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there is so many ideals and so little time



I have so much I want to do with the basic roleplaying game that I have not the time to flush them all out!

some of my ideals

Gravequest: this one is a have too, so as to publish it at Chaosium!

Age of Conan

Outlaw bikers of the badlands

Sadazar Gate city

Avolawn: the second rise of man


oh the horror! :eek:


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I hear you. I am working on converting my cannon fantasy world with the idea of putting it in the download section – that way new folks would have a “ready to go” setting if they wanted one – and I am porting my old FGU Aftermath world to BRP.

Welcome to the BRP Central-Blog space.

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Other then here and now!

There is a land that only a few witness though Nightmares and horrific Hallucinations.

In the twisted waste lands of another Space and time there is the final civilization.

This empty barren place is home to the last free territory of the World Order. A one world government that came into power after the Great world wars of the 20th century.

Many Generations later after the last Great war used Nukes instead of bullets and bombs, the world order took control of the remaining cities and supplies and declared martial Law. The World Order legal Forces ( W.O.L.F.) Took over like storm troopers, and outlawed civilian air transport and Grand vehicles.

Now is 2276 and the last territories are the Barren wasteland where the only free people are outlaws on out law machines running from W.OL.F

These Rebels against Tyrannical System (R.A.T.S) Fight the last war of freedom as outlaw bikers and Panzer Boys and Girls in the Hellish badlands!

The southern mid west and southwest are the last of the BADDLANDS, here small groups of raider gangs fight a mounting war of terror and gorilla warfare on the dirt roads and paved streets of ruins.

This is normal level campaign using basic role playing system of d100.

The percentage system of the game is easy to use.

Player Characters are RATS outlaw bikers and mesh mashed Panzer Cars ( armed And Armored Vehicles) raiding WOLF forts and outpost to supplies their war against the Evil that is the world order lawful Federation and its World order legal force.

There is no Good or Evil there is only Freedom!

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a 1000 years after the Laxivon Giant Saurian Race invade Our world from a Portal of the Dark Moon, Men are few and fare between , the human species has been split up into three sub species, Darithil: short stout miners and engineers, great physical laborers breed for long hours of work, Thonisz very and Tall lanky with long features breed to serve the Giant Laxivons in their homes labs and operate their sorceress devices. and the Pakoonie small frail things made to raise live stock and grow food, vegetarians with a Crazy deposition for nuts and Wanderlust after 50 years, of all the species Pakoonie are the newest breed and some say possible a failure, for it was they who instigated the fall of the Laxivon empire!

with the Laxivon falling back and the Thonisz trying to take any laxivon domains and facilities they can, the lost and forgotten slaves and nomadic tribes call Men, have been united under one Man. His Banner a rallying call for any human who well and can, unite and fight for a new place in this very old World!

this place is Called Avolawn.

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Thanks for describing your setting. I'm expecting you to write a monograph some time in the near future;)

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Dark Moon Chronicles.

so again I am ready to write, I am doing up the Darkmoon Chronicles amuti genera setting its all horror fantasy but it has several tiers.

Gravequest: secret organization fight the future of the dark moon and its agents and cults as it draws near.

Baddlands gunsmoke and steam fantasy : the arrival of the dark moon has ushered in a global fight against Laxivon empire and Humans, who have nothing but steam tech to fight the Sorcerors of the old ones.

Avalaughn the raise of man: Man has been conquered for a thousand years- but some Gods well not let man die out and help to bring heros from the past to the future to fight the Sorcery servants of the old ones.

Gate City :Sadazar the ethereal byway: In the ethereal drifts a cosmopolitan of exotic species and cultures fighting against the servants of the Great old ones, as they themselves ply the hiways and byways of time and space looting and raiding and Trading for tools and equipment trade goods and food to keep the ethereal city fighting on.

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