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  1. I do really really like that cover art! Reminds me of spooky books I'd check out from the library as a kid.
  2. Oh yeah... super duper christian, with two pastors in the family. I've never been to a Jewish wedding... only seen what's shown in the movies.
  3. Culture can be surprisingly local too. Being from the West Coast and going to a 'big fancy' wedding in New York City, I felt like an utter troglodyte. They sat me with the musicians so anything I did/said would seem less odd... but really, there was so much stuff that I had no clue about, despite having been to plenty of weddings at home (somehow, I suspect the NYC visitor would be as confused out here... I don't think we have as many traditions... or something... suggesting some courtesies are more complex/harder than others).
  4. I never saw the basic concept as a problem at all. Lots of people love playing vampires... which are even more monstrous (unless they sparkle). Geist, one of the NWoD games, presents a more open/aware relationship between the host and its partner, and it works fine in that game. But, for me, I saw the Nephilim's nature of 'possessing' different bodies through history as a weight to be carried... reacted to. Trying to make it a happy circumstance for all involved kind of waters down the setting, IMO.
  5. My hope is that, like the BGB of BRP, there are options to tune it as you like. I might want grim/gritty... or something based on other sources besides just supers comic books (which were inspired by classic legends IIRC). Something that would let me play The Shadow, Godlike, Adam West Batman, AND wild Wuxia-type heros would be nice.
  6. Yeah, I see it as school... the kids who love to read and the kids who hate it. Maybe it was always like that... but now the non-readers feel justified in their refusal, that reading is some 'old' skill that will be of no use in the future (as I've been told).
  7. I've often seen Mayfair's Underground RPG described as 'The Marshall Law RPG'. But I've never read that comic so any parallels escape me (but I quite like Underground).
  8. Could you play Call of Cthulhu with them? Nowadays someone somewhere WILL be offended... so where to draw the line? And regardless of what's in the rulebook, the stuff that gets to the table is up to you... you are the ultimate filter.
  9. Chasing after kiddie money with 'safe' content is more likely to lead to a bland product that won't attract much interest, from the kiddies or anyone else. Or are you thinking 'Supers' are inherently a kid-oriented topic? Also, given the stuff kids are experiencing in their video games, which their parents and grandparents buy for them... how likely is it that any supers RPG going to be more egregiously violent?
  10. Yeah, have that and read it. What I've heard so far about the upcoming game is quite promising actually... that it is fully compatible with Mythras and will allow for a variety tweaks to let people fit it to their tastes.
  11. Nice to get some notice! https://www.forbes.com/sites/robwieland/2019/10/08/use-big-government-to-fight-horrible-monsters-with-delta-green/#323fe50b4840
  12. Simlasa

    Mythras Supers

    Will it be something that would allow super-characters being brought into regular Mythras games... creating something along the lines of Exalted? I was never a huge reader of superhero comics but I did like some of the magic/mystic heroes, like Dr. Fate and John Constantine. So something letting me bring in Mythras' magic system could be excellent.
  13. If you're not averse to online gaming then Roll20 is another possible path to getting in on some systems that are underrepresented on local gaming tables. I've managed to find my way into groups for a number of systems I might never have gotten a chance to play otherwise. It might take some patient searching but there is a wide variety of games getting played on Roll20, even if the site doesn't directly promote/support them.
  14. This description brings to mind the (sadly) single season show Intruders (2014)... which isn't so much like Nephilim, but does involve questions of souls and personas and the fallout on people around them.
  15. True, but if we were to let that concern guide all our choices of what to run we'd not be playing much except D&D. Also, I don't think I'd want to play anything with the sort of person who wouldn't play because a game solely because it was 'old'. The GM of one group I'm in changes game systems a couple times a year and most all of us have been fine with his choices, because he's a good GM and it's a good group and those are the elements that matter most... and I can't see any value in having him run something he's not revved up about.
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