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  1. Raleel

    Bundle of Holding: Why Mythras?

    I haven’t purchased because I buy almost everything the TDM guys put out sight unseen. I have yet to be disappointed. Absolutely one of the best systems out there. This bundle is particularly good because it has so much completion. Mythras and. Adventures. Classic fantasy and adventure. Really, an incredible deal for a good cause.
  2. Raleel

    Mythras: Dark Souls

    I see dark souls RPGs requested a lot on Reddit. You should post s link over there in r/rpg
  3. Raleel


    I would treat the area as cover. It doesn’t actually have to block any damage, just make it hard to choose location. Cover the whole person and they are firing blind at whatever penalty that is.
  4. Raleel


    I might suggest your smoke grenade not prevent all actions, but impose serious penalties on rolls. I think that moving out should still be an option there.
  5. Raleel


    It doesn’t go into that level of detail. If it was important to my game to have that sort of distinction (say, a game involving heavy diplomacy), I’d probably use the Hero system language chart for determining compatibility and do modifications from there.
  6. Raleel


    For a different take, After the Vampire Wars does Linguistics, which encompasses spoken and written word equally. one language per 10%
  7. Raleel

    Classic Fantasy Excel Worksheet

    this was more of a problem with using a dash in the name. it was having problems parsing past it. I would not be surprised if it though it was Half minus Elf and Half minus Orc, which both don't make sense, so it just uses Half.
  8. Raleel

    Classic Fantasy Excel Worksheet

    thanks! I'll do that! edit: confirmed. I removed the protection, changed the Half-Orc cells (via search) to HalfOrc and it was able to adjust correctly.
  9. Raleel

    Classic Fantasy Excel Worksheet

    a little digging on this (getting the password for the spreadsheet would help, if you are willing) but it appears to be defaulting to Half-Elf, and not Half-Orc. I would not be surprised if that dash is a special character, and it's stopping there, so both half-elf and half-orc are "half" and it stops at the first one it finds.
  10. Raleel

    Classic Fantasy Excel Worksheet

    Well, I might think that, but all the other races work. Using excel 16 on the Mac.
  11. Raleel

    Classic Fantasy Excel Worksheet

    I think this sheet has an error with the half orc. he's got the same strength range as a human, same charisma too.
  12. Raleel

    Classic Fantasy Anti-Paladins

    Not sure why it wouldn’t work in Mythras. Take the right passions and skills to emulate it. Also could work in CF with a minor amount of tweaking. Should you? No idea. That’s up to you and your group. I see a great place for arch villains in my games, but might not work for yours
  13. Raleel

    Distance Modifiers for Ranged Attacks

    No, they are not cumulative in that sense. The distance/size modifier is cumulative with any other penalties on the shot. Generally the worst one is taken, then apply the range/size modifier
  14. Raleel

    Modern Supernatural RPG for Mythras?

    Loz says February. Cover is out and on the TDM boards. Art is done I believe. It's very close.
  15. Raleel

    Advice For Ranged Combat In Mythras

    Autonomy would be good, and defined in the spirit section quite well. it would mesh pretty well with my off the cuff drone rules above, as they are based on animism. the ones i propose also only have a single location. Said net would entangle that location quite well, removing them from the action. I could see several variants of the spirit combat abilities being used to emulate the EMP, but I think the sonic disrupter, slightly retuned, would be the best choice outside of Ion Weapons in the Supplement That Shall Not Be Named. It does pretty much the same thing anyways Ground Crawlers sound like they probably have a greater Endurance as a whole. The model might just have greater energy capacity, or flight might be a "moderate activity", causing it to "tire" soon.