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  1. This misses two other resolution systems: Resistance Table - single roll, but % varies based on comparative values Opposed Rolls - this is more than just Chase rules. Combat is an extended example, but any situation can be one or a series of Opposed Rolls. Simple contests in HW/HQ are effectively Opposed Rolls, not the simple single skill roll of RQ. I use the Opposed Rolls for social situations, and utilize Augments, Bonuses/Penalties to adjust the situation. For more climactic situations, I would use some variant of the HQG Resolution Points system (much as done in Company of the Dragon).
  2. Either, both, or neither. 😉 It depends on the myth you are telling.
  3. Nochet is definitely the melting pot of Glorantha. You'll find enough inhabitants from Teshnos, Kralorela, Seshnela, and Fonrit to have local shrines to their deities. There's even a few Vadeli around.
  4. Generally, my thoughts on your questions: Talastaring/Brolian/Anadiki (even original Syliling) likely derived on their own path from Stormspeech. The Theyalan missionaries would have brought the Theyalan tongue north in the First Age. Assume that the original Talastaring was the tongue of Lokamayadon. Was this carried south by the Broken Council in conquering Dragon Pass/Esrolia? Probably a lot of admixture with both derived from Stormtongue. (Maybe this is like the overlay of Danish on top of Anglo-Saxon? Or perhaps more like the admixture of older PIE languages across Europe?) Post-First Age, the Talastaring/Brolian languages would branch again, with influence from DH early and Carmania later. The EWF adopts/develops Auld Wyrmish out of the First Age Heortling. That does not really penetrate Talastar regions. However, Alakoring brings a whole separate Ralian tongue into Aggar/Talastar. How extensive was this influence? I don't see a large population migration across the Rockwoods, so I suspect confined more to loan words. This influences the Northern Theyalan tongues including Tarshite, Aggarite, Holayan, Sairdite (which has more DH influence), and Imtherian. However, I suspect there's some line between more Talastaring/Brolian related tongues (extending up through Charg) and the northern Theyalan. That may be in Talastar itself. I think the northern Theyalan tongues are likely x3/4 language modifier (e.g. Tarshite to Sairdite or Imtherian). Talastaring to northern Theyalan might be x2/3 in Talastar but more like x1/2 as you get to Brolia/Charg.
  5. That's a debatable point. By entering the Underworld on their quest, they died. I think a far more useful separation between Daka Fal and the Orlanthi/Lightbringers is their approach to the spirit world. Daka Fal, and other shamanic traditions (and both Yelm and the Seven Mothers have shamanic traditions: Golden Bow, Jakaleel), are about bargaining with and coming to terms with the Spirit World. The Orlanthi command and summon spirits to do their bidding, expecting them to answer.
  6. Depends on what the myth is, what role you are taking on, and what you hope to get out of the story. (Or if you accidentally end up in the story.) From the Yelmalion perspective, the Hill of Gold is about enduring loss, suffering grievous wounds, humiliations, and indignities, and still persevering even in the face of the end of the world. Can you, or would you, experience the myth by entering it with 2 sticks and a piece of rope? Sure, Orlanth can steal your sticks, Zorak Zoran can bind you with your rope and tear out your Fire power and then leave you for Inora or the Chaos horde. But then again, ZZ might just eat you because you've assumed the status of a stickpicker rather than that of Yelmalio, the divine truth and justice of Yelm left behind in the world. And what role are you taking at Orlanth & Ernalda's wedding? Are you Orlanth? And if so, are you saying that Ernalda should take anyone as a Husband-Protector, even a lowly stickpicker? Or are you coming as a guest, and saying that even stickpicker's had a place at their wedding? But, on the other hand, maybe you are the pauper proving to the queen that you, too, are worthy even though you only have two sticks and a rope to your name. A Courtship/Wooing of Ernalda myth that eventually culminates in the Wedding of Orlanth and Ernalda could work very well. Myths are more than a set of locations/stations to go visiting as if you were on a cruise ship which drops you off at ports to visit, do your shopping, and return to the ship. They are an experience with fundamental aspects of life and death and the world. You can be thrown into one unexpectedly (and without preparation) - whether you come out alive, or sane, is a big question mark in these cases. If you are seeking to delve into the myth, though, and really experience it, then I think you'll prepare as best you can to live it as it was originally experienced.
