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  1. New RuneQuest SIZ and Kg table.

    that... that almost seems intentional by the original designers. thats way too easy.

    I look forward to picking it up Friday or Saturday then. I LOVE that sort of thing. Also, my group just ended their 5e game and I’ve volunteered to run. I am armed with a stack of monthly releases now!

    @parejf63 do you have access to the Mongoose Lankhmar supplement? Might give you some easy conversion guidance. @Questbird right, I’m familiar with the genre. I ran Spider God’s Bride using Mythras last year and have much of the Lankhmar literature in my hands right now I was more asking because I didn’t think there were non-humans at all. In this context, I tend to think of culture, rather than race, and wanted to make sure I was understanding correctly

    Right, the first four there seem much more like cultures rather than races. The last two, though, probably qualify in my mind. Not trying to be pedantic, but when we are talking in rpg terms, race generally equals species. Just wanted to be clear

    I am very interested in it. You might pull some ideas from Monster Island - it has sorcery with corruption and consequences. what races are there in Lankhmar outside of human? I think the cult write ups would go a long long ways.
  6. How does Mythras scale up in Power?

    Fortunately, Legend is one of the cheapest unofficial Mythras supplements all of a dollar in pdf on drivethrurpg.
  7. How does Mythras scale up in Power?

    Sure thing. P218 of the Legend book is the start of the heroic abilities section. You pay for them with experience, and spend a magic point to do them. Here are a couple, as an example. Defiant Leap Requirements: STR 15 or higher, Athletics 90% or higher Hero Points: 10 Duration: One extraordinary jump You are able to defy gravity when performing a single vertical or horizontal jump. You may roll your Damage Bonus and add this value in metres to the distance achieved. Deflecting Parry Requirements: DEX 15 or higher, any Close Combat Weapon Style at 90% or higher Hero Points: 10 Duration: One parry You may increase the size of your parrying weapon or shield by two steps for a single parry. This might allow an unarmed defender to ward off a halberd, or the user of a buckler to deflect a mounted lance attack. lookspretty close to what you want. You have to pick and choose through s few of them, because some got encorporated into the core rules.
  8. How does Mythras scale up in Power?

    It has been suggested that one can import Legend's Heroic Abilities with no issue at all, actually.
  9. How does Mythras scale up in Power?

    I’ve not done extremely high play with it, but I can talk a bit about it. If you have a sorcerer with a 130% skill level in his invocation and his shaping skill, and he has an 18 in POW (all of these are pretty high but not completely unobtainable), he could, for example, transmute 9 people to gold at 1800km in a couple of seconds. If you had a mystic (with mysticism) at that same skill level, he’d be able to maintain a couple of skills at 2 steps easier (essentially, it would double his skill) and maintain 2 extra actions as well. He would be going into combat with presumably equivalent of more than 200% in skill and would be dropping his opponent’s skill level by the difference between his skill and 100%. Classic Fantasy models some of this very well, where rank 4 and 5 characters (equivalent to high level d&d characters) are summoning demons and able to fight multiple giants at the same time. I had a rank 2 (equivalent to a level 5 character) one shot an ogre in one game. Luther Arkwright psionics would be looking at inflicting half a dozen or so points of damage to all locations bypassing armor for a single magic point. Enough to kill most humans pretty much at will. Could also be tossing around humans with telekinesis. Luther Arkwright also brings forth a lot of Traits - special abilities- that are the equivalent to Gifts in the main book. Things like adding your Str to your Con and Siz for determining hit points with the skill increases, the important thing here is that once you get over 100, everyone drops by the same amount, so it stays comparable. With damage, the damage scales pretty slow, so one point can mean a lot. Classic Fantasy adds in a few things to emulate the genre - martial characters all get extra actions to attack or defend, some get extra benefits form armor, etc. I can say that the characters in my game felt a lot more powerful than standard Mythras characters.
  10. Raiders of R'lyeh!

    it would be pretty cool if the author worked with TDM to make it an official Mythras thing. Mythic Pulp or something.
  11. whip as melee weapon

    great videos! I'm not sure I agree with 100% of what you said, but I certainly agree with the intent - whips are not super-useful in regular combat. There are some tricks, though, that indicate that it might be a lot better than we are giving it - Adam Winrich here is cutting soda cans all the way in two, though that is under pressure. I think the reach and the fear factor are the big tricks here. if you eliminate the fear, you can easily get inside the reach and then it's not really a useful whip. This strikes me as similar to a pike or other polearm, only that you have a harder time not getting damaged on the approach
  12. whip as melee weapon

    check out on that. I think the idea here is that it doesn't stop when it hits, but rather cuts and slides away. Granted, this demonstration is clearly staged and organized sparring, and thus somewhat idealized. However, there is a little bit of regaining rhythm in there. I suspect the space issue would be dealt with by Reach, with a person getting inside making the whip not able to swing around effectively (see Mythras' closing range rules). These two are fighting at the same reach, and it would be a different situation with a dagger and shield user - can he get in fast enough before the urumi comes around and slashes up his back? And yea, 2:1 odds are always bad for the 1. I don't think a whip user is a lot worse off than, say, a spear user who has someone get in on them and bind up their weapon, or a halberd or pike user who has someone get in and make it hard to use against their buddy. No argument on the whip not being an effective damage dealer - you could easily ignore the damage with a little armor. Whip user tries to keep someone at reach, other person just moves in and ignores the shot. Mythras' overextend opponent might make a useful "fear effect" to steal for this situation, with the caveat about armor.
  13. whip as melee weapon

    I think I would allow it to work well against multiple opponents if it was magically enhanced. After all, at that point it is inflicting real damage and not as much of a psychological threat. Consider the Urumi sword - you definitely don't want to step into the arc of one flying around. http://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/indias-deadly-flexible-whip-sword-takes-years-to-master for reference. The videos are quite interesting, and the notion of it providing a "defensive field" probably comes closest to the whip's use (not just a single crack) however, I can see if you are wearing heavy enough armor, you might just walk in. Something like this probably does a bit more damage than a whip - let's say 1d6, and I'm going to guess without a strength bonus being possible. If you are wearing armor that protects 6 or more points, you will not be concerned with defending yourself and just walk inside the reach of the weapon.
  14. whip as melee weapon

    In Mythras, it has a very long reach, which beats everything except for big polearms like pikes. In Mythras, if either is within melee striking distance, you use melee rules. the whip can't be used to parry (offensive trait), but it has the ability to entangle, stun location, go around shields (flexible trait), and it can pin weapons without a critical (entrapping, but oddly it can't use the Defensive part of Entrapping, since that requires a parry). Entangling can make a limb useless and the whip user can make trip attempts against the entangled. I imagine entangling a neck might count as a choke actually. Keeping them at reach, I would say would require extra training (a style trait in Mythras) and might be an opposed roll of the weapon skill vs the willpower of the target. Willpower failure means he's afraid to close the gap. also, note, inside of Medium reach, the whip user also has strong disadvantage for attacking, as his weapon can be blocked by an empty hand. Technically, it won't do less damage, but in my game, I think I'd make the whip user roll twice and take the lesser, or subtract 1. You might take that into account when figuring out difference in Runequest rules I might allow a whip user to take an action and turn his whip into a garrote by grabbing both ends.
  15. Raiders of R'lyeh!

    how does the preview compare to what you have as a backer?