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  1. One again spear and shield prove to be very strong. No penalties, impale, thrown, set, best defense, best damage in class, all reaches covered. THIS IS SPARTA!
  2. Some of us were driving to Montana on vacation!
  3. He actually did a nice job of explaining a Large weapon versus a Huge weapon there, at least for human size. You can draw it from a hip sheathe and you can hold it at roughly your diaphragm and it won't hit the ground. As far as "a sword is a sword" I might even do that at the table if I hadn't looked it up previously and asked the same question myself
  4. I'm going to go with yes on those. Lets take the minotaur, with an Enormous sized (two handed) axe, and size 22. His axe does 2d8+2+1d6, and he has a 1d6 damage mod. that says to me that both dice stepped up one level. Ogre is size 25. he uses a two handed club which does 2d8+str mod. 2h clubs at H size do 2d6, which also indicates a 1 step per die shift. so, i'm thinking 1 step per die per step up, just like size and reach. I'd also step up the ENC by 1 just for ease, though 2 is not irrational. longsword->2h sword is 2, but battle axe->great axe is 1. club->great club is 2. short spear->long spear is the same
  5. I'm not sure how this is different Personally I have little problem with this, particularly if combat is not a focus. The combat style section even suggests a style that includes all melee and ranged weapons for a certain style of campaign. Also note, depending on how you want to go about it, most weapons he is using could well be similar to other weapons he is proficient with, and thus not subject to any penalty.
  6. crossbows, bows. atlatls, bolas, darts, discus, javelins, staff slings, slings. arguably heavy/vehicle weapons and grenades of a variety of types. Largely mechanically propelled (vs chemically propelled or energy projection) and thrown weapons. edit: it seems like if Loreline is called out as a natural archer, this distinction should be made.
  7. Or just very broad weapon groups and piloting groups. then again, I have no experience with it really.
  8. what I am hearing here is that I should use M-Space with Luther Arkwright's culture/career table.
  9. I'll have a better opinion next week!
  10. The yes but lesson took me a bit as well. A lot of reading other RPGs and getting that experience. Prior to this discussion, I would allow for a default roll on professsional skills at half skill, but think I will kick that up to Hard instead.
  11. where were you when I was asking for the grenade information in the thread Clarence posted to just tell me "go to Monster Island... it will solve your problems, as always"? thank you! this is perfect, and pretty close to what I was handwaving anyways.
  12. having never done supers with BRP, why doesn't it?
  13. I don't disagree with the thesis here. I think that there are soektimes assumptions about genre that get incorporated into the core of the system. Once these are there, it starts to make the system less genre flexible, and require more changes for it to work with it. This is not to say that those changes or having to do that is bad or good, but it is a consideration. I think there are other considerations as well. Consider class based games and the notion of a healer. In most (but not all) examples, someone has to play the healer or assumptions in the core system are tossed out. There is little flexibility in the ability to recover damage.
  14. I am pretty sure that Valhalla in Earth 00-00-00 discovered 02-04-06 with the strange island of Mu. Disrupters have yet to invade this Earth, perhaps viewing it as too primitive to bother with. They may be wrong however, as Mu is populated by an ancient and decadent race of reptilian origin with power over a strange force via incantation and ritual. But more to the point, stable dimensional portals appear in multiple places on the Island - portals of jade blocks with alien glyphs that are sometimes struck by lightning and change which dimension they are attached to. This provides Valhalla with an incredibly potent (if one way) strategic advantage against the Disrupters. Only those of the highest security clearances are even aware of the existence of Mu, let alone the portals themselves. A few that have overheard conversations have heard that contact with the Naacal - whoever they are - has yet to be made. Mu itself appears to be populated by primitive natives as well, but who also appear to have some sort of ectoplasmic-psionic power that they believe allows them to interact with their ancestors - undoubtedly formed from mental images. It also has a disproportionate amount of megafauna, and flora that is highly varied. Some of it is quite toxic, and almost sentient. more study is warranted.
  15. Indeed, once I started rethinking some of the elements, it became a really cool book for me to pillage. Thinking LA plus Monster Island would make a fascinating campaign.