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    A Piece of Swedish BRP History Unearthed

    Now there’s a PDF available from DriveThruRPG as well: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/m/product/263569
  2. Anders Blixt, elder statesman of the Swedish RPG industry, has unearthed an old manuscript - Thriller - a BRP-based roleplaying game he wrote in 1983. BRP has a unique position in the Swedish RPG community. The very first Swedish RPG, Drakar och Demoner, was released in 1982 and was a slight reworking of Chaosium’s Magic World. For more than 10 years, BRP dominated Swedish roleplaying, easily outpacing Dungeons & Dragons. One of the earliest and most proliferate contributors to the fledging Scandinavian RPG industry was Anders Blixt. He proceeded to write for several classic games, both domestic and international titles like Traveller and MERP. Now, he has released Thriller, a BRP-based game set in the world of spies, secret agents and ‘explorers of parallel worlds.’ He wrote it on a typewriter 36 years ago and has scanned the original manuscript to make it available for purchase. This is as old-school as it gets – no layout, no artwork, only the raw typewriter text in facsimile edition. A lovely piece of BRP history. The game was pitched to Titan Games in 1983 but was never published back then. Titan Games went on to produce the Swedish translation of Dungeons & Dragons instead. Thriller is published in Swedish on Amazon: https://www.amazon.de/dp/9185277940
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    Colin Bret's Cyberpunk 2046

    Good work as always from Colin!
  4. clarence

    Sumer Package

    Good work. Very ambitious.
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    Odd Soot: Play by Forum

    Long-time user Mallet is looking for players to his Play by Forum game on RPG Geek. He will run The Wayward Patient, the introductory mystery in Odd Soot. If you are curious about the 1920s sci-fi in Odd Soot, this is a good way to find out more. Be prepared for investigations into the supernatural, strange aliens and the looming threat of The Soot. Check out Mallet’s thread at: https://rpggeek.com/thread/2113284/recruiting-play-forum-introductory-scenario-waywar
  6. clarence

    Odd Soot - Sci-Fi Mystery in the 1920s

    Nuveri body recycling is a fascinating topic poorly understood by human scientists. In general terms, empty bodies come from someone who die of old age. As a nuveri dies a natural death, internal organs wither. Soft tissues dry out and withdraw from the body ’shell’. Organs can then be extracted by a gentle pulling of the head upwards and all the internals follow (it looks somewhat like a jellyfish, with the head at the top). The paper body is left empty, ready for someone else to occupy. Ethically, this procedure is acceptable to the nuveri. As long as the person is already dead, it is not viewed as an act of violence. In general, a nuveri will have to take whatever body is available. But as The Soot spreads, some retrieve bodies in advance, just in case. And, as you point out Jakob, this has the potential to turn into a market. Who wouldn’t want the body of a hero or a successful businessman? Scientists are experimenting with ways to turn sterile nuveri eggs into functional outer bodies but they have not succeeded so far.
  7. Designing aliens is hard. By turning to an unexpected source, I found a way to by-pass my own ingrained notions of what aliens look like. As I mentioned in an earlier thread, Odd Soot is my upcoming game set on an alternate 1920s Earth. In that universe, a plague torments humanity and starliners trudge between planets populated by aliens. They differ greatly from humans and to find the right tone, my design process took an irregular path. Read more about the design process here: My Graphic Frankenstein Method for Genuine Aliens Download a Preview of Odd Soot! I’ve created a 28-page preview PDF to give you a better feeling for the game: http://odd-soot-preview.strikingly.com/ In the preview, you will find the introduction to the game, a star map from the 1920s and sample aliens among other things. You also get a link to download the introduction scenario for free. The alien below is an l'sesenaugh, living in The Sinking City on Sisymbrium. Among other things, they act as guardians and librarians in The Dream Library.
  8. I saw Bladerunner for the first time in many years and it struck me how similar Altered Carbon is. The Guardian seems to have read my mind: Why does cyberpunk refuse to move on?
  9. clarence

