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Odd Soot Giveaway!

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It’s my least favourite part of the year again. We barley see the sun here in Sweden and everyone seems to have caught the flu. 
To brighten things up a bit, I’m having a book giveaway featuring Odd Soot, my 1920s sci-fi mystery game. It got a fantastic reception when released in October (EN World review and Runeblogger review). 
The giveaway starts today and runs until Friday night. Three winners will be announced on Saturday. 
First Prize: Softcover of Odd Soot. 270 pages, full colour print. Shipped anywhere in the world.
Second and Third Prizes: PDF of Odd Soot (270 pages).
Sign up for the giveaway below and spread the word!
Clarence Redd
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Odd Soot Giveaway Ends Tonight!
Today is your last chance to join the Odd Soot giveaway! It's closing down in about 12 hours, the night between Friday and Saturday. 
If you forgot to join or stuff got in the way, make sure you sign up now:
Three winners of Odd Soot - in print and PDF - will be announced tomorrow. 
Good luck!
Clarence Redd

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