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  1. If you're not averse to online gaming then Roll20 is another possible path to getting in on some systems that are underrepresented on local gaming tables. I've managed to find my way into groups for a number of systems I might never have gotten a chance to play otherwise. It might take some patient searching but there is a wide variety of games getting played on Roll20, even if the site doesn't directly promote/support them.
  2. This description brings to mind the (sadly) single season show Intruders (2014)... which isn't so much like Nephilim, but does involve questions of souls and personas and the fallout on people around them.
  3. True, but if we were to let that concern guide all our choices of what to run we'd not be playing much except D&D. Also, I don't think I'd want to play anything with the sort of person who wouldn't play because a game solely because it was 'old'. The GM of one group I'm in changes game systems a couple times a year and most all of us have been fine with his choices, because he's a good GM and it's a good group and those are the elements that matter most... and I can't see any value in having him run something he's not revved up about.
  4. I can't think of any game I've stopped playing because the publisher didn't have it on an edition treadmill. I've never had someone refuse to play a game because of that reason either... though I suppose that person might be out there, "I will not play any game that has had less than three published editions!" Anyway, Superworld is on my short-list of games I want to run sometime soon. This time as a conversion for The Whispering Vault... and it seems like the Nephilim are something that could/should show up in After The Vampire Wars.
  5. To me they're like the cults in Mythras... they're your contacts, your job board, your resource for various things. They'll maybe pull your fat out of the fire... depending on how big/hot that fire is. You probably share the faction with some of your family, your wife. Seems like a big deal, and very useful, to me.
  6. I've only seen the Walking spells used to hide from something or evade it. I think I'd leave them as-is and make moving through air/earth/water something a summoned elemental could do for you... carry you somewhere through its substance, assuming there's no other body of elemental substance blocking the path.
  7. When I first read Lovecraft it seemed to me that he was purposefully taking the common tropes of horror... weird rural folks, old houses, cursed histories... and subverting their supernatural assumptions by giving them a different set of underpinnings. So we get a 'vampire' in The Shunned House... but it sure ain't Dracula, and we got 'werewolves' in Pickman's Model, but they're a different sort of critter altogether. Lovecraft, smartly, didn't just have tentacled horrors rain down from the nihilistic universe without handholds, he had them creep up through the well-established foundations of gothic horror and folklore... then pounce... and the crucifixes and holy water and silver-tipped canes you thought would save you did no good at all. Anyway, that has always been my assumption of why the ghouls have their canine appearance, to echo the familiar werewolf legends. As for subverting the now familiar Mythos creatures... I'm not sure how to do that without just randomly altering things... but that smacks of D&D 81 flavors of goblin. Maybe that's why I always used a lot of cultists in CoC games, because even though we live among them humans can always be weird and scary.
  8. I don't come to this forum nearly as often as I used, so I'm not cluing in on where all this friction is happening that people feel needs moderation? Is it in the Glorantha forums? I never look there. I've seen no personal attacks or name-calling... or really much disagreement about anything at all. I've got certain things I'm prickly about (CoC 7) and generally try my best to just stay away from those topics, or at least not START the disagreement. As for what other forums have wrong about them: to my eye it's mostly politics. Both RPGNet and RPGSite have taken political stances and let their posters air such grievances. RPGPub has not. RPGPub makes those other two look like a campfire full of hippies singing Kumbaya.
  9. Simlasa

    Elder Godlike?

    I think the 'perceived' weaknesses of Superworld or the BGB powers are only in light of comparing them to the supers in comics. There are plenty of other varieties of supers where they work quite nicely. Godlike generally fits the sort of tone I prefer in supers games, so I'll need to check this out. Also, if what you love about BRP is "the use across genres" then I'd think the BGB would be of good use to you, since it is aimed at being more of a toolkit for all sorts of genres and settings... but yeah, supers is only a part of that.
  10. You think the sequel was better? I felt strongly the other way... the sequel was essentially just a redo of the first one, but with a bunch of Star Wars elements tossed in (was the Faust character really necessary to the plot? Or was he just there to be Darth Vader?). Not that the sequel wasn't entertaining, and I liked the transition of the machine people from snobby elites in the first movie to outright hostile enemies in the second one. Also, the 'ghost train' evoked the 'black ships' in 40K, and even though it was meant to be a mystery, my assumption about their cargo turned out to be correct... so I wonder if GW might have been 'inspired' by that.
  11. Yeah, because shows like the Academy Awards always pick the BEST movies... Awards are nice, I guess... but they don't really prove anything but popularity... and popularity can hinge on a wide variety of factors that in the end may have nothing to do with the actual intents of the game. Some people will applaud games they'll never play, based on what's 'in' at the moment, or 'name' author... or fancy new cover art... It's good for the product, maybe, but... meh, I never have had mainstream tastes... and at this point CoC is more mainstream than ever. It's 'soft horror' because that's what its modern audience wants (It's got fucking Luck points!). It's not Delta Green, Trail of Cthulhu, Kult, or any of the darker toned horror games. Which is fine, because 'soft horror' is what sells and Chaosium is a business, so they should aim for the masses. For myself, though, it's no longer my horror game of choice (not in its current incarnation).
  12. I don't know Marshal Law but I have always admired the Underground RPG, which I've seen mentioned as having been heavily influenced by that comic. For me, the satire shouldn't come from the mechanics/rules... it's the system and the players who will bring it. Similar to games set in the 40K universe... which is hilariously dark comedy to some... and deadly serious to others (I fall in with the dark comedy crowd). Playing it straight will foreground how ridiculous it is. Paranoia is another darkly humorous game, but I want the rules for that to be deadly serious... not wacky. Last night I was watching the sequel to Galaxy Express 999, which featured a human resistance fighting against the Machine Empire. The machine people are pretty much supers... immortal and resistant to most kinds of damage, superior strength and reflexes... so it's another setting where the heroes are fighting against inherently superior forces, which I just about always find interesting.
  13. So far it's been more of an inspiration than something I've actually gotten on the table. Watching A Dark Song recently brought it to mind and I could see using it in some sort of occult espionage game, covens vs. covens or somesuch... but lately all anyone wants me to do is run D&D.
  14. I just made my way through The Boys series on... whatever it's on... and loved its dark humor... and thought it would make for an interesting RPG concept. Kind of like some older games that had the PCs fighting in a covert war between psychics and mundane humans (inspired by Scanners, I think). It would definitely fit with a more dangerous level of combat, vs. standard 4-color fare. The only question would be in regards to having renegade supers join the resistance, and how they'd work alongside regular folks... 'cause everyone would want to be the Jedi/Starlight.
  15. I'm not a fan of CoC 7e, so... no. But I am interested in seeing what The Design Mechanism comes up with. I'm hoping it retains some of the core grittiness of Mythras, doesn't go too far in trying to emulate comics and movies... pre-written mediums where characters wear thick capes of plot-immunity and powers are fluid to the writer's needs. While I do enjoy Superworld my tastes these days run closer to the tone of Godlike/Wild Talents.
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