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  1. Love this bit.
  2. I would say No. However, Sartar Companion has a lot of encounters that could readily be used, plus has the description of Jonstown - a likely destination for Red Cow characters - and some of the scenarios there could intersperse well.
  3. Ran out of Likes for the day, but definitely like this one! And clearly found the Only Old One inside.
  4. My guess is Oria or Orana. I assumed this was Chalana Arroy. Given the presence of Magasta, a coastal culture (e.g. Heortland and vicinity) would make sense.
  5. Only a Marginal Victory then on my Glorantha Lore roll. ;-)
  6. They certainly don't have to be, and they likely have evolved significantly. However, unless there is reason to rebuild/relocate (i.e. the location isn't propitious enough to extend the Glowline as far as it needs to go), I think it is reasonable to argue that there were a set of temples in these locations by the post-Nights of Horror timeframe desired for the campaign. She's a horse-eater. Doesn't need to be human sacrifice, though likely included both during the Seleran wars. I think this makes sense. And during the Fifth Wane the focus will be on wherever Hon-eel is active.
  7. He did in general terms "the period where RQG is set" - which means post-Dragonrise.
  8. I like this as well. It's only an "earthsense" in the sense that much of the Earth has succumbed to immotion. It doesn't work well on the surface because everything is a mixture of growth and motion and must be like a "whiteout" (or a really, really bad acid trip).
  9. And we all know that Arkat waits to prevent this!
  10. Of course. And the pointy haired boss is a Gold Dwarf.
  11. One of my favorite events in my RQ Imther Campaign from years ago was the appearance of a "broken" dwarf near the city of Hortugarth - an escapee from the Imther Mountains. All the rival factions were in a race to get the dwarf for their own benefit. On the other hand, the dwarf was seeking humans (a clear sign of being broken) to aid him in proving that Chaos had entered the World Machine and was in fact being propagated by one (or more) of the latest dwarf inventions. Naturally, the dwarf was correct, the "Motion Projector" when cranked at a high enough speed did in fact produce distorted images which turned into broo.
  12. And the even older set of articles in White Dwarf #24 where the strangeness of the Mostali was first revealed. The artwork here is great though, both sketch of the five types and the color illustration. A gold dwarf held up on a perch by an iron dwarf? Great! A flying dwarf with steam? powered 'jet' pack? Love it. My biggest problem with the color picture is trying to determine which is the Silver Dwarf and which the Quicksilver Dwarf. Based on the text, you might interpret the Silver Dwarf as flying and the Quicksilver sitting by the power box. But comparing to the sketch where the Quicksilver Dwarf has the mask, and the Silver Dwarf squats with the soul prison, you'd reverse them and it makes the text seem a bit strange. I end up inclined to think the Quicksilver Dwarf flies using a pack powered by assorted alchemical compounds and the silver dwarf is doing something to facilitate the magical flow through the 'power box'. The sketch really gets across the vast differences between dwarf sub-types. I would have liked to have had sketches of all 9! (And these really make the MRQ Dwarf book pictures look pitiful in comparison.) My favorite? The Quicksilver Dwarf, though the take on the Iron Dwarf with 'tusks', spikes, etc. is wonderful. Favorite new bit: the Raising of Tharkarn and Somalz. Just use a great cable to pull the parts of the Earth together and raise their ancient cube mountain/land again!
  13. Another section that draws upon Elder Secrets, but pulls in both some classic artwork and adds in the nice fresco of the beastmen. The latter really looks like someone has gone to Nochet and taken a picture of an interior wall from one of the noble houses.
  14. Absolutely agree. The Lightbringer's Quest is a stunning piece and the rendering of the quest in this 'flowing' vision with 'intersecting' pieces is very different. I particularly liked the opening pictures where you have a sense of zooming in to the demonic guardians of the gates of dusk, and the Dark King (the Only Old One?) with his fork and bottle of presumably hot sauce. The Web of Arachne Solara with the gods pulling the net tight is another interesting piece, and very reminiscent/reflective of the cover art. A few of the gods are obvious (Magasta, King Griffin, Chalana Arroy, Kyger Litor, Ernalda), but be interested to hear which others folk think are included (or not). From reading the description of the Baroshi and the Maggot picture, my sense is that it was originally supposed to be full color. It's still a wonderful picture. And great to actually see Baroshi depicted all these many years after Snakepipe Hollow first introduced us to this story. I like the way the traditional cosmology and mythic story is interwoven with the pictures/notes of the Heavens Corrupted, a very specific and distinct DH view of the cosmos. Gives you the sense that beyond the God Learner view there are many other threads that could be explored.
  15. This is one chapter where I wished for more, including the art. The three art pieces were from Elder Secrets, IIRC, and the Gnydron comes across as rather pixelated. I would have loved to have seen a merfolk picture equal to those of the dragonewts, Mostali, or uz such as some interaction between the ludoch and malasp. There are tantalizing tidbits here, though much seen before (again Elder Secrets). I've always thought that there was opportunity here for something really unique and different to develop with the merfolk, but too many other directions to explore first.