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Pulp Professions for Legend

About This File

Here is a listing of modern professions with skill bonuses, geared towards a pulp setting. Included in the file are some new advanced skills and combat styles.

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I'm considering shifting my BRP games over from the classic BRP builds in RQ3 or BGB to the more recent systems, as I prefer the more recent skill structure, Hero Points, etc.

For my Fantasy games I will go with RQ6, but for my Pulp Adventure 20s/30s setting I'm thinking of updating from CoC 6E to Renaissance, I do like its skill structure and the way it handles Sanity.

Although these professions you have created in this file were intended for Legend, I suspect they will also port nicely over into Renaissance, given the similarities with the system. My only issue now is whether to port over the Stunts from BRP Bloodtide, or to use Legend's Heroic Abilities, and to port over your Pulp Abilities using that system.

It may be nice to see both Pulp Professions and Pulp Abilities in a single document one day, with imported artwork to add atmosphere, to lend a bit more of that  'Dirty 30s' flavour to your work.

In any case, thanks for posting these, you've done a good thing here!

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