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  1. As I noted in the G+ forum for reference: To my knowledge, none of the Queen-Priestesses of Ezel are named. I do know that of the great Nochet Houses, House Oranaeo is the one most closely associated with Ezel. I also know that one of Great Queen Bruvala's daughters (currently unnamed) ended up as a Queen-Priestess there. And the Grandmothers' Council is based there. Also to consider: Samastina goes there after returning from her mission to Cragspider, and before staging her coup in Nochet (i.e. during the Great Winter). She gains the Queen-Priestess as an ally. The Queen-Priestess is still allied to Samastina as of 1625-6. Likely the Queen-Priestess is a supporter of the Old Earth Alliance. What we don't know is when the varied Queen-Priestesses have been succeeded by others. They are the highest representative of Ernalda in at least Esrolia. Therefore, they are: of an Enfranchised House (noble), magically powerful, of blessed descent (likely all in the last 100 years have some connection to Queen Bruvala), and are mothers. They continue until they retire (when they are no longer fertile), or they are removed via assassination or magical disaster. Figure 10-20 years is typical rule for a given Queen-Priestess.
  2. I have both. Carse became Karse. I think @Joerg used it extensively in his old campaigns? Thieves World is Refuge, the odd city tucked below the Heortland plateau next to the tidal marshes of God Forgot. I haven't looked at either in years to see how you would fit them in currently. (In fact, only just relocated my Carse book about a month ago, tucked in with some old Tunnels and Trolls books.)
  3. Glorantha: HQG or RQ Classic?

    Have a read through the couple posts I made on the HQ Basics Page noted above. That should be enough to get started, but most of us here are happy to answer any questions. In most cases, it really is as simple as framing the contest, having the players identify the ability to use, assigning the difficulty, and rolling the dice. Then determining what the result was.
  4. Sartar Question

    Yes, that is the correct way to read it. The War and Peace labels really should be reversed.
  5. From the time I discovered RQ2 and Glorantha, I've liked the Lunar Empire. And there's lots here to review and explore. Much like @metcalph's comment above, I've always wondered how many Mad Sultanates actually exist. There's certainly the one in Dorastor. Ostensibly there is still one in Tork. But are there others? The plural usage always seems to suggest so. There's finally more mention of the Arcos River, and its great valley. Definitely one of the most forgotten places of Genertela. At least it's no longer a Blank Land. "the Arcos remained free and wild" - given it's somewhat 'sibling' status to the Oslir, one wonders if there's a draconic being associated with it? Something lurking in the depths of the Elf Sea perhaps. p.293 - Nice single map view of all Peloria including the oft-forgotten, or oft-ignored, regions such as Brolia, Anadiki, and Talastar on one hand and the Arcos Valley on the other. If you look closely, you'll also discover that the 2nd Daughter's Road points directly to Top of the World Mountain. And I bet you can guess what the 1st Daughter's Road points to! ;-) Climate - I used to think that there was something of a temperature inversion in DH with Yelm's grace keeping it generally warm year-round. But, no. Yuthuppa is more on par with Minneapolis and environs. Elz Ast with Duluth, Minnesota. No wonder I feel an affinity with DH lands. Population - interesting to see how densely populated Darjiin, First Blessed, and Sylila are.
  6. Ah, Vanch! Nothing like a bunch of scavenging, raccoon-god worshipping folk! To be fair, they are indeed merely pragmatic and mercenary. They survive. Despite not being directly named, Tunoral, the beloved Raccoon God, still hides in the pages as is his rather furtive and reclusive nature. So much the better to take advantage of unwary visitors such as the Light-blinded Yelmalions who chance to take a Tunoraling as their guide to the Hill of Gold. If I recall correctly, Tunoral got his start in my correspondence with Greg as I drafted the Verenmars Saga. He made his first appearance in Enclosure #2 back in 1998 in the story "The Fall of Heliakal", which was yet another Hill of Gold story. Heliakal (var. Heliacal) doesn't make his appearance in the Guide until p.711. Much of Vanchite geography also got its start back in Enclosure #2. You'll find the rivers there: the Bikosin (aka Green Vale), the Aryela, the Silverstone, the Dorayela, the Jader. Bikhy dates back to at least the old Genertela book though just noted as the "capital of Vanch". I don't recall when or where New Lolon first appears. As with Imther, there's more Orlanthi culture here than you might think. But it's well-mixed with DH, Yelmalion, and other bits and pieces added over the centuries. A lot of syncretism here. Noted in the errata thread, Peralam should not be sitting atop the Hill of Gold. It should be one hex to the south-east. There's a lot of charlatans, tricksters, and con-men there, as befits a place of pilgrimage. And then there are those drafted to play Orlanth, Zorak Zoran, etc. Pity the poor Yelmalion when the real ones show up in their quests! Hopefully, one of these days, more of Vanch will make more of an appearance. In the meantime, there's always some bits here:
  7. Glorantha: HQG or RQ Classic?

