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  1. Raleel

    Mythic Mash Up

    Monster island has some portals that bring in things from other worlds that could be appropriated. The Legend supplement The Spider God’s Bride is in a different world, but close enough to the Hyborian age that you can scrub off the serial numbers and never know the difference. I ran a solid game with that.
  2. Raleel

    Mythic Mash Up

    This sounds like Conan Hyborian age is like that, pretty straight up.
  3. Quite usable. By and large not a lot of change, if any. They may feel a little tougher than a regular Mythras thing, or maybe not. I pretty regularly use straight mythras monsters with classic fantasy. Go for it, it’ll be fine. Just be careful with assumptions about magic items or whatever
  4. I would suggest the system put forth in After the Vampire Wars and Worlds United. Essentially, two minor abilities is a point, and 20 skill points is a point. It works quite well for this sort of thing. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/designmechanism/adapting-shadowrun-to-mythras-using-after-the-vamp-t2342.html?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app has some cybernetics rules that I’ve been working with. Essentially, treat gene modification like they are half-fae from after the vampire wars or traits from Luther Arkwright or Worlds United. People who don’t want that get more skilled (20 points) or get something else like sorcery or folk magic.
  5. I'm going to caveat myself and say that sleight has an active component (it implies you are actively performing it against someone searching), and sleight has a size restriction (no bigger than your hand, and it points out that conceal is used for these bigger objects). So, i would say you use Conceal to hide a larger pistol on your person and leave it there, but for a holdout, it might be possible with the smallest ones, like the one here I think the one below is probably conceal, because it's just a bit big. not a lot of difference there. I would probably abstract it out to a Trait (Palm sized) which would allow it to be hidden with Sleight (probably coupled with a low damage die and/or limited ammo, or other limitations for other objects), otherwise it's Conceal. If I had a game where characters over SIZ 20 were present, I'd probably allow regular pistols to gain Palm-sized.
  6. from Mythras Imperative (and the core book) It ALSO has an example of hiding a scroll in a library. My assumption is that they count if it is unrolled There is an implication that conceal is hide an thing somewhere not on person Sleight covers hiding objects on your person Stealth covers hiding your person.
  7. Conceal is used to disguise troops in Ships and Shield Walls. In my current game, i would use stealth for the players, but require them to use Conceal for their horses. Conceal is for objects larger than the character himself. There is no indication of mobility, and even points to a chariot. I can see your points on the Standard skill and Cover. I think the troop example is a good counter to that, though it itself is sort of the exception. I think a good question is why is sleight a Professional skill and Conceal is not? Learning to camouflage isn't necessarily an everyman's skill. If they are both professional skills, I could see how they might be separate. I can't see merging them since I think palming a coin is a different skill than camouflaging vehicles or troops.
  8. Cloudflare is a CDS and likely what the forums are hosted on underneath tapatalk. Most of the time, a CDS means that they try to locate a server close to you. it could be that your section of cloudflare was not working for some reason, and everyone else was working just fine. A 502 is a bad gateway error, which is pretty well explained here but it would be hard to tell how it was affecting you specifically without more information.
  9. hiding cavalry horses ready for an ambush augment to your troll's stealth roll ditching the fuzz in an airport parking lot.
  10. a variant of switch body that works for crippled/mute sorcerers and traps the uneducated sorcerer in that body. long duration transmogrify to stone via ritual
  11. quoting myself for reference, but I'll put some more in here, since I saw JW3 armor on the mooks is AP8-10. This is enough to stop all those handguns, who are pulling 1d8+1 on the outside. John tends to use .45 ACP, which is in that range. His moves where he is opening helmets and firing in is a grip + a special effect or two. Problem is, it's slow, even when he's that good, and likely to get tagged. Then we move to the shotguns. solid steel AP slugs are 3d6, and ignore 9 points of armor. There is no stopping them. this is evident by what we see when he shoots. One thing I noted when I watched this is that there were a lot of parry effects on the ranged weapons themselves. This is something that doesn't come by default in Mythras, but would be an easy add - if you are within reach of a melee weapon when you fire, you are susceptible to being parried by that melee weapon, even if the melee weapon doesn't normally allow parrying. easy-peasy, and makes his unarmed skill really shine against those guns. there are plenty of examples of reloading faster. I think this is a combat style trait - some specific training that makes them better. Halle has her dogs, of course, and they are trained to cause a Drop Foe style special effect - endurance roll or you go to the ground while the dog gnaws you, then she shoots you. simple, easy.
  12. my guess is you could import the Rune rules in wholesale (or close to it), and use similar cultures/careers in Mythras and you'd have what you want.
  13. No formal one. I generally charge 2-3 xp.
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