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  1. jajagappa

    I'm (still) confused about Spirit Travel

    Also here's an example of a recent Spirit Plane map I used (found on the carapace of the great Beetle Rurudram from Velhara's Quest).
  2. jajagappa

    I'm (still) confused about Spirit Travel

    The first venture I ran into the Spirit Plane came out of these elements: the Lunar based in the Nymie Valley had a witch ally; the Orlmarth Harvest festival was attacked by some Darkness-related spirit "serpents"; the Guardian Woods have a proximity to the Spirit Plane. Which led to a plot: the witch summoned a Spirit Plane ally (a vough - a malignant water nymph) to disrupt the Guardian Woods. The shaman Joseph Greenbeak, who was wounded by the Darkness-related "serpents", had uncovered something of the plot and needed help to defeat this threat on the Spirit Plane. To run that I needed to figure out the following: 1) how to get non-shaman PC's into, through, and out of the Spirit Plane. To go in, they had to find White Dust Mushrooms to cause Discorporation. Joseph could then guide them at various points, or tell them what to follow/where to go. To get back out, they had to get the thorns of the Green Spot Tanglebush. These could be carried by their spirits into the Spirit World, and they could jab their spirit bodies with them to follow the Trail of Pain back to the body. 2) a map. Take mundane world Guardian Woods, identify common places (i.e. places clearly inhabited by nymphs or other spirits), remove extraneous places, add in Spirit Paths including those that might lead deeper into the Spirit Plane or to areas of elemental concentration (e.g. Storm King's Hall or Kero Fin), add in someplace where they might bargain with friendly spirits (Assembly of Small Spirits) and dangerous obstacles. Besides what @David Scott noted above regarding Spirit Plane in RQG, some good points on Spirits in RQG Bestiary. 3) a goal. In my case the foe, a vough, and her minions (brollachans). RQG Bestiary has both of those, but you could have a hostile nymph or guardian spirit, a demon or "bad" wyter, or some breeding ground of disease spirits, etc. The goal could be a spirit place to learn something (e.g. The Twin Stars tent, which might be in the Sky, the Underworld, or in the midst of the Moongrass Plain, or wherever else you think appropriate). To fight off hostile spirits, use: Spirit Combat, magic, or special weapons for the Spirit World (mine carried Sword grass, "but with the root, not just the blade, else you find mighty painful", which are small grasses in the mundane world, but look like regular sword, albeit green, in the Spirit World and can be wielded like swords and do damage to spirits). To move through, use: Spirit Travel (quick jumps) or traverse it using map and Perception skills (perhaps with some negative modifier or opposed roll for the environment). But may be easy to get sucked into a spirit vortex and end up "far away". It doesn't need to be any more complicated than that. And there's lots of ideas to draw on from real-world shamanic "maps", or use "dreamscapes" that change and shift. Make things weird and colorful, yet perhaps also "out of focus" or with areas that cannot quite be seen. Make odd connections - the Bone Woman Trail leads in one direction to the Earth Woman's Hut, and in the other to the Speaking Bones. But to get to the latter you must cross pass beyond the Northern Guardians (two stone rock spirits) and the barren land of Zooming Hate Master. Avoiding the vough's swamp required my players to enter the Deep Home of Heavy Earth. Make perceptions strong - bright, vivid coloration, or strange grey landscapes, etc. A couple pictures from my spirit landscape include: the vough's swamp and the Black Water Gate (which leads to both the Lunar witch and the land of Darjiini swamp spirits); the Assembly of Small spirits; the Deep Home of Heavy Earth; and the Silver Woods (which are always close to the mortal world and where lost memories and forgotten thoughts go before they die). Hope some of these thoughts help.
  3. jajagappa

    Increasing Spell Repertoire

    And there are some who are, at least at the great Temple of Knowledge in Nochet.
  4. jajagappa

    I'm (still) confused about Spirit Travel

    It's not the only way in my games! 😉 There are "portals" into the Spirit World - which of course are very dangerous to those not prepared. These are places where the "border" is very, very thin and a dreaming soul might cross over. As my players know, there are some very dangerous "rabbit holes". Also I've used various herbs/drugs to induce a discorporate state (see RQG Bestiary p.199 - one of the effects of hazia can be discorporation). Again, best if accompanied by a shaman who can guide the travel and help ensure they are "outfitted" in ways that can help them fight or escape. Then there may well be sorcerous spells that allow a sorcerer to separate his dreaming self and travel the Spirit World reflection, perhaps hunting for the dreams of others or certain select spirits. And probably more ways. Some parts map, some don't. Some are greatly distorted, some "bend" upon each other because they are "related" or "connected" in some capacity. In my Orlmarth campaign, the Guardian Woods and most of its locations exist in both mundane and Spirit World. But in the Spirit World, there are strange trails which twist through the Guardian Woods. Some of those you must walk backwards along in order to move forward, or move away in order to move into. A Lunar witch connected one place at the border of the Guardian Woods with the Black Swamps of the Spirit World of Darjiin, effectively creating a "tunnel" by which hostile entities and spirits could attack the Guardian Woods. Places, such as the Assembly of Small Spirits, only exist in the Spirit World, but those spirits can be drawn into varied locations within the Guardian Woods. Places such as steads generally do not exist in the Spirit World. If you think more of a dreamscape which seems familiar, but isn't, and sometimes gets odd places, buildings, mountains, or roads (maybe memories of places of the past or far-away), then you'll have some sense of the Spirit World.
  5. jajagappa

