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    Started gaming with OGRE/GEV, liked those a lot... then played a bunch of AD&D, which was OK... then discovered Runequest and Traveller, promptly stopped playing AD&D... then came Call of Cthulhu... and Stormbringer... and on and on.
    I'll play just about anything, but I'll always return to BRP.
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  1. Agreed! I want nothing to do with 7e, but I would be a customer for 'official' PDFs and POD copies of the earlier stuff... which is why I went all-in on the Kickstarter despite already owning all of it. It's similar to how I don't own D&D 5e, but I appreciate that WOTC has put up a lot of the older materials that I and others might have an interest in.
  2. Monster Island, for Mythras, has a foot in that territory... depending on how you choose to use it. But yeah, I'd like to see more weird fantasy stuff for Legend/Mythras/BRP. My own thought has been to use Renaissance Deluxe to run a blend of Warhammer and Lamentations of the Flame Princess... so quasi-historical with a thick layer of strange just under the surface... less Conan, more Solomon Kane.
  3. Yeah, you'd think so wouldn't you... but these sorts of things have a knack for spilling out into other areas. I've seen more than one forum eat itself up over politics.
  4. His comments were NOT about gaming or Chaosium though... and he is not here, he's not taking part in this discussion. So it's a discussion about him and some non-gaming comments he made... is this really the place where anything like that is going to be solved/fixed?
  5. I don't see the point of this thread on this gaming forum. The person in question is not present. So is the motive just to shout at them in absentia? To announce where we stand on the topic? To bully each other into some sort of consensus (or silence)? Almost everyone has been civil... but it doesn't seem to me that it has much to do with the actualities of games/gaming.
  6. Maybe? But does Chaosium have any plans for Cthulhu in space? Maybe it could include CoC 7e stats as well... hearkening back to the good old days when Chaosium put out products with stats for other systems. Not that Mythras doesn't have some nice scifi in its stable already, but I'm thinking 3pp for all this.
  7. Why? There are loads of Cthulhu games out there now... but not so many in space.
  8. I'm aware of that one, but it shouldn't prevent them from putting out a Mythras edition if they wanted to. A couple others that came to mind: 'Ashes To Ashes' - apocalyptic low-fantasy 'Agents Of The Crown' - victorian era proto-supers, ala 'The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen'
  9. So far a couple of the old BRP Monographs, Classic Fantasy and Rubble & Ruin, from Chaosium have found their way to being fully fleshed out products using Mythras. Both of these go beyond their initial incarnation and are, IMO, improved renditions. So what other BRP Monographs would people like to see return as settings for Mythras? Most likely using the Mythras Gateway license... Fractured Hopes seems like a setting deserving of more exploration and expansion. The Green and Aces High are two others that I liked a lot and would like to see more of. What about Lords of Tarsa? Swords of Cydoria? I don't know if anything further happened with Sarah Newton's 'Chronicles of Future Earth' besides some fiction... but I'd love to see that setting come back as well.
  10. Yes, that sort of thing does feel like 'superheroes' with a different set of tropes. Wild action, strange powers, but the characters not inherently infallible or invulnerable. One anime I've kept in mind while reading Mythras' Mysticism Chapter (but also with Superworld in mind) is Basilisk... similar to Ninja Scroll... it's about a bunch of 'ninjas' with unique powers and physical traits. The story is pretty dark and tragic.
  11. These can be had as PDFs now on DTRPG. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/191361/Eternity-Realms-Saving-Bundle-BUNDLE I bought them both and they look nice.
  12. Of course RQ matters, IF you want to play in Glorantha... but if you don't... if you want some other setting or to build your own, then Mythras (or Magic World) is a much better option.
  13. How big a seam is it anyway? I hear CoC 7e fans speaking out of both sides of their mouths... praising the changes but also claiming the changes aren't that significant... clamoring for conversions of old content to the new system but also claiming it's totally backward compatible. Which is it? Either way, I'm happy for Magic World to stay 'dead' in the eyes of the bosses if the only option is to 7e it. As for new BRP fantasy games... Mythras is now the 400lb ape in that room.
  14. Wasn't Call of Cthulhu big in Japan before 7e came along? IMO a big chunk of why people go on about 7e is the improved graphics... people like pretty pictures and CoC 6e was particularly fugly. So often these days when I hear people gushing about a new game, it ends up being about the look of the thing... not the system. Treat Magic World like CoC for a year... graphics, support, adventures... and see if it doesn't grab a lot more attention and online chatter.
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