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Another terrifying upgrade!



We just had another upgrade of the BRP Central software. The last big one was a move from the bloating vBulletin software to Invision Power Board. Lost some downloads in the process and had quite a bit of hassles with it, but a major step forward from an administrator point of view. Or current update went from IPS 3 to IPS 4, which got all the downloads deleted. I kinda freaked out, but with help from the support staff at IPS it was restored from a backup the next day. Just the pictures out of the cardboard boxes and up on the walls again. Will probably still be some bugs to iron out, but I'm confident that can be managed. A currrent bug is that you can sign in with your display name but not email, even though the text says both can be used. Please just report any bugs you encounter, or any improvements you would like to see. There just might be a setting to tweak for it!


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Upgrades are dangerous! However, old forum software is prone to hacker attacks which is quite a problem too. We lost a couple of months of posts from the forum when we got hacket using vBulletin. IPB has much better support and the latest version is mobile friendly too.

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