    There's no announced plans to issue an updated HQG pdf at this point. And I wouldn't let errata discourage you. I had not GM'd with HQ at all before getting HQG, so was a brand-new system to me (I had GM'd with RQ2/3 in the past). There wasn't even a single piece of errata at the time I began. The system is really quite straightforward. I put together some HQG Basics here: That said, if the above notes on RQG/RQ Classic are more appealing based on style of game/play, there's lots of content to draw on.
  8. Just checked, and yes, there too. It really should be in the hex to the southeast.
  9. Glorantha: HQG or RQ Classic?

    Do you want to adjust for ability advancement. Yes. Do you need to slavishly tie it to 4 sessions. No. The GM is best positioned to determine the right rate of adjustment. Where my players tend to use HP's in play and not hoard to buy advancements, it doesn't make sense to follow that tightly.
  10. There is a name for the Not-the-Red-Emperor. But when it may be revealed is another question. ;-)
  11. Peralam sits below the Hill of Gold not on the hill. The placement on the map on p.337 on the hill is incorrect. It is dangerous to be on the hill as it is very close to the Gods War. Shadows, demons, storms, even chaos might be encountered upon it.
  12. I don't quite remember how I discovered the existence of Wyrms Footnotes, but I did, and was able to get original copies of WF11-WF14 back when I started investigating Glorantha. For someone starting a campaign in the Lunar Provinces, having the Redline History available was/is a treasure - so much good material there (and the whole history is finally available in the Gloranthan Sourcebook). WF12 with the History of the Second Wane led me to discover the Conquering Daughter, the Daughter's Roads, and Sylila. All were important aspects in my original RQ campaign, and the Conquering Daughter was my first cult writeup. It reflected what I knew/thought at the time associating roads and the like with the Stasis Rune. It would be different now. Needless to say, I love the illustration on pg.320 of the Conquering Daughter confronting the Black Eel. While not the most finished work (and I'm not sure that the buildings behind are quite what I'd picture, particularly where the water seems to flow through the gateway), there's a nice sense of the magical confrontation getting underway. "The New Fire will burn away the guardians of the Black Eel River, break the gods protecting Mirin’s Cross, and leave a hard and indestructible bridge across the river, as clear as the purest crystal." My personal interpretation of the four-day battle is that Hwarin courts and wins over the Black Eel in a duel of Love, and that the Crystal Bridge is in fact the child of Hwarin and the Black Eel. Given familiarity with the Redline History, (and helping crowd-source edit the whole Lunar chapter) was there anything I found particularly new here? Yes, still a few items! (Such is the richness of the Guide) the Errio-Unit are clearly key players in the provinces, married into many of the provincial dynasties. This puts them squarely into a rivalry with the Eel-Ariash and the Tarshites. Be interesting to see how that plays out post-Dragonrise. Palace of Flowers (large city): Also called Elmsam - the name Elmsam was new. Suggestive of Yelm as the Bringer of Flowers. Verenmars’ Golden Coffin was stolen by Tarshite or Pentan raiders in the Third Age and lost. - Anyone wishing to resurrect Saird may need to find it. Tarshites of course would not want it to be found. Pir the Lawmaker is the patron god of Thubana and the source of its superiority. - I think this is the first appearance of Pir the Lawmaker. What's his or her origin? DH would seem most likely given Thubana's tall towers, but could have some other origin. Sword Hill, sacred to Humakt - sounds like a good pilgrimage site for Humakti.
