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  1. Do you have an editable version that could be shared?
  2. Most definitely. When I get asked about how to balance fights and I toss in the action point metric, I make sure to tell them to total both sides. skill times action points = some arbitrary white box combat effectiveness rating. It's very simplistic, but assuming same levels of armor and damage, it works pretty well.
  3. I love the special effects table. I am passing it to my players immediately, even though most of them are pretty familiar. I would consider putting firearms in on the drop foes special effect
  4. definitely a different take on D&D, but still has the same feel. it does a fair bit of twisting and manipulation of Mythras. good stuff, and worth the pick up
  5. Mythras also has a Discord server https://discord.gg/RqwyHdG there is also the Mythras matters podcast and the Opposed Roles podcast - the latter of which I’m half of and we discuss some of these issues.
  6. They get their characteristics as well, so str+dex+10% he appears to be using classic fantasy, @fulk so a little different rules.
  7. Correct. The attacker can also choose location to bypass those locations.
  8. Well, it seemed like a good start. We have a third episode idea as well, but less controversial.
  9. I don't think anything we have not heard. you didn't mention Lyonesse, but we knew that one. Oh, and a spy one, which those of us who follow obsessively closely are aware of.
  10. meaty and lengthy! 1 hour and 20 minutes! You can tell you and pete spent 10 years working out what you wanted.
  11. This appears to be missing one key part that, while not present in the BRP version, was referenced in the BRP version - the wealth levels table. The Mythras MR references “items above their wealth level”, but there is no reference to what that means. Can a destitute person afford an average puglio or must he have a benefactor? I am unable to find anything that would give a pointer. P18 does give a wealth cap, but it doesn’t map to an item value. re: @StanTheMan the mass combat rules should work, though I had the same hesitation at first. The trick is there isn’t much melee combat everyone is shooting with their blasters, and thus it feels a little odd. A lot of skirmishing.
  12. It is very much like a chessecake - delicious, one of the top choices, but also hard to sit down and eat a whole one (despite what my wife will tell me).
  13. The more you make subsystems for a 40 year old game systems, the more likely you are to run into someone who had the same gripes and ideas and did it up to their preference
  14. You know, as much as I like Mythras, I understand this comment. It is a very dense book for content, and can be very hard to take in. I swear to you, it took me quite a long time to really have it all ingested.
  15. I would third it. I would also note that, while Rodney's work is pointed towards 2e, the bard that he has is fairly easily restructured into 5e, and can form a basis for other classes. The fighter he has already looks a lot like a Battlemaster, because so many of the special effects look like combat maneuvers. I put together a Warlock (totally untested) based on 5e, and my monk (complete to rank 3, but it should be easy to infer the last two ranks) certainly takes some queues from later editions. For similar games, i have some notes on a 13th Age Occultist conversion and a 4e swordmage conversion, the latter based very much on the aforementioned bard.
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