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  1. I agree, which is why I generally don't go for games that are trying to emulate books, movies, comics. If I do, I am after some aspect of the setting I enjoy, not trying to recreate it. I like Stormbringer for it's weird fantasy flavor, not because I want to play in Elric's world. But I think Superheroes are even worse for it, because of they're a such a wide field with such a long serialized history... so many characters with so many different abilities, abilities that often come and go as the plot desires. It's almost like trying to make an 'anime' game, or a 'television' game... it's too
  2. As has been mentioned, comic book supers are a problem for RPGs in general. It always seem a folly to me to emulating a written medium where whatever needs to happen for the plot can be made to happen... there are no rules to what Superman/Batman/Plastic Man can do except for what the writer needs them to do. I'm more interested in a setting and supers who are designed with BRP specifically in mind... I'd shun invulnerable (and plot-immune) characters altogether and focus on PC supers who have a special advantage, but can still be taken down by a bullet, blade or bomb if they're not carefu
  3. I was actually thinking about that this morning... wondering how long it would take me. IF I do it, I'll let you know when I'm finished.
  4. Whatever drawings I gave you for the alchemist book are yours to use. If you need me to sign something I will. Apparently Magic World has also disappeared from the online store... so maybe they're just disappearing it altogether, as some nagging bit of the past.
  5. I'm glad to hear Osprey is going to bring out more stuff for Jackals. I'll assume it's all of use for BRP even if not used for Jackals itself.
  6. 'Anything goes' implies, to me, a higher power level... just so the PCs won't be overwhelmed by the 'anything' when it shows up. I'm thinking kitchen sink settings like Rifts. Not that a multiverse HAS to be that way... but they often seem to lead there. It's not BRP but one multiversal setting I like is Astulae, which is a series of setting books describing an ancient 'dungeon' of connecting realities. It has its own laws of operation, factions, mysteries... but is generally on a manageable power scale. No worlds full of superheroes or giant mecha... not from what I've seen of it. Or m
  7. I think Magic World is still 'The New Magic World' as far as I'm concerned... in that I wasn't looking for a replacement. Also, Osprey seems to only put out further support for a few of their games... Frostgrave being the main one I see. The rest seem to be one-shot rulebooks, which is fine.
  8. I assume 'trippy 70s vibe' would riff off Moorcock and Zelazny? Fairly high-powered stuff that touches elbows with god/godlings? Maybe because I've been reading lots of fairy tales lately but I could go with something less 'epic' than a lot of modern fantasy seems to me... less caught up in vast military intrigues, more about the lives of common folks and their brushes with the uncanny. But I suppose that's less about world-building and more about constructing scenarios/situations.
  9. I've always liked the idea of hit locations, but not always how they're implemented... depending on the nature of the attack.
  10. I'm NOT a fan of the changes CoC 7e brought... in tone or mechanics. If I were to borrow anything from other BRP-related games it would be some of the magic options from Mythras/Legend, like Blood Magic.
  11. So you felt the need to repeat back to me what I'd already said? Also, I'm not so sure about your assumption about people not creating their own worlds though... I certainly see plenty of homebrew settings in local games around here, and in the gaming blogs I read. I'm not sure it's a mainstream part of D&D these days though. Magic World's 'Southern Reaches' setting is distinct from Moorcock's so I'm not sure what you're on about there. There's not really enough to it to judge it 'dated'... which seems like a lazy term to use for such things anyway. Maybe just not your taste?
  12. Yeah, I do realize that the formative decisions about Magic World were not Nu-Chaosiums. That there were larger issues that played a bigger part than any qualities of the game itself.
  13. I said I felt I was the only one who loved the NAME, not "game"... but I DO love the game as well. Even its sketch of a setting is interesting to me... has potential. It sets up a interesting situation, with some mystery and conflict and plenty of room for exploration/discovery. Oh well...
  14. No one buys a game if they don't know there's a game to buy. Magic World wasn't promoted or supported in any significant way. So why would sales be anything but low? Most of us only knew about it because we were already BRP fans and tuned in... so I don't think there's a case for saying it really got a fair chance. Anyway, it's not a failure on my end... since I'm playing it. Your loss is not mine.
  15. I seem to be the only person on Earth who LOVES the name. To me it's near perfect for a generic fantasy game that's not aiming super aggrogrimdark (Mork Borg) or super cutesy anime (WOTC D&D? HAR!)... the name leaves a whole lot of interpretations and possibilities wide open. Are people ragging on Apocalypse World for its name? Dungeon World? Not that I've seen. It's not the name that failed it... it was Chaosium's lack of promotion and support. But then, seeing where they've gone since the Nu-Chaosium crew took over I am sort of glad Magic World is a 'dead' game... if Nu-Chaosium d
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