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  1. i noticed it was misformatted a bit in the newsletter. nothing that a knowledgeable person cannot decipher, but a thing none the less if you aren't a computer person.
  2. The RAW here is that there are no spells in sorcery Specifically to make a spirit do anything, and he’s left to negotiate. You could easily rule spirits are Creatures and use Dominate. I could see borrowing the animism rules and Applying appropriately. A true name might be needed, or some skill in poetry to impress him, or maybe even commerce. The RAW here is very much a toolkit.
  3. Raleel

    Mythra Wushu

    Indeed, but almost certainly not the hero, and likely only a minor protagonist if a protagonist. The giant weapon is often portrayed as slow and dangerous, which is counter to the protagonist. essentially, anything with an H force I think is probably in this category. Spears and other pole arms are much more used. You get the very occasional dadao or other two handed sword, and there is the scene in crouching tiger hidden dragon with the weapon the heroine cannot carry, but it’s uncommon. It doesn’t suit the Aesthetic
  4. Raleel

    Mythra Wushu

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BQu_jPAGhE_iolp1e5Ao9WmQBfy0wmqpI0NEYMaiqwQ/edit I also did a bunch of powers specifically for the Classic Fantasy monk that would work. "Thought about it" - yes. Could have a pile of martial arts styles, each with different special effects and tie them to mysticism effects as well. Armor and big weapons are not going to be anywhere as common. edit: you can probably find more using the spelling "wuxia".
  5. Raleel

    The Hook

    It’s a bit irritating, but mostly not. My group has been together a long time and we trust each other. We are very lucky.
  6. You can get an idea of how it works with Agony & Ecstasy, which is an adventure for Mythras and includes pregens and a subset of what is in Destiny. I find it pretty clever.
  7. Do you have an editable version that could be shared?
  8. Most definitely. When I get asked about how to balance fights and I toss in the action point metric, I make sure to tell them to total both sides. skill times action points = some arbitrary white box combat effectiveness rating. It's very simplistic, but assuming same levels of armor and damage, it works pretty well.
  9. I love the special effects table. I am passing it to my players immediately, even though most of them are pretty familiar. I would consider putting firearms in on the drop foes special effect
  10. definitely a different take on D&D, but still has the same feel. it does a fair bit of twisting and manipulation of Mythras. good stuff, and worth the pick up
  11. Mythras also has a Discord server https://discord.gg/RqwyHdG there is also the Mythras matters podcast and the Opposed Roles podcast - the latter of which I’m half of and we discuss some of these issues.
  12. They get their characteristics as well, so str+dex+10% he appears to be using classic fantasy, @fulk so a little different rules.
  13. Correct. The attacker can also choose location to bypass those locations.
  14. Well, it seemed like a good start. We have a third episode idea as well, but less controversial.
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