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  1. Just a quick thought, @Loz. How about a pinned post at the top of this forum, with a link to TDM’s forums (and Discord perhaps)? The Mythras community is quite lively these days, but not so much here on BRP Central. New players might need a pointer to more active sites.
  2. Good to hear about all the new titles being worked on! Luther Arkwright as a standalone game sounds fantastic. Keep up the good work. And it’s nice to have faces associated with all the familiar names. I don’t think you mentioned any new Lyonesse products. Anything planned for it?
  3. Looking forward to the recording!
  4. EN World has published a combined review of M-SPACE and M-SPACE Companion. “Combined with vehicle and starship construction, alien life form creation, world building, and circles (organizations) from M-SPACE itself I was impressed with the range of options and tools provided to a GM.” Read the full review: https://www.enworld.org/threads/strange-aliens-and-fantastic-planets-abound-in-m-space-and-the-m-s-companion.673373/ And if you have any questions for the reviewer - Charles Dunwoody - just add a comment below the article.
  5. Extended Conflicts in M-SPACE are designed to handle situations like that. I run regular races (both in sci-fi and in the 1920s) with Drive as the main skill and DEX+POW as Conflict Pool. Depending on the vehicles, the Conflict Pools might be affected by the vehicle’s stats as well. If you want the vehicles to attack each other, I would run it as a regular vehicle fight (also in M-SPACE) in parallel with the Extended Conflict. For every round in the race, drivers get a chance to attack/evade as well.
  6. Thanks Ben! I hope to have them (and a few more) corrected this autumn.
  7. Good idea! I will look into it. DriveThru’s setup process for print is terrible, so I need to check my files for compatibility issues. If everything looks ok, I would be happy to release it in print.
  8. Hey, thanks! I spend way too much time finding a cover illustration that I really like. Sci-fi covers from the 1960s and 1970s are my favourites. They could be really mind-altering - or wonderfully clichéd.
  9. Thank you @prinz.slasar! Hopefully, there will be more M-SPACE material from both Scott and Alex in the future.
  10. I like the age table in Mythras and use it often. As a simple rule of thumb, I give 150 points for people in their 20s (Adults). Then, 200 points for 30 to 40-somethings (Middle Aged) and 250 points for 50 upwards (Senior). But you could just as well ignore age and treat the tiers as Novice, Expert and Veteran. The version in Mythras is a bit more varied if you need it. And good luck with the campaign. I would love to hear how it develops.
  11. The original plan was to include sleeves and ghosts in the Companion. But everything took longer than planned, and I had to drop that chapter, unfortunately. I have the basics in place, so it will hopefully not be too long before it is finished. What would you like to see in terms of bioengineering?
  12. Thank you! I’m not sure what that oversized mouthpiece does exactly, but it looks nice. I decided early in the project to focus on improving illustration quality. Preferably without breaking the bank. It took a lot of work, but I’m very happy with the result.
  13. Thanks, Runeblogger! A thorough and balanced review.
  14. And the Companion hits number five at DriveThruRPG:
  15. New Release: M-SPACE Companion M-SPACE Companion has finally been released! The new rules expand M-SPACE’s capabilities greatly. And it’s my best looking book so far. I have teamed up with Scott Crowder (Pentallion) to move M-SPACE into an even wider range of sci-fi storytelling. This is what you get: Rules for modular robots, both humanoid and simple droids. Cybernetics, with implants and body part replacements. The almost magical Q Tech implants. Rules for detailed character backgrounds. Computers and hacking. Scenario:
  16. Thanks, I’m happy you like it! It will not make it into the Companion though. The book is almost ready to release. But I can put the rules in a PDF that you can download from my website. They need a bit of play testing first, however.
  17. Or you could make it really simple. The example below is for starship battles, but should be easy to use with small changes for ground forces as well. Skill Assign a Combat Value from 1 to 100 to each fleet. This reflects their combined combat training. Add +5% for each hero joining a fleet. Sloppy: 30% Regular: 50% Veteran: 70% Elite: 85% Conflict Pool Calculate the Conflict Pool of each side from the size of their forces. For starship fleets, add all Size Ratings of the ships together to get a single value. Then, if needed, divide
  18. That’s an excellent idea! I haven’t tried it though. I would use Pilot (Starship) and Gunnery as usual, and add a Knowledge skill for strategy and tactics, replacing Pilot in some cases. What I have found out in my own large-scale battles is that weapons need to be quite powerful to have any effect. As a start, combining ten cannons into one works quite well, calculating damage as 1d6 x10 for example. Having 5-10% of a capital ship’s Modules as weaponry has provided a good balance. Also, letting ships of roughly the same Size Rating attack each other adds a bit structure to the cha
  19. Good work! It feels like something bad will happen during that concert.
  20. Here in Sweden, I usually get Lulu prints from Holland for some reason. With DTRPG, it seems they print everything in the UK and use UPS for shipping. I hope that combination works for you foolcat.
  21. While I do like Lulu, their full-colour prints have been a bit too expensive lately. As the Companion is in colour, DriveThruRPG is currently hard to beat. (Well, Publit’s colour print of M-SPACE is even better - as you only pay for colour on pages with colour - but their international shipping rates are prohibitive). It seems Lulu is working on a big update for their services, so this might change in the future. We have done some extensive double-blind testing and very few respondents mixed up the freebies, despite having them delivered in random order. If you run into trouble, h
  22. I got the test print today and it looks quite nice. The release is getting close. There is a modular system for robots and cybernetics, tech-magic implants and a lifepath system for character creation. Also, new rules for computers and hacking allows PCs to hack almost any tech. Plus a scenario and a secret freebie. And an updated character sheet. Oh, and another secret freebie.
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