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  1. Thank you! And yes, the Odd Soot review is a good read as well.
  2. Runeblogger takes a detailed look at M-SPACE: https://elruneblog.blogspot.com/2019/03/review-of-m-space-d100-roleplaying-in.html?m=1 As always, Runeblogger presents a thorough and balanced review.
  3. Following the fantastic response of Odd Soot, I'm making some of the illustrations available as wall art. My first offer consists of six retro aliens in the style of 19th century scientific drawings. They are printed on heavy fine-art paper, perfect for framing. Print quality has been superb in my tests. The thick paper has a nice matte finish and a slight grain, as you would see in a real 19th century print. It truly looks as if these aliens come straight out of an old scientific folio. Regardless of your interior style - or lack of style - these prints will add a discreet weirdness to it. New Alien Species Devoured by Their Gods In addition to the five main species in Odd Soot, I have also added a new alien to the lineup: The Enn. They live on the hazy, unexplored world of Calia, with a small outlier on Sisymbrium. On Calia, the gods and spirits live among the Enn – some benign, some lethal gobblers while others are mindless spirit beasts. It turns out that living with testy gods can be quite dangerous. https://www.redbubble.com/people/clarence-redd?ref=artist_title_name I hope you enjoy the prints. Let me know what other motifs you would like to see! Clarence
  4. It’s not using the system from Drakar och Demoner. DoD have seven characteristics and 20+ skills. I don’t recognise the setting either. It looks like a completely new game - inspired by DoD though.
  5. Good idea. I think I will have to dig out my copy of Eldritch Skies too.
  6. John Snead and retro sci-fi - a perfect combination! This is a must-have for me.
  7. Ah, ok. Looking forward to more.
  8. As Pentallion has written above, a much more detailed system for backgrounds will be included in the Companion. It’s been a pleasure to see his campaign come to fruition like this.
  9. I know next to nothing of Rifts but you seem to have a good start there, @Raleel! Are all characters as powerful as cyborgs?
  10. You’re welcome, Kristina! I’m happy you like the book so far. Let me know if you have any questions about the game.
  11. I believe Pentallion still runs it - but with a twist : )
  12. Excellent work. I hope the tech problems are sorted out!
  13. You're welcome, g33k! I ordered the book today from DTRPG, so you should have it within a couple of weeks. Sorry to cause you more problems though : )
  14. We have three winners in the giveaway! First Prize: Steve S. Print copy of Odd Soot. Second Prize: Nathan Robertson. PDF of Odd Soot. Third Prize: Kristina Forsyth. PDF of Odd Soot. Congratulations, all three. I will send the book and download links as quickly as possible. Download Free Scenario For everyone else, as a gesture of my gratitude, here's a little gift for you. I'm offering the introductory scenario in Odd Soot as a free download. The Wayward Patient takes the PCs on a quest to stop a Soot-infected inventor gone mad. His work on multi-dimensional travel has attracted the interest of the shadowy Grey Lady and now threatens to throw the entire village of Drangelbekk into chaos. Download the scenario here: https://bit.ly/2DoRPu3 Thank you for joining. Don’t let winter get you down. Clarence Redd
  15. Very nice. What would be the best option to add vegetation?
  16. Odd Soot Giveaway Ends Tonight! Today is your last chance to join the Odd Soot giveaway! It's closing down in about 12 hours, the night between Friday and Saturday. If you forgot to join or stuff got in the way, make sure you sign up now: www.frostbytebooks.com/odd-soot-giveaway Three winners of Odd Soot - in print and PDF - will be announced tomorrow. Good luck! Clarence Redd
  17. Really impressive work. Highly recommended.
  18. No, I don’t think so. But over the years, Drakar och Demoner 6 evolved into what is now called Trudvang Chronicles - both in Swedish and English. The setting is intact from DoD 6 and many of the books for it has simply been translated and the stats updated to follow the new not-quite BRP.
  19. Just a quick reminder that we’re halfway through the Odd Soot giveaway! You can still join here: www.frostbytebooks.com/odd-soot-giveaway If you want to see more of the book before joining, grab the 28 page preview here: http://odd-soot-preview.strikingly.com/ Good luck!
  20. I’m afraid not. The retro version is only in Swedish. The closest you can get is Trudvang Chronicles from the same company. As said earlier, Trudvang Chronicles is a quite distant relative to BRP. Some people love the system, some not so much. But the art and setting is fantastic.
  21. It’s my least favourite part of the year again. We barley see the sun here in Sweden and everyone seems to have caught the flu. To brighten things up a bit, I’m having a book giveaway featuring Odd Soot, my 1920s sci-fi mystery game. It got a fantastic reception when released in October (EN World review and Runeblogger review). The giveaway starts today and runs until Friday night. Three winners will be announced on Saturday. First Prize: Softcover of Odd Soot. 270 pages, full colour print. Shipped anywhere in the world. Second and Third Prizes: PDF of Odd Soot (270 pages). Sign up for the giveaway below and spread the word! www.frostbytebooks.com/odd-soot-giveaway Clarence Redd
  22. Good to hear your reflections on Savage World, @kronovan! I’ve only skimmed the rules and can’t say I read it closely enough to form an opinion. It seems many enjoy it though. Let me know if you have any questions about switching between SW and M-SPACE.
  23. I just watched the episode on skills. Good stuff.
  24. Fantastic. And creepy.
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