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  1. All current works show "Mallia".
  2. She's one of the Lowfires. He's a dynasty founder, not a god. He could be worshipped as an ancestor, or perhaps a Hero cult.
  3. If you and your players feel comfortable making the switch (at least for the Hero Quest), then I wouldn't discourage it. You can cast their HQG self as how they appear in the mythic world - those parts of their characteristics that have enough "presence".
  4. Although we never got a group read of Vol 2 underway, the recent thread about Safelster prompted me to just start having a read again in the Guide. And Vol 2 starts in Seshnela. Water Buffalo!!! I did not know that the common draft animal of the lower Tanier River basin were water buffalo. An interesting surprise. And that means that the great Noloswal diaspora (some of which arrives at Nochet), may have water buffalo with them. And I did not remember that Seshnela, in general, was semi-tropical in climate. I guess not surprising given the common south-westerly winds. I'm not quite sure what I pictured for climate, but suggestive of both western India, perhaps the Mekong delta, and maybe something of Louisiana and Florida. The attire of the Rokari castes depicted on p. 406 strongly suggests this climate as well, though hopefully the soldier (horali) has some spells to keep him cool beneath all that armor! Tea. Originally imported from Jrustela, but now the common drink of at least the nobility of Seshnela. Clearly that too will have come to Nochet, though probably beginning with the voyages of Dormal. Tea shops in some locations in Nochet, though perhaps there is worry about the supply with the Seshnegi conquest. Undoubtedly tea traded to Safelster as well. I wonder how Seshnelan Tea differs from Kralorelan (or Umathelan) Tea? Is it a black tea due to associations with the ancient Black Camp of Introspection? Interesting to note that tea-drinking is also surrounded by much ritual among the noble classes - certain teas for morning, others for a high tea late in the afternoon?
  5. As someone who runs both HQG and RQG games, I'd just note that you don't need to switch from RQG to HQG to do a hero quest. They can be run in RQG as well - you just need to think stats or skill tests for obstacles vs. an abstract difficulty (RQG Opposed Rolls work well for these). HQG does provide a lot of ideas for developing stations/stages, etc. through a quest. Depends on your players. But HQG has a very different mindset - it is narrative, not simulationist - and that can throw off both players and GM. The natural instinct going into HQG will be to try to run events like combat as if they were RQG, and doing so will likely render situations the PC's can't/barely survive. Rough guidelines: Top 3 Runes become their HQG runes - add initiate status under the preferred rune Include top passions either as abilities or flaws if reputation is high, or based on certain event, include that as another ability (e.g. "well-known in Nochet" or "the butcher of Whitewall" Put special Rune points under the relevant HQG runes create keywords for culture and occupation select top 5-7 skills as breakouts from culture or occupation (or as standalone) - others just fall under keywords select 1-2 characteristics (either high or low) as part of a "distinguishing characteristic" or distinct ability if distinguishing characteristic not from a characteristic stat, determine what personality trait (perhaps from runes or passions) and add distinguishing characteristic from that add any familiars/bound spirits as companions special magic items/family heirlooms get a distinct ability Do not try to put everything on the RQG sheet into distinct HQG abilities - you are trying to distill the "flavor" of the character into succinct items that would be called out.
  6. It's not a matter of what your Trollkin Eurmali eats, obviously, but how BIG the item is that they eat! "I bet you can't swallow that rubble runner whole!"
  7. Yep, all that works very well. Yes, I think the mysteries and occult angles all work very well. I can picture odd cults focused not only on Arkat, but also Alakoring, maybe Talor the Laughing Warrior, ... Very much so!
  8. Small city-states. Perhaps some blend of ancient Mesopotamian (Ur/Gilgamesh etc), with ancient Greek (flavored by weird cults crossing Orlanthi and Seshnegi and Malkionism - sort of Hellenistic?), and then with a heavy dose of the multitude of Arkats.
  9. jajagappa

