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Alex Greene


I'm typing this from my tablet. The laptop from which I have posted all of my articles here to date went and died last Sunday. Worse, I got sold a lemon - and the replacement laptop lasted just 48 hours before it, too, was brown bread.

Posts will resume as and when I can get crowdfunded for a new one. ALso, wish me luck because I have found a halfway competent tech guy who might be able to fix my old laptop. We'll meet for the first time on Tuesday.


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1 hour ago, Raleel said:

new one doesn't have a warranty?

I have good news. The store had an exchange policy. So far, so good.

Until this moment, I had no guarantees I would ever see a new laptop before the bank holiday.

However, my notes for the next issue did not make it to the backups, so the hiatus stands. Hopefully, this thing will not be a lemon. But keep your fingers crossed.

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