    The RQ Encounter Generator

    Excellent work!
  10. I’m not much for best-of lists. But Lifehacker’s recent list of sci-fi caught my eye. The theme - books that changed sci-fi - is interesting in itself. Every entry also comes with a short description, including comments from reviewers or other writers. Like Ray Bradbury’s comment on Jules Verne: "We are all, in one way, children of Jules Verne. His name never stops. At aerospace or NASA gatherings, Verne is the verb that moves us to space." I miss a book or two on the list but otherwise it's quite comprehensible. Any particular titles you would add? https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2018/11/17-science-fiction-books-that-forever-changed-the-genre/
  11. I prefer to use Drive for all motorised vehicles and Ride for animals. Pilot handles all flying objects.
  12. 20% off all our books on DriveThruRPG and Lulu on Black Friday! And yes, that includes the newly released Odd Soot. Follow the links below. DriveThruRPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/10544/FrostByte-Books Lulu: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/frostbytebooks What Reviewers Say About Odd Soot: 'The most innovative SF I've seen.’ Alex Greene, RPG writer 'Equal parts alternate history, H.P. Lovecraft inspired settings, crazy characters and a serious science fiction vibe, this game is a blast,’ EN World review, David J Buck Clarence Redd
  13. The old Nightmare in Norway is probably out of print but I think it contained rules for snow etcetera. How about Beyond the Mountains of Madness?
  14. clarence

    Why does cyberpunk refuse to move on?

    Good points Jakob. So, several of the ideas in cyberpunk have merged with sci-fi in general, keeping them alive. The interest in the original cyberpunk genre waned over the past 15 or so years and the resurgence we’re seeing now is a nostalgic phase.
  15. clarence

    Why does cyberpunk refuse to move on?

    That’s just me doing some background research on the rules for cybernetics in M-SPACE. It’s ok if you want to move it to Alastor’s Skull Inn.
  16. clarence

    Why does cyberpunk refuse to move on?

    One quote from the article stands out: “Perhaps there has been no need for [cyberpunk] to change: it continues to resonate with us because the world it depicts is the one we live in.” That’s a bit sad to accept. But it’s even sadder, as the article points out, that the punk attitude is not the solution - and to regain its creative power sci-fi needs to find new approaches to the brutality of neo-liberalism on steoroids. But would it still be cyberpunk then? Can cyberpunk house well-organised protesters that actually make a change - or is that a new genre?
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    BRP Pulp Adventure Generator

    Oh no, not the death trap!!
  18. clarence

    BRP Pulp Adventure Generator

    Very useful. Thanks!
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    Free Download: New Character Path for Odd Soot

    I stumbled over a fascinating real-world Oddity today. Wired magazine interviews the brilliant neurologist Karl Friston - often mentioned as a future Nobel Prize winner - about his recent work. He might not have the strange looks of an Oddity but otherwise seems like a good fit. https://www.wired.com/story/karl-friston-free-energy-principle-artificial-intelligence
  20. 'Sometimes, a random confluence of genes comes together to produce a child who is simultaneously gifted and cursed. Gifted, because their minds or bodies are capable of surpassing normal human capabilities; and cursed, in that their very oddness sets them apart from the run of normal humanity.' I have worked with Alex Greene, writer for Mongoose Traveller among other things, to create a new character path for Odd Soot. It’s called Oddities and Alex has crafted a unique concept to generate truly odd individuals, fitting right into Odd Soot. They possess fantastic abilities - but also weird looks that other people might shy away from. The character path can be used for PCs and NPCs alike. Patrons, villains and heroes work equally well for these quirky individuals. Oddities is based on the book Odd John by British sci-fi writer Olaf Stapledon. His work is often mentioned as direct inspiration for many modern authors, like Arthur C Clarke, Stanislaw Lem and Vernor Vinge. Oddities is a 15 page PDF and consists of generators for superlative traits, disproportions, alienating passions and several inventions. We’re offering it as a free download: https://mailchi.mp/77eafcc60dbd/oddities_download Clarence Redd
  21. clarence

    Free Download: New Character Path for Odd Soot

    Thanks Matt! I’m happy you like it. Regarding the high CHA, they may look weird but they have a certain aura - perhaps stemming from their superlative traits - that makes them strangely appealing (building on the idea that CHA goes much deeper than mere looks). In real life, Stephen Hawking comes to mind. I see your point on Eidetic Memory and Photographic Memory. To me, it’s just a way to discern between two similar Superlative Traits. Alex might have a further explanation though.
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    Secret Origins of Superpowers

    I would definately like to see more powers!
  23. clarence

    Mythras GM Screen Now Available

    Oh, that’s nice. The covers look even better as standalone artwork.