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  1. You may also want to pick up Sartar Companion as that provides some added settings (e.g. Jonstown), many encounters, and some useful scenarios. I'm assuming by Sartar Rising, you mean the first volume (Barbarian Adventures). If so, the Blood Feud scenario may be a good starting point. There's an annual horse racing fair at Larnste's Table in Fireseason (which is in Cinsina clan lands). Make the 'Hostile Clan' either the Dolutha, the Emerald Sword, or the Two-Pine. You'll need to determine appropriate Difficulty levels (assuming you are using HQG and not HW/HQ1). You could also draw from the Clan Activities section (perhaps the Blood Feud triggers a cattle raid on the Hostile Clan).
  2. Or the point value for extended contests (where you want to 'push' the opposition to 5+): Marginal = 1 Minor = 2 Major = 3 Complete = 5 After a session or so, this and what Ian noted above are pretty rote. The only charts I find myself occasionally referencing are the extended contest summaries for Rising Action and Final Resolution (where you check to see if the 'winner' took any level of 'hurt').
  3. I'd put this merging into Earthtongue at the end of the Adjustment Wars. The Heortling Kings have once again been thrown out. What better 'adjustment' than to reinvigorate the language with the power of the ancient Earth Queens? Now, that doesn't align as well with Jeff's initial chart. So, the next event that would have significance is the coming of Belintar. One way for the Grandmothers to 'resist' is to encourage the separation and distinction of Esrolian from Heortling (or perhaps it's the point where the Heortlings 'resist' the influence of Belintar by adopting more 'storm' elements?). The final merging of Earthtongue into Esrolian would appear to align with the reign of Queen Bruvala - another aspect of her long and wondrous rule.
  4. Agreed. This seems implied by the comment: "proclaimed himself the Jann of Afadjann and enslaved many of the cities of that land." It's likely to have suffered several changes in rulers: "Since 1518, whoever rules the city [Homboro Tondo] is the Jann, no matter what his other holdings (if any) amid the tumultuous civil disputes of the area." Zandorffo is noted as the first city enslaved. Garguna is another city likely conquered in this period. Possibly Tavu eb Teba and Temissrah as well. Sarro is another that is controlled by the Jann. The Jann also seems to have gained control the fortresses at the Foreign Legion Pass in the Eredoth Mountains.
  5. It's also easy to pair it with the Sartar Companion. Have the heroes venture to Jonstown, or deal with the dwarf tribute (which I think works better for the Cinsina than the Colymar).
  6. HQ2 offered 3 methods for character creation: Prose, List, and As-You-Go. SKoH used the List method. HQG used the As-You-Go method. HQG set certain keywords and abilities at specific levels to ensure that characters would meet the requirements for initiation into the cults. Compare: Cultural keyword: SKoH (no rating); HQG (at 13) Community relationship: SKoH (not specifically broken out); HQG (at 13) Occupational keyword: SKoH (no rating); HQG (at 17) Distinguishing characteristic: SKoH (no rating); HQG (at 17) 3 Runes: SKoH (1 at 17, 2 at 13); HQG (1 at 1W, 1 at 17, and last at 13) Additional abilities: SKoH (9 noted: start at 13 for base or +1 for breakout); HQG (5 noted) +3 Charms, Spells, and/or Natural Magic Talents: SKoH (noted, but no ratings); HQG (not specified) Flaws: SKoH (up to 3 noted); HQG (up to 3 noted with specific values) Assignments: SKoH (put 1 keyword, rune, or ability at 17); HQG (already factored into above) Additional points: SKoH (+20 on any of the above); HQG (+9 on any of the above - the difference is factored into occupation, distinguishing characteristic, and runes). Also some slight variations in occupations (SKoH is more specific to Sartar/Heortland). I allow players to generally draw from either (usually restricting use of spirit-talker and philospher/sorcerer).
  7. The Guide gives you a great view across Glorantha (peoples, places, some history). The Glorantha Sourcebook has some slight overlap (elder races), but mostly covers background myths and deities and detailed history of the Lunar Empire and Dragon Pass. A very good complement to the Guide. While they've announced a Bestiary and a GM's book and scenarios/campaign books, I've not heard of anything else similar to the Guide and Sourcebook.
  8. I think you have read this correctly. I agree - I had missed that this was in reference to the Catch-up package.
  9. It could be that the Lunars are capturing aldryami in the Stinking Forest (where there is no great tree to aid/protect them), and shipping them to various Governors, officials, etc. to help tend their gardens. Sor-eel or the Patromas might be trading for such creatures.