  7. A black pebble or a skull or bone taken from her cave.
  8. Yes, that is it. And interestingly looking back on it, it's their attempt to get Divine Intervention (which one might interpret as getting a divine wind to carry them to the Holy Country) that fails, and they are forced to take the Magic Road instead.
  9. Part of Greg's Sartar Campaign writeup in Wyrms Footnotes IIRC. It's a good example of a case where you've used a path before, you know it's there, but that way is closed (e.g. you've lost the key, misplaced your invitation, had the carriage turn back into a pumpkin, etc.).
  10. Yes! But, at the same time, when an idiom clicks sometimes you just have to go with it. 😎 (Bowie - check; Sex Pistols - check; TS Eliot - check; Apocalypse Now - check ...)
  11. It's a timing thing. I want to get PC's interested in and invested in the Otherworld - to know the realm of the possible. Once they've been that first time, and they know there's a door, then sure, the familiar door is closed and now they need to find a different way. But give them that first nudge in.
  12. Yay! My player's characters are on their way there now, so perfect timing. 🙂
  13. I think you know my games well enough by now that I'm quite happy to pull in unexpected surprises and my own preferred cultural references... 😈 After all, my dragonewts quote Finnegan's Wake... 😜
  14. It's not much fun if you get your players all psyched up for a heroquest and then you slam the door in their faces. It would be like starting CS Lewis' The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and the kids get into the wardrobe, and it doesn't go anywhere - it's just a wardrobe full of coats. There should always be opportunity to get in so you can tell the story. Now, where you end up when you arrive is a whole different question. Did you land your house on the evil Witch of the East? Meet the kindly White Witch who gave you lots of sweets? Land face down in the mud? End up in the Underworld or the Trickster's Madhouse? That's where your preparations come into play. A roll is certainly possible, but should not be a barrier. Instead, take the opportunity to see how closely they align themselves to the quest/story.
  15. Here's another Earth story that came to mind. We think of the Green Age transitioning to the Golden Age. Light/Fire rises above the Earth and spreads its glorious Order across the world. But is that the REAL story? Here's a thought on making Earth more active. At some point, Gata spins the creative stuff of the world (or shapes it, or whatever alternate action fits), and gives birth to... something new, Fire. (Maybe it's even called Rashoran??? 😲 ) (Perhaps she was convinced to do this by Maker who was trying out something new?) And it burns her. Burns her so that she must retreat, and it spreads, consuming Fuel, her body. She is hurt and angry at this new child. But her surface self cannot stop the Fire. She must go deeper inward. At first she tries to contain it, heaving mountains up to keep it in place. But the Fire is light, and easily races upwards. Then she tries to bury it, throwing stone down upon it. But the Fire finds instead becomes like an oven and consumes new Fuel, and it turns metal and stone into liquid like water that flows through and fills the cracks in her body. Instead, she must find a way to protect her child Grower. She knows Maker can make anything, but Maker delights in tormenting Grower, and has fallen in love with the thing Fire. Gata goes to Maker to find something to stop Fire, but he refuses. So she must find a way to trick Maker into creating something(s) that can save Grower, contain Fire, and ... (should be a 3rd thing, but can't think of it at the moment). Gata takes on various disguises and tricks Maker into revealing his secrets. She finds a way to encase Grower in a hard shell that can be hidden within the Earth. She finds a way to smother Fire with the Ash of its own creation. And then she weaves (or gives birth to) the unburnable/invisible smoke which keeps the Fire above from the Earth. And then she tricks Maker to enter a tall tower, filled with "secrets". When he enters, she closes and locks the door behind him so he won't create more mischief.
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