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  1. I've had Rubble and Ruin for a while but didn't do more than a quick flip through. Probably because it outwardly seemed aimed at a grittier 'mad max' type of PA setting than I was in the mood for at the time. Gamma World was one of my longest and most successful campaigns back in the day, I felt a lot more comfortable with it than I ever did D&D fantasy... I could load it with all sorts of disparate influences from the Heavy Metal comics and kooky movies like Hell Comes To Frogtown. When Rifts came along it felt like THAT was the kitchen-sink setting I'd been aiming for... too bad about
  2. (written under the influence of something something) Big Talking Animal A Toad/Rat/Spider/Snake that begs the PC to help them. 1. THE GIANT TOAD tells the PC that it is a powerful wizard (or a virtuous princess/prince... who was tricked into kissing the toad, as often happens to royalty), trapped in the toad's stomach. It asks that the PC climb into the toad's mouth and help them get out. It will insist the PC not attack the toad because they might harm the wizard (please leave sharp objects outside). Option A- If the PC climbs into the Toad's mouth, the toad eats him (clu
  3. I never think in terms of 'story arc'... just situations and consequences. I've had Players ask for the equivalent, in the setting, of an atomic bomb... and let them have it, knowing that other people will react to them accordingly... fear, anger, envy. There is always some downside to getting what you wished for... but if they can make it work despite that? Good on them. I'm not sure about that polar bear though... I have friends with kids. Just because you raise something from a baby doesn't make it tame. Roll20 is OK, I prefer its most basic form... with something else for audio (why c
  4. I wonder what the legal hurdles of doing a basic 'zine would be... focused on Magic World, but without the name or logos. Just thinking of all the Dungeon Crawl Classics 'zines... as well as other OSR zines. I've just always had a thing for digest sized 'zines...
  5. Yeah, the idea of island hopping is very appealing... like myriad little kingdoms to visit without so much concern for having to cross mountains/deserts/enemy terrain. Lots of possibilities for aquatic monsters, storms to blow you 'somewhere else'.
  6. Not the premise of what? CoC? or Nephilim? IMO it is kinda the premise of CoC... human perspective/awareness coming up as narrow and irrelevant to a larger, expansive one. I never interpreted Nephilim as 'body rape'. Though the show I just got done watching, the old BBC show 'Intruders', is. It's pretty much the sort of thing old Mythos sorcerers get up to, and the nutty cult in Get Out... forcing their way into other people's minds/bodies.
  7. That seems like the 'obvious' approach to me. Not all poisons poison all things. Rat poison isn't going to kill a skeleton or a zombie... but something else might strike at the animating force of the thing. Holy water and garlic traditionally keeps vampires at bay, for whatever reason... so quest to find out what works on other pesky undead.
  8. "Suggest there might be something higher or beyond the human condition, and sales suffer." Well, it works for Call of Cthulhu... of course the 'higher and beyond' there is the nemesis of humanity... or is it?
  9. This sounds cool. I look forward to seeing it.
  10. Beauty and the Beast is a good pick. Was there ever an RPG based on that setting? I know there was something, 'Underworld', that was a take on the setting. How about Supernatural, since the Winchester Brothers are usually sporting a variety of occult powers and weapons vs. various powered villains. I've got a love/hate thing with the show but it's still more my speed than guys in capes (unless it's The Boys).
  11. I'm loving these write ups! A bit of a non-sequitur but if you've ever seen the RPG Mystery Men (based on D&D) the author uses public domain supers from the early 40s as example builds (at least in its first edition). I've not played the game, but really like that retro approach... and the relatively 'street level' heroes it focuses on.
  12. Simlasa

    The Hook

    Annoying. I did it for an online convention and, I think I could have pretty much ignored it... but the other fellows seemed to feel a need to ham up their 'performance' and it became one of the weirder RPG experiences I've had. EDIT: I misunderstood the question. I thought it was about being recorded for broadcast online... doing a 'live-play'. THAT is the experience I found irritating. As for just playing online, with video. Two of the groups I'm in do it, and it's OK... doesn't bother me. Our local F2F group moved online because of the virus and have NOT been using video, and that
  13. Nonsense! I respect other people having a right to have an opinion, but I don't need to respect the opinion itself. If some guy starts telling me the Earth is flat, or how some group of people are subhuman, or outright falsehoods about how some game system works... I don't need to 'respect' that. Also, from what I've read, Atgxtg has been VERY patient with RogerDee and refrained from personal attacks... whereas RogerDee HAS crossed that line. Atgxtg might want to step away to save their blood pressure, because it seems to be like arguing with an stone... but otherwise I think it's Rog
  14. I'm mostly curious about the setting, how geographically specific it is and how closely it follows history vs. myth.
  15. Centaurs seem to have escaped their Mediterranean corral and spread into general euro-fantasy. They seem pretty common in modern fantasy settings, along with a lot of the rest. I blame D&D for just tossing in everything/anything without any attention to provenance. I can see the Dune-ish aspect now that SDLeary mentions it... a valuable if remote area for the Empire that has an inherent mystical aspect that is going to put a wrench into their plans. Lots of room for intrigues between factions, high weirdness and, eventually, epic battles. I'd probably want to delve into it deeper and
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