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  1. One of my favorite bits from the original Jonstown Compendium (in the RuneQuest Companion): "There is a great fortress far to the north amidst the wastes of Hykim and Valind; a giant valley with a humid, warm climate. Trees grow in profusion there, and flowering plants sprout amidst pleasant, warmly-watered meadows. All around this wondrous haven tower the cliffs of the glaciers, and they have brooded there since Valind first howled out of the north. But the ice demons never invade the valley. The beetling mountains of ice and their howling winds form merely an appealing contrast to the perfection of the valley. The inhabitants of this paradise live without want, hunger, or pain, spending their lives in ceaseless wonder and joy. But all these happy inhabitants are broos."
  2. But do note the specific licensing terms and attribution requirements if used for Jonstown Compendium content.
  3. I've used my HQG campaign as background in my RQG campaign. There's a 7 year time gap so it works out pretty well, and the couple players who are in both get to see odds and ends of events, people, etc. reappear.
  4. The best place to go for the bear rune is the cult writeup of Odayla in Sartar Companion. If you don't have, the pdf is available on the Chaosium site (though the hardcopy is out-of-print). Regarding the Fate rune, as Joerg noted there aren't many deities that have this. Ty Kora Tek, who keeps the dead souls in the Caves of Silence, is another. The RQG notes on the Fate rune state: "Very few cults use this as an expression of the way of the world. Instead, it is used by downtrodden cultures that have no other explanation for their status, and conversely by those at the top, to justify their own positions." That said, what does your player think they could do with the Fate rune? A way to divine what might happen? A way to enforce "fate" over "luck" or chance? A way to force the dead to go to their resting place? Another deity who might have the Fate rune is Jajagappa, a deity from the region of Saird (north of Dragon Pass) who is the armed psychopomp of the Underworld, in which role he carries a net (i.e. a manifestation of Fate) and is accompanied by a pack made from lost souls he has caught. He has the ability to go and fight the souls of the powerful dead, and drag even great magicians to Death. His net is crowded with less powerful souls. He also appears in the mundane world in response to certain portents as a pack of demonic dogs led by a grim and fearsome specter in the robes of a king, jet-black as the rest: The Wild Hunt. Likely Ty Kora Tek or Jajagappa are the easiest approaches to the Fate rune. They know the rituals to prepare corpses, can send ghosts and other lost souls on to Hell, and help keep the separation between the worlds of Life and Death.
  5. RQG starts with RQ2 as a base. But there is plenty brought forward from RQ3 as well. Many of the cults and their rune spells were not defined until RQ3's Gods of Glorantha set.
  6. It means Eiritha has initiates, god-talkers, and priestesses. There are no "shamans of Eiritha". However, she does not preclude her initiates, god-talkers, or priestesses from becoming shamans, but that path is not part of her cult - the individual will have to find a shaman who agrees to take them on and train them. Yes. I believe they are, but likely there are people who are part of the tradition, but not training to become shamans - probably guard or support the shaman. However, I'll defer to @David Scott on that point.
  7. Yes, that is meaningful. "Has shamans" indicates that it is one of the levels an initiate can explicitly advance to in the cult. "Can be shamans" means that the initiate is not precluded from becoming one, but it is not a level to advance to within the cult.
  8. Eiritha did not have shamans in RQ2. She doesn't preclude them per se, but they were not explicitly part of her cult.
  9. I think the reason why is that I find both systems flexible enough to run the games I like to run. My games (including my old RQ3 campaigns) are what I'd term "mid-tier". The PC's are important enough to be tasked with important roles and quests, but not yet movers and shakers. I've never really had players into dungeon crawls, loot, etc. Regardless of system, the PC's have heroquests, bargain with spirits, fight demons, search for knowledge, trade with dwarves, etc. As for danger, extended contests in HQG against difficult opponents can be really hard on PC's. It may not be explicitly that your left leg is crippled, but you can be hurt pretty bad and on the brink of death, and hoping that someone has an ability to help restore you.
  10. You can read my RQG PbF version of the Battle of the Queens starting here: RQG Battle of the Queens [Prior pages start with the gathering and march to Runegate, if of interest.]
  11. But not yet for 13G. That was explicitly noted, though it sounds like it may be forthcoming in the future.
  12. Although I must say that over the last 5 years my HQG campaign to date has had plenty of heroes and plenty of quests! (Not too often since early on when they haven't been questing!)
  13. Clearly an Embassy from Deeper along one of the Fish Roads in the Holy Country.
  14. My favorite tidbit from the Guide: "Hidden deep underneath the center of the bottom of the lowest Underworld is the Chaosium, the Fount of Chaos, which spews forth both monstrosities and raw unformed “stuff ” into the world." I still find some wonderful bits in the Kingdom of Ignorance like this one: "a green-stone idol of a draconic antigod they call Bokrug the Prime Mover" or: "The ghost of Sun Storm’s third eye reportedly still wanders here [the Jankley Bore] after dark."
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