcoming session, our characters will undertake a harrowing quest into the worlds of the gods to rescue the goddess Orane and return her to the Orlmarth clan before the clan is torn apart by strife and division due to her absence.  Generally characters will be from the Orlmarth clan of the Colymar tribe - we currently have a sage, a merchant, an Orlanthi god-talker, and a hunter - but there are lots of other possibilities.  Posting frequency is generally several times a week, but definitely looking for players who are willing to invest time over a half year or so period.  Familiarity with HQG is not required as it's fairly straightforward to pick up.  Familiarity with Glorantha/Orlanthi tribes is useful, but again not required.  If interested, note here.

For reference, campaign originated here: HQG Colymar Campaign - part 1 and have just concluded our latest 'session' here: HQG Colymar Campaign - part 7

My general game guidelines:

  • It is intended to be a fun and player-friendly game
  • We use the HeroQuest Glorantha system
  • No familiarity with the setting or system is required, and we're happy to help get someone up-to-speed
  • Posting varies but typically ranges from once a day to once every couple days [real-life intervenes with all of us in the game], and rarely on weekends
  • If you can't post for a period of time, that's not a problem, but easier to plan if we know in advance


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6 minutes ago, Rob Helm said:

I am interested. I'm familiar with the game and the setting.

Rob Helm

Excellent!  And I've got a couple others interested on RPGGeek as well.

I don't know if you're familiar with RPGGeek or not, but if not you'll need to create an account there.  https://rpggeek.com/

Otherwise, our Out-of-Character [OOC] thread is the place to get to: https://rpggeek.com/thread/1662764/ooc-heroquest-glorantha-colymar-campaign-2-orlmart

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