    Swords of Central Genertela

    Almost feel like he should have some swirl or column of air/wind raising him up in his meditative posture. But enjoying this and all the other figures!
  6. jajagappa

    Devotee Plot Obstacles

    Has she had a child yet? If not, that's the obvious plot obstacle. She must charm and seduce a man (perhaps having to take on the appearance of a hag to do so), then gather the components of the Necklace of Enlivenment (shedding the disguise of the hag in the process), and beget a child.
  7. jajagappa

    Stafford Library - Arcane Lore

    If you want Heroquesting rules, no, not overly useful. If you want a ton of ideas to use in your campaign, yes, definitely useful and usable.
  8. jajagappa

    2 cults at the creation

    That would be one way to get access to all common rune spells. Or the Donandar cultist could initiate to Ernalda (Skovari) or Yelm (Molamin) and do the same. But...there are likely plenty of Donandar initiates who don't. Focusing on how to get access to Common Rune spells seems like a player concern, and would not be the way I'd think of a Donandar cultist. That seems to be a mini-maxing approach to play. Agree, this feels like the right approach. If you're part of the culture, you're going to have access to the magics of the greater gods. If you're an outsider (i.e. part of a Puppeteer Troupe) you get the freedom of that life (and perhaps a greater connection to Donandar's more powerful magics) at the price of less common "magic".
  9. jajagappa

    2 cults at the creation

    One of the things that is often hard to discern from all the writings is that there are two initiations, not just one. Around age 15 is the initiation to adulthood, as a member of Orlanthi society. This is not cult initiation. The new adults are lay members of Orlanth and Ernalda (and other clan deities) at this point. Subsequently, when they've satisfied cult initiation requirements (and feel the call to one or more deities), they will undergo the cult initiations, sacrificing their POW to the god and gaining initial rune points. Both of these are encapsulated in the RQG character generation. (In RQ2, only the first has occurred.) When thinking about Orlanth and Donandar, you have to ask whether you simply want the character to initiate to Orlanth and join the Drogarsi subcult (which requires the sacrifice of an additional 1 pt. of POW, though likely you can abstract this as part of what has been done during character creation), or actually initiates into Donandar as well. If the latter, then you need to complete the initiation requirements for the 2nd cult as well (I'd require this to be done on top of the base character creation in my games).
  10. jajagappa

    Summon Cult Spirit and Elementals

    I believe that is correct and how I've used it.
  11. jajagappa

    Feedback on new improvement proposals sought

    I definitely fall into the former camp. If you know it's there, and you don't have to consider whether to save for a future gain, you'll hold your HP's for the climax to ensure victory now (since you still have guaranteed experience coming).
  12. jajagappa

    Extended Contest: use or not to use?

    Not sure what 'bidding process' you're referencing, but maybe that's something from HQ1? There's no bidding process that I've ever encountered in HQG. My Extended Contests resolve in roughly 4-5 'rounds', and I've never found they bog the game down. As I've noted before, they are climactic events. They provide a tension and drama, with an opportunity for things to go back and forth that I don't find a Simple Contest provides. They provide opportunities for Assists to help someone recover in the midst of the event, or for a shift in focus/try something new to alter the contest, or for a last ditch use of a Hero Point to swing events more favorably. I run RuneQuest as well and that has its own feel. With HeroQuest, I want the narrative to flow like a story - at key points, the narrative focuses in on something more intense and more extended, so they work for me.
  13. jajagappa

    1652 Great Flood

    Jaldon's Rest looks like a nice spot overlooking not one but two beaches! The Red Goddess only knows what's going to come floating out of Snakepipe Hollow when the waters get into the Caves of Chaos! Time for some Deep Ones and Cthulhu Rising maybe?
  14. jajagappa

    Summon Cult Spirit and Elementals

    Most commonly the dead worshippers of that cult (e.g. ancestors and the like). Then there will be those that have some association with the cult's runes (e.g. air or motion spirits for Orlanth) or spirit magics (e.g. a spirit that knows Bladesharp). Some might be animal or plant spirits (e.g. alynx spirits for Yinkin). And also spirits of a particular place. It's much as noted for wyters on p.173-4 of RQG Bestiary: The origins of an individual wyter varies, and wyters include the spirits of dead heroes, genius loci, children of gods, artificial psychic constructs, souls of extinct spirits, intelligent elementals, and many other possibilities. Also consider more powerful cult spirits like the Snake Daughters of Ernalda on p.175 who require a 4 pt. Summon Cult Spirit spell. Guardian spirits would represent spirits already summoned and bound to a particular place.
  15. jajagappa

    RQG Pavis Campaign

    Yep. Though perhaps the local denizens (trolls, elves, etc) will enforce an Entrance fee as well, or add their own Exit fee on top of Argrath's. The Cult of the Who. 😉