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  1. If a djinni popped out of my coffee mug and gave me 3 wishes... well, none of them would be about RPGs... but if it gave me a few dozen wishes, somewhere in there I MIGHT wish Magic World and Core BRP to get shiny new editions with world class art (tastefully arrange so as to not clutter), and full support from nu-Chaosium for decades into the future. But minus such wishes, I would rather have any available resources (fan energy and cash) diverted toward NEW content rather than reformatting old stuff for the sake of the handful of new players it might draw in. If you want pretty pictures to inspire you, the internet is full of them... I keep folders full of images, organized by theme. Loads more stuff than can be crammed into any rulebook. I really do not need any art in my rulebooks. My favorite rulebook design of all time is Classic Traveller... clean, clear... no illustrations at all (well, maybe one). Those 3 books had no trouble at all revving up my imagination and making me want to play.
  2. I can't say that I know anyone (except maybe collectors) who chooses what games games to play based on how they look or what they're called. Visuals might be a factor in getting you to take an initial interest... but... well, there's a reason I'm not interested in any of those PBTA games, regardless of the pretty pictures in them. RPGs seem largely marketed by word of mouth, it's not like they're present on store shelves much these days. So go talk up the games you like, let everyone know why it's great fun to play. Maybe there is some guy out there who says, "You know, that game sounds great and you're a good GM... but the rulebook is just too ugly, and the name is weird... so I'm gonna go play with a different group." Happily, I haven't met him.
  3. Yeah, I have a couple of things I was thinking of putting up for GORE... but I'm not too clear on the legal stance of it all.
  4. I don't know Rolemaster, though I've seen a lot of praise for it. I'm still not clear on what it is that Spell Law brings to the table? Are there random spell results ala Dungeon Crawl Classics? Or does it just offer a lot of options for spell use... so that no two caster's spells will be the same?
  5. What about The Koln Machinations (second part of the Clockwork of Orange for C&C)? https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/248901/The-Koln-Machinations?src=newest
  6. Our group played through the first Mothership adventure, Dead Planet, and that was fun/weird. It's pretty much a small sandbox... non-linear, but with a singular problem PCs will really need to sort out. The system was a bit BRP-ish... but with classes... and a skill tree. Combat was a bit bland, which, being a horror game, isn't the main focus anyway. I'm certainly interested in any further adventure/setting material for it, even if I might choose to use a different system instead.
  7. Like with used bookstores, all my old favorite stores are gone now... the weedy half-lit places where you might find stuff from previous decades buried under cobwebs and dust. Most everything now is relatively clean, up-to-date, and a bit predictable... centered on card games, collectibles, Games Workshop, and D&D/Pathfinder. Still, I do find occasional surprises.... like a copy of Dark Streets and some other C&W stuff at Little Shop of Magic https://shopofmagic.com/ . I'll ask on our Vegas RPG group and see if I can get any strong recommendations. EDIT: Based on replies I got I think your best bet is Little Shop of Magic. It's been around a while and it's fairly large.
  8. I'm not sure why I hit a mental block with it... I guess because it felt like such factions would provide much more powerful abilities than other, more mundane, guilds and gangs. I guess it's just going to take some trial and error... making mistakes... to get a feel for it.
  9. So I was watching Game of Thrones and wandering how I'd make something like The Faceless Men in Mythras... is it a cult (they worship the Many-Faced God)? A brotherhood (an assassins guild)? and how to arrange their 'powers' of disguise and stealth... which seem almost magical. But this also got me started thinking about Earthdawn again, and its 'Disciplines'... which are sort of like guilds devoted to certain professions (soldier, archer, cavalryman...) but each teaches a variety of 'Talents'... which are magical skills related to the profession (similar to the near-magical capabilities of The Faceless Men). So Archers get powers that let them shoot arrows of flame, or arrows that will point the way to a sought person. Disciplines also encompass philosophical outlooks about life and the world... so quasi-religious in nature, but no gods. Not that I want to recreate GoT or Earthdawn... but I like the idea of having certain guilds that go above and beyond the usual and offer magic-ish professional abilities (not spells really) to dedicated members. Would such powers best be portrayed using bits of folk magic? or should they be gifts... a number of them offered at each tier of guild membership? I imagine they should cost MP to use and require some level of success on the basic skill they're built off of (such as disguise or archery). This is probably a dumb question and the answer is obvious... but I've been going around with myself about how to build such a thing... a guild that's borderline mystical cult in its powers... and not make it too OP. I also figure these factions would be harder to join and progress in... or that they'd ask a further degree of commitment somehow (ala The Faceless Men asking members to forget themselves and become 'no one').
  10. Yeah, I only referred to them for their concept of humans who are turned to monsters by how their powers separate them from humanity... as a possible twist on the usual PCs as supers. Scanners would/could work in a similar fashion if the PCs (mostly?) were non-Scanners hunting down the psychic renegades. I'm not so much trying to settle on something for myself, just pondering what alternative sorts of settings might make good use of Superworld.
  11. I guess I'm thinking 'setting' as what elements are included or left out of the actual story. So having the 'xenomorphs' on stage in Alien made it horror... they're a part of the setting. But if there are no xenomorphs on stage, or mentioned in the script, then it's a different thing. Like how Outland could very well be in the same universe... but its setting (no xenomorphs) puts it in a different genre. Not that I mean to argue semantics... just explaining my line of thought. As an aside, I was just watching the first few episodes of Star Trek TOS and I noticed that both the second and third episode (as broadcast in the U.S.) featured humans who took on godlike powers (and were pretty much monsters because of it)... so there's that approach as well, having the supers be the villains the mundane PCs must confront... which sounds like it might be a variation on CoC.
  12. Well, the setting sets the genre, which is why I'm asking for settings OTHER than the standard Marvel/DC setup where heroes of vastly different power join up and work at the speed of plot. So yeah, NOT what most people assume when they hear you're running a 'supers' game... but something that Superworld would run well once we divest of those assumptions. I might have to sell it to Players using some other term... gritty urban fantasy ala World of Darkness (which I hear some folks played as a supers game).
  13. I really liked what little bit I've seen of that show... AND... that reminds me that The Big O might be another setting that might fit, being as it's a mash-up of Giant Robo and Batman.
  14. Yeah, that's the famous example. Something like Godlike/Wild Talents might fit, since those are at the grittier end of the super pool and I'm not confident of the ORE. I'm generally curious, though for my own tastes something space-opera-ish would be great... but I could see it working for a more focused espionage/intrigue setting like Scanners as well.
  15. I was reading the thread about using Superworld for 'cosmic' heroes and the sentiment seemed to be that the main issue is with BRP's inherent lethality... and how that lethality doesn't emulate the comics. Now, it seems like a common gripe with superhero RPGs in general is that they only ever kindasorta manage to emulate the comics anyway. Which makes sense, since comics are written and plotted out to make a good story. Characters only live or die to suit the needs of the story. Later in that thread, someone suggested that cosmic supers are just high-powered space opera and that E.E. 'Doc' Smith's Lensman setting as being a good (better) fit for Superworld, since those stories featured super psychic characters and a lot of lethality. Sounds good to me... So I'm wondering, what other superheroic/superhero-ish settings might better fit the particular flavor that Superworld brings to the table? I know it works well for early pulp heroes such as The Shadow and The Spider... and it works with the conceits of City of Heroes, but I'm guessing there are more out there that I'm not thinking of. Any thoughts?
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