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  1. The first will support wagons and mules all the way to Karse. You really won't be able to use wagons on either of the latter two. The second & third require mules for the journey to Beast Valley or Duck Point. The second could support switching to boat once you reach navigable waters of the Creek-Stream River and taking boats downriver to Valadon (and ultimately Nochet), though some portaging might be required.
  2. Pretty sure you're thinking of Kero Fin. But I'm not sure what source for the picture you're thinking of.
  3. He means the upcoming RQG Sartar book.
  4. IIRC, it was an early Tales of the Reaching Moon issue.
  5. Sounds like something the Fronelans would bring out in the War against War.
  6. Look more like the Red, Blue, and Black Dragons, perhaps coming to defend their nest site in Dragon Pass.
  7. There's also a certain "Groundhog Day" aspect to the dragonewts' lives (if you've seen that movie). During each stage, they experience life like a single day in which they are trying to resolve a particular problem or achieve a particular ritual practice which they believe will liberate them further. Then they die, and wake back up as if the day was starting all over again, and they may enact each step through the day all over again until they get to the point where they feel they failed, and then try to do something different (along the same paired traits though). And then they die on
  8. Reaching out to grasp and hold something, and continuing to probe and explore its outer edges. Those are what the term invokes for me.
  9. They are weird and bizarre, do and say the unexpected. Follow the paired traits for their current incarnation - randomly roll to see the paired trait invoked, then see which way they go. Does it entangle them in mortal affairs, or keep them aloof? The latter is best, but entanglements are oh so enticing.
  10. As the saying goes: "The East is Red" There's some deep battle here, I think, for the "soul" of the Darkness. Wrestling for control over the Black Dragon, perhaps the primordial awareness of Darkness. The hallucinations of Black Lotus dust vs. the visionary pictoglyphs of the Black Mountain. The Twin Dragon Phoenix? One dark, one light? The Pit of Chaos? Influence of the Altinae? Not to mention her true love, Beat-pot Aelwrin is from there. It seems it's the Assidays, the Yelm folk, who turn southward trying to once again defeat the Storm. Per
  11. We shouldn't forget the cover picture to the Guide vol 1 and the conflict suggested between Can Shu and Cragspider. A struggle for control of the Black Dragon? Of the troll legions? Or something darker or more primitive? Does this conflict intersect at the Hell Crack? Or does this presage a return of the Black Sun? What might there connection be to Alanthore or the Blood Sun? Has the Red Hair Tribe been influenced by Can Shu to bring the Blood Sun west and unite it with the Red Moon?
  12. And don't forget the other early weapon: Burning Stick.
  13. You could also consider Celestial Lore as an alternative here. Homeland skill bonuses. and @Effkindly provided the details!
  14. I have no idea about logic used, but I generally try to smooth out the Cultural skill bonuses so that all are relatively equal at start. Assuming a standard skill level for Speak (own language) and Customs (homeland), I think the typical total cultural skill % comes out to about 170/175 points (some occupations definitely lower). If below that, I'll add in select skills that make sense for the occupation, but particularly focusing on relevant Lore/Knowledge (e.g. Farmers and Herders would get Plant Lore and Animal Lore), Craft/Devise, and perhaps a Communication skill. No more than +20% in
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