  10. From my list of rumors for Saird (slightly modified): The dwarfs of Hilltown are trading copper blades for red clay - Elkoi pig $#!+ might work. The dwarfs of Hilltown are now trading silver for white salt - where do the primitives get salt? One of the local spirittalkers claims that the best salt comes from ancient water giants who were slain and dried out by fire gods - but can they find one? The King of Imther is seeking a new bride - consider sending Marusa. Stupid Etyries merchant building fort on Elf Sea - maybe can get primitives to raid it. Caught Holayan spy. Entrails were interesting - my reader says there is a great city in my future. Idiot guards said there were red wyrms are breeding in the Red Wyrm river - should have them flayed. Rumors say Quinscion the Patient has an incurable disease and will die shortly - how many times have I heard that before! The Soldier's Ferry caravan has completely vanished - have to resort to a tribute on the local pigs. Heard that a giant two-headed turtle swam up and out of the Elf Sea and ate 10 children of the Haylfan clan - serve the scum right. Maybe Marusa can claim credit? The Esteemed Right Hand of Gormoral of Vanch is an idiot and foot-licker.
  11. They are in a myth in the Otherworld, so the options are either: 1) they die and follow Grandfather Mortal to the Underworld when that event occurs; 2) there is some action that drops them out of the Otherworld. If they are still in the Green Age, then perhaps they must be broken or torn apart, or be cast into the Endless Chasm of the Earth, or be kissed by the Earth Queen, or swallowed by the Serpent Mother, or perhaps just Named by Genert. One of these actions pushes them out of the story/myth and they awake somewhere in the Earth, perhaps a cave or an Earth Temple, maybe even the Earth Temple in Snakepipe Hollow! If they've moved the story into the Golden Age, then perhaps they are captured by the minions of Yelm and brought before the all-seeing justice of Brightface. His fiery Justice sears them, and they drop out/awake in a retirement tower by one of the Sun Dome Temples, though no one at the temple remembers what/when they arrived.
  12. Deep, deep trouble. If you DO anything, take ANY action, you have made a foe. Maybe its an obscure one, maybe a significant one. The Green Age is the time of Naming. Genert and his companions named things. If you steal something, then you may be named as The Thief (this could become a new/alternate myth for Lanbril). But, in being named, you bear The Mark. Maybe The Mark was never noticed by any Lanbril cultist before, but when The Thief returns he/she will have The Mark, and suddenly everyone remembers what The Mark means. Or, perhaps the heroes simply encounter Genert and the Namers. Genert asks them what they are. They make the mistake of responding (and likely a mistake not to respond too) and say they are Hands of Tada. Well, Tada is among the Namers, and Genert says to Tada, "it seems you've misplaced your hands, here they are", and the heroes are literally gathered up and attached to Tada. Oops. Especially since Tada is now off to fight chaos and is going to be torn apart (and no one knows what happened to Tada's Hands). I think this is the right way to play it. And it is likely that the heroes' actions invokes a response where the Golden Age figures are suddenly revealed in their glory. For instance, the Lanbril hero steals from an innocent Youth. The Youth is revealed to be Yelm the Glorious Rider, who directs the Golden-eyed Eagles to pursue The Thief and bring the Thief to Justice.
  13. But, that still adds a 'companion' of a sort (and there's nothing wrong with that). And I've also had players create 'intelligent' weapons or artifacts (e.g. an intelligent hammer). But... not everyone wants a companion of any of these sort. They want the sole, single character. And that's also ok - while others have been busy acquiring a follower, etc., these folk have focused on some other abilities - and that's why I've gone to allowing some compensation for not going the companion route.
  14. If you happen to be one of the 'fortunate' ones chosen for the Tournament, you had better hope you have lots of Luck to be either the One who becomes Belintar's mortal body or one of the very few who escape, otherwise you get Death. As Scott noted, it's not what you wield but whether/how you survive. I agree with Joerg on this: it's a fantastical place to go to, and there are some folk who do (merchants travelling the Fish Roads, sages bringing the latest knowledge to the Final Information Library, etc.). More likely, 'worshipping' Belintar directly means you have been noticed in some capacity and selected to stay on at the City of Wonders. But most worship is indirect and channeled through the Governors.
  15. While I don't formally describe it in this manner, I think it is largely the outcome that I apply at the different levels of victory. In some cases Marginal Victory is just 'you got what you wanted, nothing more'. Minor, major, and complete then add some additional results. In other cases, a Marginal Victory is sort of a partial victory - for instance, in tracking you might find that yes you can find the tracks, but there's two sets of tracks and they go in different directions. This seems to be in line with your 'Yes, but...' result. I think it's a useful way to describe or approach the results (though I don't think that it needs to replace what is written).