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  1. jajagappa

    Question about "Spell Trading" in RQG

    Agree, an Issaries initiate can gain/use the spell. The caveat though is this: The trade must be done in an Issaries Market. Also, the person they can trade with seems to be variable. While the opening text indicates it is done with another priest of any cult, the subsequent text says: other cults treat these transactions in various ways. All Lightbringers, for example, deal with their associate god of Issaries, but the Earth goddesses allow spell trades only if the High Priestess of the temple approves. The nomad gods (Storm Bull and Waha) require the High Priest to be present to negotiate. So I'd say most cults (except other Lightbringers) limit the ability of their initiates to engage in trading away special cult magic. Not that initiates couldn't do so, but likely they will face their Spirits of Reprisal if not blessed/approved by their priestess/priest. Of course, your Trickster initiate will be happy to trade for lots of rune spells, no approval required. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. jajagappa

    Culbrea Partitioning

    Yes, it is there. I'd likely play it that they are part of the Culbrea still, but have a long-standing feud with their neighbors, the Two-Pines since that is noted (e.g. the Lorthing Gold Tribute which they've refused to pay/honor since Starbrow's Rebellion). They hate the Telmori, so have tended to be friendly with and aid the Cinsina and likely have marriage relations with them. Otherwise, per the map in the Coming Storm, they are a very isolated clan stuck between Telmori to the north, the aggressive Two-Pine clan to the west, the Sazdorf trolls of Battle Valley to the south/east (and I'm sure regular raids by Praxian nomads as well).
  3. jajagappa

    Robin Laws to pen two RuneQuest Books

    Welcome to Nochet. ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. jajagappa

    RQG Artifacts

    "Yes, I swear upon the Styx that I will complete Harmast's Saga!"
  5. jajagappa

    Robin Laws to pen two RuneQuest Books

    Thanks for noting the original Rome references. I particularly liked this note: "would examine how a society could function without law. He chose ancient Rome as it managed to function as an imperial capital without a standing police force๏ปฟ." That's Nochet in a nutshell.
  6. jajagappa

    That Charming Sword...

    Interesting. I've always found D&D and related products difficult to access and remember what class could or could not do what.
  7. jajagappa

    That Charming Sword...

    That's a very good point. Hopefully between the Gods of Glorantha book, the GM Sourcebook, and future material, the GM (and players) will have a broader range of material to facilitate character development (and encourage GM's to be bold and do what works for them and their players - the Maximum Game Fun principle is after all right up front in RQG on pg.6). I've always liked the fact with RQ that not all gods are equal, but any player can create a unique character with their own unique pathway through Glorantha. I'd always encourage a player to express a thought like "I wish Foundchild character had the Path Watch spell." As a GM, I'd ask the player to describe the story where Foundchild gained this. And I'd reply along the lines that, yes, you remember a Master Hunter at the Great Hunt telling this story and how he went on a quest to follow Foundchild's footsteps. Perhaps the Master Hunter failed, and gives a warning that he almost learned it, and had gained the Tiger Eye stone, but Raven tricked him at the Crossroads, stole the stone, and flew off with it. So, there's a way to get it, a partial outline of the quest to get it, and a way for the character to advance and gain something new, but still relevant to the god. It's just not common (yet - the character may become the Hero who restores the spell to all of Foundchild's followers!).
  8. I think this is the disconnect. Yelm = Yu-Kargzant = the Sun Yelmalio = Elmal = Kargzant = Antirius = Lightfore Galanin might be Lightfore, OR Galinin/Galinina may equal Redaylda the Horse Goddess (which could explain female chieftains).
  9. jajagappa

    That Charming Sword...

    But that's been true in RQ since it was first created and true in Cults of Prax and Griffin Mountain. Granted we only had part of Orlanth there, but even then Orlanth was far more powerful and broader than Foundchild or Pavis or Flintnail or Zola Fel.... I never found that discrepancy an issue in all the years I ran RQ, and hopefully the material coming allows plenty of options and opportunities while recognizing that gods/goddesses are not created equal and don't have the same powers.
  10. jajagappa

    That Charming Sword...

    That sounds like a GM issue, not one with the cult per se. The major gods (storm, sun, earth, darkness) are powerful because they are broad and primary. Hunters are not; and the basic magical choices and options for 'cult' advancement within Odayla or Yinkin or Foundchild will naturally be more limited. The great thing with RQ was the ability of a PC to advance in multiple ways not limited to class (or cult or occupation). The GM has to be able to explore with the player what advancement makes sense. Is it skills as a Master Hunter? Is it knowledge of the Great Forest in the Spirit World? Is it recognition that Odayla is the Sky Bear (aka Orlanth's Ring) and that he is the power of the Storm too? Or that Odayla is the stead of the Red Goddess, the Moon Bear that turns the Sky Dome and that she is the power of the Moon too? All these are ways of advancement. All these can be achieved within the context of RQG. It's just not going to be spelled out as with a D&D Ranger class.
  11. Unfortunately it's in the reprint at some time stage. Still worthwhile picking up the pdf.
  12. jajagappa

    Treasures from an Yggs Isles horde

    It's part of a special exhibition on saddlery at the National Museum of Iceland, but unfortunately I didn't record where the piece originated. However, the writing on the piece is definitely a Scandinavian name and has a date of 1770 on it so my guess is Icelandic. The whole piece is visible here: http://www.thjodminjasafn.is/english/faldar-undirsidur/current-exhibitions/splendid-saddlery
  13. jajagappa

    Ancient Imtherian cheese discovered in Pavis

    They don't export those. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  14. jajagappa

    I'm (still) confused about Spirit Travel

    Yes, could definitely see that. Could be fun to have players narrate what form/shape their characters have taken. PC's from the Red Cow clan might take the form of red cows/bulls. Or a bull-headed man or even man-headed bull (ala the old Assyrian gates). Or maybe a Humakti is a free-floating sword. Ernaldans might be varied types of snakes or like snake mothers. Lot of interesting possibilities - but I'm sure that whatever they choose the first time that they will be largely locked into that form in subsequent Spirit Plane ventures.
  15. Buried in the Big Rubble, adventurers have discovered jars containing ancient cheese imported from distant Imther. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/16/science/oldest-cheese-ever-egypt-tomb.html