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Hunting and Boar Stats


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19 minutes ago, LastRook said:

Does anyone know which book has expanded hunting rules and the stats for different sized (including legendary) board?  I remember seeing them in, iirc, an older edition book several months ago.  But now I cannot find them.  

Lordly Domains, pp. 113-114 for boar stats.

But be warned that the boar stats are quite a bit tougher in Lordly Domains.

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Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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20 hours ago, LastRook said:

That is fine.  We are looking for a big fight against a legendary beast.

How legendary? I wrote up the "Black Boar of Camelot Forest" , a huge Faerie Boar that inhabits the Camelot Forest for my campaign. "It's hide is as tough as mail, and it's vitality such that it wounds close almost as quickly as they are inflicted". My PKs had to go questing for a magical weapon to defeat it, and had to dig up  trufflesin order to  to lure it to a spot where they could find it. It's viciously nasty stats were:

The Black Boar of Camelot Forest

Glory Won 150; SIZ 25, DEX 13, STR 35, CON 25; Move 8; Armor 10; Unconscious 11; Major Wound 25; Knockdown 25; Hit Points 50; Healing Rate 6 (per round); Damage 7d6.

Combat Skills: Tusks 18.

Skills: Avoidance 10.

Ferocity: A boar attacks normally for 1 round after taking damage that would incapacitate most other creatures (i.e., even after its current hit points reach or drop below its Unconscious threshold, or after it receives a Major Wound, for example).


Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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