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  1. Raleel

    Classic Fantasy - Is there a Volume II?

    As g33k mentions, not really in the core book. Loosely ancient world, though up to medieval should be no issue at all. Mythras Imperative, the free abbreviated set of rules, can handle modern and futuristic too, as weapons and armor are there, as well as some more modern professions and skills. There are separate settings books for Mythic Rome, Mythic Britain, Mythic Constantinople, Monster Island, Luther Arkwright, and a brief one on superheroes, as well as third party books for space, 1920’s weird sci-fi, and probably another I’m forgerting
  2. Raleel

    Classic Fantasy - Is there a Volume II?

    I don't know that it has been released. @threedeesix would be able to answer. He recently did up Classic Fantasy for Mythras and has been working on a second book for it.
  3. Raleel

    Advice BRP For Fantasy

    mostly it's just used as a framework in CF for leveling. In Mythras, they are more culturally focused, but certainly don't have to be. Just think of them as levels in CF. If you don't want to use levels, I'd like to hear about the choices in your campaign to better assist.
  4. Raleel

    Advice BRP For Fantasy

    Pretty much what classic fantasy does. It even has a level to rank conversion chart. I find CF’s repurposing of the Mythras cult and brotherhoods into classes to be quite clever.
  5. Raleel

    Why does cyberpunk refuse to move on?

    This has been something on my mind thinking about a campaign. The question of if I really want to portray that disparity with my group. Most of them don’t really want to look at that I think, but then again, there is a whole fight for what is right that is easy to set up there. Knights in pink Mohawks, as it were. Huh... that phrasing just came to me. That’s very catchy and apt. Maybe they aren’t super privileged but they are better enough, and there are people that are needing them.
  6. Raleel

    Conversion Guidelines for BRP/CoC to Mythras?

    well, I would say a 50% in any skill is going to map to a 50% in the other system. it's a chance for success - so, yes, equivalent. For combat skills, I would do as you suggest. i might just kind of eyeball it even. the base in Mythras skills might be a bit higher - it's derived from stats and not as a flat percent to start with. Most of the skills that start at 05% in BRP are professional skills in Mythras, and you don't get a chance at all. as an example, Stealth in BRP starts at 10% - in mythras it's DEX+INT, which for humans is a minimum of 11 with the lowest INT and DEX possible, and human average would be more like a 24. iirc, one time I mapped out the character creation process, and Mythras got more points than CoC characters. Closer to Pulp Cthulhu, but without the powers. EDU doesn't exist in Mythras. I'm not sure how I would map that, or even if I would. Luck exists, but is different entirely. Magic points are the same I think. Hit points are going to change, so I would just use the mythras ones. it should be easy to calculate.
  7. Raleel

    Advice BRP For Fantasy

    Pretty sure I’m going to use this now as a signature somewhere.
  8. Raleel

    Advice BRP For Fantasy

    I don’t know if you are open for other options, but if this were my group I would use Mythras (a BRP family game) and it’s supplement Classic Fantasy. The latter is built to emulate OSR (and thus a little lower magic, a little grittier) D&D but using a d100 chassis. Not that BGB can’t do it, I’m sure. I just have less experience in that area. As a whole the deadlier combat in most of the d100 lines are going to give it quite a bit different flavor.
  9. Raleel

    Spirit Combat and Parrying

    While parry exists (p137 Mythras) I don’t think that weapon size does. My assumption is that successful defense blocks all damage, as it specifically calls out a successful attack which is not parried does damage.
  10. Raleel

    The Interior Art Needs to Change

    maybe we shipped our prudes over there
  11. Raleel

    The Interior Art Needs to Change

    just saying - it's hardly a common thing in many parts of the US. And i mean, just because he has a platypus as his icon, I can't just assume he's australian
  12. Raleel

    The Interior Art Needs to Change

    In quite a few places in America, it is quite possible to go through life and never see these things. We are rather young as a whole, and the vast majority of our land mass is rural. Very little statuary to speak of. It is really only common in a few places in the US. Our view on the dreaded nipple is slowly changing. It’s greatly improved over the last 70 years or so, and gets a little better every day. Folks who complain like in the OPs situation are getting rarer - enough so that I think they are clearly out of the norm. There is still some cultural hesitancy towards classic nudity because, frankly, we just don’t have lots of it.
  13. Raleel

    Classic Fantasy, why run it? (+)

    I think I might say if I want to play D&D, I pick CF because it's just more interesting to play for me. It gives the tropes that are comfortable, but gives a system that is far more exciting.
  14. Raleel

    How many languages?

    hrm... does this mean Monster Island is getting a Mythrasization?
  15. Raleel

    [New Release!] Agony and Ecstasy Superhero Scenario

    I have not yet. No time. But will try to get to it! I have a couple of ideas on that