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  1. Raleel

    Spirit Combat and Parrying

    While parry exists (p137 Mythras) I don’t think that weapon size does. My assumption is that successful defense blocks all damage, as it specifically calls out a successful attack which is not parried does damage.
  2. Raleel

    The Interior Art Needs to Change

    maybe we shipped our prudes over there
  3. Raleel

    The Interior Art Needs to Change

    just saying - it's hardly a common thing in many parts of the US. And i mean, just because he has a platypus as his icon, I can't just assume he's australian
  4. Raleel

    The Interior Art Needs to Change

    In quite a few places in America, it is quite possible to go through life and never see these things. We are rather young as a whole, and the vast majority of our land mass is rural. Very little statuary to speak of. It is really only common in a few places in the US. Our view on the dreaded nipple is slowly changing. It’s greatly improved over the last 70 years or so, and gets a little better every day. Folks who complain like in the OPs situation are getting rarer - enough so that I think they are clearly out of the norm. There is still some cultural hesitancy towards classic nudity because, frankly, we just don’t have lots of it.
  5. Raleel

    Classic Fantasy, why run it? (+)

    I think I might say if I want to play D&D, I pick CF because it's just more interesting to play for me. It gives the tropes that are comfortable, but gives a system that is far more exciting.
  6. Raleel

    How many languages?

    hrm... does this mean Monster Island is getting a Mythrasization?
  7. Raleel

    [New Release!] Agony and Ecstasy Superhero Scenario

    I have not yet. No time. But will try to get to it! I have a couple of ideas on that
  8. Raleel

    Parry question?

    As a person who has recently approached a certain age, I empathize greatly. The ruenquest 6 Gamemasters pack has a nice set of tables. Probably could carve that up for a big 5 panels screen with a spot in the middle where you can leer our evilly at your players
  9. Raleel

    Parry question?

    i know folks love the physical books, and I can respect that. But this is a real advantage for PDFs - Large Font Red letter versions are just a click or two away. Unfortunately, I've yet to find a PDF reader that offers an Add Ligatures Like Mithras Intended button
  10. Raleel

    Parry question?

    Can we expect a True Ligature version and Non-Ligature version for heathens?
  11. FYI the phrase is “sacred cow”, not holy cow ;) holy cow as a phrase is an exclamation comparable to “wow!” I can see where that gets confusing, though! I am aware your first language is not English, and let me assure you, outside of some idioms, your English is better than many native speakers!

    1. RosenMcStern


      Ah, sorry :) In fact both words translate to the same in Italian, I was retro-translating.

    2. Raleel


      No need to apologize at all. English's dual origins in Romance and Germanic languages makes it remarkably inconsistent. I am not surprised they would mean the same thing at all. Sacred and holy, when they are not next to the word "cow" mean the same thing in English as well.

  12. Raleel

    Parry question?

    as matt says, training != what you carry with you all the time. However, roman soldiers appear to have carried (in addition to armor) shield, sword, darts, pilum, and vericulum, and perhaps even a dagger. I could very easily see carrying a sword, shield, spear, dagger, and bow if you were equipped for war. vikings did shield, sword or axe, spear, dagger. often they had multiple spears.
  13. Raleel

    Parry question?

    Oh, this option is in Mythras as well. It just offers more restrictive ones too
  14. Raleel

    Parry question?

    Pretty sure this is even in the rules under Daredevil and Acrobatics actually, and a good use of it
  15. Raleel

    Parry question?

    Actually, it’s not quite nothing, though I understand your meaning. Parry a big sword with a dagger, you may not stop the blade, but you prevent a special effect. Granted, it may not make much of a difference (remove limb is a very strong “special effect”) but it can deny him an Impale or a Bleed or some other definite fight ender. That and he may just roll bad on damage. I tend to view it as a diverting the weapon AND a side step. Other thing is, with missiles and shields, it’s almost certainly a hard block with smaller ones. Consider this option - you aren’t all that good with your combat style (say, 50%) using a dagger and a shield. He swings. A possible smart move is to passive Block with your shield, covering many locations, and then parry with your dagger. Sure, it won’t block damage, but it could prevent him from choosing location around your shield. Big old shield blocks a lot of damage. Big 4 location shield can block 60% of the numbers possible to hit. Do it the other way around, you are only blocking it 50% of the time, and if you fail, he’s picking whatever location he likes, preferably the ones without armor. Fail with the dagger, he’s picking a location that is not warded, but you may have some armor on there. Ill be honest, the passive ward with the shield and parry with the weapon didn’t even occur to me until earlier this year and someone else mentioned it. But it’s a fair advantage.