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  1. Destined's setting and much of the text is not ORC. However, Mythras Imperative does include a good number of powers (17), so could form a basis for a superheroes setting quite well. Destined has about 30 more, and a fair number more of boosts. Mythras offers the Gateway license as well
  2. @Fellblade I believe (though I don't know that the name applies to the same person here). They are credited as such on the discord.
  3. Thanks to the efforts of d100.fr, we now have https://srd-fr.mythras.net the repos are at https://github.com/raleel/mythras-srd-fr https://github.com/raleel/mythras-srd https://github.com/raleel/cfi-srd We have efforts for cfi-srd-pt and cfi-srd-es in progress.
  4. I'd start here https://docs.google.com/document/d/13xSpg6gfIE39f8dJC_DkEwB_S6Cp4BBUM3qUbWUxsfY/edit?pli=1#heading=h.3mi6d5ess8ti and use Mythras
  5. These have both been extensively updated and are currently the most up to date published sources for these.
  6. I don't have enough legal knowledge to jump into that debate, but I will say that when you see something that is clearly derived from a known image (Henry Cavill from the Witcher as Elric), you are seeing the results of a lack of training data and appropriately tagged training data. Essentially, if you showed someone a picture of an orange cat, called it a cat, and they didn't know other cats existed, they would think all cats are orange. I can also say that AI doesn't "cut it up" any more than a novice artist cuts up a piece of art, copies, and pastes it into their own art. If this was true, AI hands would have five fingers constantly, rather than legendarily being bad at drawing them. It clearly is doing something, but it doesn't have the knowledge that hands have five fingers in many models, so it makes something up. I do think the notion that AI cannot create transformative works because it is not covered by law a fascinating argument. It is somewhat similar in my mind to the river in New Zealand which was given legal rights and now has representatives, so it can go to court and sue polluters. If it was operating wholly independently, this would almost certainly be required. I think currently, though, AI is a tool driven by human textual input ("draw me Elric"), and perhaps then the person required bar would be met by the prompt engineer, essentially making the AI a very fancy paint brush.
  7. Well, I might look at Mythras' After the Vampire Wars for some design cues. It's already an urban fantasy environment. Then I'd probably look at Legend's Arcania of Legend: Blood Magic and import some of that into sorcery. Then I'd walk down the clans as cults and build out their power sets. I might take some notes from psionics in several of the Mythras books and build powers that looked like that - single skill, mid level powerful. This would leave full sorcery to Mages
  8. Indeed. Rtf is good, and I won't complain. However, with heading styles you can convert to markdown and put on a website. I did exactly this, including manually going through and doing the headings, for brpugesrd.xyz
  9. street level is a defined level in destined. I've run one campaign and played in one at that level. my current campaign isn't explicitly street level, but it's very close. Absolutely it does this. From the book:
  10. Started it this evening. Like it quite a bit, but I was always going to be a fan
  11. Why not simply download Mythras imperative then print the single page of the sheet to pdf?
  12. https://github.com/raleel/brpugesrd https://github.com/raleel/mythras-srd https://github.com/raleel/cfi-srd BRP UGE SRD, Mythras SRD, and classic fantasy SRD website repositories have been made publicly viewable. Pull requests accepted
  13. Looking forward to the change log.
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