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  1. whip as melee weapon

    great videos! I'm not sure I agree with 100% of what you said, but I certainly agree with the intent - whips are not super-useful in regular combat. There are some tricks, though, that indicate that it might be a lot better than we are giving it - Adam Winrich here is cutting soda cans all the way in two, though that is under pressure. I think the reach and the fear factor are the big tricks here. if you eliminate the fear, you can easily get inside the reach and then it's not really a useful whip. This strikes me as similar to a pike or other polearm, only that you have a harder time not getting damaged on the approach
  2. whip as melee weapon

    check out on that. I think the idea here is that it doesn't stop when it hits, but rather cuts and slides away. Granted, this demonstration is clearly staged and organized sparring, and thus somewhat idealized. However, there is a little bit of regaining rhythm in there. I suspect the space issue would be dealt with by Reach, with a person getting inside making the whip not able to swing around effectively (see Mythras' closing range rules). These two are fighting at the same reach, and it would be a different situation with a dagger and shield user - can he get in fast enough before the urumi comes around and slashes up his back? And yea, 2:1 odds are always bad for the 1. I don't think a whip user is a lot worse off than, say, a spear user who has someone get in on them and bind up their weapon, or a halberd or pike user who has someone get in and make it hard to use against their buddy. No argument on the whip not being an effective damage dealer - you could easily ignore the damage with a little armor. Whip user tries to keep someone at reach, other person just moves in and ignores the shot. Mythras' overextend opponent might make a useful "fear effect" to steal for this situation, with the caveat about armor.
  3. whip as melee weapon

    I think I would allow it to work well against multiple opponents if it was magically enhanced. After all, at that point it is inflicting real damage and not as much of a psychological threat. Consider the Urumi sword - you definitely don't want to step into the arc of one flying around. http://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/indias-deadly-flexible-whip-sword-takes-years-to-master for reference. The videos are quite interesting, and the notion of it providing a "defensive field" probably comes closest to the whip's use (not just a single crack) however, I can see if you are wearing heavy enough armor, you might just walk in. Something like this probably does a bit more damage than a whip - let's say 1d6, and I'm going to guess without a strength bonus being possible. If you are wearing armor that protects 6 or more points, you will not be concerned with defending yourself and just walk inside the reach of the weapon.
  4. whip as melee weapon

    In Mythras, it has a very long reach, which beats everything except for big polearms like pikes. In Mythras, if either is within melee striking distance, you use melee rules. the whip can't be used to parry (offensive trait), but it has the ability to entangle, stun location, go around shields (flexible trait), and it can pin weapons without a critical (entrapping, but oddly it can't use the Defensive part of Entrapping, since that requires a parry). Entangling can make a limb useless and the whip user can make trip attempts against the entangled. I imagine entangling a neck might count as a choke actually. Keeping them at reach, I would say would require extra training (a style trait in Mythras) and might be an opposed roll of the weapon skill vs the willpower of the target. Willpower failure means he's afraid to close the gap. also, note, inside of Medium reach, the whip user also has strong disadvantage for attacking, as his weapon can be blocked by an empty hand. Technically, it won't do less damage, but in my game, I think I'd make the whip user roll twice and take the lesser, or subtract 1. You might take that into account when figuring out difference in Runequest rules I might allow a whip user to take an action and turn his whip into a garrote by grabbing both ends.
  5. Raiders of R'lyeh!

    how does the preview compare to what you have as a backer?
  6. Grappling multiple opponents

    middle schoolers are definitely demonic. you just have a lot more strength and size I wager.
  7. Mythras, why should i use it

    yea, if the animism section makes sense to you it RQ6, then it works.
  8. Mythras, why should i use it

    Animism is probably the big change. the rules haven't changed so much as have been largely rewritten to be clearer. If you don't use it, those won't affect you. The miniature and grid rules in the back are gone, and have been moved to Classic Fantasy. There are a few extra special effects in Mythras over the base RQ6. There are some minor text edits here and there. Not huge differences though. formatting and font have changed to allow for a smaller paper footprint. I don't think there is a document. the TDM boards had some specific stuff called out in one thread at one point, but this is what I remember. Honestly, I've used both and have not noticed an appreciable difference.
  9. Needing some help with a career build

    for a convenience store clerk, I would use servant as a base, and put in commerce for bureaucracy or politics. For a student, I would use scholar. If you look at Mythras Imperative, you can see that it´s pretty easy to swap some skills in and out. Consider a Scientist and a Scholar only have a couple of professional skills different.
  10. Size Comparison chart

    Not that I'm aware of. I do know that the size chart in the front is for humanoids and the one in the back is a little different. I think it refers to the fact that quadapeds are built a bit different. Such a chart would be handy stuff
  11. Grappling multiple opponents

    indeed, this is what I was thinking of. A very cinematic move.
  12. Grappling multiple opponents

    I don't think it's called out in the rules. I've done soemething like this though with kobolds, and with unarmed commoners. probably the most straight forward way is to just make the rolls... child grabs an arm or a leg. I might rule they can only take legs since they are presumably smaller. At that point they could attempt to trip to bring the adult down. I would allow an addition child. Per leg to assist in the take down, augmenting the trip attempt with their own brawn or unarmed skill. The smart adult would use outmaneuver to avoid the children in the first place, limit it to one or two. If you want something simpler, treat the mass of children as a single entity, with brawn or other skills as whatever their base is +20% of skill per additional child. No reason the adult can't make an attempt to break free of all of them... sort of an outmaneuver but for escaping. If several children get to roll one of them could easily get a crit and hang on.
  13. Space Suit Extravaganza

    this is the part that concerns me the most about running a game like this. I have an aerospace engineer in my group (though he hasn't done any in 20 years), and I don't follow this genre. There would either be many nits picked, or there would be a incongruity and inconsistency that would make it not fun for him. On the other hand I have players who would tun out the second you said "aligning the main thrusters along the spine"
  14. Space Suit Extravaganza

    Essentially, maybe Fading Suns or The Expanse. Non-FTL travel and communications. Part of it is that I'm looking for some specific implementation recommendations. tips and tricks and the like. it's not really my genre, but I'm considering branching out a bit. also, slightly related, thinking about the warhammer 40k/mythras/pendragon mashup we were discussing on the other board.
  15. Space Suit Extravaganza

    SpaceX's is very sexy. I like it a bunch. Any recommendations for using M-Space as a non-space opera game?