  13. For those interested, these were my original Hortugarth and Imtherian Southlands maps. The first represents Hortugarth at its greatest extent ~1616 ST before the Crimson Bat visited, and intrigue saw its population decline. The second shows my original placement of various locales. From the Guide you can see that the Sun Dome Temple (Kareiston's Temple - which I think I first detailed in one of the issues of the Enclosure fanzine) and Hortugarth have somewhat shifted positions. Blame it on poor mapmakers from distant southern lands!
  14. "Kingdom of Imther. Imther is another client state. It fell to the Conquering Daughter in 1347. Its barbarian population is mixed herders and farmers; the state controls the Imther Mountain mines." From that tiny fragment in Griffin Mountain years ago, I began my exploration of Imther, and have subsequently ventured across Sylila, Saird, Vanch, and Holay. I'm not quite sure why I went in that direction, but being on the fringe of the Lunar Empire where Lunars might be both good guys and bad guys appealed to me. It was also easy to plug the cult of Yelmalio in here. It's fun, and flattering, to see my odd little contributions make it into this massive book. Hortugarth, at the junction of the Isildon and Imaron rivers, was I think my first creation in this world, and was home to my player's characters. Cider and cheese were popular there, and became a theme within the land now captured here. A major temple of the Conquering Daughter was in Hortugarth, and that was the first cult I fleshed out. Hortugarth saw many adventures of intrigue, but eventually the characters ventured beyond. The Plain of Stones was an ancient, haunted land of earth spirits, yet the characters boldly ventured in and encountered the mysterious Stoneface, who set them upon a quest to recover the lost weapons of the Earthwielder. Later, new characters journeyed east from Hortugarth to settle Amber Fort upon the Elf Sea, proving that the rumor "Imther has founded a colony at the mouth of the West River on the shores of the Elf Sea." to be True, not False (one can of course say that "Imther" had not founded the colony, but that the Etyries Temple did with assistance from the Conquering Daughter temple did, so the response in the rumor table is technically correct). While past efforts to get Imther and Hortugarth material published have not come fully to fruition (beyond my own fanzines and contributions in several others), maybe these tidbits will inspire others to venture there. After all, as of 1623, the King is dead, and only a true hero, completing a dangerous quest, can get the dwarfs to once again open their gates to the outside world and have the riches of the dwarfs at their disposal! More tidbits on Imther here:
  15. Glorantha: HQG or RQ Classic?

    @Steve is quite correct on this point. I've been running HQG for three years and there's been nothing that impeded play. It's a suggested convention. I think I raised difficulty level after about 6 'sessions' (I run PbF games so gauging a 'session' is a bit different). I don't use Pass/Fail, but focus on the Climax and Resolution points as the key actions. As with any game (including RQ), the GM has to decide the right point to increase difficulty (in RQ and other more simulationist games, it's just done by increasing # or strength of foes). You're just using a different tool to do so. What's nice with the HQG mechanism is you can maintain pace in the game - something that's difficult in games like RQ2 where you suddenly have to resolve a complex battle scene. Personally, I'd suggest going with RQG rather than RQ2 (i.e. Classic) from the start. The Quickstart is available now, and you can largely leverage older scenario books if you wish (and depending on the area where you wish to campaign). I've found the Quickstart quite manageable/enjoyable, including the intro scenario.