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  1. jajagappa

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    It feels like it should be a Yes! I've never really been able to figure out the value of the Hallucination spell, or why anyone would cast it. Something like this would provide some definite interest.
  2. jajagappa

    I need a recommendation re: HQG or Core

    That is one of the nice things with HeroQuest!
  3. jajagappa

    I need a recommendation re: HQG or Core

    I have both (as well as the earlier HW/HQ1). I've been running HQG close to 5 years now and don't think I've ever referenced the HQ2 Core in the entire time, though I know there are a few things which are described/written somewhat clearer in the Core book.
  4. jajagappa

    ErnalsulvaĀ“s Gifts

    The bonus may well need fiddling with, but this type of augment (or shift) to a Rune (or Passion) is definitely something I want in my Glorantha (though likely will have some counter/deleterious effect, or be easy to 'break').
  5. jajagappa

    Sartarite Greetings

    Obviously they use "OY!" Light before Truth. Or perhaps the more correct format: "O Y !" Light over Truth. šŸ˜‰
  6. jajagappa

    Regimental Information

    Sir Narib brought his regiment over to Nochet in the wake of the Lunar invasion of Heortland and has his own barracks/home outside the city in Meldektown.
  7. jajagappa

    ErnalsulvaĀ“s Gifts

    I'd also give the Hawthorn Bough a connection to the Fertility rune - i.e. always adds +20% when the bearer invokes that Rune (e.g. Inspiration or casting Rune spell), or +30% when in the Underworld or during Darkseason. However, if the bearer attempts to use the Death rune or invokes a Hatred, then the bough withers/shatters.
  8. The one time fee to learn the spell from whatever temple or shaman that can teach it to you.
  9. jajagappa

    The new Dwarves

    The art itself is less important - the important thing about this work was the article in which Greg laid out the Mostali/dwarfs as part of the World Machine with the specific castes, etc.
  10. jajagappa

    The new Dwarves

    Don't think I ever saw that one. DW 24 was the first real breakout of Glorantha dwarfs, and they were clearly in the World Machine by then (though still looking very 'human'). http://www.diffworlds.com/dw_13-24.htm
  11. jajagappa

    Ulanin subcult for RQ:G

    As a subcult, keep it simple. Ulanin is a horse rider, so the subcult might provide an additional skill for training (i.e. Ride or Animal Lore) and either one spirit magic (e.g. Vigor) or Rune spell (probably Beast or Movement related). Could be something like a variant of the Rune spell Draw Beast, but specific to horses. Or something like True Ride that doubles the Ride skill.
  12. jajagappa

    [RQG] How do you do mass battles?

    There's lots of options for modifications: skill of leaders, field position, average skill level with weapons, freshness or exhaustion of units, etc. Generally the GM will set the +/- bonus to each side, though if PC's are influential, maybe a preliminary Battle or Lore roll or other factor adjusts this slightly. If you have PC's who are leaders, have them make their Battle roll with the initial modifier - their result then influences the PC's with them. For a larger battle, I like the idea of several 'scenes'. I had thought of breaking up the Battle of Queens further: opening forays, attack on Kallyr, Leika's rally, etc. but consolidated to two (or a third if the PC's had joined the pursuit/rout of the Lunars). But then having each PC's Battle roll reflect some event within that larger scene provides a bit more drama. I tried to sequence their rolls based on their role in the battle: missile users first, then cavalry or melee, healers next providing a morale boost, then messengers who need to communicate across the field. Magical support could go anywhere in the sequence depending on whether it is acting like ranged attack, within the melee, or more protective.
  13. jajagappa

    Fate of the ship if all Dormal initiates on it die

    The Closing is still in effect until the Boat Planet rises in 1624. That the Cradle sails beyond landfall may be due to any number of factors, the most likely of which is that the giants (or Pinchining) know the route to the Underworld via Magasta's Pool and enchanted the Cradle to get there.
  14. jajagappa

    The Material Culture of Dragonewts

    As with Hykim/Mikhy, I always thought the True Dragons were hermaphrodites.
  15. jajagappa

    Esrolian Assassin

    It's in RQG Bestiary as the short writeup of Thed is there.