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  1. I'm mostly curious about the setting, how geographically specific it is and how closely it follows history vs. myth.
  2. Centaurs seem to have escaped their Mediterranean corral and spread into general euro-fantasy. They seem pretty common in modern fantasy settings, along with a lot of the rest. I blame D&D for just tossing in everything/anything without any attention to provenance. I can see the Dune-ish aspect now that SDLeary mentions it... a valuable if remote area for the Empire that has an inherent mystical aspect that is going to put a wrench into their plans. Lots of room for intrigues between factions, high weirdness and, eventually, epic battles. I'd probably want to delve into it deeper and define the fey presence... move the various races away from their bog standard versions, such as making dwarfs either more like old folklore (spooky cave-dwelling elves) or more like earth elemental constructs of the gods (Warcraft).
  3. I'd long been pondering using the Warhammer setting for Magic World, but recently I realized I wanted to tweak its take on fantasy races. First off... the various sorts of elves it has (wood, high, dark, sea) are not particularly like the old folklore and WAAAYYY too much like Tolkien. So I decided that the 'real' elves are straight up fae... pretty much nature spirits and seldom seen. The peoples referred to as elves are actually 'half elves' and being a half elf means you have some sort of hereditary feature that reveals a bit of fae heritage... but it's variable (I've made random table) and doesn't imply physical mating so much as some sort of magical/spiritual interaction... such as ancestors who received a blessing/curse from the fae, lived close to a fairy hill, made some sort of pact with the fae. The same thing goes for 'goblins', which are fae as well... so all the 'goblinoids' (goblins, orcs, bugbears, ogres, trolls... and halflings!) exhibit some degree of that heritage. There's a different random table for those fellows. But basically, 'halflings' are magical mutations... and a bit random, not a 'race'. It all kinda fits with Warhammer's use of things like centaurs, minotaurs and other classical creatures as 'chaos' mutants.
  4. Does that mean Chaosium will be moving off this site as an official presence? (I hope).
  5. Which also implies, or would want for, impunity for related situations... such as running at high speeds and accurately dodging (or not) bystanders/traffic/large bugs/small dogs. Either he's invulnerable, but dangerous... or he has incredible reflexes. Also, the guy who can lift a car has more than just strength, he's got a skeleton that can support that weight and whatever other abilities/complications that might convey. Unless you want to do what the comics do and not think about these things, until you do, and then forget about them until you do again.
  6. My only qualms about that, and possibly peculiar to me, is that I'm generally not that hot about playing as teenagers or younger kids. Maybe because I spend my days among hordes of middle-schoolers. I can see the potential though... there's that sequence in Stranger Things where Eleven ends up with a group of street punks and their psychic friend Kali, and go after the people who worked in the lab experiments.
  7. I wasn't thinking in terms of those limitations. Just a hero with a big (related somehow to John Carter's?) jump vs. some other thing that might be able to fly or leap or teleport... or throw a captive a long distance. Or maybe just the need to jump between two hot spots... like simultaneous bank heists, while being shot at, with a monkey on his back... or something. It's also a good ability to get out of a fight that's going badly for him.
  8. That might depend on who/what he's in combat with.
  9. I've had similar thoughts, thinking also of The Whispering Vault (someone described it as Clive Barker's 'Super Friends')... or some less kludgy take on Exalted, by which I mean a fantasy setting with some 'super-ish' races/species/factions. Mentioning The Whispering Vault reminds that it's also been compared to Sapphire & Steel... which had various powered agents mending bizarre temporal anomalies (that often bear a resemblance to hauntings). Not particularly action-packed though. I've never read The Nocturnals, how high-powered do their stories get? I always thought they looked cool...
  10. Am I limiting myself to pulp? I wasn't aware of that... I just mentioned that I knew Superworld worked well for those pulp-era proto-supers. Otherwise, I'm not sure what your on about... if you're even responding to me... I've got no issues with Doom Patrol since I don't know much about it, except for the oddball characters.
  11. That works fine. I'd assumed they were part of a guild.
  12. OK, I'll have to think of something else... like maybe a gang of burglars, known for daring robberies?
  13. Is the town big enough to support a theater, with an attendant troupe of players and hangers on?
  14. No... but like I said, I'm not sure I think any element is 'essential'. I am drawn to the 'cult' setup for various factions in BRP games... regardless of what they're called in the setting.
  15. I'm fine with including cults as well. They're just the factions that focus on religion... not the invention or sole territory of any particular game/setting.
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