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Sistema Daemon

Harvey Walters

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Here is a Brazilian RPG based heavily on BRP. I'd never heard of it before, and thought some people might be interested.

RPG - Editora Daemon - Role Playing Game

Look for the link "Módulo Básico Sistema Daemon" to download the 32 page core rules (in Portugese).

There are several supplements available online, and Babelfish does a fair job at translation. There's also an online store if you want to buy some of their commercial products.


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Hmmm... my Portuguese is rusty...

Any idea what that game is about?

My first (and only) guess is that it's kind of like the old Kolchak/Night Stalker show... journalist tracking down monsters/demons...

The basic game is just a generic universal system. Some of the supplements are for anime, supers, demons vs. angels, aliens-among-us type conspiracy, and more.

Does anyone know if they are licensed by Chaosium to use BRP? The Resistance table they use looks identical.


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