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  1. Simlasa

    So I can finally make this official.

    Yay! I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
  2. Simlasa

    Site News & Feedback

    Now that it is out, commercially available, and getting further support, could Delta Green be moved out of 'Upcoming Games'? Given its own forum under "D100 Family'?
  3. Simlasa

    MW is currently 50% off at Chaosium.com

    I like the idea of focusing on a theme of MW... supporting a particular flavor. Like pushing the 'Talking Animals' content of MW... or the Fae aspects of the Southern Reaches... or variations of demons, demon relics, summoning and DCC-ish 'Patrons'. It's aimed at MW fans, but with a bit of luck it might be bait to lure in some new interest.
  4. Simlasa

    MW is currently 50% off at Chaosium.com

    I like the idea of a Magic World zine. When I first took interest in the OSR the zines for some of the games were a big attraction. I'd be happy to do some drawings for it... and dredge up ideas from my files.
  5. Simlasa

    Delta Green!

    Then maybe Delta Green should be moved out of the 'Upcoming Games' section of the forums?
  6. Usually I don't pay any attention to metaphysical matters of alignment... favoring loyalty to relatively worldly factions, guild, cults and such. If I were to go more Warhammerish I'd pull in the Law (light), Balance, and Chaos (Shadow) idea. Our D&D games at school have been set in Aarklash (Rackham's world for Confrontation/Cadwallon) and it divides factions into Light/Destiny/Shadow... elemental properties with 'bad' people on all sides (though Shadow seems mostly bad).
  7. Simlasa

    Spell casting, what needs to be done.

    I did run a short adventure that had a lot of Fae elements and talking animals were part of that... and I figured their magic was more innate/natural to them, so not requiring all the hokum that humans need to pull it off. A kid in one of the classes at school has been trading books with me, having me read 'The Familiars' series. It's all about animals with magical powers and has been giving me lots of ideas... but even its critter characters use somatic/verbal/material components.
  8. Simlasa

    Spell casting, what needs to be done.

    It depends on the mood/setting. Generally, I like the traditional (to fantasy RPGs) elements of verbal, somatic and material... because I think they all lead to fun complications. Like being out of some material component and needing to hunt down a replacement. Also, having to say something and wave your hands about a bit justifies using some of the real-world methods of binding a 'witch' so they couldn't put a curse on their captors. Despite that, I have it that verbal components only need to be whispered, since the only person needing to hear the spell is yourself (to my way of thinking about fantasy metaphysics). Thought I'm not too tight-assed about it all and give lots of wiggle room for clever Players to overcome certain difficulties.
  9. Simlasa

    New Magic World Review

    Maybe better to rebuild it as a clone, using Gore or Legend or somesuch?
  10. Simlasa

    New Magic World Review

    I wonder if, somewhere out there, there is a guy who bought that one RPG, loved it, and continues to run it till this day... never having bought any other RPGs? Most hobbyists I know buy well beyond what they 'need'...videogamers with huge unplayed libraries on Steam, model kit builders with basements full of unbuilt kits. When my mother died we filled a truck with all her beading supplies. I don't know any roleplayers that reach anywhere near the levels of hoarding I've seen from some scrap book fanatics.
  11. Simlasa

    New Magic World Review

    That seems like a reasonable guess. I've certainly bought material for systems I do not run with an eye towards using it in one I do. But it's been a long time since I felt the need to have EVERYTHING put out for a particular system or out of loyalty to a company (though, once upon a time I was like that with Chaosium). When OneBookShelf was first going I made a LOT of impulse buys, but that also passed.
  12. Simlasa

    New Magic World Review

    If they even use them, vs. just collecting/reading them (which I've seen purported to be a good chunk of what's keeping the RPG industry afloat). I never use published stuff 'as is' but I've always been happy to yank elements for use in my own settings... spells, creatures, floorplans, spaceship deckplans, whatever. Don't most GMs tweak published adventures when they run them? My own thing lately has been to turn MW towards something like Warhammer (minus the demi-humans)... grabbing bits of that setting and stuff from Renaissance and Lamentations of the Flame Princess (an idea I had even BEFORE reading Butters' excellent game logs). The minimal setting in Magic World is intriguing, and open-ended enough that I could see loosely hanging some adventures on it that could still be tweaked for other purposes... and I'd be curious to see what was in the intended bestiary. I could go for something with a lot more fairy tale influence on it (which The Southern Reaches suggests to me).
  13. Simlasa

