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  1. Did you? This seems like the DG area of the forum... I'm only just getting going with Delta Green... though I've had the original books for years, I always used them as background, rather than having PCs as DG agents. I picked up the new ones a couple months back and I really want to try running a straight up DG game but I feel I'm a bit weak on modern intrigue and spycraft... so I've been immersing myself in whatever real world stuff seems pertinent.
  2. Looking through the recent D&D 5e Cthulhu book got me thinking something similar. Not that I'm in to 5e, but I quite like the idea of playing cats, ghouls, Zoogs, and... other dreamland races. Meshing it with some of the darker fairyland aspects of Magic World's example setting (the Southern Reaches) wouldn't be hard either. I'd leave the Big Uns offstage and probably re-cast/rename them somewhat.
  3. I don't get what that's got to do with Elric/Young Kingdoms though? As far as I've seen there's no superhero RPG that perfectly emulates comics... primarily for the reasons Atgxtg mentioned... comics (and TV and movies...) are a pre-written medium, where the hero has the powers it needs when it needs them... and conveniently forgets those powers when they don't serve the story. Not that I doubt there's a way to make the three arrow stunt work in Superworld... but I generally don't want that sort of thing in my gritty sword & sorcery game.
  4. Yep, must-have for sure. I'm trying to think of ways to combine it with Mr. Snead's old Eldritch Skies setting... though that one is much farther future.
  5. I'm not usually inclined to watch live play vids but I know other people like them, so I'm glad someone is putting up stuff for Mythras.
  6. Yay! I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
  7. Now that it is out, commercially available, and getting further support, could Delta Green be moved out of 'Upcoming Games'? Given its own forum under "D100 Family'?
  8. I like the idea of focusing on a theme of MW... supporting a particular flavor. Like pushing the 'Talking Animals' content of MW... or the Fae aspects of the Southern Reaches... or variations of demons, demon relics, summoning and DCC-ish 'Patrons'. It's aimed at MW fans, but with a bit of luck it might be bait to lure in some new interest.
  9. I like the idea of a Magic World zine. When I first took interest in the OSR the zines for some of the games were a big attraction. I'd be happy to do some drawings for it... and dredge up ideas from my files.
  10. Simlasa

    Delta Green!

    Then maybe Delta Green should be moved out of the 'Upcoming Games' section of the forums?
  11. Usually I don't pay any attention to metaphysical matters of alignment... favoring loyalty to relatively worldly factions, guild, cults and such. If I were to go more Warhammerish I'd pull in the Law (light), Balance, and Chaos (Shadow) idea. Our D&D games at school have been set in Aarklash (Rackham's world for Confrontation/Cadwallon) and it divides factions into Light/Destiny/Shadow... elemental properties with 'bad' people on all sides (though Shadow seems mostly bad).
  12. I did run a short adventure that had a lot of Fae elements and talking animals were part of that... and I figured their magic was more innate/natural to them, so not requiring all the hokum that humans need to pull it off. A kid in one of the classes at school has been trading books with me, having me read 'The Familiars' series. It's all about animals with magical powers and has been giving me lots of ideas... but even its critter characters use somatic/verbal/material components.
  13. It depends on the mood/setting. Generally, I like the traditional (to fantasy RPGs) elements of verbal, somatic and material... because I think they all lead to fun complications. Like being out of some material component and needing to hunt down a replacement. Also, having to say something and wave your hands about a bit justifies using some of the real-world methods of binding a 'witch' so they couldn't put a curse on their captors. Despite that, I have it that verbal components only need to be whispered, since the only person needing to hear the spell is yourself (to my way of thinking about fantasy metaphysics). Thought I'm not too tight-assed about it all and give lots of wiggle room for clever Players to overcome certain difficulties.
  14. Maybe better to rebuild it as a clone, using Gore or Legend or somesuch?
  15. I wonder if, somewhere out there, there is a guy who bought that one RPG, loved it, and continues to run it till this day... never having bought any other RPGs? Most hobbyists I know buy well beyond what they 'need'...videogamers with huge unplayed libraries on Steam, model kit builders with basements full of unbuilt kits. When my mother died we filled a truck with all her beading supplies. I don't know any roleplayers that reach anywhere near the levels of hoarding I've seen from some scrap book fanatics.
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