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  1. Like when reciting the Colymar saga to the Orlmarth, you better get the Orlmarth/Colymar ancestors right!
  2. That seems very likely. (Besides, where's the profit for the Empire if you're always creating a "neutral" ground???)
  3. But also bear in mind that there are a LOT of standard phrases and epithets (just like musicians these days have a lot of standard riffs): the "wine-dark" Aegean, the "sacker of cities", etc. in the Homeric works. Whether using metrical or alliterative forms, there are patterns, words, etc. that are fillers that help keep the story/poem going. Not to say Memory is not important, but it's not like memorizing War and Peace. And the performances aren't being recorded, so there will be variations from one performance to the next.
  4. Just go to Nochet during their Festival of the Dead - the old Grandmothers will quickly knock that notion right out of your head! 😉
  5. Btw, Etyries was included in the old RQ3 Gods of Glorantha book, so her Rune magic is known from that. She had: Exchange Spells (an ability to exchange spirit magic spells between two individuals), Path Watch, and Reflection (but Reflection was subject in its own way to the Lunar cycle). Her spirit magic was: Countermagic, Extinguish, Farsee, Glue, Ignite, Mobility, and Repair. She did not have the ability to Create a Market, though (one reason why Issaries cult members do travel across the Empire).
  6. On the Facebook page it was noted that Narses is a former Esrolian eunuch who is a Chalana Arroy healer. The iron cross is used for defeating vampire or other undead.
  7. I think it's the old WF #10 article on the Gods of Light p.22: "Some of Pole Star's children were less stable or more adventursome than the other Star Captains, and they took upon themselves to wander throughout the world, both before and during the Darkness. Many of these demi-gods were slain, but one in particular, Lightfore, set a clear Heroquest path which later gods also followed." It's actually repeated pretty much verbatim in the Glorantha Sourcebook p.98. Better to go with the text from the Dayzatar section (GS p.97, also WF10): "Dayzatar was forced to leave his perch at leas
  8. Depends on when you are doing it. During character creation it's just part of the character's makeup - they have more, broader affinity to different elements. During play, then yes, it can be a fundamental change (and would not do on a whim - unless they are in the Underworld or encountering major Chaos, in which case anything is fair game). I've had a couple PC's in my HQG game go through some very radical transformations based on significant quest encounters. (One lost his Darkness Rune entirely, and ended up replaced by the Water Rune. His body went through some substantive
  9. And of course the Homeric epics (which clearly survived better than the other Trojan epic poems).
  10. 1) Yes. The easiest method is that clans from different tribes intermarry. TCS has a bridge between the Colymar and the Cinsina where there is occasional marriage between the Orlmarth and the Red Cow. I've used that in my campaign. SKoH p.34 notes "People become clan members by birth, or join a clan by marriage or adoption." 2) Yes. The old HQG Clan Questionnaire had results for whether your clan had adopted others, and if so, who, and whether you treated them as equals or thralls. Consider families displaced and fleeing from rebellions/Lunar oppression. They will petition to join yo
  11. Quite right! So the proper recitation of Poetry might be: Passion inspiration + Sing skill And the proper creation of Poetry might be: Passion inspiration + Speak Language skill (I'd argue for this rather than R/W given that poetry is something meant to be recited/heard, not simply read as a novel).
  12. Sing is the skill noted in RQG for reciting poetry. I think Art is sufficient for this. It could be augmented with Speak language if you want more eloquent words, but otherwise don't think that is needed.
  13. Why? Hasbro wanted to bring back their HQ boardgame. As I understood it, they had the trademark rights in at least part of Europe, but not the US, and have now worked out an arrangement to acquire all the trademark rights, thus avoiding any future back-and-forth over rights or lapsed rights. Clearly this has been in process for awhile given the shift to Questworlds for the SRD.
  14. Three fairly simple ones that the Riddling Raven of the Crossroads used in my HQG game. I run through hills; I veer around mountains. I leap over rivers and crawl through the forests. Step out your door to find me. What am I? I am the beginning of the end, and the end of time and space. I am essential to Ernalda, and I surround every place. What am I? I bind you tight yet have no body Eyes cannot see me Knife cannot cut me Hammer cannot break me Still you may slip away For the price of your word. What am I?" And one more.
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