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Japanese and Chinese versions of MU announced


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Arclight, publishers of the immensely popular Japanese version of Call of Cthulhu, have announced they will be producing Japanese and Chinese versions of Chaosium's Reiner Knizia board game Miskatonic University - the Restricted Collection. (And Call of Cthulhu in Chinese!)

Arclight had demo versions of Miskatonic University to play at their Shanghai Wonder Festival Stand, and said it received "a fantastic reception".

More details at the link:

Some pics of the new version at Shanghai Wonder Festival last weekend:

1490646869_ScreenShot2019-06-10at9_44_46pm.png.d88cd7eb55f25b63fb0bb58ec4a8c336.png 2076739389_ScreenShot2019-06-10at9_47_58pm.png.7ee522fec46465be79b7a4f50896199a.png

291798885_ScreenShot2019-06-10at9_44_19pm.png.a19e852713c3505bdec6bf6d0f91a050.png 640057485_ScreenShot2019-06-10at9_45_36pm.png.df11038477116ffe7f34cff1a7583b50.png

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The Vintage RPG Podcast tried out our ENnie-nominated game Miskatonic University: The Restricted Collection and loved it ("It's a great companion to 2016's Khan of Khans!"). They talk about that gameplay experience at the start of this episode.

Then - after their next segment talking about some old book called The Dungeon Masters Guide - they interview Chaosium's MOB (starts 24:50) about MU, recent Cthulhu castles he's visited, the Miskatonic Repository, how Australia is Chaosium's Mythos testbed, and more!


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