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  1. Modern Supernatural RPG for Mythras?

    Loz says February. Cover is out and on the TDM boards. Art is done I believe. It's very close.
  2. Advice For Ranged Combat In Mythras

    Autonomy would be good, and defined in the spirit section quite well. it would mesh pretty well with my off the cuff drone rules above, as they are based on animism. the ones i propose also only have a single location. Said net would entangle that location quite well, removing them from the action. I could see several variants of the spirit combat abilities being used to emulate the EMP, but I think the sonic disrupter, slightly retuned, would be the best choice outside of Ion Weapons in the Supplement That Shall Not Be Named. It does pretty much the same thing anyways Ground Crawlers sound like they probably have a greater Endurance as a whole. The model might just have greater energy capacity, or flight might be a "moderate activity", causing it to "tire" soon.
  3. Boxing Day Sale!

    Same material, at least for that part. Same art even. The ships part is not in Mythic Britain. Mythic Britain has plenty of other good things though, having also purchased it after I bought ships and shield walls.
  4. Advice For Ranged Combat In Mythras

    First off, wow, thank you for the detailed insight! I admit, I had not considered what carrying 90 arrows might look like at all. Lots of juicy bits in there. As for The impales above, in Mythras you don’t need a special success or a crit to impale unlike some other d100 systems. Just a regular success and to do damage. It lets you roll damage twice and pick the best, and might impose a penalty if the weapon is big enough. Arrows generally inflict a 1/3 off skill penalty when they impale a human (small humans might take a bigger one). So maybe not 300%, but it is a Saga and all! Thanks, going to go read that now
  5. Height and weight for PCs

    It’s not only for PCs, but the height chart is for humanoids. The note is in the back with the creature weight chart. I suspect that they left out height because comparing the height of a giant octopus to a giant snake to a giant crab to a giant preying mantis might not get you a consistent system. What is the height unit you are using on the octopus? Do you include the tentacles? The snake lies flat and isn’t very tall, but is very long. The crab and the mantis both have similar body types, but the mantis stands up on his hind legs more, though not as erect as a humanoid.
  6. Advice For Ranged Combat In Mythras

    can you point me to one 1/second firing my mongols? I've been able to find 1/2-3 seconds ( for example), but am unable to find any examples of anything faster that doesn't have dubious strength bows (Lars, for example). This also does point at high skill and ability to withstand a high penalty (range). against a mass of targets, I imagine you'd account for the size of the unit, and it would be much bigger than your average human, thus able to give you effective archery at long ranges. This, in turn, would give you more access to rapid reload, which would speed up your time. I don't wonder if it would be reasonable to do a Clout Shooting style, which arced the arrows high and bought them down at range, and thus gained you a better chance of hitting the head or shoulders (1d10+10 on hit location), and only allowed it at longer ranges (outside of Close range for sure, maybe outside of Effective range)
  7. Advice For Ranged Combat In Mythras

    well, if you find those, I'd love to hear about them. It's been a bit of a thing with my group. I point to videos of folks shooting bows (not Lars) at reasonable rates and showing "yes, it does take a certain amount of time here", but they've not necessarily bought into it. They really have a Legolas fighting at close range sort of view - and frankly I look at that as some kind of extra long range melee weapon it's also, frankly, not a lot of fun to go "I reload" on your turn.
  8. Advice For Ranged Combat In Mythras

    Odd, I frequently get critiques of quite the opposite - folks whining that RQ6 and Mythras bows are far too difficult to use. Reload times that are in the 5 second range (2AP to reload, 1 to fire), ranges that are realistic (125m for an effective range), etc. A guy sprinting at you from 50m can make 35m in a single 5 second round conservatively - making a single shot possible, but you will have people in your face next round. Said archer is going to be facing a 50% of skill penalty IN ADDITION to range (one step harder) - he's only going to be hitting at 10% of his skill. He's not going to get off a second shot before Mr Sprinter plows through him. Even at 125m, he might be getting off a couple of shots, but they are even going to be HARDER than the 10% ones - functionally impossible. so... I guess I'm not understanding your "more realistically" - seems like they do exactly what you want?
  9. Weapon Penetration Ratings

