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  1. jajagappa

    Adulthood and cult initiation (long)

    Given that I believe they are typically spirits that appear, I see no reason anyone needs to travel - the spirits appear in some capacity. Of course, it may be more auspicious for the child to be born in some place favored by such ancestors (e.g. the stead with some small shrine to the ancestors).
  2. jajagappa

    Strike Ranks advanced questions

    No, it's true in RQ2 as well (p.36) as seen in the spell strike rank table. A 1 pt spell (used POW instead of MP then) took 0 SR. Each additional point added 1 SR for casting.
  3. jajagappa

    Everyone Having Rune Magic

    And I'd say YGWV. I think as Jeff has said elsewhere the rules are a toolkit to work with, and this point doesn't need to be explicit. If you want low-power NPC's, do so. If you want a lot of NPC's with magic, do so. I don't think this is a question that requires resolution within the rules.
  4. jajagappa

    Adulthood and cult initiation (long)

    Illusion and Disorder primarily. Maybe Moon originally until it acquired its more chaotic taint. For instance, you've always known young Asborn to be troublesome and selfish, full of pranks and mean jokes. When he emerges from his initiation he's clearly marked with the rune of Disorder. His kin are worried. Perhaps it can be channeled towards the Storm Bull, but everyone has their eye out now on Asborn. And what of young Hereva? She's always been very secretive, hidden, and prone to hiding things. Her rites show her with a bent towards Illusion, not the practical ways of the Earth. Maybe they'll encourage her towards Vinga - see if she can come to terms with this in association with her Air rune. Or maybe she has an affinity towards music and dance as well and someone will encourage her to find a Donandar troupe. But maybe that association with Illusion is just too strong and her kin think it likely that she will fall towards the Trickster. I'm sure post-birth blessings and omens are commonly looked for. Who are the Three that appear at their birth? Some may be ancestors (there's a reason Orlgard is so like his great-grandfather Hargard!), some may be known clan spirits, but there may well be Strangers or Gods, or even a discorporate shaman! If Eurmal shows up, well that's a strong omen. But Eurmal likes disguises, so who knows when he's secretly appeared. If you figure the typical Orlanthi All, then 85% may well fit expectations at initiation, but those other 15%... well who knows!
  5. jajagappa

    New to Runequest?

    I agree. Although I ran RQ for 10 years, I had not done so for 20 years at the point where I picked up the RQG Quickstart. It gets you into the basics: use of skills, basic combat, use of augments/runes/passions, use of spirit magic, use of rune magic, how to heal damage, and I extended slightly to get in some spirit combat. Using pregens allows you to get to those aspects quickly and give you a reasonable balance of characters to start (though not sure why the pregens had such crappy Herd skills!). With basics down, explore character creation. Start with humans (or something very close like ducks). Well, that didn't take long at all! Harmast with a sword and inspired by his Hate(Greydog) went right over 100% during my Quickstart run. But that was just one addition to figuring out the combat results. Yes!
  6. jajagappa

    Adulthood and cult initiation (long)

    No, not until they can through cult initiation. I don't know that this would be so. It's only here where those with the Chaos taint, or Trickster runes, are really revealed. Perhaps their personalities will give some indication of what people suspect will be dominant, but not yet manifest. (E.g. that boy was very restless - we thought he'd manifest the Movement rune, or Air, but turns out he's got Fire and Disorder within.) I do agree that there will be a lot of reading of omens. It may well be that the Runes are very much in flux as a child grows so that this is an inexact art. Some you can read well and direct accordingly, others are very much a mystery and even hidden from the gods and ancestors.
  7. Years ago one of my players created one of these type of characters. So bland that the character was named Grucius Grey. IIRC the character ended up as an Irrippi Ontor scribe who trekked off to Giantland and later helped establish Amber Fort on the shores of the Elf Sea. But despite the mediocre rolls/stats, the player just went with it since he wasn't really sure what he wanted to create. But the PC got increasingly fleshed out over time - and the Character Background Generator certainly helps with that. I certainly wouldn't force mediocrity on a player's character, but it can still be an interesting change of pace for those who want to run with it.
  8. Since it is not up-to-date vs. the pdf of 11 October, I would say not to as you'd just end up pulling in items that have already been addressed.
  9. jajagappa

    Thoughts on Defending Apple Lane (possible spoilers)

