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  1. jajagappa

    Adventure Background Worksheet Errata

    I think that was noted as an error in the RQG Corrections thread.
  2. jajagappa

    Lhankor Mhy Sorcery and Meldeks

    That's why they invented Illumination. 😉
  3. jajagappa

    Apple Lane stats conversion

    What Jeff and Jason have noted within the past month regarding the GM Pack is that it: "includes a sandbox setting in Dragon Pass, detailed locations including Clearwine Fort and Apple Lane,... and three loosely-linked scenarios appropriate for starting adventurers."
  4. jajagappa

    Apple Lane stats conversion

    Yes, that's the one. Thanks!
  5. jajagappa

    Anthropologist occupation

    The typical occupations for an Anthropologist would be: Professor or Researcher with a primary specialty in Anthropology. The former would have a more academic focus, the latter a field-research focus. You could also use Author for someone who's focused on turning their studies into best-selling works, or Explorer if they are bent on tracking down unusual and remote cultures.
  6. jajagappa

    Apple Lane stats conversion

    "Return to Apple Lane" in Sartar Companion is the one where the Lunars arrive to claim one of Gringle's magic treasures. The PC's are supposed to help Gringle escape. There was another Apple Lane scenario done somewhere set a few years after the Lunars had taken over, but I can't remember where, though I think it was in some fanzine.
  7. jajagappa

    Making Sorcerers

    Correct. I was just referencing Irrippi Ontor. For other Lunar sorceries, we have the Major and Minor Class Schools, and the Carmanians. The latter would seem to have some focus on balancing dualistic powers (e.g. Natha) and powers of Darkness (e.g. from Spol) or Death (e.g. Humakt-related). As for the Minor Class School, we have this short description from HQG: "Lunar Minor Class Magician This male magician from a Minor Class unit is an initiate of the Spindle Hag, whose cultists explore the diverse horrors and solaces concealed within the mysterious realms of darkness and insanity. He wears long robes, a goatskin cloak over his shoulders and ankle boots with long curved toes. His horned headdress is fashioned from goat horns and ears." That suggests some combination of the shamanic practices of Jakaleel possibly with sorcerous rites. Could have spells related to disconnecting the spirit from the body, generating madness and hallucinations, etc.
  8. jajagappa

    Making Sorcerers

    No probably not. But I'd certainly allow for dismissal of such based on the Lunar mastery of the Young Elementals.
  9. jajagappa

    Making Sorcerers

    Irrippi Ontor would be easiest. Model on LM and possibly add spells that use the Moon rune (e.g. summoning dispelling Lunes).
  10. jajagappa


    The latest Lunar fashion made with red moon dust, or a plot by Quicksilver Mostali to undermine human and duck cultures.
  11. jajagappa

    Mass starvation and Our Heroes

    If I recall, even other Storm Gods like Valind do not respond (and all winds die when reaching the Windstop). But other Bad Gods likely will.
  12. jajagappa

    RQG Preview - more of the Bestiary

    Yes, there will be a separate GM Book. That is downstream in the publication list as noted above. What is coming after the Bestiary is the GM Pack. That is what Jeff has noted has the Colymar sandbox + scenarios + calendar + GM screen. No. That will come later. That will be the GM Book. It would be less confusing if names were more distinct. Maybe it will be by the time it is released.
  13. jajagappa

    Tie in opposed roll

    I follow the same, and seems to be fine.
  14. jajagappa

    RQG Preview - more of the Bestiary

    I think MOB is incorrect on that.
  15. jajagappa

    RQG Preview - more of the Bestiary

    Looks like the Sky Bull is ready to come down and stomp on the unsuspecting walktapus.