    Yelm Eclipsed

    I don't think so. Mythically/cosmically it makes more sense/fun to have him rise north of the Gates of Dusk and then cross both the Sun Path and Orlanth's Ring at various points.
  10. Some other Dwarf events: 1470-1492 - Contract for the Five Cities awarded; Wilmskirk, Jonstown, Swenstown, Duck Point, Boldhome Note: possibly a resurrection of the ancient 5 cities; each direction has a "foe" that attempts to stop the city rise; Grower disrupts the western city - must make arrangements with "Zzabur" (aka Delecti). Boldhome as the "Spike" must have an inherent flaw (some dwarf knows this). 1497 - Contract for the First Road awarded (Jonstown-Boldhome-Wilmskirk) 15xx - Contract for the Second Road awarded (Boldhome-Swenstown) - special connection made to Copper Caves and Flintnail Temple; dangerous passage through the Dead Place 1539-45 - Disruption of magical energies by dragonewts; workmates dissolved by phantom dragonewts; roadways disrupted - many repair crews required; units dispatched to Flintnail Temple for assistance 15xx - Contract for the Dangerous Road awarded (Jonstown-Isle Dangerous) - undoubtedly some battle with the Creek involved 1560's - Dorasar's Contract for New Pavis - reopening of the Flintnail temple 15xx - Contract for Tarkalor's Roads awarded (the Duckton Road to Duck Point and the Whitewall Road) - disruptions by Kitori; extra "lights" required to build through the "darkness" 15xx - Contract for the Far Road awarded (Dangerford-Aldachur) - secret connection to Dwarf Ford or Dwarf Run opened? or connection of the Creek to the River (via Engoli River)? 1602 - The New Deal contract; dwarfs reassigned from Boldhome posts to other duties (ala Acos leaves his post, allowing Chaos to enter the Spike) 1621 - Contract for the Perfect Sky awarded 1621-24 - Corrections for the Boat Planet via the Cradle "bob" and the circumnavigation; raising of the Boat Planet 1625 - Dragonrise; Perfect Sky broken again
  11. jajagappa

    Yelm Eclipsed

    Neither. Guide p.647 "This is a highly erratic pathway across the sky. The area from which the Southpath planets rise is called the Eastern Mouth, while the western area where they set is called the Dodging Gate. The meanings of these terms are unclear but widespread, and equivalent names are found in many languages." Under the subsequent entry for Shargash, it notes "[Shargash] always rises in the exact spot on the eastern horizon, just north of where Lightfore and the Sun rise." Also under the Artia entry, "the Southpath varies in length" IIRC, there was a bit more about it in the old Elder Secrets book. The gist is that it starts in the northeast, north of the Gates of Dawn. The path runs to the southwest (i.e. southward, hence the Southpath), crossing the Sun Path (which allows for celestial battles), and ending at a location in the southwest (well south of the Gates of Dusk) though its position varies (hence "Dodging Gate").
  12. For a dwarf, it must be project based! Did you complete on schedule, what disrupted the schedule, etc. The Dragonrise would seem to be a major disruption, a breaking of the ritual to complete the Perfect Sky (that crack that Umath made is visible again!) The most recent completed task is the Restoration of the Boat Planet. Finally got that spell by Zzabur dismissed. Was the Great Winter a completed task? A primary step towards the completion of the Perfect Sky? Or was that an unexpected failure? Have to get Orlanth's Ring working again, oh, and this time get all the stars out there!
  13. I don't think you need endless historical lists for these. As with humans, there are certain events that punctuate the longer periods and embed in their minds. Other similar events just "reinforce" but don't need elaboration. For the Mostali, just go with the individual. As they say "the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree"! Or in this case, the elf. But, I agree, the loyalty will be to the grove or the dryad, not a parent. Maybe they go by "1st Elder" for the prior generation, "2nd Elder" for two generations prior, etc.
  14. Several good suggestions already for Ducks. Add an entry for 1602 for grandparent to be turned into zombie. Replace 1616 with 1615-17, the Duck Hunts. Options could be: Hid in Upland Marsh, fled to River of Cradles, fled to Nochet, betrayed by Sartarite clan, hunted and slain by Sartarite clan, hunted and sold into slavery by Lunar soldiers. As for the Green Elves, the new adventuring elf will be roughly 20-40 years of age, so born 1580 or after. Green elves mature at 50+ and live to ~300. So parents minimally born ~1530 but could date to ~1300. Grandparents born between ~1050-1250. Let's say these are Green Elves from Dragon Pass/Prax, so choose birth location from: 1) Forest of Wondrous Beasts; 2) Red Dragon Vale; 3) Tarndisi's Grove; 4) Redwood. Grandparent events: 1100-1120: Coming of the True Golden Horde and the Dragonkill. Many forests burned for fuel. Were they betrayed by Yelmalions? Friends killed by Yelm worshippers? Burned by Dragonfire? Secretly aided the dragonewts? Helped Yelmalions escape across the Death line? 1247: Battle with the Greylands of the trolls. Rise of the Red Moon. 1300-1320: Coming of the Colymar and other tribes. Make successful pact with Colymar? Betrayed by other Sartarite tribes? etc.
  15. I'd probably construct a broad, general troll FH first, and then have some isolated "tribal" events. The history from the just re-released Uz Lore is useful for the trolls.
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