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  • it isn't D100 if you can't lose a limb


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  1. Aces high. It’s by far the biggest gap in the Mythras lineup. Nothing even approaches western.
  2. mac, Catalina 10.15.7, Preview, default view
  3. i always felt it was the coloration of the tables that made it a little hard to read.
  4. Well, isn’t that a nice surprise. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/354244/Rubble-and-Ruin For that, and if you come on over to the mythras discord, I’ll get you set up with an author role
  5. That’s the standard progression in the cult section. Also check out the Myceros Examples
  6. Like the discussion in the ranks chapter that talks about specific skill,feels, or more like what powers to get at what rank like in the examples?
  7. Raleel

    Mythras Combat

    if interested in doing something like this, you might also check out M-Space's simplified combat, which removes limb hit points and makes action points fixed at 2. it still does have special effects, but all of 7, and 3 of those are only available on crits - only trip, impale, arise, and withdraw are on regular rolls. No reach, etc It should work fine as you state, though I admit I'd have the opposite reaction as you.
  8. I might suggest checking out the latest version of the Mythras Imperative, which does, in fact, have superhero powers in it. The ones from Agony and Ecstasy.
  9. https://xpress.lulu.com/our-products 60 or 80, but i bet 60. DTRPG is 50 for their B&W. color they go heavier https://support.drivethrurpg.com/hc/en-us/articles/209936943-What-is-the-difference-between-B-W-Premium-Color-and-Standard-Color-
  10. lol, that's fantastic!
  11. wut? can you post a picture?
  12. re: Mythras Core - I have a pair of the core books from DTRPG and I'm happy with them. $28 a pop. Includes PDF, PDF tied to your account. re: lulu vs dtrpg - i have a brand new Monster Island hardcover from lulu. $42. it is very comparable to the core book. MI has 60# paper according to lulu and Core has 50# paper according to DTRPG. the difference is noticeable, though only with some effort. the ink saturation appears the same, or very close. Both are perfect bound and it appears approximately the same.
  13. Raleel


    I don't know of a home brew one, but maybe @threedeesixhas a better idea
  14. This is actually the most pressing question I’ve had in Mythras in a long time.
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