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KAP 5.2 vs Knights and Ladies

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So do the skills/traits in K&L trump KAP 5.2 or vice versa?

Or is K&L optional rules that you can sub in for the standard rules?


1. Are Regional trait bonuses still a thing(p. 46)?

2. Directed Traits (by Homeland) a thing (p. 47)?

2. Are the skill list in K&L right or the ones in KAP (pp.51-57)?

3. Are homeland Passions a thing (p.48)?

4. What about the luck tables (pp.61-64)?

I like a lot of the information and extras of K&L, so it would be a shame if it is just lost.

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One doesn't really trump on or the other.  Those in KAP5.2 are culture and period agnostic.  They are general across all settings.  Those in BoK&L are culture and period specific. 

I'd also check to topic to which Morien linked (above).  There is a long discussion comparing the two docs.



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