    Indeed, it's almost impossible for a human to get a 1d6 damage mod (18 in both STR and SIZ). 1d4 is extremely good, typical of a Conan type of character (arguably around SIZ 15), and 1d2 is probably more normal for a trained warrior. Though I don't think it is quite so far off of his statement. His big hitter looks like he has exceptionally high strength and size.
  10. Advice For Ranged Combat In Mythras

    For perspective gamewise: In Mythras, this is going to be a 2 step penalty for most human sized targets, but it is well within a long arm's Close Range. Not an easy shot (50% of skill) but certainly doable. With Aiming (1 step easier) might help if there are additional penalties, but a simple 2x scope would make that penalty go away. You can get 24x ones on ebay for under $50. Indeed. that seemed to be the gist of the documents I posted above. Don't go in one on one duelist style. take them down with superior force. I think this is well supported in game via the pin down and compel surrender mechanics. It's even stated in the main book (though under Press Advantage) that one might not be susceptible to a special effect due to lack of fear of taking damage. With guns, it seems likely that most things will, and in a modern firefight, I can see how it would be pretty certain. It seems to me (and I'm not really a tactical expert) the solution to this sort of situation is area denial - you take a building, a zone, etc, and you hold it so it can't be entered by evacuating forces. Establish a perimeter around the area and keep moving in. I can imagine how this might be logistically hard, as you are functionally making a very long perimeter and closing in, but otherwise you are ending up with a threat that you can't uproot. I wish you would actually!
  11. Mythras Publications & Links

    Mythic Constantinople is now into this list, as well as the Classic Fantasy adventure G2: The Lonely Lighthouse. There is also the Constantinople adventure Life's Long Consequences http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/229016/Mythic-Constantinople--TDM230 http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/229017/Mythic-Constantinople-Lifes-Long-Consequences http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/229023/G2-The-Lonely-Lighthouse--TDM505?src=newest&coverSizeTestPhase2=true&word-variants=true there is also a map pack for constantinople http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/229020/Mythic-Constantinople-Map-Pack
  12. Advice For Ranged Combat In Mythras

    I can see a soldier with a couple of skills - Drone Control and Drone Awareness. Drone Control is based on the controller's DEX + the cpu POWer of the control rig. Awareness is based on controller's INT + the cpu POWer. Cpu Power (POW) is rated as a Characteristic. The Maximum control intensity of drones covered is equal to 1/10th of the Drone Control skill. Each drone has a CPU POWer which is governed by a control intensity, rated 1-X, with a POWer rating of 1d6+(Intensity x 6). They also have an artificial INStinct rating of 2d6+Intensity to represent some basic programming and the ability to keep it on task, and a STR (1d6+(1xIntensity)) and DEX (2d6+(4xIntensity)) rating. They don't have lots of hit points (1d6+1xIntensity), just a single hit location, but they have a little bit of armor (1/2 Intensity). Their SIZ is generally in the 1d6 range. Each can carry a small arms weapon or two - the lower intensity ones normally carry only pistols, but military grade (and higher intensity) ones can carry long arms. Normally they hold some extra ammunition, enough for an extra reload or two, but not normally more due to size constraints. Many have fly speeds of 10m, and some have fly speeds of more than 20m. how about that?
  13. Mythic Constantinople: Life's Long Consequences

    I have it, though I have not read it in great detail. It appears to be seven events set to trigger upon particular events, so the time and the ordering might vary based on the group. It is also designed to be an investigation and strings through quite a number of NPCs and locations. It certainly appears fairly freeform. I would guess 2-5 sessions to complete? depends on the group and their desire to roleplay around and session timing.
  14. New Releases for Christmas 2017

    I don’t know enough about that time period to say. I’m guessing most of the names of people and places would change. I’m guessing the organizational structures would change. If you are willing to accept the place names are not accurate, and then rejigger the people, it should work. It’s a setting book, and unless you have historians of the period at the table, it’ll probably be fine. Guns can be removed. Magic can be removed. Character rules are going to stay the same, though the skill lists might be a little off. Less Turks and Arabs.
  15. New Releases for Christmas 2017

    Currently #5 on DTRPG. Feel like this one is doing exceptionally well. Frankly, quite well deserved.