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  1. Well, they aren't the same temple, so not exactly homogenized. But Palangio did get as far as Esrolia, so plenty of Pelorian stuff got brought along very early. But as you note, veering a bit off thread.
  2. Quite true. But you will find temples to both Veskarthan and Lodril in Nochet, for instance, so both are known and worshipped in the Holy Country. Lodril is not isolated to Peloria.
  3. They are the same deity (or at least the God Learners would say so), so this works fine. This seems like an important piece of the story. It's certainly a very significant part of Argan Argar's binding of Lodril/Veskarthan.
  4. As I noted above, didn't help that I wrote "Lismelder" when I meant to say "Locaem"! But, yes, certainly some Lunar sympathizers among Blackmoor's allies.
  5. Yes, agree - the premise seems to lend itself to HQG, and sets the stage for a longer campaign into adulthood.
  6. It's working now - a bit slow to load, but comes up and can download as normal.
  7. Lunes are elementals of the Red Moon (and Selenes are elementals of the Blue Moon). They are equivalent to the elementals of the other Runes (e.g. shades, undines, sylphs, etc.). Unlike spirits, they have a "body" of their element so have a physical manifestation when summoned into the world. Spirits on the other hand, for the most part, do not have a physical embodiment. Lunes produce an attack of Madness (much like shades produce Fearshock) when then engulf the target with their inherent moonlight/moonglow.
  8. I meant Locaem, and apparently my fingers decided to write Lismelder! 😜 (Or perhaps the Orlmarth clan leaders from my campaign cast a spell upon me while typing?)
  9. I don't know about others, but when I go to the link, it does not seem to bring up the pdf?
  10. Feels outside of Glorantha and I'd skip.
  11. Presumably trout can be found in the Creek, at least. Whether the clan takes its name from a particular type, I don't know. But presuming they live along the Creekside.
  12. Apparently based on what @7Tigers noted, I asked the same question 5 years ago! 🙂 From older exchanges I had with Jeff, I believe the "unnamed" clan from that list becomes the "Golden Trout" clan.
  13. What I suggested earlier was very specifically NOT a random summons. It is a very precise, specific, logical summons following pathways probably marked in certain books. But it does follow the paths of devolution, the paths of Runic interactions, etc. to reach the being best suited to be the community wyter at that point in time.
  14. IIRC Ethilrist supposedly came from the West Jungle on his way to the Arrolian Properties.
  15. It seemed like we were in the market listening to rumors, and then suddenly into commentary about the place, but it wasn't clear why or what you were trying to do at that point. Eventually I think we all figured it out, but perhaps more lead-in about what you wanted to do in that section?
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