    Could be that a copper axe ignores armor, and when Redeye's HP drop to 0, then he fades back into the Otherworld. Or maybe the touch of the copper axe drinks up MP like a spirit combat attack and if MP drop to 0, then he fades away. Or maybe you need to find a ritually enchanted copper axe that has some other properties or powers. Or maybe no weapon will work well - you need another way. Perhaps you need to borrow the Jeweled Notes from Queen Leika to lull Redeye to sleep (it's really why he's got red eyes - he can't sleep!). What you need to do when he's sleeping may be another question.
  10. jajagappa

    Thoughts on Defending Apple Lane (possible spoilers)

    Set up a quest for the PCs to gain the weapons, magics, and/or blessings needed to defeat Redeye. They go to Queen Leika with the news. She consults her advisors and recommends they talk with the Earth priestess at Clearwine (thus getting Ernalda's blessing). What might they need? a magical truffle taken from an aldryami grove (negotiate with Tarndisi perhaps? or something more distant like the Stinking Forest) to lure Redeye out of his place of refuge a shadow to blind Redeye (from an Argan Argar merchant) a copper axe to ritually drive Redeye back to the Otherworld (perhaps the Earth temple will loan it for services; or perhaps they have a vision of it in some ancient queen's barrow?)
  11. jajagappa

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    "North of Dragon Pass, in the region called Peloria, there arose the Red Moon Goddess. In her were balanced Constancy and Change, Life and Death, Love and Indifference, and all the dichotomies of the Universe, including a touch of Chaos. Her arrival changed the face of the land." So too did Greg's arrival change the face of gaming and helped launch the world of tabletop roleplaying which I discovered in the form of RuneQuest back in 1982. 12 years later at RQ Con 1, I met Greg for the first time where I had the chance to talk about my explorations of Glorantha, Imther and the Lunar Empire. That began a correspondence with Greg through which he shared his thoughts and guidance as I explored the mythic side of Saird, Sylila, and the Lunar provinces. He was happy to help in that exploration even though little of my work in that period has surfaced beyond a few fanzines. While we talked more in person at RQ Con 2, my favorite memory of Greg was during a trip to the Bay Area in 2001. Chaosium was in the former naval yard in Oakland at the time and Greg invited me to visit and gave me a personal tour of the offices including much of the unpublished files. We had dinner at one of his favorite restaurants in Berkeley. A very enjoyable day! I'm sad to hear the news of his passing, but glad that he was able to see the restoration of Chaosium and the return of RuneQuest to its roots. Condolences to all his family!
  12. jajagappa

    Kolating shamanism and RQG

    I like that much better! On the taboos, I note that these come directly from Sartar Companion, so fine to use as is, but a couple thoughts below: > Never commit adultery - another possible taboo could be "Never wear clothes [possibly for specific location]" so that you are closest to the winds. > Must Tend Oak Trees - I don't tend to think of oak trees in association with frost/snow. You might consider something like "Gather mistletoe each Freezeday during Darkseason" > Rise Early From Sleep - I'd make it more specific such as "Rise each day before Dawn" or "Never rise before Dawn"
  13. jajagappa

    Kolating shamanism and RQG

    I don't think it would be amiss to have the Kolating shaman hunt down spirits that have a single specific rune spell, particularly if that spirit has a taboo that the shaman must adopt. If you just grant them as rune spells all you have to do is spend the rune points to get them, and at that point you have a cult as powerful as Orlanth (which is why I wouldn't play it that way, and would simply ask 'why not use Orlanth?'). [Note: one additional way to play and limit Kolating scope is that Kolat has only shrines and each shrine only has one rune spell available, and possibly on a one-use rather than reusable basis.] As for the Spirit Society of Oakfed, I think we've really only had a preview in RQG. He's really only got one special rune spell, and you go to his one main site to regain. Otherwise, you're acting as a shaman and you are travelling into the spirit plane to find friendly spirits with whatever magic they have. Assuming Oakfed is friendly with Kolat, his shamans could gain a spirit that knows Increase Wind to help spread Oakfed's fires. Different ways to play - I'd just tend to focus on the shamanic rather than rune spell aspects.
  14. jajagappa

    Google+ Going Away

    Yep, my sentiments as well. Very simply for basic notifications, yet able to include short responses on a wide range of topics. While I enjoy the BRP Forums, they aren't as easy for quick social media type posts. Will not use Facebook for this.
  15. jajagappa

    Feedback on new improvement proposals sought

    I like this idea a lot. I'd probably make it a result that is Major or Complete (since that is effectively what I've focused on), but like the idea of including both Victory and Defeat. Rolling against itself makes sense.