    Experience Checks

    OK, that was my assumption then. I'm still not seeing a benefit, and I do like the extra moment of rolling to see if I learned something. Just a matter of taste.
  14. Simlasa

    Experience Checks

    To me it doesn't seem like the time/effort saved would be very significant and, as a Player, I look forward to the session where we've got time to reflect and roll out those experience checks. For me they have that in-game meaning and I prefer it versus just suddenly improving in something in the midst of doing it (my assumption of how getting an immediate/automatic rise in a skill would seem).
  15. Something fun for Dragon Lines. I've only seen Master of the Flying Guillotine... didn't know there were others.
  16. Simlasa

    Form Fillable Adventurer Sheet for Magic World

    That makes me think of the end of Cemetary Man (which has a strange/silly/non sequitur ending. My past couple months have been confuzzled anyways... but all the game groups I'm in have been on hiatus or worse. So it will be good to get back to it.
  17. Simlasa

    Clockwork War Golem Idea

    Huge clockwork elephants with howdahs full of archers... maybe blowing something fun out its trunk (steam, poison gas, obscuring smoke). Colossal angel statues carrying lances that belch fire (operated by bellows in back). 4-faced heads on wheels with cannons in their mouths and archers shooting from out the eyes.
  18. Simlasa

    Crazy Clockwork Contraptions

    I'm wondering if a clockwork contraption could be set up to cast a spell of some sort. It's gears inscribed with symbols that pass over each other and line up in specific ways... conjugations of precious stones and other ingredients... maybe a little box to drop in a mouse to grease the wheels with blood. There was a large scale version of such a thing in the remake of 13 Ghosts (Thir13en Ghosts)... where the whole house was a mechanical marvel, glass panes inscribed with spells... and massive gearworks in the walls and under the floors. The idea of bringing mechanical precision to spellcasting, and allowing the spell to be cast at some later time by some unsuspecting interloper.
  19. Simlasa


    Blood Magic was originally supposed to have info on magical bloodlines... but IIRC those bits never made it into the book. Now I'm wondering what games DO have such information... about various inherited magical traits. Like something passed down in a family of necromancers... I'm sure I could cobble up something, but I'm looking for a bit of inspiration... from games or fiction. Any suggestions?
  20. Simlasa

    OpenQuest what would you change?

    I'd either forgotten or missed that bit in 2nd. But I was agreeing with your opinion of them, and assumed they were a suggestion for OQ3. Since I wished for an option of digest sized (but largely unchanged) rules booklets, what about keeping the variant magic system(s) to separate booklets? Pick the one you like. I think I'm just really liking smaller, digest-sized, books these days. The whole OSR 'zine thing.
  21. Simlasa

    OpenQuest what would you change?

    I'm not seeing an option that suits me... I do like smaller digest-sized books, and the idea of having a version of Openquest like that, B&W with some new art, is appealing. But I really don't see the need (or feel the desire) for an OQ3. More content for the existing game... adventures, settings with suitable rules variations... are more what I'm in the market for vs. yet another take on the core rules. Some of the suggested changes, such as reducing the magic systems or bonuses for 'good' role playing would lessen my interest.
  22. Simlasa

    Seeds of Chaos

    I agree with Matt E regarding the time of year. Almost all the games I"m in have been on hiatus till January. The game club I run at school has had dwindling attendance as we hit the holidays.
  23. Simlasa

    'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    No opinion about the doctor's skill advancement, but I did enjoy listening to you guys play. Sounds like a 'normal' group, fairly focused, not apeing for the camera.
  24. Simlasa

    What is a Demon?

    I played in a game recently where our party was summoned (mid combat on the back of a dragon) by a wizard in need of aid. POOF! We were there in his citadel, fought off the monsters plaguing him, and before we could ask any questions POOF! We were back on the back of the dragon... so I suppose that means WE were the summoned monsters/demons in that scenario.
  25. Simlasa

    What is a Demon?

    It depends on the setting. In my old homebrew game they're spirits of various sorts... as varied in temperment, intelligence and motivation as the people who summon them. Definitely not purely good or evil. In my 30's war campaign they were straight up Christian fantasy, red-skinned devils with horns, pitchforks and a complicated hierarchy. Either way, they're outsiders who don't quite belong in the world and cannot normally come across without aid of some sort. Not un-natural but other-natural... maybe?