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  1. Remember that Kallai was clan chief of the Taraling, not the Ernaldori, and subsequently King of the Colymar, so he's a distinct noble line (which includes Kangharl and Leika). The marriage of these two noble lines probably had more complex arrangements where the daughters stayed with the Ernaldori/Earth temple rather than being part of the Taraling clan.
  2. I'm sure this is how certain "schools" develop in some areas as they find ways to logically combine, separate, command, or dispel certain runes to reach their result. Old God Learner grimoires probably contain examples of these. The Rokari probably frown upon or even punish those who deviate from proper forms.
  3. I'm sure they do. Consider the families of say the Ernaldori clan (not that they are necessarily named, but following Jeff's example of two main families). One noble bloodline (say the Brandgorsons) is generally clan chieftain, the other (say the Chans) runs the Clearwine Earth Temple. There can only be one clan chieftain at a time. Brothers, sons, or uncles in that line may well be thanes, or they may be initiated into important cults (e.g. Issaries, Lhankor Mhy) while daughters are married into other clans (e.g. Orlmarth, Konthasos) and become priestesses/god-talkers of Ernalda or initia
  4. Of course! Very reminiscent too of Goya's Saturn Eating his Son.
  5. Incidentally, if you rotate the above image, and zoom in you get some lovely detail of Arachne Solara right in the center.
  6. This was the latest update on the Monomyth picture, including the dreaded Coffee Cup of Doom! (Note 1: now we know how Umath first disrupted the Perfect world of the Celestial Court. Perhaps the hole in the Sky from which Umath emerges is actually a Starbucks?) (Note 2: she must not have a cat...)
  7. Because it's what it's been since RQ2? Because Strength spirits dislike Vigor spirits, and vice versa?
  8. I'd probably not go there as that benefits the low INT character substantially and gives no value to high INT.
  9. I agree. The natural limit for remembering Sorcery spells should be INT, not Free INT. But, I like the idea that knowing spirit magic reduces your effective INT as that "connection" to the spirit world creates a sort of "interference" to your memory. So, I think my approach would simply be that Free INT = INT - spirit magic spells. And if you don't know spirit magic, then Free INT = INT, and that seems to make sense in what you can remember. (And you can still push spells into your "Memory Palace".)
  10. If you've just been stung by a scorpionman, you want Vigor. Boosts your effective CON up in time to resist the poison if you don't happen to have an antidote handy.
  11. I don't think this is actually the case. More likely it is the Aeolian nobles and/or commoners that worship Orlanthi gods (possibly as Ancestors in the case of nobles), and the sorcerers, like other Malkioni, stick to sorcery.
  12. You can always cast spirit magic at a lower level than you know. If you know Heal 6, but only need Heal 2, you cast Heal 2.
  13. The Nights of Horror. Hon-eel/Red Emperor vs. the Pentans at the end of the 5th Wane, 5/43 (1506). (GS p.179) “Nights of Horror” is the name of the two-day battle that followed. More than 150,000 warriors and magicians took part. The wily nomads had hired the services of a magician family from distant Orathorn to aid them, and the sorcerers had remained concealed until now. Their surprise entry into the magic battle destroyed most of the Lunar magicians. When the army began to crumble, Hon-eel alone halted the collapse of the right flank by destroying seven spirits in combat, oblivious
  14. Tyram if I recall correctly.
  15. jajagappa


    Which is what I think it is (or perhaps originally a nickname).
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