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  1. It's not limited to RQG. I hit that with players holding back on Hero Points in HQG as well. And it was worse in RQ2 where you had to think about what spells you even wanted in advance. I'm also a player in an RQG Smoking Ruins game, and already burned a couple RP's to drive back some attacking spirits (and we haven't even reached the Smoking Ruins yet!). I am conscious of not wanting to burn through too many (and I was at 5 to start) where I might need some in the ruins later. I think as a GM, you have to be aware of this RP economy and decide whether you want to push the PC'
  2. I've done that in my HQG Colymar Campaign where I've had each player take a faction leader among the Orlmarth. Sometimes they are on the clan ring, sometimes not, but they can react to certain orations by the PC's, push their own agendas, etc.
  3. That's all currently through the Jonstown Compendium on DriveThruRPG. See: Jonstown Compendium Content Guidelines – DriveThruRPG Support
  4. That's variously called: creative Heroquesting, the God-learner RuneQuest Sight, or Illumination. 😉 (Or an act of Eurmal - in which case the offending Trickster must be found and removed.)
  5. Probably within days of the news of the Lunar disaster reaching the clan. (Not at the Dragonrise itself - no one beyond the immediate vicinity would know what happened, and might even think that the dragon was initiating a new Dragonkill within the Pass.) But once the clan heard that the Lunar army and priests were devoured, and no one around to retaliate, then they would likely have marched upon the slave farm (and remember the leaders from the slave farms quite likely were at the Dragonrise, leaving only stewards, guards, and scribes behind). I would say that these were not huge sl
  6. Yes, doesn't it! Something you might think about for an Art Pack is your set of buildings, plus decomposed rooms/stables. I find they work incredibly well for building out larger villas, creating small villages, and even assembling a caravanserai with an inn.
  7. jajagappa


    Also see the Daughters of Darkness in the RQ Bestiary.
  8. It looks like a variant of one of the Hero Wars era many-subcult-Runes, e.g.
  9. Personally, I found it very useful, particularly during rituals and omen-reading. Thankfully, you included the Boat Planet so that part works fine post-Dragonrise. I used to be able to get it to work reasonably with certain browsers. Unfortunately, Chrome is not one of them as it doesn't like to run Java code. What browser are you using to run it? Or are you running within some other Java development environment?
  10. There's a few different options available you could mine. A lot depends upon where you think the 7 Mother's Priestess' soul ended up. Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes has the quest to rescue Hofstaring's spirit. Everything up through meeting the Judge of the Dead can work fine (the 7 Mother's Resurrection of the Red Goddess is something of a variant of the Lightbringer's Quest). The main questions then are: where did the Judge of the Dead send her soul? what trials do you face to get there? And how do you free her spirit from the Underworld (assuming she's not a Hero with the ability to esc
  11. My PC's recently visited the ruins in the Nymie Vale. These are my maps for/interpretation of the place as of 1625-6 (based off the Sartar Rising pt 3 map). You can see from the wide view that parts of the manor's walls and some sections remain standing. Even where rooms were "intact" inside, the structure was unsound and likely to collapse. Only one section at the northwest corner largely escaped the burning. This included the rooms of the Jakaleel witch Oheha. Her work room had floor markings for summonings of spirits. The scrolls on the walls included the Paper and Wood
  12. As @Nick Brooke points out, Imther is by far the smallest and most minor of the Lunar Provinces. It's primary importance for the Lunar Empire is the dwarf trade (i.e. metal and weapons) - something that gets shut off in 1623 when the last king dies. It (and Aggar) are the first provinces to subsequently rebel (Glorantha Sourcebook p.41) against the Empire, even before the Dragonrise. By 1626, the only part of Imther that the Empire holds is Hilltown (p.189) - and they still haven't figured out how to restore access to the dwarfs and their metal. So, by both measures, it's perfectly reasona
  13. When I ran my adventurers into the Spirit Plane awhile back, they were accompanying the shaman Joseph Greenbeak. Swords (and other mundane objects) could not be brought along when they discorporated, but they ingested various herbs that could. That included Sword Grass, a diminutive type of grass about 2 inches long with two side "blades" beside the main grass blade. On the Spirit Plane, these manifested like large grass-like swords for their wielders, and the PCs could use their Sword skill to use. (It was an HQG game, so didn't have to worry about specific damage stats - in RQG, I'd prob
  14. Looks like Jar-eel there with her lyre. And marching along the Daughter's Road (upper level, I think). And love the artwork!
  15. How the West was One was a really fun event. The Waertagi dragon ship returned to Sog City (unfortunately smashing the docks), the Judge kept peace in the city, the School of Necromancy was busy, the College of Business and the Performing Arts was successfully funded, etc. - all while the Ecclesiastical Council went on with its mundane affairs.
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