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  1. No... not that old! Did the Nochet map about 5 years ago. https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/catalogue/publishers/to-sort-categorise/nochet-city-of-queens/
  2. I'll need to defer that request a bit for any level of detail given other time constraints and projects, but freeform shapes and lines are your friends (with rectangles and straight-line freeform for your building outlines). Manipulate Line including widths, colors, dashes, and whether solid or not. Manipulate Fill - I use the Pattern fill mostly. If you've got a sketch to work from, copy it in as a picture, manipulate its transparency as needed, and build lines and shapes over it. And get the RuneQuest Rune font, so you can add those symbols in as text if you like!
  3. Although the dragonewts did appear IIRC in the Encounters in Sartar Companion.
  4. Although it's not the most elegant of tools, I do all my maps in Powerpoint! (If you've seen the map of Nochet that Jeff posted some time ago, yes, that was done entirely in Powerpoint.) GIMP's a decent tool, but I've never quite found the time to learn and master it (too much time trying to get other tasks done).
  5. I was in a PbF Gods War game over on boardgamegeek with all 8 players, Elder Races, the Brown Dragon, Cwim, and Androgeus. Darkness, who had allied the dwarves, gained the victory, just edging out Earth (played by myself) and Sea, who were tied for 2nd. Sky and Invisible God were tied for the next spot and not far behind. Chaos and Moon came next, and Storm was last. A very different outcome! Not only did Darkness control most of Hell, but also both the Gates of Dawn and Dusk, but also Luathela and Umathela, the Worm Sea, the Brown Sea, and Vormain. Earth held Genert's Garden, Kralorela, Artmal's Empire, and had planted an earthly garden in the Heavens, but both the Titans were alive and well defended by Axe Maidens. Chaos controlled Seshnela and Jrustela, and their Luathan allies had devastated both Ralios and Teshnos. Plus there were a number of chaos nests about and both Ragnaglar and Thed lived. Sea actually held very little territory, but had drowned Dara Happa. Moon controlled Fronela and Fonrit only. Both Yelm and the Emperor lived, but they only held the Sea of Fog and Sshorg's Sea, so the only light was upon the far eastern seas. Orlanth held Altinela, the Storm Brothers were far away in Ganderland, but there were temples to the Winds in Teleos and the Middle Air. If it had played out another turn, likely both Chaos and Storm would have surged farther ahead, but the Compromise was reached, so it left a Glorantha filled with shadows, where Chaos stalked the northern lands, and Storms lurked at the edges of the world.
  6. It's "evil" because it doesn't do what it's supposed to do, i.e. flow downhill. And it's evil because it's salty, so when it floods it deposits salts not silts, and consequently bad for growing crops. And it's evil because it refused Magasta's call. But it's definitely NOT Chaos. So not evil in that sense. But it is like the ancient Blue Dragon, so the Earth cults don't like it; and the Storm cults fought the Seas here so they don't like it either.
  7. I'm sure she does. This is likely how she's swarmed out into the Jab Hills. Yes, it is a salt water river all the way into the Print. May get more "diluted" there before it plunges down the hole into the Underworld. Since it is salt water, you could well have salt water fish and animals swimming along in it (perhaps even sharks?).
  8. Now we know from the fact of the Jonstown Compendium and its multitude of labeling and classification schemes that the Jonstown temple has not been visited by Dewey! 😉
  9. Backford is a weird place in that it's the only crossing of the Syphon River that flows uphill and into the Print. Maybe if Gagix can turn the Syphon aside then Chaos can flow normally downstream out of the Print. But that's a big quest to undertake.
  10. Btw, one source for inspiration here would be the 13th Age in Glorantha book. The central story arc focuses on Gagix with ideas for both an extended campaign and even appearances by Gagix and her minions in the Hero Plane. The scenario of the Sounder could readily be moved to any village above the Print.
  11. I believe that's the only reference. Gagix will be spewing forth her hordes from the Print and the Jab Hills. Backford is clearly one of the places overrun by scorpionmen, likely with a very grisly and gory outcome to any who did not flee. Maybe one of her lieutenants sets up camp there, perhaps to prepare some new spawning place for scorpionman eggs? Best to clean it out.
  12. Why not? Usually with elves. Although there may be other ways that dryads reproduce too. Not specifically - don't think ever noted. But likely something that will protect the knowledge (e.g. suppress fires). Perhaps it is resident in the great catalog wheel?
  13. Probably because the symbolic form is more flexible and can adapt to changes in the Heroplane. It's like the difference between oral mythology and codified writings. The oral myths can still shift, be reinterpreted, adjust to changes. Once they are written in texts, they become very fixed. It's one of the things we see with the bible or other sacred texts - they get stuck at the point in time when they are written. Yep! It's the Hero Wars, and suddenly all the traditional quests are not sufficient against the threat posed by the Lunars and Chaos.
  14. What I liked about the King of Sartar book was that it gave you the whole history (yes, the whole end of the 3rd Age is already out there and has been for a long time!), but suggests that people can get the "facts" incorrect. Did Kallyr die in 1626 or was she killed by Harrek around 1628? Was there one Argrath, or two, or many? I think there's plenty of flexibility here for GM's. There are some fixed points out there: the Battle of Queens, the Battle of Heroes where the overall outcome is known/defined... But who the actors are and what the results are within can still see shifts to accommodate most campaigns.
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