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                                                                                      BLATTERD AND BRUISED

The tale of the storming of the house of Blatter is a grim and bloody one as the party was confronted by a veritable host of gang members from the Tenebrous Hand within.
The more martial members of the party reaped a bloody ruin upon the gang members but also suffered grievous injuries in return stabbed, shot and hacked at they none the less wore their injuries with honour all being delivered to their fronts unlike the cowardly curs facing them even gentle Guilio bore his injuries with pride which included one received in the few last minutes of combat a sword slash to his face that forever ruined his good looks and caused many a young maiden to weep upon hearing the news.
After Death had collected his grim harvest the party regrouped and looked slightly unbelievingly at the carnage they had wrought in their rescue attempt of Inky Pete.
The doctor now more focused than he had been previously finally began to give much needed medical help to his fellow party members and to his now rescued friend Inky who had suffered terribly at the hands of the gang, the flesh from his feet had been flayed away in their diabolical quest for answers.
Still in shock and great pain Inky told us of his brutal kidnapping and the questioning he had undergone and as we suspected it was the books they wanted and one book in particular the one written in cypher.
The party was also left with two prisoners unfortunately neither of them was Gahwon, the right hand to the devil himself Mallebeench. Gahwon seeing Saul wielding aloft his bloody Mortuary sword, Craigh the canny Highlander with his sling firing hissing shot through the air and Giulio behind them both providing lethal support with his Glaive knew how this battle would end and he made his escape early on though not without a reminder of who he faced as he took two serious wounds before he managed to skulk away leaving his men to die.
And die they did under the relentless assault of Saul, Craigh, Giulio especially now that they were reinforced by cousin Ralph who freed from looking after the semi delirious doctor joined the fray adding much needed strength to their tiring arms.
Though it seems not all would die for their craven masters as we return again to the two prisoners.
Only one though could provide us with valuable information the other turned out to be just a local hired thug bought off cheaply with ale and a few pennies and since time was short as the alarm must have been raised by now only one was needed decisions, decisions.
Luckily Giulio stepped up and performed a quick, brutal and messy interrogation on the thug as the rest of the party quickly gathered any useful items, one of which turned out to be Rimehart who the doctor found bound and gagged in a nearby room.
The party was now less one hired thug but still up a lieutenant in the form of the remaining prisoner who turned out to be called Sam Wills and Rimehart, the import/exporter of choice for Mallebeench and now after his recent treatment by his erstwhile master might now also be more willing to talk than previously.
The battered party made their way back down to the ground floor where Sam our new best friend showed us the trap door which lead down back  into the tunnels beneath. We made good our escape not a moment too soon it seems as just as the trapdoors lid was closed the front door was smashed open by soldiers wearing the blood red uniforms of the New Model Army they were confronted by the chilling words ' Mallebeench was here' scrawled across a wall in human seems that the doctor and the Scotsman have a very weird sense of humour.

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On ‎05‎/‎02‎/‎2017 at 6:52 PM, jagerfury said:

So the highlight of today's session was the PC's dumping the captured Sam Wills and the badly tortured Inky Pete off at the asylum for safe keeping. They paid three orderlies off who came out into the streets to look for a couple of escaped inmates/patients to take the two in their place. I have to say the PC's took full advantage of the Cow Hill Random Encounter table!


It sounds bad when you put it that way, we left them in the care of medical professionals, burly club wielding, knuckle cracking medical professionals maybe but still highly trained medical professionals. I'm sure Inky Pete will understand though it does seem we should have asked about visiting times now that I think about it but I'm sure it will be just fine.:wacko:

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Humorous Humors
We escaped the house of Blatter via a tunnel guided by Sam Wills the recently captured gang member we quickly made our way through this section of tunnels and back to the surface via an exit leading into a house owned by a group called the Collectors of pus who were involved with the Hand via Malenbench.
Sam listed some of the members of this group saying that whilst he had never been inside the house he had been part of the Hand team which had hired as guards for some of the meetings held inside.
Ralph after some suitable encouragement finally agreed to climb up the rusting ladder into the house. The room they found themselves in seemed pretty bare just a desk holding a ledger which noted grocery purchases and a tapestry  which looked suspiciously French so being a true son of England the doctor immediately started to cut it up to provide bandages for Inky whilst cutting strips off he learnt from Sam that Tobias had given his Mothers shaven hair to Ghwon but he didn't know why, maybe it was for a wig he suggested? Ralph said nasty hurtful things about the doctors mother but the doctor ignored the jibes knowing that Ralph was just jealous that his side of the family had money and could read and besides he knew that Ralph got this way when he was scared.
After dismissing the "Cooking them a nice meal" plan they quickly left the house Inky making better progress know that his feet were bandaged and bound he also now didn't leave bloody footprints behind him which was somewhat handy :)
They took this moment to further discuss Sam's story as he had told them he was really a good guy and was only involved in leg breaking and extortion because Mallebench had kidnapped his family and that he could help them more if they saved them this led to more bickering and name calling.
The weather was still foul outside and we were soon cold and wet again but the bad weather did work in our favour keeping us concealed from any prying eyes.
We kept to the side of the street in an attempt to avoid any military patrols and to be honest away from the worst of the rain. The injured amongst us going silent as they struggled to keep going all their focus turning inward and keeping one foot in front of the other.
We encountered a couple of men on the street luckily they  turned out to be orderlies from a nearby asylum it seems that they had a breakout earlier and two patients were still unaccounted for and they had been went out in the cold and told not to return without the two missing men and luckily we had two men that we wanted to get somewhere safe and in one case secure so we bribed the orderlies to take Inky Pete and Sam Mills in place of the two missing patients, Sam would be kept secure and Inky would get some medical treatment and perhaps more importantly be safe from any further kidnapping attempts.
Neither Pete or Sam were very happy about this but a price was agreed and we told them we would be back in a week to collect them so off they went.
There was one worrying thing though it seems one of the escaped inmates was known as the Blood beast of Bodmin but the doctor was sure this was just a nickname to make the man sound scarier than he really was.
The party still unnaturally silent apart from the occasional bickering heard from the cousins decided to explore Tobias's tailor shop since it was nearby and they had some time to kill they found it much as they had left it the front door still broken and the shop dusty and unkempt the doctor was less than enthusiastic seeing that they had already searched the shop but Ralph was insistent he thought he could find out why his Auntie had been shaved. Finding nothing new they decided to re-enter the mysterious club house of the Collectors of Pus via a door which led from the store directly into the house.
So they eventually found their way into the mysterious house next door again, Rimehart didn't seem too happy about this but after a glare from the recently scarred Giulio he soon fell silent and behaved himself.
The house appeared empty and silent as they crept in and the injured collapsed into a heap onto the hallway floor unable to continue further without a rest leaving all the work to the brave and handsome Norton cousins. So after making sure none of them was going to die and Rimehart was secure in their care off went the the rugged and charming Norton's.
Cousin Ralph was leading the charge like some kind of over eager hunting dog he searched through bookcases and cupboards, looked behind shelves and knocked on walls looking for more secret doors.
All this hard work was rewarded as it seems this was one of the lairs of the arch heretic himself Mallebench! as Ralph soon discovered signs of him in one of the bedrooms.
They also discovered that whilst the house was empty and had a slightly abandoned feel it nonetheless boasted a fully provisioned kitchen ready for tonights festivities no doubt.
Ralph also discovered a letter and a key, this key was hidden under the desk in Mallebenchs bedroom whilst the letter was from the group calling itself the
Brothers it seemed to be demanding a progress report of some kind from a man they call the Black Crow of Norwich, maybe Mallebench wasn't the all powerful puppet master maybe someone was pulling his strings?
Ralph soon figured out that the key opened a panel located in the dining room this panel concealed a passage which led further down into a hidden room. Brave cousin Ralph immediately stepped down and through and into the incense filled room his footsteps echoing oddly on the stone flagstones.
He quickly discovered that the room had a foul and terrible purpose it served as a some kind of blasphemous church to *SATAN*!
The room contained many shelves along its damp walls each one heavy with jars and jacks and each of them was filled with a variety of abominations from strange bubbling fluids to ungodly insects. There were other terrible, darker things floating in these jars but they were either to strange or horrific to name.
And where there was no shelving blasphemous idols instead lined the walls casting their evil eye on proceedings.
Further parting the thick sweet smelling smoke coming from whatever was in those glowing braziers Ralph came across the final proof of this rooms malign intent, there squatting malevolently at the base of the chambers rear wall was an altar, stained darkly with unknown fluids this dark altar was surrounded by four shallow shafts, one for each corner and each one in turn was covered by a rusting filth encrusted grate.
Looking down past these grated covers he gasped in horror as each shaft contained a strangely disfigured corpse. He quickly backs away coughing and calling out for the doctor in panic.
The doctor upon hearing the cries rushes out of the library and almost knocks his cousin down in his rush and after recovering he was shocked to see his cousins horrified expression so almost against his will he allowed himself to be dragged into *SATANS* church and soon realised fully what had caused Ralph's horrified expression.
He briefly examined some of the jars which seemed to contain humors and other foulness he avoided the blasphemous idols with their dreadful gazes until finally being dragged inexorably to the altar and those unwholesome shafts.
The doctor just about managed to examine the burning herbs and found them to be mostly harmless used for their ability to cover up less wholesome smells no doubt before finally ending up at the back wall.
The altar was indeed stained deeply with blood as was feared and the bodies in the shafts seemed to have died from a variety of diseases everything from leprosy to the bloody pox.
The doctor visibly paler now after his examination of the room turned around to ask Ralph a question only to find himself alone, alone apart from the silent corpses and leering idols that is.
The doctor feeling that discretion  was indeed the better form of valour made a hasty exit.
It turned out that Ralph had left the baleful room, wandered past his groaning comrades who were still malingering in the hallway and had ended up in the kitchen where he was looking very thoughtfully at the bread and wondering if poison was the way to go it certainly would be easier but could it be guaranteed to work?
His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the doctor running in the hallway, luckily not with scissors though so no further injuries were sustained.
Meeting each other in the hallway again with a crash each was full of questions for the other unfortunately they had to remain unasked for the moment as each slowly turned to face the buildings main door, and both wondered had that been the doors latch they had just heard moving?

We ended up with a book describing how to control people via a dolly made from their hair ( Oh Mother what have you done )
Another Pus related group who were making demands
A key to the Temple of SATAN!
50 shillings
A letter from the Brothers to Mallenbeench
Four dead and diseased bodies
And a whole load of satanic ritualistic decorations.
Bob the Orderly
Dr Alan Melrose of the Asylum
*Collectors of the Pus*,
Cheswick Orb
John Corbet Junior
Brandon Leven
Tobias the tailor/barber/party planner and spymaster?
And whatever happened to Black Philip the goat?

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