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  1. She is not in the Cults book. Possibly for Nochet, but she's not really worshiped in any way that provides direct benefits.
  2. This is where the semantics come into play, and the meaning of the terms. If Arkat means "Liberator" and that is like saying "Messiah", rather than referencing a specific historical figure, then it may well entail more debate. Or it may be "Argrath who?" - aside from those who were at the Cradle, at the Battle of Pennel Ford, or off in Prax/Pavis in 1625, who in Sartar will have heard of him? Or if they have, it may be that the Praxian beast riders have a new leader called the White Bull - the name Argrath may not even come up until he finally arrives in Sartar in late 1626.
  3. I'm sure this exists in Onlaks. (Whereas in Maslo, the situation was all ritualized by Elam-ate so that humans were not actually eaten.)
  4. In theory, back in RQ2 getting to Hero/God level was the end game of the ever promised HeroQuest book (since these steps were actually laid out way back in WB&RM). Just never got there (and, yes, getting to Rune Lord took time). Will be interesting to see what the mechanics are, though.
  5. I believe it means that those who reach Hero status have gained the Mastery Rune. Those who reach God status have gained the Infinity Rune.
  6. No, it's not inherently a God Learner view, but does reflect how the God Learners categorized those who follow the gods and their approach to magic. This understanding or philosophy is not the God Learner's secrets. Their secrets have to do with perceiving the Runes behind the gods and manipulating the gods and their magic further - it's an approach removed from the gods. Casting Rune magic is channeling both the power and presence of the deity into the mundane world through the vehicle of the worshipper. The worshipper is effectively the god. If anything the worshipper is even more a "believer" of the divinity because they literally experience the divinity and their powers through this action. My players (and therefore their PC's) embrace this idea.
  7. Yes. While there is no practical difference between GMT and UTC, the former is a time zone, the latter is a time standard.
  8. Especially when the other foot is delicately placed and balanced atop the Crimson Bat.
  9. Hortugarth and the Plain of Stones near Imther both came out of my RQ campaign.
  10. Got hacked by that ancient deity Indlas Somer from the dawn ages of RQ?
  11. I strongly doubt prisons. I can see slave compounds, mines (e.g. the Salt Mines in the Big Rubble), gladiator pits, etc. But not prisons as we know them. One difference between DP cities and DH cities may be that the former have Mayors (sort of a mediator among guilds and city-based clans) whereas the latter have a priest-judge of Yelm. Judgment is likely quick for commoners - exile, slavery, mutilation, or execution.
  12. No, not me. There's definitely no "police" force anywhere that I'm aware of in Glorantha. Doesn't mean these societies don't have laws (i.e. customs) and don't maintain order (i.e. enforced by clans, houses, etc.).
  13. That's one I didn't know! Does a haze of brown air actually hang over it? Oddly in my mind I always read that as Keystone Island. But there it is in RQ Companion as Kenstone!
  14. Yes, I think a fair number of us who've been around for awhile know the name origin as well as many of the other sites in Prax. Interesting to hear about the origins of the Borderlands scenarios including Daine and Tarnak. Borderlands was the first set of scenarios I ran through using RQ (unfortunately solo as I had no gaming group at the time).
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